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November 2019
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 --Staff Positions--

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PostSubject: --Staff Positions--   --Staff Positions-- I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 3:01 pm

We are looking for the following

-Forum Moderators
Mods should be people who enjoy using the forums and aren't afraid to open their own topics.
Anything involving information on the dream/crew etc please first consult a member of the council.

Speak to Jamie Clearheart in game or PM her on the forums

-Support Staff
These Staff will direct furres to the forums if information is on there, they must also report what information the furre is looking for that ISN'T here.
You MUST have good knowledge of our forums!

-More To Come-


What it takes to be on the council: - If you wish to have a place on the council you must have certain qualities:
+ You MUST be open minded: If you are quick to judge or take sides then it isn't for you, this job involves a lot of thinking for yourself!

+ Be an active member - We don't want a council member who doesn't spend much time in the dream, Council want to improve the dream, they must be a part of it!

+ Offer your thoughts - You must have a good mind and think of suggestions or ways you would improve things.

+ Be thoughtful - Remember the dream isn't about YOU its about ALL members, you must sometimes agree on something that will benefit the rest of the dream even if your not happy about it.

+ DON'T be quick to judge. You need to see both sides of ANY conflict, this is harder when it is yourself in that conflict.
If you wish to be on the council then you must show an interest (Though don't keep asking) to Karlos or Omikron
You will be required to have a meeting.

Guardian Staff:
Our Guardians have share and the power to Eject and set Bans on furres AND members
Guardians Must:

+ Not be quick to judge - Look at BOTH sides of the argument

+ Be willing to sit and read through Log files to find the proof.

+ Have a good sense of judgement - Know what the right action is

+ Be a good problem solver

+Be patient and considerate - an argument may have been emotional.

To apply you MUST be an active member in the guild.
Contact an Admin if you wish to apply
You will be required to have a meeting.
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--Staff Positions--
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