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November 2019
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 Pur'mia the medic.

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PostSubject: Pur'mia the medic.   Pur'mia the medic. I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2009 5:11 pm

--IC APP--
Char Name(Full): Pur'mia
Char Race: Caitan
Char Age: 23
Wanted Rank(Are you willing to have a lower rank than this?): Ensign (Yes)

Position Applying for: Medical (Nurse)

Character Description: At nearly seven feet tall, this cat-like female was an impressive sight. A powerful physique hidden beneath simple civilian clothing. Long one piece dress stretching all the way from shoulders, down past her knee's, a little hole cut in the back to allow lengthy, tufted, tail to stretch free! Her shoulder length, brown, hair was braided into slim dreadlocks that hugged tight to her scalp, framing the otherwise creme colored fur of her face, the same hue covering the rest of her tall form.

Short RP Post: Pur'mia grunted, as she pulled the gloves from her hands, dumping them into a disposable bin nearby. Her hands were run through water quickly to clean the blood from her wrists, and to wash the powder from her fur. Quickly a towel was snatched, hands dried, and new pair of gloves carefully forced onto those hands. "Triage is the hardest part of this job...." She would mutter to herself, before she quickly rushed back over to the waiting gentlemen and ladies of the U.S.S. Aylessia, who had so recently been injured in-mass thanks to a reactor malfunction. Large gashes were in some, while others complained of injures that one simply couldn't see. Her tricorder flipped back open as she keeled next to one victim, the readings showing massive internal bleeding, and failure of the lungs. A lost cause. She pursed her lips a bit, granted him a gentle smile, a pat on the hand... and off she went, seeking out her next patient.

Abilitiys/Skills/Strengths: She can make the tough decisions, that need to be made. Also she is well versed in the various medical practices, and technology, of star fleet. Also she is capable of fairly athletic enterprises, due to her impressive build. Shes a fairly good cook too! Knowing well how to manipulate biological substances transfers surprisingly well.

Weaknesses: Her strength, is her weakness. She has to be able to diagnose quickly, and accurately. This applies to other aspects of her life as well, where she can often jump to quick... if wrong... conclusions.

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PostSubject: Re: Pur'mia the medic.   Pur'mia the medic. I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2009 5:23 pm

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Pur'mia the medic.
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