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November 2019
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 Application: Merzan Drex

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Kano Krimson

Kano Krimson

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Application: Merzan Drex Empty
PostSubject: Application: Merzan Drex   Application: Merzan Drex I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 15, 2011 12:50 pm

Name: Merzan Drex


Position: Klingon Liaison/Ship Merc?
Character Description:
Bread for honor and destruction an extremely muscular Klingon stood before you. He was born like most of his kind, he hails from Qo’noS. Merzan Drex was among the more lethal mercenaries in the known galaxy. Willing to work for anyone who could afford his Astronomical fee, The duplicitous Drex knew no loyalty other than cold hard cash. He was one of several elite underworld dregs that were heavily called upon for several major crime syndicates. He has a strong influence with the Klingon council and is renown as completely ruthless by most. He commands respect from all weaker species.

Sample RP:
Drex began to sweat profusely as he could hear the footsteps in the main corridor to his left. He crouched behind the corner in a somewhat spring-ready manor. He could feel his own blood swiftly coursing through his ironclad veins. As the sound grew nearer, it became apparent to him there were a second set of footsteps. The initial humming of the ship must have muffled the sound. He slowly gripped the custom AR87 Particle Beam Rifle he had in his hands. He decided he had to move quickly before detection occurred. He slowly peeked his head around the corner. Upon realizing there was no one in sight. He moved quickly through the open passage and found refuge in between two crates that were placed flush on the wall. He concluded the steel in the ship gave false amplifications to the scenario.

Abilities, Skills, and Weaknesses:
- Expert In Electronics
- Professional Intel Gatherer
- First Class Marksman
- Extremely Strong
- Tends To Be Somewhat Of A Maverick In Certain Situations
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Application: Merzan Drex
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