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November 2019
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 Rake Wright

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PostSubject: Rake Wright   Rake Wright I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 6:53 pm

Full Name: Rake Wright
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Ship Position: Engineering
Rank: Crewman
Posting comments: N/A
Previous postings/experience: N/A
Previous discipline problems: N/A
Medical Conditions: Rake has colorblindness and is near-sided, though he has never been to the doctor's or obtain eyeglasses. He lacks social communication skills, and is therefore appearing or considered anti-social as well as schizoid. His anankastic—or obsessive–compulsive—personality disorder is rather strong, as much as his seemingly anti-social personality is. His borderline disorder is mild and minor.
Previous Medical Conditions: A mental disorder of adaptive behavior surpassed after a few months of his mother's passing.
Prescribed Drugs: N/A
Other: website pertaining to history.
Date-of-birth: August 19
Profile description: Though given the name of a tool, he was actually once a farmer, now a space engineer, using the tool with which they are both called: Rake. His slit-narrowed silver eyes as desolate as the deserted state he was born in remains perpetually bored, holding an arrogant glint, yet always aware of his surroundings and keen with an observant look. He only sees black and white, no matter what bright colors appear before his sight. A cigarette would be seen on his person occasionally, but never lit unless he is alone. His mysterious, lean face is slightly pale in contrast to his arms and legs due to the fact that he had always worn a straw hat to protect it from the sun back at the state he once lived in. His dark black short-cropped hair is slightly long on his front bangs, which always conceals his right eye. His deep frown and furrowed dark, but thin eyebrows gives off an expression of irritation and wariness—not to mention weariness, as seemingly permanent as his scowling features. His clothing before had not been alike to a farmer's. The outfit that had hung on his thin, yet strong semi-muscular frame consisted of a black tee-shirt torn at the right shoulder, thin dark blue jeans with a black belt hanging loosely. He no longer wears those types of garb. Now, mostly worn are matching black clothes. He equips himself with nothing most of the time, but in his farming occupation he had always carried his rake tool. He is somewhat thin for his height due to the occasional lack of food at his former home that forced him to skip some meals. He is accustomed to going days on end without eating, though when he does eat, it results in satiation. He is a man known for his dark appearance and personality.
Height: 6'3 (6 feet, 3 inches)
Weight: 190 lbs (pounds)
Language(s): English
Race: Mix of white & British
Accent: English
Friends: None
Relationship: Single

/formerly rake on furc
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Rake Wright
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