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February 2019
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 Tarek Ship Assist. Model 001-A

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PostSubject: Tarek Ship Assist. Model 001-A   Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:00 pm

Full Name: Ship Assistance Android Model 001-A, designation: "Tarek"

Species: Android, appearance based on Human physiology.

Age: 10 years since re-activation.

Ship Position: Chief Ops Officer

Rank Held: *current* Lieutenant (JG)

Comments on your posting: "I consider it a great honor to serve aboard this vessel. I shall fulfill my duties at the Ops station to the best of my abilities, which should be more than adequate. I hope that somehow my posting on this ship shall help me develop as I apparently had before. I am not sure if I will ever be the same, but I am fairly certain that my service on this ship shall lead to a new future."

Previous postings/experience: Ops Officer on board the USS Bastion, and Chief Engineer on board the USS Valkyrie. Only retains memories of his current career, but still maintains skill and expertise in usual fields. Contains the applied memory engrams of Captain Data.

Previous Discipline problems: After his neural net was compromised by nanite infestation on board the Valkyrie "Tarek" committed and was charged with 3 counts of murder, insubordination, and prevention of diplomatic process. A new neural net had to be installed and developed. Years later, he was re-enrolled into StarFleet Academy. It was ruled as being the action of the nanites, not the android. All charges were dismissed after discoveries proved that his actions could not have been controlled.

Medical Conditions: As to date, he had a minor issue with the sensitivity of his survival protocols, which prompted him to deactivate himself while he was repaired. He has also had history of overloading his neural net, as it has not yet developed to full capacity and is flooded with vague memories of his predecessor's past

Previous Medical Conditions/Treatment: Neural Net Maintenance, every 100 days. Careful monitoring of energy matrix required during installation of new hardware or new subroutines.

Prescribed Drugs: None

Other: He has (so far) begun to relearn his base social protocols, has begun a heavy exploration of emotions, has researched art of several species, and downloaded the cultural database. His knowledge is still limited to what the computer and others have told him.
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Tarek Ship Assist. Model 001-A
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