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November 2019
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 Rank Structure

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PostSubject: Rank Structure   Rank Structure I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 17, 2011 1:00 pm

A new rank structure, complete with pips and furc desc tags. I will also be updating the crew manifest. Rank sets were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG.

Flag Officers

Rank Structure R-a510 Fleet Admiral: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Fleet Admiral æ]

Rank Structure R-a410 Admiral: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Admiral Û]

Rank Structure R-a310 Vice-Admiral: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Vice-Admiral Ü]

Rank Structure R-a210 Rear Admiral: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Rear Admiral ù]

Rank Structure R-a110 Commodore: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Commodore ú]

Commissioned Officers

Rank Structure R-o710 Fleet Captain: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Fleet Captain ÒÒÒÒÒ]

Rank Structure R-o610 Captain: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Captain ÒÒÒÒ]

Rank Structure R-o510 Commander: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Commander ÒÒÒ]

Rank Structure R-o410 Lieutenant Commander: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Lieutenant Commander ÓÒÒ]

Rank Structure R-o310 Lieutenant: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Lieutenant ÒÒ]

Rank Structure R-o210 Lieutenant Junior Grade: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Lieutenant Junior Grade ÓÒ]

Rank Structure R-o110 Ensign: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Ensign Ò]

Warrant Officers

Rank Structure R-w410 Chief Warrant Officer: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Chief Warrant Officer ïïïÓ]

Rank Structure R-w310 Senior Warrant Officer: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Senior Warrant Officer ïïÓ]

Rank Structure R-w210 Junior Warrant Officer: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Junior Warrant Officer ïÓ]

Rank Structure R-w110 Warrant Officer: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Warrant Officer Ó]

Non-Commissioned Officers

Rank Structure R-e910 Master Chief Petty Officer: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Master Chief Petty Officer ÕÕÕÙ]

Rank Structure R-e810 Senior Chief Petty Officer: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Senior Chief Petty Officer ÕÕÕØ]

Rank Structure R-e710 Chief Petty Officer: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Chief Petty Officer ÕÕÕÖ]

Rank Structure R-e610 Petty Officer First Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Petty Officer First Class ÕÕÕ]

Rank Structure R-e510 Petty Officer Second Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Petty Officer Second Class ÕÕ]

Rank Structure R-e410 Petty Officer Third Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Petty Officer Third Class Õ]


Rank Structure R-e310 Crewman First Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Crewman First Class ÔÔÔ]

Rank Structure R-e210 Crewman Second Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Crewman Second Class ÔÔ]

Rank Structure R-e110 Crewman Third Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Crewman Third Class Ô]

Rank Structure R-e010 Crewman Recruit: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Crewman Recruit]


Rank Structure W-o610 Cadet First Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Cadet First Class ÚÚÚÚ]

Rank Structure W-o510 Cadet Second Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Cadet Second Class ÚÚÚ]

Rank Structure W-o310 Cadet Third Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Cadet Third Class ÚÚ]

Rank Structure W-o110 Cadet Fourth Class: [<a href="">Starship Horizon</a> - Cadet Fourth Class Ú]
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Rank Structure
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