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November 2019
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 Sharpedon Ameplios

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PostSubject: Sharpedon Ameplios   Sharpedon Ameplios I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 9:12 pm

Full Name: Sharpedon Ampelios

Species: Platonian

Age: 35

Ship Position: Tactical Officer

Rank Held: Jr. Lieutenant officially - awaiting decision from Starfleet on status as Lieutenant from the field-promotion on the USS - Remnant

Comments on your posting:

Previous postings/experience:

Academy - 4 Years - 3 Years Basic Training + 1 Year specialised Tactical Training

USS - Horde 1 - Constitution Class Star Ship - 5 Years - First Station as a security/tactical officer on the ship. Deployed as a defense against a Klingon attack in 2368 aproximatly mid-year in a push to assist the Gowan house to victory. Durring this time, he was promoted to Jr. Lt after assisting in a repulsion of a boarding party of Klingons from the ship.

USS - Remnant - Research Vessel - 5 Years - Second Station, transfered. Durring the years here he was sent on many away teams. A specific mention on this record dates the reasoning on his Lt. grade promotion for use of both his normal training and psychokinetic abilities to have never sustained a casualty durring the away missions and only three minor injuries to the teams.

Current - On leave and awaiting orders following Remnant's return to Starfleet command. Awaiting confirmation on field-promotion status of Lt.

Previous Discipline problems:
Disorderly Conduct: Shouting argument with another cadet disrupted a lesson on evasive maneuvers. - Brig 24 hours, assigned to waste disposal for one earth month.

Murder (later found not guilty): Durring his third year in the accademy a cadet was crushed by a replicator. Due to previous arguments Khairne was assumed to be the culprit initially. Upon review of security tapes, it was found the replicator was not installed correctly and the cadet misued the device,
causing it to fall forward and crush him.

Medical Conditions: Lowered Immune System

Previous Medical Conditions: No known conditions which may cause issues in the future.

Prescribed Drugs: Kironide - Side note: Amount regulated to commanding officer's specifications. Currently only promotes telekinesis which would allow him to lift or move a person as well as telepathy at the range of one nautical mile.

Other: Due to years away from normal Plantonian society, he has begun to take on more...human characteristics of the times and is interested in learning about further societies views on many subjects.

Requests use of a breathing device on away missions to minimise the threat of airborne illness.

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PostSubject: Re: Sharpedon Ameplios   Sharpedon Ameplios I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2010 1:56 pm

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Sharpedon Ameplios
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