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November 2019
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 Hope Amoura

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PostSubject: Hope Amoura   Hope Amoura I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 10:35 am

01 - Character Name = Hope Amoura
02 - Character Age = Twenty-three Years
03 - Character Race = Felacatian
04 - Rank = Cadet
05 - Position Applying For = Other
06 - Other = Science - Xenobiologist
07 - Agreements = I agree to be online/active at LEAST one day a week (Unless I give notice that I can't get online for that week), I agree to follow ALL guild OOC rules., I understand that though my application may be approved that I must still pass the 'initial interview/RP'
08 - Character Description = <a href=">Felacatian</a> held a feignishly coquettish smirk hidden by a curtain of hair parted only by adorable feline ears. She had a certain seductive peculiarity about her, a fact further pronounced from haughty posture. Every inch of her coffee-colored fur across every velvet curve was groomed to immaculate perfection; the treat would not have it any other way! The darker markings in her fur delecately crept through resembled that of a tigress. Tucking this sassy frame away was a black uniform. Even it's grey-tinted shoulders mimicked the pristine cleanliness that everything else did. ::: <a href="">Starship Horizon</a> Xenobiologist; Cadet Ú :::
09 - Sample RP post = It's Jorune. >< Cima's playing her twin, Faith Amoura. Yell at me if you seriously want a sample post.
10 - Abilitiys/Skills/Strengths = Felcatian's have an ability to switch between two forms. They're profile says the Felacatian "can change between them in great times or stress or anger" but "can have control of this change." I've decided she has total control of this for both professional and safety reasons. I'm not busting a Hulk on the bridge. Razz
11 - Weaknesses = Hope has a horrible thing with disorganization. It drives her bonkers.
12 - Other = Not a thing. Smile
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Hope Amoura
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