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April 2019
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 Sethelonius Martain Baxter's Application

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Sethelonius Martain Baxter's Application Empty
PostSubject: Sethelonius Martain Baxter's Application   Sethelonius Martain Baxter's Application I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 11, 2010 3:03 pm

--------------- Form Response ---------------

01 - Character Name = Sethelonius Martain Baxter
02 - Character Age = 28
03 - Character Race = Human
04 - Rank = Up to the captain to decide.
05 - Position Applying For = Helm
06 - Other =
07 - Agreements = I agree to be online/active at LEAST one day a week (Unless I give notice that I can't get online for that week), I agree to follow ALL guild OOC rules., I understand that though my application may be approved that I must still pass the 'initial interview/RP'
08 - Character Description = You see a tall, muscular male before you, his hair flowing freely in the wind as he walks, his blood red eyes just barely able to catch your attention as he walks, a flight division uniform clinging nicely to his muscular frame, his boots caked in dust from years of travel. His outfit was able to hide his prostetic metal limbs quite well.
09 - Sample RP post = Seth sat down at the controls, checking various statuses as he looked around at the rest of the crew. He had just came in for his shift. "Captain, are there any reports I should know about?" He checks the ships life support and shields, making sure the ships in tip top shape as he types in a few commands, checking the flight nav path. "It appears our destination is at mark 0667.3 Latitude, 78.9 Longitude, is this the correct flight path stated, Captain?"
10 - Abilitiys/Skills/Strengths = Best skills are close quarter combats, weapons training and building, and flight. Highly loyal to those he is alligned with.
11 - Weaknesses = High temper, easilly angered at times
12 - Other = None

Message ID: 54015117

--------------- End of Form ---------------
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Sethelonius Martain Baxter's Application
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