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November 2019
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PostSubject: --Words/Phrases - Get an Understanding--   --Words/Phrases - Get an Understanding-- I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2009 5:08 pm

Here is some useful words that may be seen in RP.
If someone says something you don't know about look here first!

Alpha Wave Inducers: The Alpha Wave Inducer is a device meant to induce sleep in most humanoids. It is not meant to replace natural sleep, and cannot be used frequently. It is an electronic version of an anesthetic. Subject enters a deep dreamless sleep during which surgical procedures can be carried out without causing pain to the subject.

Anabolic Protoplasers: These devices are used to heal internal and external body damage without the need of opening the body cavity of the patient to effect repairs. They use small forcefields, phase-modulated lasers, and anabolic accelerators to quickly heal injuries without scarring. They come in a variety of sizes for different repairs. Smaller units are useful for fine work involving the eyes and ears, while larger units heal cuts and even broken bones. They temporarily confer the advantage of Instant Regeneration to the area treated, but cannot replace surgery in serious injuries. For example, if used on a very deep stab wound, they could seal the damaged tissues and prevent further blood loss, but a subcutaneous hole would remain unless closed with surgery. This device will not repair incidental damage resulting from the original injury. For example, blood loss.

Antigraviton: Artificially generated by aliens, this can act as "antigravity".

Antimatter: This naturally occurring matter can also be artificially generated by the Federation. It is matter with electrical charge properties that are the opposite of "normal matter".

Antiproton: A naturally occuring antimatter version of a proton that is capable of penetrating the Romulan Cloaking Device.

Baryon: Naturally occurring "heavy" particles like protons. Periodically need to be swept from the surface of deep space constructs.

Berthold Rays: Naturally occurring. Nature unknown. Harmful or fatal to humanoids.

Biobed: This is an orthopedically-designed hospital bed which has an array of biofunction sensors that monitor all bodily systems. The bed is raised to allow the doctor to comfortably examine the patient. It has a graphic display at the head which gives the patient's current status. Restraining fields are available on some models, but are rarely needed. They also have a button to detach the bed from its wall hookup, and initiate the small hovering devise, which allows the bed to be used as a stretchers for transportation.

Bioregenerative Fields: A Bioregenerative Field is an energy field used to accelerate cellular growth. It temporarily confers the advantage of Regeneration on the patient. A sterilite unit is typically used during this procedure to keep infection from being multiplied by the Bioregenerative Field.

Body Armor/Combat Jacket: Marine Phaser Armor that protects up to setting 16. Utility pockets for holding various equipment

Carbrodine: Origin unknown. Becomes explosive when mixed with infernite.

Cardiostimulator: This is a defibrillator that can also restart a stopped heart. This device will not damage surface tissues.

Castridinium: Naturally occurring, this is the hardest substance known to Federation Science.

Communicator: Small communications device (Starfleet issue communicators are in the shape of the Starfleet emblem(AKA: COMM Badge)) which allows you to communicate with others within a short range. Can also be used as a tracking device, and is used to establish transporter locks.

deBroglie Waves: Naturally occurring--a representation of ordinary matter as waves rather than particles. Can also be artificially generated, and is a side effect of cloaking devices.

Dechyon: An artificially created class of particles that travel below the speed of light.

Deuterium: Naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen with twice the mass of ordinary hydrogen; also called "heavy hydrogen". It is used to power the warp core, and provides energy when combined with Antideuterium.

Dilithium: Artificially generated substance that is important in maintaining warp drives. The dilithium is recycled through recrystalization within the warp chamber.

Genetronic Replicators: An experimental medical device used to stimulate the genetic code of an individual into growing whatever types of cells are needed by the patients. It temporarily confers the advantage of Instant Regeneration on patients.

Graviton: An artificially generated particle that can be used as a weapon.

Holodeck: Or "Holosuite", is an area in which a person can simulate just about any fantasy they can imagine using a mixture of holographic and transporter technology.

Holomatter: A simulation of matter using force field and holo-imaging technology within the holodeck. Disintigrates when removed from the holodeck.

Hypospray: A hand-held device used for subcutaneous and intravenous administration of carefully-controlled dosages of medication on a subject. The Hypospray injects the subject by use of a pinpoint, high-pressure, low-volume, microscopic, aerosuspension stream. It allows medication to be given through the skin or clothing without mechanical penetration. It takes one second to remove and one to replace a medicine vial. The air cartridge is good for 100 injections. It takes one second to remove and one second to replace the air cartridge.

Medical Tricorder: The standard medical tricorder is a multipurpose technical and scientific instrument. It is a modified TR-580 with an extra external medical probe and scanner attachment. It has the following capabilities: Biosampler, Bioscanner, Chemscanner, Datalink, Environmental Analysis, Medscanner, Multiscanner, and Radscanner. For its size, the Medical Tricorder can maintain and store vast amounts of data in its own memory, which it uses to help evaluate conditions on site. The Medical Tricorder has an external hand-held sensing device. This peripheral contains over 100 sensors, and the Tricorder contains a specialized medical database that provides detailed medical diagnostic tools in the field including tomographic and micrographic imaging. A small diagnosis wand fits into the top of the peripheral and is occasionally used by the physician to provide close high-resolution scans. Together, these sensors allow the Medical Tricorder to make very detailed diagnosis on known species. On unknown species, it is limited to telling if the life-form is sick or dying. A detailed analysis is not possible in such a situation. Effective range is about three yards.

Medikit: The Physician's Medikit is a small, strap-on case designed to carry emergency medical supplies. A Standard kit should include:

1 - Anabolic Protoplaser
1 - Bandage assortment
1 - Cardiostimulator
2 - Hyposprays
1 - Medical Tricorder
1 - Neural Stimulator
1 - Respirator
1 - Sampling kit

And the following medications:

5 - Vials of Delactovine
5 - Vials of Tricordrazine
3 - Vials of Analgine
4 - Vials of Hyronalyn
3 - Vials of Panamyacin

All doses of any drug type are contained in vials that must be inserted into the Hypospray. The standard kit may be altered to suit missions or situations, but must be altered before the mission begins. For example, if the doctor knows that he is going into a combat zone, he may replace the 3 vials of Panamyacin with more Hyronalyn or Analgine.

'MLSS': Multi-Layered Shielding System
Layer 3 - The outermost layer manipulates graviton polarity in a way not typical to shields, creating a graviton flux disruption that prevents many know designs of threat tractor beam from locking on to the vessel.
Layer 2 - The middle layer incorporates automatic rotation of frequency and modulation with meta-phasics, which absorbs enemy fire, spreads it out along the shield (an normal shield function). This shield sends data on what type of weapon is used and what frequency and phase the weapon uses. Once this is analyzed, the shield can be configured to have the same frequency as the incoming weapon, but different modulation, which dramatically increases shield efficiency.
Layer 1 - The innermost shield layer is a multi-phaseic shield. Based on standard regenerative shielding, this is the ship's last line of defense. The key to this layer is it's ability to 'wave'. Instead of a standard oval bubble, this layer 'ripples' or waves (like the surface of water on a pond). This dramatically increases protection against weapons such as the Hellfire Torpedo.

Multifire Phaser Strips: New phaser array for the Galaxy Class Dreadnought. Each strip can lock onto and fire up to a maximum of ten beams.

Nanosurgeon: A suspension of nanotechnological assemblies that are typically used to survey cellular genetic damage and effect repairs. They report to, and are monitored by, the attending physician. Nanosurgeons are useful to repair additional damage that drugs or other materials cannot affect.

Neurostimulator: This device "jumpstarts" the Central Nervous System of patients who have suffered some form of neuro-synaptic failure. This is particularly useful to treat a patient who has suffered CNS shock from the higher settings of a Phaser.

Neurolink: Allows a healthy "donor" to take over autonomic functions for a patient suffering from brain stem damage. One link is attached to the head of the "donor" and the other on the head of the patient. Upon activation, the autonomic functions of the donor control the patient's heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, etc.

Neutron Radiation: Naturally occuring. Emitted from older classes of the Klingon Bird of Prey, neutrons not contained within an atomic nucleus have a half-life of about 15 minutes.

Plasma Infusion Unit: An instrument used for transfusions of blood, blood plasma, and/or electrolytes into patients that need them. It is used the same way blood transfusions in the 20th-century. The Plasma Infusion Unit also provides filtration of the material to be delivered.

Protomatter: An unstable form of matter out-lawed by the Federation Scientific community, and used by David Marcus to speed up the Genisis project.

Osteotractor: Medical tractor fields used to set and immobilize a broken bone prior to treatment with a Protoplaser. They act as a temporary cast during treatment.

Scalpel: There are three varieties to choose from, traditional cutting blades with a monomolecular edge, laser scalpels that cauterize as they cut, and nanotech scalpels that separate tissues along cellular lines without damage. Each has different uses. Laser scalpels help the surgeon because of bloodlessness, but can dazzle anyone unwary enough to look into the beam, even though the scalpel can only cut within its focal length. Monomolecular blades require no power supply and quickly slice through most matter with minimal effort. Finally, Nanotech scalpels cause minimal disruption of tissue but operate slowly. There is current research in an experimental scalpel that utilizes Transporter technology.

Sickbay Overhead Sensor Cluster: This is a circular arrangement of sensors located above the primary Bio-Bed in sickbay. It augments the sensors of the Bio-Bed, and also provides an emergency containment field to prevent contamination.

Stasis Field Generator: This device is used in emergencies when a patient cannot be stabilized and requires treatment that is not immediately available. It significantly slows all biological activity within the perimeter of the field, placing the patient in a sort of suspended animation. The patient will not be aware of any passage of time while under the influence of a stasis unit, since the biochemical activity of the patient's brain is effectively halted.

Static Warp Shell: An artificially generated anomaly which replicates the universe and begins to make it shrink.

Surgical Support Frame: Surgical Support Frames attach to Bio-Beds providing aid and assistance during surgery and emergency life support. Littered with biosensors, the SSF has a large display of the surgical area.

Tachyon: Artificially generated faster then light particle. Can be used to detect cloaked ships, and used to probe anomalies.

Tetryon: An atrificially generated particle that should not be found in normal space.

Transparent Aluminum: An invisible metal that is artificially generated.

Transporter: Device which transports people and objects from one location to another (within a certain range), by breaking the person/object down to their subatomic parts, and re-assembling them at their intended location. It is a painless experience which lasts only a matter of seconds.

Trelinium: New substance unique to the Galaxy Class Dreadnought, like the Pegasus-B. It replaces Dilithium in the warp core and creates a higher reaction rate and therefore higher speeds and more power.

Tricorder: Multi-purpose scanning device.

Trilithium: Artificially generated and used in energy weapons and explosives.

Warp Particle: Emitted by warp engines and can be used to follow the path of a ship recently in the area.

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--Words/Phrases - Get an Understanding--
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