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January 2019
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 Daja's Application

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PostSubject: Daja's Application   Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:12 pm

--------------- Form Response ---------------

01 - Character Name = Daja Kisubo
02 - Character Age = 29
03 - Character Race = Amatij (made up yus)
04 - Rank = Civilian
05 - Position Applying For = Other
06 - Other = Merchant
07 - Character Description = Love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt, and it feels like I'm alive.
08 - Sample RP post = Daja walked casually through the station, observing the passerby as they boarded and left their ships, pulling along the little traveling cart that housed her wares. Flying with the Avalon was what allowed her to sell goods to all sorts of new people, and of every moment they were docked she tried to take advantage. It was a bustling walkway, but not many people were interested in the bicolored feline's odd wares. They did, however, appear wary of the 9ft creature.
09 - Abilitiys/Skills/Strengths = Social attributes including diplomacy, bartering, subtle manipulation, and charming. She has also honed combat skills with the staff, knife, and longbow, but can also fight hand to hand in a pinch.
10 - Weaknesses = Daja sees little need for compassion, and thus often comes off as rather cutthroat. She's quick witted and sharp tongued, but understands little of tact which, to her, is a waste of energy when being blunt is just as affective.
11 - Other = She takes on the feral form of a house cat, though on her planet, house cats are much larger than they are on Earth. Said form's back stands 3' off the ground, and is approximately 4' from nose to the base of her tail.

--------------- End of Form ---------------
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Daja's Application
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