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November 2019
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 Holodeck Programs

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PostSubject: Holodeck Programs   Holodeck Programs I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 10:58 pm

Here is a list of Holoprograms available on the Horizon's holodeck. Of course this is in no way restrictive, just about anything can be made into a holoprogram and crewmen can even have their own private self-built programs. If you have some awesome programs you have RPed that you think everyone should know about, let me know and I'll add it here. A lot of stuff is taken from the TV series and I have provided linkswhen I thought it a good idea to do so. Until such time as I stop being lazy, I have provided you with a link to some other holoprograms here.

Balor Urn Night Club - Built by Captain Trelak - Reconstruction of a club on the captain's homeworld of Trill in the city of Mak'ala

The club is a single large room, round. Four elegant metal supports slope upward to support the four enormous panes of glass that form a dome over the occupants. A thick metal pillar sits at the center and it's lower portion is filled with glass shelves, bright bottles, and strange instruments. A metal bar, the same blue-gray color as the pillar and supports, wraps around this. Soft lights of blue, green, and purple move slowly across the patrons in time with the vivacious music. Around the outside of the dome is a balcony and the whole place sits atop a sky-scraper looking over a gorgeous city. The Patrons themselves are elegant young people of means, dancing together or drinking brightly colored liquids from the bartenders, who enjoy twirling cups and other fancy bar-tender tricks. The patrons are notorious (in the holoprogram, anyways) for flirting with Starfleet officers.

Café des Artistes - Starfleet standard - Enjoy a meal at a French cafe.

The Café des Artistes is a small restaurant in Paris on Earth, which offers an excellent view on the 500-year-old Eiffel Tower. It is located near the office of the President of the United Federation of Planets. [Taken from Memory Alpha: Café des Artistes]

Cliffs of Heaven - Starfleet standard - From planet Sumiko IV, a safe experience.

A location on the planet Sumiko IV, where cliffs overlook a body of water. Diving is possible off the cliffs, although it is challenging for a novice to do so without injury. [Taken from Memory Alpha: Cliffs of Heaven]

Emerald Wading Pools - Starfleet Standard - Relaxing, therapeautic hot springs

A well known leisure attraction. Pools were located on both Cirrus IV and Sumiko III.

Cirrus IV: Located in a mountainous region with light snow covering the slopes above. However, it is surprisingly warm. A magnificent looking lodge several stories high overlooks the area and scattered about the landscape are the wading pools. Their water glows an emerald green color that, rather than appearing sickly, held a magical aura about it. Night time is the default setting as Cirrus IV has three moons that shine gloriously overhead.

Game of Set'ala - Programmed by Narris Trelak - Play the traditional Trill game with the greatest masters in history or just friends.

A peaceful room, its colors like sandstone with wine-red draperies trimmed in black. The light fabric mutes the light from the window behind it. At the center of the room is a low table which easily fits eight people. The table is arranged with a circular checked pattern, and a number of stone pieces in eight different colors were arranged on it, with nine different pieces in varying numbers for each of the eight players. There are eight wine-red cushions around the table.

Hoobishan Baths - Starfleet standard - A popular recreational site on the planet Trill

A peaceful setting that resembles a monastery, the baths of Hoobishan are filled with sauna's, massage rooms, bathing pools, as well as providing excellent but simple quarters and food.

Paxau Resort - Starfleet standard - An exclusive and luxurious retreat on Talax

Catering to the desires of the wealthy, privileged (or well-connected) few, The Paxau Resort is a haven from the cares of the galaxy. Guests are free to relax and enjoy a massage, delicious food, the finest beverages or partake in pleasurable activities of a more personal nature. Although difficult to get into, The Paxau Resort is reputed to be one of the finest examples of cultured decadence in the entire Delta Quadrant. [taken from Memory Alpha: Paxau Resort For som characters seen in the program, see Paxau Resort holograms]

Woodlands - Starfleet standard - Earthlike woodland setting

A forest setting with sparse underbrush and tall trees. A river runs across the program and features a rock-jumping challange over the river, some of the jumps seem impossible to complete. Also features a nature trail.

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PostSubject: Re: Holodeck Programs   Holodeck Programs I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 3:32 am

Just to note, I will be adding Holodeck programs into the DS in the next update that I'm working on. By giving a command the Holodeck will transform into a whole other room ^^
This will take a lot of time and a lot of DS to keep space used to a min. But I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Ideas? Send them our way!
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PostSubject: Re: Holodeck Programs   Holodeck Programs I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2010 3:53 pm

You totally need to put Balor Urn in there =D
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PostSubject: Re: Holodeck Programs   Holodeck Programs I_icon_minitime

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Holodeck Programs
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