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November 2019
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 Narris Daz Trelak

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PostSubject: Narris Daz Trelak   Narris Daz Trelak I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2010 2:09 pm

Full Name: Narris Daz Trelak
Species: Trill
Age: 25
Ship Position: Commanding Officer
Rank Held: Captain

Comments on your posting: "I must say, I find it a great honor to be entrusted with Starfleet's premier training vessel. Cadets are the future of Starfleet and the Federation after all, and nothing is more important to the well-being of our society than the training of the admirable individals who serve within Starfleet."

Previous postings/experience: Served in Starfleet for 6 years. One of the youngest members of Trill society to recieve high honors as a citizen of the Trill homeworld. The nature of such honors are unclear but it is known he has multiple degrees, most notably including degrees in engineering, xenal anthropology, and diplomacy. Graduated from Starfleet Acadamy at the age of 22 after only 3 years and in the following 2 years worked his way up to Second Mate aboard the USS Farragut.

Previous Discipline problems:
[Starfleet Acadamy]
(Minor) - Involved in barfight in defense of a fellow cadet - verbal reprimand

(Major) - Insubordination - 3 days confined to quarters
(Dropped) - Insubordination - dropped as actions prevented potentially disasterous damage to the warp core of the Farragut.

Medical Conditions:
- Highly alergic to insect bites
- High levels of Isoboramine neurotransmitters in his neurons. This is due to a species-specific conditions. Isoboramine levels in his brain must remain above 40% minimum at all times.
- Suffers from mild space sickness when traveling in warp drive. May not enter the engine room or be subjected to transporter technology when the ship is in warp.
- ****Access Denied ** Classified information to be released only to senior medical officers **

Previous Medical Conditions: None to note

Prescribed Drugs: injection to treat insect bites, carried on his person at all times

Other: none
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Narris Daz Trelak
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