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November 2019
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 Character Profile : Jorune (Just Jorune)

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Character Profile : Jorune (Just Jorune) Empty
PostSubject: Character Profile : Jorune (Just Jorune)   Character Profile : Jorune (Just Jorune) I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 1:19 am

Full Name: Jorune; the Draenei prefer not to carry surnames and none of them ever have.

Species: Draenei!

Gender: Female

Age: She doesn't know. Draenei live for thousands of years if permitted. (They do die of injuries like a human does.) And none of them actually remember their ages. They believe time moves faster and should be spent less being counted, the more of it you have.

Ship Position: Secretary-- I mean, Yoeman.

Rank Held: Senior Warrant Officer (Or WO)

Comments on your posting: Hmm. I don't have any! But I'd like to say that if anyone has any questions or concerns about the Draenei race, because we are not all World of Warcraft addicts, that they are free to ask! Narris asked Jorune about her race's past once in an RP and oh man, we ended up with like a twelve post epic story and an hour of time spent.

Previous postings/experience: Actually, I don't have any! Jorune is starting with this as her first position and me and her are learning together. Smile

Previous Discipline problems: None

Medical Conditions: Agoraphobia (Began May 2010)

Previous Medical Conditions: None

Prescribed Drugs: None.

Other: I feel that here I should mention an ability that all Draenei have; it is called Gift of the Naaru. It takes one round to post this as it is a simple spell. Target must be within ten yards of the draenei, though. It placed a mark on the forehead of the target ( Look at the male Draenei's forehead: ) that will last for between ten to even three posts depending on the severity of the wound. If the wound is light such as knots in a stressed Captain's back (ahem) it would relax and untangle these muscles, allowing the target comfort once more and would last for approximately ten rounds. The Gift of the Naaru can also:
- Heal minor scrapes and burns over two rounds and would last for six.
- Heal deeper wounds over the course of five rounds but would only last for six.
- Slow the bleeding on life-threatening wounds for three to four posts depending on severity and it would then fade.
It is a useful skill but Jorune is in no way a trained medical professional and always advises a trip to sickbay even if she blesses you with Gift of the Naaru. In life-threatening cases she cannot completely replace medical attention but can simply slow bleeding to help calm the situation or keep it contained until medical staff is able to get to someone. (Great for someone who has an injured character and does not want death!) Jorune can only cast this again, nine to ten rounds after she last cast it. So if working with a life-threatening situation, she may only be able to stop bleeding three or four posts to help contain the situation, but she still has to wait five or six rounds before she can cast it again! Consider it her cooldown, if you play WoW. Razz
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Character Profile : Jorune (Just Jorune)
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