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November 2019
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 Dream Secuity Rules

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PostSubject: Dream Secuity Rules   Dream Secuity Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 7:54 pm

Due to recent security issues, I want everyone to know what is expected when talking to people who behave suspiciously or simply are asking us to do things that violate dream policies.

1. We do not give tours to non-members under ANY circumstances. If we feel a need to give a tour, it will be to someone like the admin of another dream (Nate from Avy, for example), and ONLY rahs, Karlos or myself, should approve these tours.

2. Under NO circumstances are you to give out passwords for the dream, even to another member. This is because there are multiple passwords and not everyone should have every password, it's safer not to take the chance of you making a mistake even if the member who receives a password they should not have has no bad intentions. However, if for example we have had a change of passwords or someone merely forgets, non-admin feel free to lead the person inside the dream until an admin logs on and can give them the correct password. Admins are the only ones who will oversee the dispersal of passwords.

3. Be careful of people asking questions about the dream that simply seem out of place, such as asking about our relationship with other dreams, personal questions about the members, etc. We have recently had a problem with someone doing stuff like that.

4. Do not 'play along' with people behaving suspiciously to 'catch them in the act'. Either refer the person to an admin or speak to an admin yourself, and never let something go if you think it might need our attention.

This is a work in progress, as I iron this out i will add and remove stuff. Just remember that if someone is behaving suspiciously, even a little bit, please let an admin know so that we can make sure any potential issues are dealt with.
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Dream Secuity Rules
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