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 Episode 6 - Sha'tar

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PostSubject: Episode 6 - Sha'tar   Episode 6 - Sha'tar I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 7:06 am

(Roleplay took place June 19th)
(Roleplay included Narris Trelak, Jorune, Vagh, Seth Baxter, Desaede Sivel, Rake, Lucas Lunara)

[#] Narris Trelak was in his chair [yes, short, no emit just something to get us started while we get underway]

[#] Vagh sat down at the helm, releaving the person there for the time being. "Captain, Dr. Vagh reporting for Bridge Duty." He turned to him, giving him a nod and waiting for approval to take the chair. He would take a moment then, blinking and removing a pad from his coat before pressing a few buttons on it and smacking at his comm badge. "Medical report, patient 4430 needs routine pain medication in 30 seconds, this is a reminder from Vagh as I told you I would when I moved to report to the bridge." He then turned back to the captain as he put the padd back into his coat.

Desaede Sivel would have wandered onto the bridge at a rather slow-ish walk. He'd be in his biped shape for once, really, and just wandered in, lost in his head so to speak. He'd been like that the whole way, really, dodging out of the way even as he didn't notice they was there. He'd have plopped down in 'his' chair and glanced around the bridge, wondering what was going on. Of course, he just listened for now, never one to speak immediately upon entering, really...

[#] Rake entered the bridge through the other side entrance, the one to the right in the hall. He immediately turned to the area between the two bridge doorways, where he'll be surrounded by the chart screen in front of him, the engineering area behind him, and the doorways. This was a new station for him to be using the first time, but he had practiced. Upon turning to face the region of the bridge, he told the captain, "Cadet Wright, reporting for duty."

Jorune had already been on the bridge. She stopped and stretched her arms up above her head for just a moment before dropping them back to her sides. Infact, she crossed them over her chest and she leaned her shoulders back onto the station behind her; tactical, to be exact. But, honestly, there's not much else for the woman to do. She was intently watching everyone from station to station or occasionally glancing at whoever seemed to be doing the thing most interesting. Finally, she would stand upright and shift her weight to her left hip.

Senya Tavana - When she came onto the bridge she huffed, putting her hands on her hips. There was the Draenei! She couldn't miss the six foot eight woman's blue hair and horns over the top of tactical's station. She would walk forward after a few moments and drop her hands to the unmanned station only to use them to steady her as she leaned close to Jorune, attempting to be unheard or seen until she finally spoke right behind Jorune's head. "Are we tired today, Yeoman Jorune?" Senya looked irritated or impatient over something she hoped Jorune would remember without coaxing.

[#] Lucas Lunara stepped off the elevator, and walked down the hallway of Deck 1. He approached two doors, and chose the left, not bothering to pause as the door opened automatically infront of him. He quickly went to his seat, speaking as he sat down. "Cadet Lunara, reporting for Operations duty, Captain." He began tapping the screens infront of him, scanning the ships current sector, and all surrounding. His attention was suddenly drawn to an alert on his center screen. "Captain. I'm recieving a distress signal from a ship, named Sha'tar."

[#] Narris Trelak was watching Jorune stretch, because it was ever so much more interesting than watching stars on a viewscreen, and Des was in his male form anyways. But anyways, looking up when crew started to change, he gave a nod to Vagh as he entered, and another to Rake and Lunara. As the new ops cadet spoke, he raised an eyebrow. "Can you pinpoint the source, cadet?" he asked.

[#] Vagh blinked a bit at his beeping padd, ignoring it for now. They knew he was busy...but if it persisted he would have to go take care of what whoever messed up down there. For now the Klingon turned around and took his seat. Muttering to himself a bit he was as he sped through the buttons to turn the display to the Klingon language. Perhaps that was pointless, but it made controlling the ship so much easier when he didn't have to second think every button he was pressing.
the bridge, he nodded to Narris and Des before speaking. "Ensign Sethelonius Martain Baxter, reporting for duty, sirs." He looked over to the klingon male and laughed. "Kinda hard for a medic to run helm, aint it? If you want, Vagh, I will take over there so you may attend to anything you need to." He smiled, looking at the viewscreen via his padd. "Seems a good trajectory is already in."

Desaede Sivel just sat silent, right ear flicking as he listened to everyone else on the bridge. He did resist the urge to snicker at Narris who was obviously watching Jorune instead of the panel, and just listened when there was something about a distress signal was said. 'Cool name for a ship' he'd have thought, just waiting to hear anything Narris said. After all, with the cappy on the bridge, he was supposed to just offer ideas when necessary...[blegh, lol]

[#] Rake turned to the engineering station he had had his back to and proceeded to work through the process of checking engineering. He ignored the other activities, though his consciousness was intent on both the bridge and his work. Everything appeared to be working correctly and there was nothing to report.

Jorune almost lost her footing--... Er, hoofing? Either way, she almost lost it when Senya spoke up right behind her head. "Oh, Naaru!" A scowl came over her face but it disappeared when she realized the Trill was angry with her. What had she done? "Doctor Tavana? I'm... I'm fine. Why?" Jorune questioned in a curious tone. Her head did turn away from Senya for a moment as she watched the crew being replaced and listened to all their talk. She was interested in this distress signal but for some reason the thought of the medical officer being angry with her seemed a bit more distracting. Her eyes did land back on Senya with another questioning look. "Have I done something wrong?"

Senya Tavana scowled right back when she got a scowl from Jorune! But then it vanished and she smirked at the woman's confusion. "You have. It's been a week and no one in medical has heard or seen you for the results of your scans. Would you mind visiting me when you're done on the bridge? Or do I need to have the computer help me track you down again?" Her tone was playful and yet it still displayed the fact she ddi need to see Jorune. Finally she took her hands off of tactical's station and stood upright once more. "Unless you're busy. Then when you have time, please."Senya crossed her arms over her chest since hanging them at her sides looked pretty... Boring.

[#] Lucas Lunara tapped on the screen, scanning the distress signal. "Sir. The distress signal contains a set of co-ordinates. Shall I transfer them to the helm?" He asked curiously, as he began to enter the commands he'd need should the captain acknowledge his request.

[#] Narris Trelak motioned to helm. "Ensign Baxter, take helm." he said. A nod was given to Lucase, "Yes, cadet. Ensign Baxter, set course for the Sha'tar and tell me how far it is from our position. Commander, will you take tactical please? keep an eye out for incoming ships in case the Sha'tar was attacked. Bring shields up, weapons online, and take us to yellow alert."

[#] Vagh stopped everything he was doing, turning to look Seth right in the eyes. Something said Seth had just annoyed a Klingon. He blinked a moment, sighing to him before speaking, "I was also the previous helmsman of the bird of prey I was stationed on before I did the officer exchange to this ship. I'll thank you to do some better research, human." The man did stand up then, turning to Narris, "Captain, returning to Medical now that your appointed helm is back on duty if you wouldn't mind." A red light would go off in his pocket just then, followed by an annoying screech, "Yes, very much so returning to medical...looks like something just went wrong...."

[#] Seth Baxter smiled big, looking at the klingon. "And I was one of the top Marines on Avalon, dont mean it still wasnt hard, birds of prey are much different birds, my friend, you take offense to way too many things." He sat at hyis station, logging himself in and checking the coordinances of the destination. "It appears to be 5 parsecs to the starboard side Sir, we could reach it rather quickly, shall I set our coarse to it now?"

Rake continued to press, key at, and study the panels on the wall before him. He maintained a rapid pace, as was often needed with technology. After a while, there was really nothing more that required quick and constantly attentive typing. Though his fingers continuously had to press, his gaze and focus was able to stray elsewhere back to the bridge once and a while. He looked behind him at the others and the ship's main view screen every so often.

[#] Rake continued to press, key at, and study the panels on the wall before him. He maintained a rapid pace, as was often needed with technology. After a while, there was really nothing more that required quick and constantly attentive typing. Though his fingers continuously had to press, his gaze and focus was able to stray elsewhere back to the bridge once and a while. He looked behind him at the others and the ship's main view screen every so often.

[#] Desaede Sivel would have nodded lightly, right ear flicking slightly as he hopped up and wandered to tactical, giving a rather sinister laugh as he imagined blowing things up with the holy group of armaments. He had well...stars in his eyes, really....yah, and this really evil grin too, hopefully since he was in the back he wasn't noticed....right?

Jorune looked taken aback at Senya. "Cadet Hatchet never... How come..?" Finally she just smiled back and nodded her head. "Of course. As long as this time it does not involve me taking one of the Cadets back to my room for the night." She left the sentence at that so Senya would understand and anyone trying to overhear her would probably hear something they don't think they should have heard! By the time Senya stood up she figured that was the end of the conversation and she turned back around. Jorune took the time to note who was at what station now and even nodded her head at Vagh as he announced his exit. Byebye, Ridges!

Senya Tavana took a step to the side when the Commander came back to allow him full access to his station. Infact, she just waited for Vagh to walk by and then came down to stand beside Jorune. She nodded towards Jorune's hooves and whispered. "Why are you on the bridge? Don't you think it would be dangerous if you, say, slipped? You could knock someone out if they're infront..." She then nodded up at Jorune's horns. "Or even behind you." Senya was, of course, teasing her. She wasn't too interested in thei distress signal.

Narris Trelak smiled at Vagh and gave the klingon a nod. "Dismissed." he said, "Be aware we may have injuries if we run into hostile forces." Now he gave Seth a stern look, "Baxter, Vagh, take this to the lounge after your duty shifts or I'll throw you in the brig until you come to an agreement." He said it in such a nice voice, too. Then he looked at Des when a tactical report was not incoming. "Commander?" Then he caght the conversation between Jorune and Senya. "What's that about cadets, yeoman?" he asked with a frown in her direction, before his eyes fell to Senya. "Doctor, please take the commander's chair. Ensign Baxter, ahead warp 3 to the Sha'tar's coordinates."

Seth Baxter smiled more, typing in the coordinates and engaging. "Prepare for warp 3, ladies and gentlemen." He kicked it into gear and lurched a little bit, holding his stomach. "Warps initial lurches always upset my stomach a little." He sighed, keeping his eyes on the screen as blips came up on the systems. "From what I see, there are 4 objects of large size ahead."

Desaede Sivel would have finally finished working on the tactical scans and grinned. "Alright, Captain Trelak took a bit to run a quick diagnostic but all weapons and shields are operational. Annnnd heeeeerrree we go, yellow alert is set, Captain" he'd state, setting the ship to said alert. Only reason he did that second and not during the scan is that he didn't want any reason for the scan to be disturbed....

Rake's attention began wearily roaming about the room. He didn't need much concentration on engineering at the moment, so he just followed the interaction between the others in the bridge. He glanced idly at the front view screen at the helmsman's report and the yellow alert's initiation, then back at the tiresome engineering wall. It was quite more exhausting tapping at something that was level with his whole front side than it was while sitting to tap at something level with only his waist.

Jorune - "Cadet Hatchet, Captain. Remember he did my scans while I slept? I promise, I didn't do anything to the android." But her attention had gone back to Senya. She didn't immediatly respond but she let the Captain give his orders before she did answer Senya's question. "I am perfectly suitable for the bridge. I'm not a weapon." But then she smirked. "How about we play a game of connect-the-spots after our shifts, hm?" That'd teach her to be a smartass. Jorune could play this game! But Jorune said no more after that. She only returned her attention to the main viewer and suddenly something clicked. "Oh! Sha'tar! Captain Trelak!" She looked rather surprised, turning her head to him and awaiting his attention though by the sound of it it seemed vital.

[#] Yellow alert: all hands to stations

Senya Tavana had looked at Narris when he gave her a command but then back up at Jorune as she spoke to her. Senya rose one of her eyebrows and just shook her head. She was not even going to ask Jorune if that was some sick threat. She just crossed infront of the Captain and went to sit in the Commander's chair as she was asked to do. Senya crossed her legs at her knees and leaned over onto her left elbow, propped onto the arm of the chair. However, when Jorune exclaimed, she did look at the two of them.

Narris Trelak frowned at Seth. "All stop." he ordered, "What's wrong, helmsman?" Slightly distracted by the two girls on the bridge (who wouldn't be? They are both so cute). "Connect the....?" the captain blinked and rubbed the back of his neck below the line of his uniform. "Um, do you know this ship, yeoman?"

Seth Baxter sighed a bit, shaking his head. "Sir, I miscalculated and jumped us to warp in a point where there were large rock deposits floating around, if we drop to warp 2, we will bee completely safe, Captain, I do appologize for my stupid mistake." He dropped down and waited for orders.

Rake's hearing remained tuned to the others. At the yeoman's exclamation, he felt slightly alerted but his gaze only maintained its stare at his station. Registering the helmsman's words, he inwardly smirked to himself and a corner of his lips tilted up faintly without his being aware. Your mistake, indeed.

Desaede Sivel stands at the station waiting for something interesting to happen. Yeah, he was quickly getting tired of inaction, no talking even. Standing there like that was sooooooo interesting, it was...

Jorune practically pranced in please (Yes, like a horse, with their hooves) as she waited for Seth to finish speaking and the Captain to give her his attention again. "The Sha'tar," she said again. It sounded so easy on her russian-like accent. "That means, um.. It's a Draenei word. 'Sha' means the Light. 'Tar' means Born. The ship's name is Born of Light, technically. It's a reference used to the Light of the Naaru. Like..." Jorune was having to pause in order to make correct references from language to another language. "Like Shattrath! That's the Dwelling of the Light and a home to many Naaru." But she wouldn't think of elaborate on what the Naaru was.

Senya Tavana listened to Seth as he spoke but her attention was turned to the prancing goat-lady. She even grinned, thinking that it looked pretty funny to watch her get all antsy like that. But what she had to say was even more interesting. "It is a Draenei ship? Or did someone think your language sounded pretty?" The question was more directed at the Captain. Afterall, she was sure he didn't ignore the prancing Yeoman at his side. Who could ignore that? Jorune must have made clippy-cloppy noises, too.

[#] Narris Trelak gave Seth a nod. "Very well, helmsman, be more careful. get us back on track then." But Senya was right, how could he ignore a prancing yeoman? especially one making that sound. "It might be a coincidence." he said, "Don't get your hopes up, Jorune. But, well, maybe we'll get to meet some draenei. Wehn you're ready, helmsman, punch it."

Seth Baxter nodded, taking the ship to warp 2, looking around. "I hope for you, it is Jorune. I wouldlove to meet some of your family if it is possible." He looked around a bit, smiling as he nodded. "Everythings going good, we are clear of thier path Sir, we will be approaching at a slightly lower rate, but still relatively on time."

Desaede Sivel would have been staying at tactical, right ear flicking slightly as he glanced up seeing hearing Jorune prancing like that. "I agree with Captain Trelak, hold your horses" he'd have stated with a foxish grin. The statement was in pure jest, but it was quite possibly a really, really terrible and punny joke (because of the hooves), but he still found the situation perfect. He would have had to lop his own arm off if he didn't say anything like that, it was part of who he was....

Rake peeked back and at the glimpse of a sudden enthusiastic dance the strange yeoman was doing, half expected the creature to begin a procession of bleating rhythms. He believed that would come as quite a surprise to the captain, probably amusement for others. Ignoring the jest the others seemed to be sharing, a very off-topic thought appeared in his mind and he abruptly voiced the question to the commander, recalling that he had been lately with the person in mind, "Where is Ensign Rosden, commander sir?" She didn't look to be in the engineering room.

Jorune shook her head at Senya. "No, Doctor Tavana. The Draenei, the Eredar and the Broken were the only ones who used are language and technically they are all the same race. The Draenei and the Broken are Eredar but the Broken are not Draenei and..." She huffed and shook her head. Jorune just looked up to Des when he spoke and again looked confused. "I do not understand this phrase. Who has--" Her question cut off and she scowled. "I am not a farm animal!" Her face dropped to Senya and then to Narris before she just turned to look at the screen. "My parents are located on the Exodar of the planet Azeroth, Baxter." Her arms crossed over her chest in a haughty manner and she just scowled at that main screen like it was evil or something.

Senya Tavana could not help but snicker at the Commander's phrase. Infact after a snicker she cracked and laughed. It may have been at the poor Yeoman's expense but it really was funny. "I'm sorry, Jorune," she said inbetween giggles as she tried to stuff her laughing away. "We don't mean any harm. No one's tried to saddle and bridle you up, have they? Surely, you'd need four hooves. And less tentacles!" So Senya wasn't so good at those comforting analogies, alright? But she really had good intent!

[#] Narris Trelak nodded to Seth again. "Very good." he replied. Then he turned quickly to Des. "Des!" he declared in horrified amusement. He knew how Jorune hated the hoof jokes. But a moment later, his face was stern again as he watched Jorune for a reaction. "Doctor..." he said, "This is the bridge..." not to mention they were on yellow alert.

Seth Baxter smiled brightly as he seen the ship coming into view, he dropped them out of warp and into a half impulse speed to approach the ship. "Captain, we are coming up on our destination fast, shall I try to hail the vessel?" He sighed, looking at Jorune. "People can be so rude, your anticipation is no joke."

Desaede Sivel glanced at Rake for a moment, right ear flicking slightly as he gave a 'confused look'. "Eeeeh, last I saw Ensign Rosden I was in the mess hall getting something for lunch" he'd state, right ear flicking. "Its not like I know everything she does during the day" he'd have stated with a half grin. "Anyways, before I get busy again, 'sorry and please don't kill me', Jorune" he'd have stated, ears flattening. He really didn't want to get one of his few friends angry....but it was like trying not to breathe, he couldn't hold the joke back to save his life....He'd have done one thing since then, rolled his eyes at what Seth said, but he kept his gaze fixed on the console so it was likely nobody saw it....

Rake tucked his tongue into first his left cheek, then his right. He didn't quite comprehend all their delight, but thought they ought to acquire a skill in maintaining a serious level at all times. He acknowledged the commander's answering silently. Looking back up at the ship's view screen as he heard the helmsman's report, he thought with drained relief, finally.

Jorune, since the Captain did not speak to her, completely ignored them. She kept her arms folded across her chest and just kept staring hard that that evil main viewer. She definitely was not about to loose a staring contest with it. Her weight would shift to her right hip and cause her tail to swing out to the side before falling still behind her. It wasn't a great swing or anything but it was there.

Senya Tavana shook her head lightly when she was reprimanded. She was sure it was about her laughing since her anology had really been a sincere attempt to make Jorune feel better. "I cannot control natural responces. I can only apologize for them. But I will be more careful." She did sort of feel bad the way the yeoman was so angry over it but she decided that it would simply be best to let the whole topic die out. She turned her attention up to the main screen when Baxter spoke but she was half watching Jorune for a reaction. She'd react if it was a Draenei ship, right? One of her hands reached up, pulling her blonde hair away from the spots on her face and back behind her ear. She then rubbed the spots as if the hair brushing against them tickled or something.

[#] When the Sha'tar was approached it was obvious why the ship had put out it's distress signal. Miscellanious debris was floating close to the ship and because of the coloring you could tell the singed pieces belonged to it. They were all light whites or purples in color. Occasionally, you'd even see a piece of their purple Draenite crystals pass by. None of these pieces were large enough to be a threat to the Horizon or even it's shields, though. The Sha'tar was a large ship, larger then the Horizon by far. And it's build was beyond different. Those who had not studied or seen the Draenei's ships would most likely simply be confused by it's design. There were no visable weapons, no sleek design, no cloaking devices.

[#] ( This ship is intact. Put some holes and burns in it with your imagination. And no, Desaede, that does not mean imagine it obliterated by some unknown force.)

[#] Narris Trelak turned to Jorune. "Yeoman," he said, "will you open a hailing frequency from ops for me? All stop, helmsman." Eyes flicked to Jorune's tail as it swung around, he wondered briefly if it meant she was mad. But he wouldn't be so rude as to stare at that section of a crewman. "Uh, commander, report." he said, staring at the ship.

Seth Baxter smiled, stopping the ship a bit. "It could be alot worse, right?" He sighed, always the optimist. "Wonder what happened anyway?" He shook his head, thinking about the poor graceful beings inside that may have been hurt. "Oh, I hope everyones alright." He frowned, remembering the last time he seen a ship beat up like that.

Desaede Sivel would have looked at the console and cringed since he didn't get a reply. He'd have started a few scans and winced again as he got the results, sighing slightly. "Shields are Down, non mortal damage to the hull, life support is operational and there is only a little power" he'd have started before blinking. "There are very few signs of life too" he'd have stated, voice in a formal drawl, lacking any emotional quality behind it since he was getting a rather annoying headache, so he threw the 'mask' up to hide it....

Rake's attention was suddenly rapt with the wrecked looming ship coming into swift view. His arms and hands still semi-consciously continued its task, working at the engineering station, but his eyes remained glued to the main screen. What the hell is that? he thought, all the while noting everything about the other ship. Damn. His musing was not supporting his logical side of his brain, all of it appearing incomprehensible. He just hoped this wasn't something so common, or else he would need to grow accustomed. By the near lack of reaction from the others, he would say it was true. Sighing, he hastened to return his gaze back on the wall before him.

Jorune did have a reaction but only Senya would have noticed it had she still been watching Jorune. She had frowned at first and her scowl left. Nor did she immediatly move from her position when the Captain asked but she listened to the Commander's report. It saddened Jorune; it really did. "Yes," she said softly. She took the shortest route to the chair which meant crossing infront of Senya and Narris and just slid herself into it silently. As she woke the console up she would say, "Sha'tar has a double meaning." Then go through a few selections without saying more about the Sha'tar at all. Something did not simply seem right with Jorune about the ship and she was neglecting details. It was not her place nor was she asked, afterall. "Your hailing frequency is... Opened." And she again tapped at the console just once.

[#] Narris Trelak nodded at Des. "Thank you, commander." he said absently. Then he eyed Jorune. He would have asked if she was all right, but not appropriate for him to do right now. "This is Captain Narris Trelak of the starship Horizon." he said, tapping the comm panal on his arm rest, "We recieved your distress signal and are prepared to give you any assistance we can. Please reply."

Rake persisted in causing tapping noises as he rapped at each key. Pausing, he studied the panal for a moment, still not sighting any inaccurate needs. No errors have yet to be reported. He thought it was unusual for a ship that has had problems for a long while, but dismissed it. Completely weary of this, he just turned and glared at the misty view screen. Even his terribly bad eye sight was able to see that towering, bright ship, and so he just examined the unique thing.

Jorune had only turned her attention to the main screen enough to see what responce they would get. Her hands did not leave her console just incase they were needed but they hovered an inch or two above it's sleek surface. She shifted in her chair, pulling her tail out from behind her and letting it hang out the back which was much more comfortable then tucked up under her bum.

Senya Tavana had also just stayed silent. She simply listened to what Narris had said and then looked over to Jorune once more. But her attention did go back to the screen everyone seemed to intent on watching. She honestly was not expecting a ship in that condition to even be able to respond! Her hands went to her lap and she stopped staring so awkwardly at the ship just incase the screen did flicker over to a responce. Wouldn't want to look like you were surprised or something at whoever came on the screen, you know?

[#] When the ship answered the hail it was able to with more then just voice communications. But what came up on the view screen was not a very expected sight. The deeply colored male Draenei did not have horns but instead had a plated forehead much like a Klingon's; the long hair, too. The tendrils on the side of his head were also much larger. He was also close to the screen, leaving little room to see what was behind him but you could hear both male and female voice's with a russian-like accent much thicker then Jorune's bustling about in chaos. The transmission was poor and cut in and out. "This is... Of the Sha'tar... Attacked by unknown... And in unstable condition. There's little power... Friendly ship with many civilians. In need... Assistance." He looked back as another male's deep voice sounded but it was inaudable. The transmission flickered a few times but did not

Narris Trelak watched the screen impassively as the male appeared. He was silent until the man had done speaking before he replied. "I will send an away team to you ship. Do you have any specific needs we should be made aware of?"

Rake registered the other ship's ruckus, and after an idle glance behind him at the main screen, returned to his station. He wasn't going to pay any heed to them anymore, not unless it impacted him directly. He might as well sleep, for all the good the bridge was doing him.

Jorune had watched the screen with a rather passive face. It wasn't even saddened anymore but it seemed curious. Even interested as she listened to the man as best as she could. Finally, she took her hands off of her station and she placed them back in her lap. She seemed to full of comments as she tried to take in as much as she could incase she were asked her opinion about anything they saw or heard.

[#] The male shook his head when he heard the Captain's voice come again. Either he was not sure the Horizon could possibly have what his Draenei ship needed or that they would know how to help them with the ship itself. The transmission again cut out for a moment but then they got a clear streak and his voice came clear. "We have many wounded. Too many to count and no medical personel. Damage to some of our systems and our sectors were so severe we have death counts from all parts of the ship and some sections cannot even respond." But he did not neglect any help the Horizon did think they could give.

Narris Trelak nodded his head in sympathy. "I will send one shuttle with a medical team and another to assist you in any other way we can. Standby. Horizon out." He cut the transmission and stood up. "Doctor, assemble your own away team, fill a shuttle. I will have another ready. Report to the transporter room in twenty minutes. Yeoman, please come with me. Wright, inform engineering we will need their assistance. Commander, you have the bridge." Without further ado, he headed for his ready room.

Rake pressed a few last keys and came to a halt altogether. He blinked. It seemed no further progress was needed to tapped at, for the moment. As the long pause stretched on, he leaned back on the screen behind him, attempting to keep the majority of his weight off of it and only on the heels of his feet, his arms crossed over his chest. His heavy lids began to droop as he stared fixedly at the engineering console.

Jorune picked her hands up out of her lap and ended the frequency when she heard the Captain say to stand by. She then turned around in her chair and listened to him go about speaking to the Commander, to Senya and she honestly did expect him to say he wanted to speak with her. So she stood and smoothed her skirt out, silently just following him into his Inner Sanctum.

Senya Tavana nodded her head. "I've actually done enough work with Jorune between injuries and scans I am pretty sure we will be of more use then they probably expect." She would get out of the Commander's chair, take a turn and head on out! Senya had preparing to do! Now to figure out how the hell she and her team would try and supply treatment for... how many big, blue guys? There was much work to be done in twenty minutes.
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(Roleplay Began 8PM FST June 21st)
(Roleplay Included Narris Trelak, Jorune, Amicitia Rosden, Aiticima Rosden, Rake, Etana Sol, Justin Emberland, Senya Tavana)

Narris Trelak is here in the shuttle bay.

Jorune follows him into the shuttle bay! Jorune was still in a dampened, sour mood since this is technically the rest of what happened yesterday and Des hasn't made her happy again. She tapped the heel of one hoof impatiently, arms crossed over her chest.

Aiticima Rosden was where she was assumed to be, as usual she wasn't exaclty sure what was going on or what she was supposed to do. These official adventure sort of moments she felt very out of place and it reminded her why she went for a counselor possition.

Senya Tavana, when she entered the shuttlebay, had her medical case strapped over her shoulder and had an [NPC] Ensign with her. She had picked out Aiticima amoung the crowd and a big smile came over her Trill face. "Counselor, I'm glad you did come. I would like you to help me and my Ensign. These Draenei... They're much larger then I think one of us could handle if we had to lift or move one. Could you follow instructions if I needed medical help? Or does this make you uncomfortable?"

Justin Emberland sat quetly. He looked around with a smile on his face. He didn't really know what was going on, mainly because he was to busy working. He queitly whistled a tune and tapped his toes.

Narris Trelak frowned slightly at Senya. "You dont expect one doctor and one medic to help an entire ship of draenei, do you, Doctor? I will likely need the counselor's assistance from time to time." He motioned for his team: Jorune, Justin, two engineers, and two security officers, and sterted towards one shuttle. "Where is the rest of your team?"

Jorune's attention went to Justin tapping his foot. It looked so much easier then tapping a hoof... But then she looked up to Aiticima, Senya and Narris. "Where's Ensign Vagh? Cadet Hatchet?" Jorune's question wasn't so demanding but simply curious. Maybe someone! Like the Captain! Needed to realize other people didn't have a whole ship waiting to shine his shoes! Or maybe Senya really was lacking. Who knew?

Aiticima Rosden looked to Senya and lifted her lips in a smile, "of course, I am comfortable with whatever you throw at me.. I have no problem following orders or instructions." Maybe comfortable was not the right word, but she'd rather be a part of it than sit back again. Her head turned to Trelak and she gave a deep nod of her head. Whoever needed her, that was where she would go. Her shoulder was lifted at Jorune's question and she shook her head in a sort of 'I don't know' guesture.

Senya Tavana had smiled when Aiticima spoke to her. But to Hell with keeping the Counselor busy! Apparently Narris wanted her, too. She frowned when she looked at Narris. "They're..." But then she looked at Jorune. "They're not here, are they?" But then she looked back to the Captain. "I wish I could answer for them. But I am just Ensign Doctor Tavana..." She wasn't head of medical or anything. She turned away from the crew and she tapped her badge, "Medical, I've got a few that are running late and I don't have time to wait on them. I need three to the shuttle bay immediatly."

Rake awaited within the interior of the shuttle bay, just looking about. He wasn't paying very much attention at all to his surroundings or anything else, just the anticipation replacing his more logical mind. This was entirely new to him, but he was already thinking through what he would do while working in the new ship.

Narris Trelak shook his head at Senya. "You're still the ship's only doctor." he reminded her, "And I did tell you to arrange a medical team." He didn't like to be harsh, and tried not to sound to much like the finger-wagging monster the Rosden twins apparently think he is. "No matter, we'll wait three minutes for them." he said.

Jorune almost felt bad for Senya. She looked to Narris and opened her mouth but, alas, she just shut it again. There was a difference between speaking openly to Narris and speaking openly to Captain Trelak, no? And now was not her place. She'd spank him later for you, Senya! Jorune's weight shifted from one hip to the other in an anxious manner.

Aiticima Rosden did not think of the captain as a finger wagging monster, she thought of him as a finger wagging trill with a hypocritical superiority complex, but really what was the difference? Of course she did not really feel that way. An eyebrow was raised at Narris, Senya could not really help that the rest did not show up. But then again, she still had to wag her own finger at him for phasering a pilot in the middle of a nervous breakdown, so she kept quiet as was her usual until she was needed.

Senya Tavana continued to look in the other direction as she listened but did not respond immediatly. "I apologize," was all she said. She moved away from Narris to stand beside Jorune, leaning in to whisper to the tall woman's pointed ears. "You should play this Connect-The-Spots game with him thet you keep threatening me with. I'll give you home-made cookies if you can do it. I don't think you could get him to do anything fun. None of that replicator health-food." But when her team came through the door, all out of breathe and their medical packs half-assed tossed around their shoulders she smiled to them. "Very good! Thank you!" But then she whispered to Jorune, "And if you can get him down long enough, you should teach him what praise does to a crew." Smartass Senya was a smartass.

Rake's gaze was staring in the direction of the other crew members, but they remained unseeing. He was really seeing the same image of the draenei ship. It was then when he'd called it the D word that he remembered it was the species of the captain's yeoman. Looking toward the one named Jorune, he pictured both the ship and her, attempting to relate them to each other.

Amicitia Rosden would just be standing there idly... watching everyone and generally feeling bored. A glance was given to her fellow engineers around but aside from that, she just be looking around the shuttle bay.

Narris Trelak walked up to Jorune to stand beside her, after eying Senya whispering to her. "When we get there, yeoman, stay with me, let me know if there's anything I should be made aware of while we interact with them. Also, how should I greet them? Are there tradition words or motions I should use?" Then he looked up to Ami. "Lieutenant," he said, "draenei ships do not work like ours, but once we get over there, learn what you can with tricorder readings and try to cooperate with their engineers. If we can help them repair the ship, let em knwo and I'll make sure you have what you need."

Jorune had snickered when Senya whispered to her. Oh, if only Senya knew about Jorune's experience with 'Trill coloring books', she now called them. "Deal. But not those cookies the Commander gives me when I prance! This 'oatmeal' is not my thing. And, Senya... Praise is for those who do well. Not who lack." She said no more on the subject since Narris came over to her. Jorune made a point to say, loud enough that the engineers could hear it, "The Commander and Captain are the only one's who've been able to closely see the Draenite crystals that I own. But they are a power source. Everything on that ship is aligned just right with these crystals then if they're disturbed a whole section of the ship could loose power. It's a very poor power source compared to the Horizon, but it is what the Draenei have used for too many years to want to toss it away. These crystals, once the ship is able to align them, will restore power. With power, they call begin repairs on their ship. I do not (c)

Jorune - "I do not know how well our Engineers can help but they could sure learn if they wished to. As long as the crystal power-supply is not insulted, I do not see why a Draenei would not want what help they could get. But they're prideful." Her voice toned down to him and she shrugged her shoulders. "Thanks to the universal translators I could not tell you if they are speaking Draenei or not. If they do, it's 'Khronikai khristor' for a greeting. If they do... Would you like me to greet them first? Or can you say that?"

Aiticima Rosden turned her head and her jaw dropped some. She looked down to Ami's pips, then back up to the woman. The grin on her face had to do most of the speaking for now, after all, they were about to go off. But she did move over to place a hand on her sister's shoulder, leaning over to speak quietly, "I had no idea! Congradulations sis." Dropping her hand she quieted to listen to Jorune, practicing the greeting in her head but now speaking it outloud. She was not the one who would be doing the greetings anyways.

Senya Tavana scoffed when Jorune spoke. It was true, even if Senya did not like it, so she simply sat happy with the fact that the bet for Narris' doom was on. Wait, she looked at Jorune twice, "When you what? Prance?" Whether it was ignored or not, she listened to what Jorune had to say about greetings and power sources and all that good stuff. She turned to her own NPC team of medics, all four of them, and quietly told them, "While we are aboard the shuttlecraft I do have specific orders I want followed for the Draenei. The men and women are much different and if I find any overdoses or underdoses, it's my rear. And I'm going to shield mine with your's. Got it?" Senya was rougher then Narris...

Rake, at the captain's words aimed to Lieutenant-something he'd yet to hear applied to Amicitia Rosden, but was already going along with-Rosden, glanced at the green female. He theorized that perhaps she had been in her quarters since the commander didn't know her whereabouts, or just maybe... Rake had been wrong and missed her in the engineering room entirely. Intently, he pushed aside the admission and heard again the captain's registered words. Cooperate with their engineers? He would leave that up to the green lady. After all, the order was given directly to her, not him. Then as he heard the draenei yeoman begin speaking nonsense, his eyes widened in surprise, though his hearing was already tuned attentively to her enlightening terminology. Every bit of detail was instinctively memorized.

Amicitia Rosden would stand a little more to attention when Narris addressed her and she'd nod her head. Her fox ears would prick up when Jor started talking about the power sources and the crystals. It was definitely a new sort of technology she was hearing about to generate power but to each their own. "I think we'll be able to at least find something to help them out with. Any thing else that the engineers shouldn't touch or say about?" Not insulting the power supply, got it. Probably no glomping them either or something. When Aiti came over, Ami would just grin at her sister. She had wanted to tell Aiti right away but work had taken her away.

Narris Trelak looked at Ami to make sure she heard what Jorune said. "We can allign power crystals easily." he said, "I will offer to allow our engineers to begin working on that under their direction." He turned and smiled to Jorune, "Khronikai khristor." he repeated with decent accuracy in his pronounciation. "All right everyone." he said, raising his voice, "Into the shuttles, let's not delay any longer." He turned and stepped up onto the shuttle his team was on, going in once he made sure everyone else was doing the same.

Jorune turned her head to Amicitia. "Oh, yes. Aligning them is simple. But this ship is also twice the size of the Horizon, if not more, and these crystals in every, single, room. It takes time. And the less capable Draenei you have uninjured, the longer it takes." She smiled wide at Narris. "There you go. Do not mispronounce 'khristor', Captain, for it has a word similar to it that could mean... Well, do not mispronounce it." She was grinning from ear to ear and just trying to hold back the laughter had he mispronounced it.

Aiticima Rosden listened to Jorune's last bit before moving on out as the captain had instructed. Stepping into the shuttle and waiting to tag along. After hearing Jorune speak more on it she became a bit more excited and less nervous about the whole deal.

Senya Tavana had to turn and look at the grinning Jorune. Well, if it was funny, it wasn't a bad word, right? She turned back to her team and motioned to the shuttle. "Alright, come on." And they followed! Just like that! What good flying monkey minions Senya had called for, no? But it wasn't even before the shuttlecraft closed that you could hear her begin explaining a few things to her team. Hokay, big guys get a little higher dose... The women are half the size of said big guys and do not require huge doses of this, or that... Or cracked hooves, horns, etcetera do really hurt more then a crack on our own feet and di bleed a lot more! Random things!

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head... regular fixing, oh well nothing too exciting... but yet it would be since they'd be encountering a different sort of tech. Ami would just step onto the shuttle and took her seat.

Justin Emberland sat in the shuttle and yawned. "Maybe all those extra hours are catching up to me." He tapped his toes to the beat in his head. "Well this should proove to be a good learning experiance. I've never been on a ship such as this...Dreny ship" He said, horribly misspronounceing the word Draenei.

Narris Trelak raised an eyebrow at Jorune and smiled. "All right." he said. And they were off! Once everyone was on board, the shuttles took off.

Jorune: [Emit] Through the windows of the shuttlecraft some smaller pieces of debris from the draenei ship could be seen. It was all singed chunks of white and purple pieces or occasionally a purple crystal called Draenite might have been passed by. A wide, bright orange circular-looking window would have slid open on the lower side of the Draenei ship and made access for the shuttlecrafts to dock in it's bay. The bay itself was seemed rather unused and was blank and unwelcoming. Though the soft purple colors of the walls and the practically-glowing runes adorning them would have made for a majestic sight. There was even the same colored markings on the floor. Once the shuttlecrafts were inside the enterance once again closed behind them. Yes, it was safe to get out.

Jorune: [Emit] ( I have a reference to the markings on the floor and some coloration of the ship. And no, I don't need one of you nerdy Trekkies having an epiphany telling me that looks like a Pokeball. I didn't make the Draenei! I am very aware of what it resembles. Razz Lol. )

Jorune took the time, once on the shuttle, to correct Justin. "Cadet Emberland... Draenei. D-R-A-E-N-E-I. Draenei." It was a very friendly and gentle correction, she wasn't being rude about it. But unless he had any more comments on it she would stay silent for the few minutes it took to arrive inside the Draenei ship. She smiled at him then and turned to look out the windows. To her, all the purples and blues were simply a sight she had not seen for some time. Jorune looked up to Narris once they were.

Aiticima Rosden would be looking out the windows at the ship curiously, but other than that she was still and quiet. Her hands folded nicely in front of her. It was a beautiful sight, and interesting to see another ship. The Starfleet ones were so.. grey. Purple and blue were nice, but they could do with more green.

Senya Tavana honestly doesn't have anything to post. She was briefing her crew? She did, however, move up to the front of the shuttlecraft to listen incase anything was said between the two crafts. And she did watch out the window for the other craft to open.

Rake only blinked mechanically at the vision passing before them through the windows. It must all look quaint to the others, but to him, they were completely unreasonable and illogical. He would remember this experience for the rest of his life. He yawned, all the while replaying the captain's yeoman's words.

Amicitia Rosden would look at the ship, being rather fascinated by the glowing things and what not. Even if it was similar to things she had seen before, glowing, shiny things always caught her attention. She'd flick her ears in anticipation and wagged her tail... Las Vegas would probably be a dangerous place for her since it was filled with so many glowy things...

Justin Emberland smiled. "Oh...Sorry... I'll be sure never to mispronounce Draenei again." He learned back and sighed. "What was that greeting again? Kronkai krista?" once again he mispronounced the word.

Narris Trelak caught Jorune's eye when she looked at him and grinned, because he thought she would be at least a little excited. "All right, here we go." he said, heading for the door and tapping the console that would open it. he stepped out, waiting for Jorune and the rest to follow, and moved to join Senya again and look around for the draenei crew. "Stick together until I give the order to go." he said. [we'll have emits before my post from now on for the draenei NPCs]

Jorune: [Emit] A few moments after the shuttlecrafts had been sitting there a door slid open on the right side of the area. Male Draenei were easily seven foot tall and had a good three-foot span across their mighty shoulders and chest. So the dark colored male that had walked in, with two bluer males following him, might have even looked intimidated. He tossed up his hands and smiled wide, giving a loud, deep laugh. His voice was just as deep and had an accent much thicker then Jorune's. Surprisingly, he did not speak Draenei. "Welcome! I am Contrath and am currently running the Sha'tar. This is Septhis," to his left. "And Rockul," to his right. All three were gabred in blue and purple robes. Damn those Draenei and their blue and purple!

Narris Trelak smiled as the draenai approached them. "Khronikai khristor." he said with near-perfect pronounciation, stepping forward. "I am Captain Narris Trelak."

Jorune was excited but she was going to behave. Her glance was given down to Justin and she smiled. "This one is easier. Arkanon Poros." She waited for the Captain to exit before she got up, following him out of the craft. She didn't take time to take in the surroundings since they were so familiar to her but she did look to the males who had entered. Jorune said nothing but just watched so Narris could greet them. Afterall, it would be rude if she did.

Aiticima Rosden was expecting rather large males, Jorune was so much taller than the rest of them. It seemed like most humanoid species there was a general rule about the males being larger than the females. When it was her turn to exit the craft she did as well, listening to him greet the others, then turning her head back with a friendly expression. Maybe not expecting them to be that big though.. realising how small she was after she got of the craft.

Senya Tavana - "Alright. Grab your medical packs," she said as the shuttlecraft opened up. Senya would then step out and look back to her team just to make sure they did follow her and in a timely manner. She was rather irritated with the first few that had been late and was watching them like a mother hawk! Senya would step around the shuttlecraft then and back over to where everyone else was before putting her hands in her teal coat's pockets and watching. She did note the large stature of the males was also more then she was expecting. Holy crap, they were walking, blue tanks!

Rake frowned as three draenei males came into his line of sight. He examined from one individual to the next, listening to the voice of the speaker as he greeted the captain. He waited behind for Lieutenant Rosden and the other engineers to step from the shuttle bay first before he decided himself to enter the unknown world of a damn draenei ship. He still hated the unfamiliarity of a new situation. His adaption disorder was not entirely smothered.

Amicitia Rosden would just look at the draenei when they showed up, and looked them up and down and she couldn't help but mentally wonder if there was a size proportion ratio thing that she hadn't heard about. They probably had big hands and feet. She'd follow the captain and just keep silent waiting for him to do whatever captainy stuff he needed to do. She doubted the usual tools that the engineers used for fixing could be used here.

Justin Emberland steped out and noted the very large size of the aliens. He's a tall guy and doesn't really enjoy haveing to look up at others. He stood still and waited for orders and something to do. He tapped his toes again to another imaginary song in his head.

Jorune: [Emit] Contrath would seem impressed with the Captain's greeting. "Arkanon Poros, Captain Narris Trelak! Man'ari shat rain..." His sentence wandered off as the male spotted a Draenei amoung his visitors. However, he looked back to Narris since that was the man in charge. "You have a Draenei! Is she a good woman? Was she expensive?" He burst into laughter again at the joke. "Please, let us not waste any time. The ship was been ordered to try our hardest to suit you while you attempt to aide us. If there are any problems, I will take care of them. We are a civilain ship and have many women and children; we are far from hostile." The two behind him were silent and only took in the size and variations in the Horizon's crew. Maybe these two did not speak so much more then Draenei? They looked confused. Contrath turns in heel and began to walk through the door he had come from. Slowly, just to make sure his little visitors could keep up with his stride.

Narris Trelak blushed a little at the male's joke, and only frowned slightly. "This is my yeoman, Jorune, a good member of my crew, I did not pay for her." But then he nodded his head. "Indeed, we have little time to waste." he moved to follow after the male and motioned towards Ami. "My chief engineer will assist your crew in repairing the ship, and my medical team is somewhat familiar with your species. With your permission, I will send them off, unless you have a central location for us to work?"

Jorune seemed all too interested in the way Contrath would start testing Narris' fluidity of the language. "Yes, Contrath. He realizes he has spots. That is a silly thing to ask him, isn't it? I am Jorune; grand-daughter of Velen. I do not carry my Draenei title and can be addressed as Yeoman Jorune as my Captain has stated. It's a pleasure." Jorune sort of smirked at the way Contrath teased Narris about her 'price'. She didn't comment though and let Narris do his thing. Only once Contrath would step away did she quietly whisper to Narris. "He did not mean money. It is an old saying, I promise. They say Draenei are so uncommon that, if found away from other Draenei, they were probably seduced or bought. It's a joke."

Aiticima Rosden sucked her teeth at the comment Contrath made about Jorune and whether or not she was expensive. She did not hear the whisper of what it meant, she knew what it sounded like. It made her lips purse some, but it was not an emotional expression at all. At least not outwardly. She felt a spike of annoyance at the comment, understanding though that it was probably just her missinterpretation. Other than that, she had to admire the male. All big and masculine, he also seemed a jovial one. She did nothing fantastically different, move when they moved and wait for dirrections.

Senya Tavana gave an odd look to Contrath when he also spoke of prices. But some races did that and she wasn't about to intrude or say anything. She shuffled her pack on her side a bit but then only put her hands back in her pockets and fondeled her hyposprays a bit. The doctor was impatient and even just through formalities. However, when the male started to walk away, she looked back to Narris and Jorune.

Rake scanned the alien surroundings the instant he stepped foot onto foreign land. Once their approach brought them closer to the three draeneis, he attempted to conceal his severe scrutiny of them. Indeed, they were damned enormous-each a colossal of a man. Goats from his planet were clearly not as evolved as these creatures. Disregarding the interaction among him, he instinctively took stock of their position through surly and narrowed eyes. As they followed them, he was able to tell the male was deliberately slowing his steps, and it made him feel small. To hell with the injustice of it all.

Amicitia Rosden raised an eyebrow at Contrath's comment although aside from that she would not react, dipping her upper body a little when Narris mentioned the repairs. It was their ship and so they should just assist... hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult or dangeroous for her team. A glance was given to rake and justin but she would remain silent... and staring at whatever glowy stuff that was around.

Jorune: [Emit] Contrath had stopped after a few paces when he heard the Captain speak. He turned back around and said, "If that is what you have told them to do. I am sorry to say but I do not think many of your team has the knowledge of our ships to provide the ship with help. But if they are medically educated, which I am sure most are and do not mean any offense, it is what we could use most." He motioned one arm back at the door once more. "If you will follow me I could show you. Our sickbays have been overpopulated and we do have civilians in the open areas, I can do nothing about how bad it looks. The worst ones are up on a section by the command section." Again, he took a few steps to see if Narris would follow. If not, he would not walk away though.

Narris Trelak was walking with Contrath now! He smirked at Jorune's whisper and shook his head. "We may not know how your crystal work." he said, "But if you direct my tea, they can help you reallign the crystals."

Jorune is going to cheat. And give you guys a little bit to react to since her emit failed. Jorune followed Narris after looking back at the rest of the away team for just a moment. Once they entered the ship she would frown at the sights inside. The large, spiraling walkway that was in the center of the ship left an empty space where one could only glance up at the fifteen seperate floors. She watched Contrath take a left instead of lead them up this staircase and led them down a short hallway to a lift on the end of it. In the large spaces of the ship some Draenei lay or sit while their medical team bustled about and tried to get to them all.

Jorune: (Now, these ones are dead but... It's a good idea of how the cracks in the flooring look, the random crystals that have been offset and the uniform that they're wearing on the ship. Even a mental image you can use to paint some of the wounded. )

Jorune: (And yes, all of the Draenei have that deep purple blood close to the color indigo. It's what makes them purples and blues in color.)

Aiticima Rosden would follow, but seeing the sight she looked to Jorune. She was not smiling, so her expression did not really change much. Her brows did knit together and she waited for instruction from Senya. After all, it is why she was tagging along for this away.

Senya Tavana just followed Narris who was following Contrath. She did look at all the injured and this did make her frown though. This was going to be hard for just her medical team! And even harder on the Horizon's medical supplies. However, she would speed up just enough that she could catch up to Narris. "I do want to see how many he claims have the worst injuries. I want to help prevent deaths... These that are just shaken should be easily taken care of by their own medical teams. Is this alright?"

Etana Sol was doing security stuff at this point. SHe was on alert since she was on an aliem ship. She was however a bit relaxed since the only Draenei she ever dealt with was Jorune. She felt a bit sorry for the dead ones and did her best not to step on them or in any way desecrate them. SHe would make some sort of religous hand gesture to the dead and say a small Silverian prayer for them. SHe kept a phaser at her side but from the looks of things she wouldn't need it. SHe did look rather sad to see the whole thing.

Rake dismissed everything as they passed along through the ship. The draeneis made him wonder as to what sort of enemies would dare attack one such as this. They should clearly be an even bigger enemy, both in size and in quanity. He remained silent as his mind just went about through the process of musings as they followed the goats.

Amicitia Rosden would follow along quietly. "Captain if we're not allowed to help with the engines and what not, perhaps the engineers could help medical instead then?" she'd offer. Otherwise it'll be boring to just stand around and stare at glowing things... even if they wrere hypnotizing

Jorune: [Emit] Had the crew continued to follow Contrath long enough for him to lead them down that smaller hallway he would walk onto the lift and then turned around to face them. Of course, his men were beside him. "Almost two-thirds of my ship have been wounded. Half of that has been reported either critically life-threatening or dead, Captain Narris Trelak. Hundreds of Draenei. Your crew are allowed to roam this ship and help as they see fit, we are all very thankful. Once our Draenite crystals have been put back in their correct places we can begin more repairing, get our systems up once more and even provide more medical assistance." Only once the whole crew had either gotten onto the lift would it begin to raise quickly through the many floors that were all still littered with destruction and Draenei. Children seemed much more common then the adults, though. Had the crew not gotten onto the lift then, well, Contrath only stood there and watched.

Narris Trelak frowned at the sight that lay before, him, eyes darting briefly to Jorune. As Senya walked up to him, he nodded. "Start some triage then, Doctor." he told her. "If there are any we can saved only by taking them to our ship, you have my permission to organize that with Contrath." Then to Ami. "Stand by, Lieutenant." He followed Contranth onto the lift.

Jorune did seem hurt by the sight of all of her kind. But she seemed a lot less upset then you really would expect. If Narris recalled, this was a woman who had been a part of a mass genocide of her race before. The destruction here was not the first or the worst. But it still hurt. "Contrath?" Jorune asked, while walking onto the lift. "I do not see your Naaru. And your ship... You do not wear armor. This is not a normal Draenei ship, is it? Can I ask what your purpose is? Who attacked this ship and why? I am sure many of us are curious." As they went up the many floors she did not look at the bodies or the children but she would continue to watch that large, vacant space in the heart of the ship.

Senya Tavana nodded when she was given permission. Her pace slowed back down so she could once again fall back in-line with her team of five as they entered the lift. Senya seemed even more worried the more wounded she saw. This was not something one could fix over night, or even a few days, was it? Not without power. She continued to silently hope the Horizon was not the only one with a good medical supply. She turned to look at Jorune and listen to her speak to Contrath.

Etana Sol would tear up at the children being caught in this. SHe hated the fact that any one had to go throughthis especialy children. SHe steps in the lift with NArris and says "Why would anyone want to attack a ship filled with children?" SHe was clearly upset and was holding back angry words obvious;ly.

Rake glanced at Lieutenant Rosden, a title he now thought fitting of her, and did what she did. He was rapidly growing weary. Shutting down both his emotions and mental state, he went about mechanically.

Amicitia Rosden would just remain quiet, ears flicking about as she took a good look around the ship. It was fustrating at least because it was strange technology and the engineers probably couldn't do much and had to be directed. But since the captain said to stand by, she would do that... and just idly shuffle her feet about

Jorune: [Emit] Contrath would turn to look at Jorune when he spoke to her. "The Sha'tar's purpose is life. We are attempting to breed back up the Draenei race after out genocide. This ship does not have weapons but we are made to support the healthy life of our children and our relationships. Our mission is to find a planet to call home. We still are unsure of who attacked us; it was an enemy we have never seen before. They had a large fleet of many ships, they would not respond to communication and they're sleek designs? We had little in the way of defense." But then he frowned deeper. "Our Naaru resides deep in the ship for now. She has been injured. If she falls... The Draenei will fall."

Narris Trelak looked relatively impassive as Etana's question, though he would not meet her gaze. "Because civilans are easy targets." he replied grimly. Then to Contrath he said, "If that is the case, we should get out of here as soon as possible. Until then, we will remain as your escort. It would take a significantly advanced fleet to take our ship down." Yay updates! "Would you allow us to examine your naaru? We may have technology that can save her."

Jorune wasn't really effected until he mentioned that the Draenei's God, the ones behind their religion, teachings and their ships... Had been injured aboard the Sha'tar. Each ship had their own Naaru though, so don't worry too much guys. It wasn't THE ONE God-like figure that had been injured. Jorune went silent and looked to the ground, have face wrapping into a deep-seated frown. Her hands clasped together infront of her as she finally closed her eyes.

Senya Tavana had heard about these Naaru from Jorune. She swore by them all the time! So to hear one was injured made her frown. She even noticed Jorune's reaction and reached over to give the woman a pat on the shoulder. For now, she waited until they got to the top. She was still restless and anxious. She turned back to her team again. "We are going to see the worst first. If they are too far injured for your medical kits to help you then you need to direct them to me. Only once the worst are hurt I want us to move onto the children."
Starship Horizon is now sharing control of this dream with you.

Etana Sol sighs softly and shakes her head saysing "Who evr attacke dthis ship is both a criminal and a coward! If it was those alien taurs that we have had problems with then I swer to all our gods and godesses that I will personaly make them suffer beyond..." She clenches her fist and steadys herself sayinf "What I mean to say is that we will find who did this and we will of course help you in anyway we can." She never spoke aboove a whisper but she was very angry obviously.

Rake only maintained his detached state. He always had registered everything around him, his hearing tuned to the sounds and interactions. However, at the moment, he had a rather strange headache building, a strain appearing behind his eyes, and a state not willing to open up his mind. His gaze remained straight in front of him.

Amicitia Rosden glanced at Etana, reaching out with one hand to place it on her friend's shoulder. Ami would give a gentle squeeze and a smile. "We need you at your best now Etana, let's just do our best to help them rather than rail about who did it to them when we don't know who," she'd say softly and quietly hoping it would calm the security officer down.

[#] Contrath would step off of the lift once they got to the top. Infront of them was a large archway that gave view into the 'command section' or the bridge of the ship. On a large viewscreen was the beloved Horizon. And boom, it exploded! No, I'm just kidding. But the Horizon was on their viewscreen for the time being. Contrath would motion to his left where a door was not twenty feet from him. "Our worst wounded are in here." If anyone stepped into this room they would see about fifty Draenei laying on beds or blankets. There were soft groans of pain when one moved but for the most part they were all unconcious. Bandages were bleeding through and some even placed haphazardly in a hurry. Amoung them were still some children. But most were grown adults. There was one particular man that was sitting beside the door. And he was just chatting away in Draenei with himself in a half-awake and mumbling manner as he fought conciousness.

[#] (I forgot Narris asked something. I am terribly sorry.) Contrath had looked down to the Captain when he spoke about the Naaru. He nodded his head. "She is down in the belly of the ship. Does your ship plan on leaving after helping us with our wounded? I could escort you down there once she is done here." He then looked to Senya, "You did want to see our wounded first, correct?" Contrath assumed that it it was medical that wanted to see the Naaru.

Etana Sol looks at the room and her fist clench hard. She hisses under her breath and says softly to herself "Just like the damned Jem'Hadar." She looks to Ami and says "In a normal tone "Of course we will help them. Then we will avenge them. Not out of malice or vengance but out of justice and goodness. Genocide is a most haneous act. Especialy on children. This....cowrdly act must not go unpunished. Captain certaily we will investigate this? And if so I wish to be placed in charge." She spoke calmly even though her body language said she was anything but calm.

Narris Trelak frowned slightly, "Peace, Lieutenant. Let's not lose it. As for the taurs, they would be unwise to show up again." The captain seemed highly irritated right now. As they were directed to the injured draenei, he motioned to Senya. "Doctor, if you please." Then to contrath again, "Senya can stay here with her medical team, I will inspect your naaru myself. This is more a science matter than medical and I have a degrees from the Trill Science minitry. That is, your naaru are not carbon-based lifeforms, correct? Of course, doctor, join us when you are finished, you may still be able to help."

Narris Trelak adds. "And no, we will not leave until we see you to safety. That is, if you will accept our help."

Jorune had listened to Contrath and Narris speak but she just had to take a few steps into that room of the wounded. Jorune sighed and shook her head. Though, she seemed really interested in that Draenei that was just mumbling to himself. Maybe there was a bit more then she knew? "You are concious..." He spoke again in Draenei and she shook her head. Jorune looked to the man's side, where nothing was, and smiled. Then she looked back down to him and replied in Draenei. She glanced to Senya. "He's a talker but he barely makes sense. This man is..." She stopped to look for a word. "A hunter, you could call it. He has a companion he will not be seperated from." But then she stood and looked about the room. "So is that one." She pointed across the room to a woman. "But... It does not look like she has her companion."

Senya Tavana wasted no time motioning for her medical team of five to follow her into the room. This was a lot of Draenei... "Start with the worst, like I have been saying. Or the children if they are unstable. I trust you..." She turned her head when Jorune spoke and Senya looked absolutely confused. "There's... Jorune, I do not see anything." However, she did go to kneel beside the large man and she pulled her medical tricorder out of her pocket. Senya made a look of horror. "There's... So much internal bleeding. It's no wonder he's not making sense. Head trauma and the..." She motioned to the plating on his forehead. "It's cracked. The skull is."

Etana Sol takes a few steadying breaths but says nothing else now. She was fuming and tears welled in her eyes. She was that angry. She avoided eye contact with Jorune since she knew she would looseit if she didn't. She follows the Captain and tries to keep calm.

Rake attempted to think over the pounding. If he was to remain this stoic, he would at least desire that his mind remain on track. It only seemed impossible at the moment, and he felt to add pressure would make it worse. With a stern frown, he tuned out the others completely.

Amicitia Rosden would just try and calm Etana down... The woman frowned a little before reaching over to give the lieutenant a hug, hoping to comfort her at least. Ami didn't seem too disturbed about children getting hurt, but neither did she look pleased at the situation.

[#] Contrath stayed beside Narris. He was unchanged about looking at his wounded comrades. But he didn't look at them for long before his attention returned to the Captain. "That is just it... The Naaru, she will come out of hiding at intervals. Even when injured. I cannot take you to where she has taken refuge but I can assure you that I will as soon as she appears. The Naaru are a lifeform based off of light. You cannot ignore a creature of light when it appears." He turned his head back to Jorune and Senya since the man was close to the door. "Ah, it stealth--" But his words were cut off and he stopped speaking. A brightly colored orange and red Ravager had come from being unstealthed when it's owner was being handled while wounded. It's four large legs kept it stationary as it rattled it's main body and hissed a throaty sound at Senya and Jorune both.

[#] (A Ravager. )

Narris Trelak turned to Ami. "Go begin assisting the crew in realligning the crystals." he said. Then back to Cor, "Inform me when she has appeared and I will see to it that everything possible is done for her. He frowned at teh ravager, but ignore it for now. Reaching up, he tapped his commbadge. "Captain to shuttlecraft, you are cleared to return to Horizon. Horizon, save my coordinates for beaming." Then the tapped his badge again and addressed the away team. "We will use transporters from this point on."

Jorune didn't really respond to Senya besides just watching her with the man. "I cannot see it. But I can hear him and he is--" She had glanced back at the pet when it unstealthed but it had come as a total surprise to her. Jorune gasped! She just knew it was there, not what it was. She stepped back into the doorway quickly from the initial scare, practically loosing her footing and having to grab ahold of the archway at her side.

Senya Tavana didn't expect the creature, either! Her eyes widened and she abruptly screamed. "Captain!!" The poor Trill really thought that was some crazy, alien bug. And Trill and bugs? Ooh, that doesn't work well. Though it was funny how she forgot to stand before trying to backpedal away from both the man and his beast. Senya just ended a few feet away, on her rump, and using her boots on the ground to try and push herself even further away.

Etana Sol immediately pulls outher phaser. It was set on maximun stun and takes a shot at it saying "Now we know what attacked this ship!" She was in full security/battle mode. Her eyes went wide and she felt a surge of fear. THis wasn't a normal garden variety of bug.

Rake registered the captain's command that was given to Lieutenant Rosden. His hearing, however, didn't quite pick up his near surroundings when a surprise seemed to unravel. Thus, he stood motionless as he awaited to follow the green engineer.

Amicitia Rosden's eyes widened at the bug... it was huge and... needed to be squished. The woman would take the coil spanner from her belt. She didn't like shooting bugs but hopefully it can be clubbed to death... well her aiming was lousy anyway. She'd look at the captain. "Before or after qw squish the bug ._.?"

[#] Contrath had only looken very taken aback with everyone's reaction to the Ravager companion. Was it's huge, long teeth and foreign hissing really that bad? He only reacted when Etana fired her weapon and he sounded very upset. "Please! It's defending! It will not attack your comrades!" But all he felt he could do was look at the Captain and hope he would restrain his terrified crew of women. "It is hurt and confused. He is not a threat." But then he looked to Jorune, hoping if the Draenei said something maybe her own friends would stop. The Ravager didn't make any move to attack but he actually just fell, all four feet going out in different directions when it took fire from Etana's phaser. It was out.

Narris Trelak seemed to snap out of his rather indifferent attitude when Senya's exclamation came. He pulled out his phaser and walked towards the group tending the draenei, standing beside the doctor. "I beleive it's a pet." he said, watching it carefully, until Etana's phaser fire came arcing past him, causing him to spin around. "Lieutenant, please!" he exclaimed, "Hold fire, all of you." He could not help but give a laugh at Ami. "After." he demanded, pointing to the lift

Jorune, of course, did not try to defend the Ravager or the Draenei until Etana was DONE firing her phaser at it! Jorune ignored the angry scowl of the blabbering Draenei as she actually picked the Ravager up. The right way to hold one? Well, just like a baby! It's legs were in one of Jorune's arms and it's upper body would lax against the crook of the other arm's elbow. She started spewing foreign apologies to the half-concious man on the floor. Apologies I don't feel like looking up the correct words to.

Senya Tavana stopped kicking once Etana fired on the creature. She looked up to Narris, Etana, Amicitia and then back down to the man. Senya bawled her hands into fists and she was just quivering. How could Jorune touch that thing? "C-C-Contrath..? I-I need..." Senya closed her eyes and took a deep breathe, trying to regain herself from the scare. "I can't fix his internal in-injuries here. I don't have the equipt-equiptment.." Senya had started to try and get up. "C-Can I take the worst ones to the Horizon with our shuttlecrafts? You-You can ask about their status at any point and they can be returned at any point, if they must. But they will be returned, I would hope, after treatment."

Etana Sol quirks an eye brow and says "That thing is a pet?" She mutters a Silverian curse and says "Maybe then someone could have said that these things run around BEFORE it scared the bejeezes out of us." She shakes her head and says "Be glad I only stuned it." She shakes her head and puts away her phaser. She rolls her eyes and seemes rather annoyed.

Amicitia Rosden would stare at Jor... cuddling the thing and she'd make a face. If it was a pet... she wondered... oh nevermind why was she even wondering how it tasted like cooked. She'd nod to the captain and sigh, glad at least it wasn't any danger. "If someone could show us how to help with the crystals?" A glance was given to the rest of the engineers around. She wondered if they felt a little lost here.

[#] (Last round guys!) Contrath seemed happy with Jorune's reaction and espicially with Narris' reaction. He did nod at Senya. "I accept those conditions. I do not want any of mine to come up missing, though... Just making sure I am clear, I have to be in my position." But then he finally responded to Narris. "I'm sorry, Captain Narris Trelak. But, yes, you have full reign to come and go. You're all welcome." Then he nodded to the two men who were still following him. "Please make sure to assist them in any way possible. Let their Engineers go down to the engines and allow them aide in repairing the Draenite." But then he said quickly, "And I do not want their security team startled in any manner." Or Etana was gunna phaser the crap out of things. "I want I and, or Captain Narris Trelak alerted when Sheelah resurfaces from the ship's belly."

Narris Trelak seemed highly amused at Jorune picking up the bug thing, not that he had any intention of getting to close. He put his phaser away and knelt on one knee beside Senya, wrapping an arm around her and helping her to her feet. "It's safe, Doctor." he offered in a comforting tone. He turned to Cor, "Please tell me engineers where to go." he requested. "I will be returning to my ship, but as soon as she reappears, I will beam back." Assuming Senya was not going to collapse in fear if he let her go, he did. "Doctor, take your patients when you are ready. Yeoman, you will beam back with me, unless you wish to stay here? Lieutenant Sol, your team will assist Doctor Tavana and return to the ship once you are done."

Jorune really wanted to know why a Ravager was even out of the Botany section of a draenei ship but she did not ask. She continued to hold the poor thing until she could get Senya's attention. "Doctor... Could you use a stimulant on the poor guy? Just a smaller dose? It was just a stun setting..." But Jorune would, with the live Ravager or not, look at Narris and say, "I want to help Senya with this man's transport. No one else seems to be alright with Ravagers. With your permission, please? I will come to you as soon as it is done."

Senya Tavana nodded to Jorune when she spoke to Senya. "Yeah..." She reached into the teal coat over her uniform and procude a hypospray. Senya adjusted the output but then only looked at Jorune in disgust. "It's... Got an exoskeleton..." She would try hard to look for a soft spot. Only once she noticed one on it's belly would she even attempt. "I don't know how good of an idea that was. Jorune, please, keep that out of my sickbay at all costs unless it disturbs it's tamer. I will promise his medical treatment first and priority so this is cleared up immediatly..." For now, she looked back at her NPC group of five. "If they are too wounded I want to be alerted. They'll be transported. But I want the majority of you working on them. You will tell me if you run low on a supply or need a supply and I will supply it inbetween transports."

Etana Sol sighs and says "Yes please make sure things doin't pop out at us. I would hate to accidently stun another pet. I hope that thing isn't going to be mad at me when it wakes up." At Narris orders she says "Aye Sir. Permission to check on the children as well Sir. I want to make sure they are okay before we beam back." She sounded MUCH more compassionate rather than angry any more. She looks to Senya for confornmation.

Rake began to absentmindedly massage his stiff shoulders as the present seemed to gradually return to him. He looked at the one called Contrath, then at the other crew people. He was growing rather impatient. When were they going to get to work?

Amicitia Rosden would gesture to the engineers with her, a glance given to Rake... well they certainly couldn't mess with the programmes so he would have to work on the other areas of specialty. "Just show us how we can help," she'd say to the draenei since they were practically as useful as a seat belt cutter in the trunk of a car right now

Jorune: (Everyone is allowed to roleplay in and off the both ships. You've got free reign. This plot will be summed up this weekend when Des comes up with bad guys...)

Narris Trelak gave Jorune a nod. "Very well, come find me when you are done. Doctor, Lieutenant Sol, I want a report when your work is done. Lieutenant Rosden, hourly reports on progress please. Etana, you may, but assisting Dcotor Tavana is your primary concern, leave orphans to Counselor Rosden" He moved to stand in the center of the room and turned to Cor, ginving the man a nod and tapping his badge. "Trelak to Horizon." he said, "One to beam up." And then he was gone.

(Roleplay Ended 1AM FST June 22nd)
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Narris Trelak was in the science lab running through various scenarious and simulations on the computer. An image that obviously depicted the naaru from the draenei ship was displayed with data and readouts similar to the vital signs display on a biobed.

Amicitia Rosden stepped out through the jefferies looking a little frazzled as she tried to fix her hair back into the pig tails. They were right now let down straight so she would look a lot like Aiti... save for the smell of burnt hair. When she reached she'd give up trying to break off the singed hair and tied it up into a pony tail. "Evening Captain."

Narris Trelak turned to AMi as she came in and gave a smile. "Hello, Lieutenant." he said, "I beleive I've figured it out. I have to determine an energy source to use and such. I've been analyzing the naaru's 'vital signs' if you will. I think this operation will be run from the bridge. But we need to be able to reach the naaru at the center of the draenei ship."

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head as she listened to the captain. "The crystals are aligned and working well according to the engineers on board. What do you have planned captain?" she'd ask as she wandred over to look at the console. The only time she came into the science lab was wen one of the equipments went haywire or something.

Desaede Sivel wandered into the science lab, through the door near the holo-grid table, and gave a half yawn, starting to operate the bugger. Soon enough there were several charts raised off of the table, genetic sequences and combinations, spinning this way and that it seemed. The foxeh only glanced around and blinked when he saw the other two, just watching since he was wondering what was going on at this point in time....[blehz]

Narris Trelak looked up at Ami, and was going to reply before Des entered to distract him. "Commander." he said, motioning Des over, "We are preparing to heal the draenei's naaru." he waited for Des to join them before speaking to them both. "Now, I think what we need is a concentrated tachyon stream operating at the same frequency as the naaru's crystaline structure. That energy, if carefully monitored, I beleive will cause the naaru's structure to regenerate. 'healing' it much like a dermal regenerator."

Desaede Sivel would have just blinked. "Right.....sounds like fun" he'd have stated to more or less cover up the fact that he was absolutely clueless about the topic. Not familiar to draenei technology and all, he'd more or less just listen.....[I failz]

Tarek would have suddenly darted in upon being aprised of the situation and immediately darted to a console and began bringing up a screen from which he could monitor and maintain the tachyon stream's magnitude and frequency in case it were to falter over time. He clicked away at the screen. "Captain, I will monitor the beam to ensure it doesn't degrade. However, if you would rather have me performing another task I am able." he'd offer. Seldom did he not understand technology but this thing, this Naaru, was totally beyond his comprehension.

Narris Trelak shakes his head at Des. "Commander, I think you might want to start studying science. You're the first officer, you should at least know what a tachyone particle is." The captain blinked at Tarek's arrival. "Good to see you so eager, Tarek, but we have not done anything yet, these are simulations I have running. But until we test it, we will not know what will happen. What we need is a way to get the tachyons into the naaru's area of teh ship. Ideas, everyone?"

Aiticima Rosden came around after she'd heard there was some looking into the draenei ship. It was not her area in any way, for the most part she'd been in the back row for all of this because of it. An oppertunity to learn was not going to be missed and after that brief first visit she'd been curious. She knew most of the conversations would be babble to her. Keeping back she gave a quick and quiet greeting just to state she was there, "Captain, Commander, Lieutenant.. good evening." She had no ideas of course, that could be left to the boys.

Tarek: nodded, having developed the best theory that came to mind. "An interesting plan. I do not understand much of draenei technology, however if your intention is to create this beam using the main deflector dish, then transferring the beam to this Naaru should be fairly incomplex. As long as the Draenei ship does not have it's shields raised at the time of transfer [if they even have 'shields', I dunno] tachyon particles should pass harmlessly through the hull, because the particles are subatomic radiation particles so they will pass through solid matter without shielding. For that same reason you should inform their crew to avoid any areas which the beam would pass through." he'd say in his explaining tone. He didn't know enough about these aliens or their technology to provide an accurate theory, but this was the best he could come up with.

Narris Trelak nodded to Aiti. "Counselor." he said politely, giving her a smile. At Tarek's proposal, he nodded his head. "Yes, that would work, Lieuteant." he said. "There is only one way to find out if it works though. To the bridge. Tarek, once we get there, I want you to organize the removal of the draenei from teh decks needed. Lets find out where the naaru is first." he turned towards the door to head for the bridge." [each of your post and we'll go.]

[#] Narris Trelak "Captain Trelak to engineering"
[#] Justin Crevan Cadet Crevin here, Whatcha need sir?

Aiticima Rosden looked at Tarek when he started speaking, trying to understand any of it. Listening to him, she was pretty sure that there would never be a point in her life where she could come anywhere close to understanding what he meant. Some people were more for the.. social sciences, that could be her excuse. Narris was given a smile back, and even if she was no use this was a million times better than sitting in her office doing nothing.

[#] Narris Trelak "Are you the only engineer available, cadet?"
[#] Justin Crevan "I think so sir, I'm off duty but I'm always happy to help!"
[#] Narris Trelak "Very well, cadet, report to the bridge, we will join you shortly."
[#] Justin Crevan "Aye aye sir!"

Tarek would have keyed into the console a bit more before he signed off of the console before him in preparation to return to the bridge. "Aye sir." he'd state in a hasty reply, being entirely interested in seeing how this scenario would play out.

Desaede Sivel would have just kept on listening, not really commenting. It wasn't that he didnt know what tachyon particles were, its just that his knowledge of draenei tech and how it was affected by things was on the 'nil' side, so he likely wouldn't know the difference between a shield generator and an really, it was better oto let the people who knew what they were doing handle it...

Narris Trelak goes to the bridge with the others and sits down in his command chair. "Tarek, locate the naaru and determine which sectors of the draenei ship the tachyon beam must pass through. Commander, assist the cadet in configuring the defelctor dish to emit a tachyon beam. Counselor, be so good as to open a chanel to the draenei ship." he pulled up his PADD and began going over his plan to make sure calculations and such were in order.

Aiticima Rosden came in and stood beside the captain as he went about doing what he did, and when he spoke to her she was glad to have something to do that was at least somewhat helpful. "Yes Captain." Just as soon as she stood beside him, she moved behind and opened a chanel as he asked.

Desaede Sivel would have just nodded. 'Right, that I can do, easy stuff' he'd have stated before he'd have wordlessly gone and started to work on one of hte panels, routing into deflector control....[throwing in my post?]

Justin Crevan was already in the bridge when everyone else entered. He was just waiting for orders and sat ready to work. He sat relaxed and held his fingers loosely over the consol.

Tarek nodded in response to the Captain's request. "Aye sir." and after a brief pause for him to tap away at his console he would respond again. "Sir, I have located the Naaru, it appears to be in a central region of the ship, coordinates have been stored. They should appear on your console at this time." he'd say. After another brief pause of rapid tapping noises, he'd add. "The affected areas will only be as large as the beam since it will be focused. I have highlighted the area's of their decks which their crew must avoid, and they are prepared for transfer and can be sent in a subspace communique to the Draenei vessel." He continued his work but remained silent.

Narris Trelak tapped a panal on his console to open the channel. "Horizon to Sha'tar. We are prepared to assist your naaru, please clear the portions of your ship based on the information we are sending you now." He would wait for a draenei voice to say "Aknowledged" and then glance towards Des. "How is it looking, commander?" he asked.

Aiticima Rosden blinked at more words, it was safe to say she did not know what was going on. She could pretend though, she could follow orders well enough. That was all she needed to know, not like everyone was going to go unconcious this time.. besides, now Tarek was a Lieutenant, he would take control over her even if Narris and Des both went out. The odds were pretty good. Finding her thoughts in the wrong dirrection she pulled them back again to pay attention.

Desaede Sivel would have tilted his head. "Everything appears to be in order" he'd have stated, giving a foxish grin as he awaited the 'command' of what to do next...

Justin Crevan followed his orders.

Tarek would prepare the tachyon beam's encoding. He would continue to wait until the Captain order to commence transfer. He took the opportunity to see how the alien ship operated. He would listen intently to the transmission when it started so he could gain as much of an understanding as possible. He wasn't a fan of not knowing everything about something.

Narris Trelak waited to hear reports from everyone. "Very good. All the draenei are clear. Engineering, fire the beam with the parameters I am replaying to your console now. Tarek, monitor the naaru, we need to know what effect our actions have."

Aiticima Rosden stood still and watched quietly. If she had something important to say, she would. Draenei technology was something foreign to everyone here.

Justin Crevan tapped his console and input the fireing cordanates. His talented fingers moveing extreamly quickly, the tips of his claws pushing "Aye aye sir." He did as he was told and fired the beam at the target.

Tarek would press a few keys at his console, before reporting in. "Aye sir. Scanners have a lock and are reading all vitals and functions of the Naaru." he'd say. He continued to monitor the lock regularly.

Narris Trelak watched his own readouts on teh command console. "Increase frequency by 100 hertz at 10 second intervals. Tarek, once we see steady regeneration of the crystaline structure, let us know so that we can maintain the beam."

Aiticima Rosden's hands fell to her side, this she was catching on to. Reading the vitals and functions of the Naaru, that was simple enough. It was fascinating to her.. yes the draenei were interesting. But she still had yet to communicate with a non-humanoid creature, and one that was so beyond in technology (as far as she could tell) every other species she'd ever met.

Justin Crevan raised the frequency as commanded. "yes sir" He waited for Tarek to say something. Ten scconds, another raise. Fingers tapped next to the console rythematicly.

Tarek would respond with another "Aye sir" as he went about adjusting the frequency of the pulse. "Sir, I believe the Naaru regenerative cycle is beginning. There has been a peak in it's signature. Higher readings across the board, if slight. This process may take time sir." he'd report, while watching and making sure that the frequency did not alter itself in any way.

Narris Trelak raised a hand. "Hold the tachyon beam's setting there, Cadet." he said. "Tarek, can you get an estimate on how long that regeneration will take? Perform a molecular scan if possible, make sure the crystaline structure is developing normally. We don't want our patient to have any... scars."

Aiticima Rosden's mind began to go on it's own. How these Naaru reproduced, communicated, felt emotions. The best way to learn about these things was probably Jorune, and her newfound curiousity had her regretting she'd not already asked these questions. Then again, most of Jorune's visits weren't simple social calls. Then Narris mentioned something about scars and she shook her head and looked at him with her straight expression, "wait.. scars?" Was this harmful to the being? It would have helped if she'd been more aware of exactly what was going on, and what a tachyon beam was..

Justin Crevan stopped the moment the captain gave the word.

Tarek would go over scanner results which displayed a schematic of the regeneration process of the crystal...thing. "If my prediction is correct, the regeneration process will take two hours, thirty four minutes, twenty seven seconds. Based on what I can tell, there has been no irregularity in the healing process. It would appear to be returning to its original state, if what little information we have about the Naaru is correct." he'd say. There was no need to worry, at this rate it was only a matter of time.

Narris Trelak nodded his head thoughtfully. "Very well, Tarek. Good job everyone. We'll monitor the progress closely. Lock those parameters, cadet. Tarek, keep an eye on that and alert me immediately if ther is any change."

Aiticima Rosden turned to Tarek, the longer she was in a room with him the more sense he made. Even if he was not speaking to her, what he said was reassuring. A smile crept up to her lips in appreciation. Her one worded question had gone unheard but she'd gotten an answer. It was more than curiousity that made her concerned with the strange being. Narris was given a nod, but she felt it wasn't any of her work, only opening the channel, that deserved the praise so she let it go past her.

Justin Crevan yawned and steched. "Okay sir, locked in and holding strong. I can keep an eye on progress, I have nothing better to do."

Tarek would nod. "Aye sir, monitoring levels. I will inform you when we have completed... Would repairs be the proper term sir?" he'd ask in his quizzical voice. He didn't know enough about the technology of the Draenei, still. He grasped that the Naaru was alive but it seemed to have either a limited or advanced level of sentience. He alone could not judge what caste of existance it occupied, and when he was curious about something, he did what he could to gain the information he lacked.

Narris Trelak gave a nod and headed for his ready room.
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[Roleplay took place on August 2nd and included: Narris Trelak, Aiticima Rosden, Rarek, Jorune and some emits.]

Narris Trelak walks into the room and waits for the transport chief to announce that the draenei party was prepared to beam over.

Aiticima Rosden walked in after and remained quiet. Standing dirrectly on his right because that's how she thought he might like it. A quiet obedient counselor with no opinions of her own.

Tarek arrived quickly and stood still with the same hardened expression he always had on his face that seemed to say, well nothing. He waited to see what this meeting would bring about. The situation was clearly not 'textbook' by any standards. Then again, nothing ever was.

Jorune was having technical difficulties. Because I need something to post. As she walked into the transporter room her hands and attention were down in her top. Okay, maybe not literally down her top but she was messing with the stitching on the low collar of her uniform. Like she was really unhappy with it or something. So she was totally oblivious as she walked right into the back of Narris. Unfortunately for him, she was tall. This meant those horns on the top of her head would have probably bumped right inbetween his shoulderblades and caused Jorune to make a disgruntled noise. But these people were her family! So Miss Hormones didn't even look up but take a step back and finish up tiding that annoying collar.

[#] Transporter Chief, Ensign Bob Redshirt is with us today and ready to take a phaser blast for the sake of good television, or just to beam the draenei party aboard...

Narris Trelak jumped slightly in surprise and swung around. "Oh, yeoman..." he said, motioning for her to stand with him. "I don't expect the draenei will behave in an unusual way, but of course I want everyone to be paying attention in case I should need your expertise." He gave a nod to the transporter chief. "Energize."

Aiticima Rosden looked over her shoulder to Jorune fumbling with her uniform and then to Narris as he was bumped. No reaction came from it, humor or dissaproving. Then to Tarek. Her hands folded nicely in front of her as she turned her attention to the expected transportation.

Tarek would watch as the chief commenced transport. He had never actually been in the company of another Draenei apart from Jorune, and knew little about them, therefore he classified this as a valuable learning experienced. And any learning experience was very important to him. It was in his nature. He watched the transporter pad with what would best be described as android anticipation or excitement.

Jorune again grunted as he said her name. Oh, man. Her top was bugging the crap out of her or something. Finally her fingers followed it up around to her shoulder and she let it go when he spoke to Bob. "Of course, Captain. I'll do... My best to behave." That was kind of murmured since it really was meant only for him but she also kind of didn't care if someone else heard it. Jorune sidestepped and dropped her hands to her sides like a presentable good girl. But she rolled her shoulders to try and get comfortable in her uniform once again and it slid right back up to her neck! It wouldn't stay down today! D:

[#] The shimmer of the transporter began to coalesce into the huge form of a draenei man and the more slender forms of two females on either side. In moments they stood before the Horizon's officers. The male was Contrath, the commander of the ship since th accident, with two females. All three were dressed in red robes with yellow sashes.

Narris Trelak took a single step forward and gave the draenei a nod. "Khronakai khristor, commander Contrath. Welcome to the Horizon." He motioned to each of his companions in turn. "My ship's counselor, Aiticima Rosden; you have already met my yeoman, Ensign Jorune; Lieutenant Tarek, my chief operations officer. I trust your naaru is fully recovered from her injuries?"

Aiticima Rosden tightened her jaw for a moment before pulling together a friendly look, the giant blue guests given a nice greeting. A man flanked by women.. she looked at Narris and Jorune, then ahead again. There was a similarity there. "Welcome." She gave a deep nod of agreement when he mentioned the naaru, but did not speak after that. It would be pointless for her to add beyond that. Anything she would have said Narris already had, so speaking more would just be repetative.

Tarek would nod upon the arrival of their guest. He found it interesting that the males of the Draenei race were so vastly distinct from their female counterparts, whereas humans and similar races usually had very minor variations. Perhaps there was a genetic or evolution based explanation for that, he wondered. Upon being introduced, he would give a quick nod with a slightly tilted head and simply said "Greetings" in a pleasant voice. He'd been through diplomatic courses, however he was never certain about a situation involving a new culture. Often times diplomatic processes were unpredictable. He watched and listened to the Captain intently, trying to see how he handled a new situation like this.

Jorune waited until she had been mentioned. She wasn't really introduced. "Arkanon poros, aContrath." Yes, she put an 'a' sound before it when she properly greeted the man with a greeting of his own language. Oh God, that top had slid up far enough her tendrils would rub it when she nodded her head. Jorune tried to ignore it but it was like trying to ignore that one buzzing fly that kept landing on your shoulder or something.

[#] Contrath let a wide grin come over his face to the Draenei greetings he was presented with. His head tilted from person to person as Narris introduced them. It was much easier to tell who he was looking at that way since you couldn't really see his eyes behind that glow all Draenei eyes emitted. His voice came and it was deep but friendly; deep since it came from the barrel chest of his. "Thank you! This is Haraad," he said as he guestured to his right. "And this is Silmyr," on his left. As he stepped down his hooves made heavy noises on the stairs. Okay, heavy compared to the usual sound the crew must have been used to coming from Jorune's. "Our Naaru? She is doing very well. She has once again taken control of her ship and has chosen to come out into the open instead of sleep in the belly undisturbed. I dare say she's doing better then before!"

Narris Trelak glanced slightly in Jorune's direction, since she seemed so fidgety. Narris nodded to each of them draenei women as they were introduced, smiling at them. Mmm, sexy 'high-heals-on-metal' sound, though the same could not be said for the male when he walked. "I am delighted to hear she is recovered, it was an honor to treat a being esteemed as a god by your people." he stepped back and to the side, motioning to the door. "I have seen to it that traditional draenei food has been prepared for you by our replicators. I invite you to join us in my ship's briefing room for refeshments and to discuss our course of action fom here." Eyes glanced over the rest of teh crew, gussing they were nervous around the large alien, they were quiet as mice.

Aiticima Rosden tightened her hands together, but her expression remained the same. Her mouth opened a bit as if she was going to say something, but it passed and she closed it again. So the naaru was a she. That was interesting, it looked .. androgynous.. to her. She looked to Narris when she thought she felt his eyes, then back to the guests. "I am glad to hear she is so well." Tarek was given a smile, she knew he was the one who remained after to keep an eye on how things came along. The quiet smile was the best way for her to say 'good job' in this current situation.

Tarek would ponder it all for a moment. He was pleased to hear that the Naaru had begun to act as he assumed it was supposed to. A job well done, he was pleased that the Captain's plan had worked. He gave some short looks around the room and noticed the look from Counselor Rosden, returning his fake little half grin. However for the most part he remained silent, not wanting to do something which could possibly be viewed out of place or rude or anything like that.

Jorune had smiled real wide. Of course a Draenei would be happy to hear someone so highly viewed by them had been healed and she was so proud to be part of the crew that accomplished it! Maybe not one of the ones who personally did it but one could be proud of their crew, no? Wait a second. That grin of pride vanished when Narris mentioned traditional Draenei food! She had looked at him suddenly before peeling her eyes away. When was that programmed?! Last time they had dinner Narris told her it wasn't! Either way Jorne stepped to the side to get out of the way as Narris mentioned to the door.

[#] The man nodded his head to Narris' reply and did the same for Aiticima. That big, friendly grin was as genuine as it could get. But then he turned back and listened to what else Narris had to say. "Thank you! That does sound wonderful. We appreciate it." His womenz followed him as he finished closing the space between him and those infront of him. And when Narris motioned to the door he even nodded to both Narris and Jorune since they were the closest and continued through it. However, he did not go further then that. This was not his ship and it's not like he knew where Narris was trying to take them. The two women exchanged a few Draenei words and one even giggled. The little display of friendship between them was gone as fast as it came.

Narris Trelak met Aiti's gaze and smiled at her encouragingly. As for the draenei food, well Jorune would have to ask him about that later. He followed Contrath out quickly, eyeing the draenei women as they giggled. "i regret it is a small selection of food." he explained, "But I hve chosen things i think you will enjoy, including a certain icecream Jorune is rather fond of." he gave Jorune a smile at that and waited for everyone in the hall before he went and led them off somewhere.

Aiticima Rosden would step out of the way, she was content to be the last in the line on the way out. Narris was given a smile, figuring he was just in a friendly mood with the excitement of visitors. It looked like he was going to wait until she was out in the hall too so she stepped past him and moved down to let everyone else out. The draenei women were observed, it made her smile in a more natural way, bringing a pleasant thought. After the Captain went on the way she followed.

Tarek too proceeded to exit, providing a gracious nod to the Captain as he had, in a figurative manner, held the door for him. He exited the hall and took a crewman's escort stance, waiting for the party to proceed so that he could observe without getting in the way. He was unaware what ill effects a more forward participation could illicit, so he kept himself safe rather than sorry.

Jorune turned her attention to the two speaking girls. She probably would have understood what they said but she hadn't been close enough and she was not even paying attention. They had Draenei food and Solarean Icecream waiting! Very Happy Narris definitely made one Draenei happy tonight even if it was the wrong one he was intending to make all giddy. No, she wasn't going to prance just yet though. In fact, Jorune had never pranced since she was made fun of. Sad face.

[#] As they arrived in the briefing room, they would find it had indeed been prepared as narris specified. There were five dishes of draenei 'finger foods' and such items as one might expect to find at a party. The Solarean Ice Cream was there as promised in little individual bowls with spoons, ready to eat.

[#] Contrath continued to smile as he followed quietly through the Horizon and onto the briefing room. The womenz even looked around quietly as they took in the ship. Apparently, it was new to them and they did not conduct themselves as rigidly as Contrath did himself. At one point one of the women flashed Narris a bright smile and giggled all girly-like to him. "You have a wonderful ship, Captain!" And as if the sentence never stopped the other female said, "You must be so proud of your ship and crew." Woah, it was like they finished each other's thoughts! It was kind of creepy so Contrath would look to them and then to Narris. "They are sisters, born at the same time. They're delightful, aren't they?" Yeup. He had twins. Narris did not. Once they entered the briefing room he would laugh a happy, pleased one. "You've done wonderful, Captain!" But they waited to see where Narris wanted them to go, sit, etcetera.

Narris Trelak had GREEN twins! Hah, he's better! The captain smiled at the two draenei women. "Thank you." he said, movign his attention to the other as she spoke. "I am very proud of my ship, and even more so my crew. They are like family to me, and since our accident they have been the only family I know and have made this trial endurable." He looked up at the draenei commander and back to the ladies. "Twins, you are fortunate, commander. He smiled and turned to the table, motioning for everyone to sit. "Make yourselves comfortable and take soem food before we begin."

Aiticima Rosden bit her lip with a smile and looked at Narris, "well, it looks like you aren't the only one with a set of twins, Captain." The two women set the mood. Poor Narris was likely to blow some sort of blood vessel with so many draenei women around, especially twins added to the mix. She would step to the side and take this oppertunity to observe the draenei and their behavior.

Tarek would seat himself in his seat as though it were a force of habit, although upon looking about he saw that the Counselor did not have a seat. And he of course, did not need to eat. So he would stand, look to her, and notion to the seat which he previously occupied. He took the opportunity to sneak his PADD into his hand and began documenting his observations. He remained totally silent.

Jorune had still stayed rather silent as they came into the briefing room. She was almost tempted to prance at the idea of the traditional foods she had not seen in some years but she wasn't going to do it! She wasn't! Instead, she went to take a seat off to the side so she wasn't in the center of, well, anything. She was just being a good, quiet girl. Good girls deserved ice cream, you know. They deserved their favorite ice cream. At the first chance she had she lightly pulled her skirt down so it would also pull her collar down closer to her shoulders and Jorune made it look like she was only straightening herself out.

[#] Contrath's womenz did not flank him when he went to take a seat but the sisters had chosen to sit together. Contrath sat beside them, though. "A tradegy has befallen your ship? But you all look so well, Captain. Is there anything we can do return the favor?" As the sisters looked at him he motioned out to the delectable looking dishes that had been set out. Not to be rude, of course, they would help themselves to a bit. But Contrath looked all the interested in what Narris had to say about loosing family and whatnot. The girls on the other hand? They were gossipers. One would watch how Tarek offered his chair to Aiticima and she giggled before saying something to her sister. Her sister, in turn, looked over. But, trying to be polite, she quickly averted her gaze back to the twin who's attention had already shifted to Jorune. Of course they were going to be interested in a Draenei outside of a Draenei's normal setting and lifestyle.

Narris Trelak laughed at Aiti and gave a nod. "The counselor's twin sister is my chief engineer." he explained to the draenei, "They are both a great help to me." He paused with a spoon of ice cream halfway to his mouth, smiled, and passed it off to Jorune, seeing as she was staring at the platter so eagerly. He then got up to get another dish for himself as he continued. "Yes, we are... well. Our ship was repaired, upgraded even beyond anything our normal technology would be capable of achieving." he chuckled slightly, though it was not entirely a laugh of amusement, "But unless you can return us to our universe, no, you cannot help us in that aspect. I do not know what other assistance you could give, but I will be satisfied to know we have an ally in this universe."

Aiticima Rosden looked at Tarek, her mood instantly brightened at his guesture and when he pulled out the PADD she smiled wider than she had all day. "Lieutenant, you are such a gentleman. Thank you." It would be incredibly awkward to refuse the seat. "Wont you sit beside me?" After all.. there were just enough chairs for all of them. Once that was said she listened to the Captain and Contrath talk, letting her eyes go to one of the platters on the table when he mentioned getting home.

Tarek did not pay much mind to the conversation. He thought it was trivial to discuss compensation for aid the Horizon would undoubtedly have provided to anyone in need of assistance, and as the Captain put, there was little which they Draenei were in any shape to offer, even if they had just received repairs. He seated himself next to the Counselor after she had offered, brushed aside whatever plate might be directly in front of him, placed the PADD on the table, and began to tap on it's keys at a rapid pace. It was still a situation which he would rather not intrude in.

Jorune could not.. Decline.. Ice cream! When Narrisd slid ice cream her way she'd say, "Oh, it would be rude to refuse," and the spoonful he had scooped up went right into her mouth. Mm, Solarean icecream. Said to be one of the smoothest tastes and Jorune totally agreed. The icecream even made her look happy. So when one of those giggling girls looked her direction she quirked a curious brow and just looked back. Kindly, she smiled, and took the spoon out of her mouth only to set it back down in her bowl. Aww~kward.

[#] The girl watching Jorune returned the smile when she was given one. Then she promptly said, "Without being rude, can I ask you something?" The second girl was watching Aiticima and Tarek still. She would say, "He is such a gentleman. You do act like a family, don't you?" But Contrath was ignoring the twins. He was speaking to Narris. "The Draenei have the technology to do that, my friend. Our ship travels between them with very little effort, actually. That is another reason why we cannot tell you who attacked our ship and damaged it as badly as they did. We were simply exploring! Is it not what you do, as well? My ship's purpose is to breed back and return the Draenei race from they're rare and far-between state. We search for a planet that we may one day accomplish this on." Contrath seemed more interested in telling Narris why the hell his ship was even out here compared to elaborating on his ability to return them to their home.

Narris Trelak chuckled at Jorune's lack of willpower. "That it would." he said teasingly. He was distracte from his conversation by the draenei girl's words, but only for a moment before Contrath's words caught his attention and he leaned over the table. "What's that?" he asked in surprise. You are not telling me you regularly travel between universes? Yes, yes, we explore too, but that is a secondry goal for us right now." He was interested in only one thing at the moment and was not yet willing to get his hopes up.

Aiticima Rosden gave a tilted nod across to the draenei woman who asked, bringing her smile and her eyes back up. "Yes, being so close to each other all the time. It is like family." With that all the arguments, dissagreements, and those things.. but love above it all. "Is it the same on your ship?" She felt like she should carry on this side conversation, but there was a bit of her that was distracted with the talk of Narris and Contrath. If anything could take on the huge draenei ship that was a planet in comparison to the Horizon.. it was a little frightening to think of what dust they could become if they had a similar encounter. She gave Narris a worried look, then returned her eyes to the one she was speaking to.

Tarek would suddenly cease his silence and work. "Fascinating. The ability to travel between universes has eluded all intelligent life in our universe. We lack the ability to leave even our galaxy. That you can leap through different universes with ease as you suggest is remarkable." he'd say, with a normal tone. That was a little difficult for him to believe. It would seem that someone with superior technology would not have been at such a loss with the damages it had sustained. He shrugged off the thought because this Draenei commander had no reason to lie about something like that. He resumed his silence, ignored the conversation about family, as he had no understanding of the family concept. Rather he returned to his work once more. The Captain would surely continue the conversation for him.

Jorune had already settled into another bite of icecream when the woman asked her that question. She nodded and set it down before taking her hands away from the bowl so she could give the woman her attention. But it was Contrath that stole it. "You finished that technology? We were working on it on the Ata'mal but they could never quite grasp it, it seemed." Then her attention was back on the girl that had asked if she could speak to Jorune.

[#] To Aiticima one woman would say, "Our ship does not have the ability to stay small enough that we all know each other so well, unfortunately. Within our own departments we know our coworkers, but... It is something you should hold close, either way." And the other one would wait for Jorune's attention before saying, "Why do they not call you by your name? Surely, a Draenei would. You have your own title?" But Contrath was the center of attention now, wasn't he? He smiled and nodded at Tarek. "The Draenei are an ageless race and we are able to excel in technology because, well, while some races teach their young and there is a slight drop in their rate to produce the Draenei do not. We are allowed to excel without being slowed much at all. Does this make sense?" 'Cause it sounded good to me. He looked to Narris, "We do this without much effort at all, as I said. It is not something we do as a second-nature yet, but... You understand." He even made sure to be kind enough to reply

[#] (c) to Jorune. "You have been away from a Draenei ship for some time, haven't you? Almost all of them are now equipped with this technology. There are a few who believe it to be wrong but there are always those who disagree with some changes."

Narris Trelak turned and raised an eyebrow at Jorune, turning to look at Contrath. "Experimental? Is it perfectly safe?" he asked. "If you could assist us in getting back, we would be very willing to offer you something in return." Just in case saving God wasn't enough.

Aiticima Rosden nodded across the table at the other draenei woman, but of course all conversation but what was going on with Contrath and the Captain was gone. A possibility to go home? She didn't know if she was happy or worried. She had nothing more to say, and her fear of whatever enemy this was that could possibly be around still was soon gone. There were other fears, and other hopes.

Tarek gave a quizzical look to the Draenei Commander's explanation, which did not make complete sense, yet he accepted it. "Of course. I can see how this would be beneficial to progress." he'd say. He was also curious about what he'd meant about some who opposed inter-universal travel. He could see how using technology to colonize non-native universes could be viewed as unethical, as it was essentially an invasion of sorts, although these Draenei had done nothing wrong with the technology, or so he assumed.

Jorune answered the woman almost too quickly. "My name? They call me by my name." Oh! Her face looked like a lightbulb went off. "Ah, I understand. I am not called 'Jorune, granddaughter to Velen' simply because my ancestry does not mean anything to them. Well, as much as it would to you. 'Ensign' is my rank and 'Yeoman' would be my... Job? Duty?" She nodded over to the others. "Both a Lieutenant and a Captain are my superiors. A Commander and Admiral are, as well, along with a few more ranks inbetween. I'm nothing special." Her eyes - which you probably wouldn't see past the glow - had switched over to Contrath when he adressed her. "It has been some time, you could say. I have been with Starfleet since I gave up my position within the shamans." She hoped a smaller reply without questions would allow Contrath to focus his attention on answering Narris because, frankly, she had the same questions.

[#] Since her conversation with Aiticima had died, that woman went quiet. She was content snacking on the treats she had been presented with! The other however was all the more interested in Jorune for, well, reasons probably no one but her and Jorune understood. "Where they come from is not as important?" She let Jorune answer Contrath but then only questioned Jorune more. "Why did you leave your position then? You could have followed Velen and your mother, no? To have so many superiors, you must have done something else before this. This is a new position for you?" She was full of it. Her questioning might have even attracted more attention then Contrath but the woman's voice was quieter so he could speak uninterrupted. "No, no. It is finished and safe or I would not be using it with a large civilian crew." He paused and thought for a moment. "You would need to tell us where you came from. Do you have any maps? We could compare information and that way we could pinpoint where your

[#] (c) ship came from. Sending it back there would be simple once a destination is clear."

Narris Trelak smiled brightly. "I will send our starcharts too you immediately." he looked over at the android. "Lieutenant Tarek, do that please?" he requested. Now he looked back at Contrath. "Commander, I will need to consider this and discuss it with my senior staff. However I highly doubt there will be any objection. Until then, you are free to remain on this ship for as long as you like, I can give you a guide to show you around. At your discretion. We can discuss teh details at another time."

Aiticima Rosden's hand slipped and she gripped Tarek's arm a bit hard (unless he moved or pulled away of course) without thinking when the draenei mentioned it would be simple to send them back when the destination was clear. She was not a.. touching.. sort of woman, and when she caught herself she let go of Tarek's arm and pretended like she had not just done that. A sudden desire to run to find Ami was itching through her, but she kept still. Pressing her lips together, it was the first time in a long time she could remember feeling this way, like she could possitively burst with emotion.

Tarek eyed everyone in the room with the same curious look before he spoke to the Captain. "Aye sir. I will trasmit telemetry and astrogation charts of our universe to the Draenei, as well as provide coordinates for sector 001 if you believe that advisable sir." he'd say in response, refering to 001 because he believed it would be best if they could return to Earth first, since Starfleet would no doubt like a word with them. He looked down at Aiticima's hand which firmly gripped his arm before she removed it. That confused him but he didn't understand anything anymore. Today was rather unusual, even by Horizon's standards. If he were excused he'd dart to Ops to begin transmission.

Jorune shook her head again to the woman after she listened to Contrath. It was hard carrying so many conversations and eating her melting ice cream. Sad Jorune. "They do all know where they came from and respect that in their own way. They do not carry titles for it." She looked down and took a bite of the goopy ice cream before clearing her mouth and saying, "I did not want my position. If something happened to my grandfather then my mother will take his place. If something happened to her... We will see when that time comes. I enjoy what I do and I have been here in Starfleet since I left my family. I have a much longer life then my crewmates and lack their ambition, I'm afraid. I enjoy working my way up the ranks and making myself a good background. I'm in no hurry." She sounded distracted. She really was trying to pay attention to the other conversation without being rude.

[#] The woman seemed to be content with Jorune's answers, or maybe not, because she did not ask anymore. She joined her sister in silence. However, Contrath was still smiling. His deep voice - with that thicker Russian-sounding accent then the female's had - again sounded as he said, "Of course. We appreciate your hospitality. Give us a few hours? And..." He motioned to Jorune, "Could we borrow her? Incase there is difficulty understanding anything. Your Yeoman would be most useful in bridging any gaps."

Narris Trelak nodded his head at Tarek. "By all means, Tarek." he said. A nod was sent Contrath's way. "Take as much time as you need. We've waited months, we can wait a few days." He glanced at Jorune unsurely, thinking it was not a good idea to send her off with a bunch of draenei at the moment. "That is not neccessary." he said politely, "If there is anything that needs to be worked out, I would prefer to speak with you myself as is my duty as captain."

Aiticima Rosden stood up and gave a nodding bow of her head to the draenei, "thank you." She did not know, and had not heard why it would be a bad idea to send Jorune off. In fact, it was a good oppertunity for her to be around other draenei for who knew how long.

Tarek darted for the bridge, with a final nod to the others in the room.

Jorune had turned her attention from the silent woman and back to Contrath when he asked for her help. Then it went to Narris and Jorune only rolled her eyes. Hah! You wouldn't see it! Man, that guy acted like he was afraid Draenei were uncontrollable animals or something and she was going to go get herself in trouble. But Jorune didn't say anything. She abandoned her icecream and stood up. "Thank you. I appreciate you helping us. And I think I speak for more then me."

[#] Contrath only nodded his head when Narris declined. "Of course. It would only be proper to work directly with you." He nodded his head to Tarek as he left, then Aiticima and then to Narris. Finally he turned his attention to his girls. "Are you ready?" This made one giggle and they both went to stand. He followed their movements and also stood from the table.

Narris Trelak stood up and walked towards the door. "I will have Ensign Yellowshirt give you a tour of the ship and arrange quarters for you if you wish to stay." He'd head out teh door to the bridge where said ensign was waiting.

Aiticima Rosden would hold off on exiting, waiting for everyone else to leave. She would nearly be holding her breath when she left, going to the privacy of her office where she could experience her emotions alone. Considering the happy but not exstatic reactions of the others.. excluding Tarek of course.. she assumed they were simply waiting for this meeting to end as well.

Jorune followed Narris. ): Because he had paperwork. Or coffee. Or something for her to do. If he didn't need her Jorune would be lost. D:

[#] Contrath had a tour, did some stuff and went home with his womanz.

[Roleplay Over!]
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Narris Trelak shook his head thoughtfully At Taya's question. "It is against protocol for an unqualified person to work on the bridge except in emergencies." he smiled, "So you can stick around and wait for an emergency. Lieutenant, what is the status of the Sha'tar? Are they ready to begin the dimensional shift?"

Tarek would drop his PADD, and looked over to his console's readouts which pertained to the Draenei vessel's data transmissions. "Aye sir. They have sent confirmation that they are ready to use the universal shifting technology, however they will require a confirmation communique from us sir. I can send a text only confirmation if you would prefer, sir." he'd report, looking down at all the information about the operation which the Draenei had sent. He looked around curiously, waiting to see what was going to happen. He also pondered if the ship was in danger of sustaining damage on it's way back through to their universe.

Amicitia Rosden would enter through the doors of the bridge, making her way straight to engineering, a brief nod would be given to the captain. "Engineering is ready sir. They've been sorted into teams for faster dispatch in the event of any emergency that may occur during the process and are ready and waiting." With that she'd take a seat at her console, speaking her authorization code into it carefully before bringing up the approriate screens.

Taya'Dalai was pretty sure that she didnt want to be caught standing on the bridge should the ship lurch and the enertial dampeners unable to compensate for it. If not a bug smoosh, there was a certain certainty that Taya would not be particularly feeling so grande afterwards. Unable to work the consoles due to standing protocols, she took a seat however happenstance at one of them. Given the alternatives, Narris would understand right?

Rake strolled into the bridge through the far side door, the one leading to the right side of the ship. He reported his presence to the captain, "Crewman Wright here." before turning to work the consoles at the far back wall. He'd been kept up to date with progress at the bridge, and now that he was back, he adjusted his routine duty in order to remember how he worked this section. Work with the programmes were processing fairly well and hopefully there weren't interference. He thought to report that, but decided not to.

[#] Narris Trelak looked towards Tarek and gave a nod. "Send a confirmation transmission." he said, standing and moving to the tactical station. He tapped the controls and put them on yellow alert before tapping his commbadge. "Yellow Alert. Attention all hands, proceed to emergencies stations and be prepared for possible damage." he glanced towards Ami. "I want the core at 100% power output, we don't know what we shall encounter. Powering shields. Tarek, divert power to the navigational deflectors.

[#] Tarek would nod at the Captains request, tapping at the console and making certain that the message was properly formatted for official transmission. "I believe the transmission has been received sir. I am transfering power to the deflector at present." he'd say quickly, waiting for what he assumed would be a random event. He was uncertain what would happen at this rate, whether the Draenei would hail for an informal au revoir, or simply send us on our way at the time of their choice. Either way, he hoped that soon they would find themselves in sector 001...

[#] Amicitia Rosden nodded her head to Rake smiling at the crewman before looking back at her own console as the captain issued orders. "On it sir," she'd say as she keyed in a few strokes into the console and a few seconds later, "Warp core running at 100% efficiency sir, systems all check and are running wonderfully, couldn't ask for better. The Horizon's ready to go." Ami grinned as she looked through it, to an engineer, the ship was their baby and no one can tell them otherwise.

[#] Taya'Dalai doubts bugged her. Hence why she tinkered with the interface projected from her device with all its readouts and all. But she was listening. And watching. Not much otherwise. But better then nothing which might not be for much longer..but yah. She would be learning too

[#] Rake only continued to tap at the wall, not thinking about much beyond this duty. He was becoming familiar with the station, and as he memorized every part of it, worked through the usual necessary keys.

[#] "Commander Contranth to the Horizon, we are ready once you move into position."

[#] Narris Trelak tapped at the tactical controls before looking towards Tarek. "Lieutenant, move us into allignment with the Sha'tar's Z-axis and keep us 300 meters from their aft. Maintain position with thrusters. Crewman Wright, disengage the warp field entirely."

[#] Tarek would nod in acknowledgement of the order, tapping at this console a few times to bring up helm. "Aye sir, moving to designated coordinates at this time." he'd say, simultaneously typing at the console, causing the ship to reel about and head to the proper position. "We are in position sir, holding now." he'd add after a few seconds. He began slight adjustments to thruster controls to ensure a near perfect all stop. He still had a certain anticipation or curiousity about what was going to happen next... But then, an android was always curious, he supposed.

[#] Amicitia Rosden kept her eye on her screen, watching reports and analysis from the systems, things were running smoothly at least. She had nothing out of the blue to report or inform them... Hopefully it would work out fine and they'd get back in one piece, not in bits and pieces like when they arrived. Her fingers would just continue flying over the console like how everyone in the star trek series always does whenever they have a screen infront of them.

[#] Rake , as ordered, stimulated the procress of disengaging the warp field completely by keying in the commands for a moment. It set off gradually, and when it did, he reported at the same time, "Warp field has disengaged."

[#] Taya'Dalai maintained attention on the screen when not on her interface. What else could the lass do? Perhaps peer at the familiar stars wondering what she would see in the next few moments. She wasnt going to be doing other stuff.

[#] Narris Trelak nodded his head. "Match all energy emission frequencies from our ship to that of the Sha'tar's draenite crystals. I am adjusting shields. Lieutenant Rosden, can you do something with the warp core? We need to reduce all possible chance of turbulance."

[#] Tarek nodded once more at the Captain's newest order. "Aye sir, matching energy emissions." he'd state simply, looking up from his console to the viewscreen. He was fortunate that anxiety was not an issue androids could experience, or surely he would be dying with anticipation by now. He continued to pour over his console's readouts, although no unexpected changes had occured since they had begun this process.

[#] Amicitia Rosden nodded her head in response to Narris and she'd smirk a little at his request to do something to the warp core. Seems like that was all he kept asking her about. "Nothing much I can do to it, it's running the best it can already thanks to Crewman Wright's programmings," she'd say as she fiddled with the consoles. "I've reconfigured the inertia dampeners, hopefully it should be enough."

[#] Rake examined the monitor before him while striking occasionally at a few keys to keep the station constant. He'd already adjusted to this experience and so had nothing more to think about the circumstances, only feel his earlier relief that they'd return to a life where they'd see things all too familiar.

[#] Etana Sol Comes onto the bridge haveing recived an alert of some kind probaly. She fixes her uniform and such and after hearing a bit of the conversation she says "Whats our situation Captain?" Seemed like the only logical question to ask right now.

[#] Narris Trelak glanced back at Ami. "Is it emitting any energy that could interefere with the Sha'tar's energy field?" he asked her. He glanced towards Etana as she entered and grinned. "Going home." he told her, moving away from tactical and back into the command seat.

[#] Tarek would look to his console, then back to the screen, then back to his console. No changes. He took the precious moment of to reach to his PADD and continued his writing. All appeared normal for the moment, even though he still had a watchful android eye on the console's readout screens.

[#] Amicitia Rosden glanced at the screen for a moment as she analyzed the results. "Not much sir, there's some slight anharmonicity from the baryon emissions which might cause a slight turbulance but I don't think it should evolve into something more dangerous other than lose footing sir. Everything is running smoothly sir."

[#] Taya'Dalai wasnt sure what she was reading. If there was anything she could read on her bloody interface. There was certain things that hers could pick up. Which she wasnt. Or was but not enough to be noticable. What was more worrying was the lose footing part so casually spoken from Ami. Which wouldnt mean much since she was sitting. But yah.

[#] Rake caught a glimpse of the new arrival as she past through the door, and he looked away in distaste. Distraction was in order so as to not think about her being so close to him--he'd forgotten this station would result in being in close range with the female--his mind began to wander and attention waned, but his fingers kept their consistent tapping and eyes aware of the screening in front of him.

[#] Etana Sol Takes the tatical probaly not needing it. But she figured she would be there just in case. She stays quiet untill orderd to act

[#] Narris Trelak nodded his head. "We seem ready then." he said, tapping his commbadge. "Horizon to Sha'tar, we are ready." He waited for the aknowledgement and nodded to Tarek. "Here we go, Lieutenant. All stations I want regular status reports."

Tarek would look down to his console, and began the systematic report process. "Aye sir, all Operations functions report in as usual. All Computer functions responding, energy flow at designated efficiency levels. Our emissions have not changed since the last report, sir." he'd say, then keying into his console to provide readout reports for minor systems to the Captain's console." he'd silence himself then, allowing the other stations to deliver their reports as well.

[#] Amicitia Rosden glanced at her console as her eyes danced across the screen, reading reports from the computers. "Everything running smoothly captain, just awaiting your orders," she'd say quietly, gleefully rubbing her hands excitedly... or maybe she was cold who knows, she looked pretty happy like a kid on christmas morning.

[#] Rake acknowledged the command without a word, scanning over the the screen monitor. "Everything is operating efficiently," he reported from his station. He yawned, resuming to make little tapping noises.
Rake: [that is good to hear]
Rake: [-the]

[#] Etana Sol Looks over her console and says "So far so good Captain. All security systems are a go. Holding at yellow alert. All decks are on standy by Sir." She didn't take her eyes off her console not wanting to miss a single thing. She also put a security team on standby just in case soemthing unforseen happens.

[#] Aiticima Rosden [does not know if she is doing this whole bridge thing right, but onward!] Aiticima came on to the bridge, how could she not come on with all that could be happening tonight! She went up to stand to the right of the Captain's chair, as usual nothing to say. Of course if there was something that needed to be said she would say it. It's not like any advice needed to be given on this situation.. so there she was.

[#] On the viewscreen, the massive bulk of the Sha'tar began to glow as it's crystals started to emit energy.

[#] Narris Trelak leaned over to examine the command console, engaging the tactical holotable in front of them. It displayed the Sha'tar and the Horizon with a 'bubble' expanding around the draenei ship, and then behind them to encompass the Horizon. "The Sha'tar is extending the quantum harmonics field around the Horizon." he announced. "Lieutenant Tarak, take all propulsion offline, we're gonna ride in their wake."

[#] Tarek would attack his console until he reported in to the Captain. "Aye sir, propulsion systems are offline. Energy levels in the effected area have spiked with an unknown form of radiation sir, although I am not able to discern if it will present a problem or not, although it would appear to be of a harmless nature." he'd state in a voice that suggested his cold, emotionless nature, as even now no excited tone was present despite the situation. He looked up to the viewscreen, curious to see what this new form of travel would look like. The information he gathered now could make it possible to duplicate this strange technological ability..

[#] Amicitia Rosden would have fiddled with the controls a bit as the field enveloped the ship. Just checks and she'd have a look of utmost concentration. She'd smile as she heard the voice of her sibling but she'd continue working at the consoles. There would be some silence as she continues fiddling with the controls before she finally spoke. "There was some slight interference but it's all right now, doesn't seem to be cancelling out each other in emissions. The slight anharmonicity is still present sir, nothing we can do about that apparently. Guess we'd just pray it's nothing and not become chunky salsa."

[#] Taya'Dalai own readings were as uneventful as usual. Same old. Obviously a few new things. This wasnt exactly her old life and all. Yadayada and stuff, she was slightly more worried bout the interference and anharmonicity. But that was a quarian. Had to worry bout something a little bit. Or give it more then just a passing thought.

[#] Rake glanced back over his shoulder at the projection displayed. They would be chained together to the draenei ship for a long while until something happened, and he hoped that meant not for too long. As of now, their power was touching them, but at least he couldn't see them. He liked this station already, he thought as he stared before him once again and continued his task at hand.

[#] Etana Sol Checks her console and a few proximity alarms and such went off. She cancells them hopeing they wouldn't become chunky salsa indeed. She says "All systems still fuctional. Yellow alert maintained. Proximity alarm have sounded but I canceleed them for now. All decks still report on stand by" Basicly everything was fine.

[#] Aiticima Rosden looked at the screen, it was all very .. magnificent. Ami's comment about chunky salsa made her grin, and Tarek's lack of excitement was another loss in the battle to believe androids had emotion. She bit her cheeks and kept quiet.

[#] Suddenly, the perimiter of the energy field flashed around them. Outside they would see the starfield quickly illuminated into a monochromatic white that had just a slight violet hue to it. There was no sensation of motion, but suddenly the wall of light become translucent, spreading out into a tunnel. There was as yet nothing but a swirling darkness to be seen outside the tunnel of light, but now they would definately feel a fluidic motion almost like a ship at sea, except they rocked in all directions, not just back and forth.

[#] Narris Trelak chuckled. "Thank you for putting our minds at ease, Ami." he said with an obviously fecitious tone. But he was swiftly distracted by what was happening outside. "Tarek, are you getting readings?" he asked, gripping the arms of his chair until he realized they were not in danger of being flung about.

[#] Taya'Dalai was somewhat amused at that comment. What was weird was that rocking. Much like being in a boat. Seemed everything was going right currently. Noone was quite screaming yet. It bode well for things to start.

[#] Tarek would simply begin an abridged readout of what he saw on his console to the Captain in respsonse. "It would seem that photon levels are extremely high inside this tunnel. The walls of the tunnel have the same properties of the quantum harmonics field currently surrounding the ship, although they are greatly magnified, my a scale of thousands, sir. Sensors have proven incapable of penetrating the detected peremeter of the tunnel wall. Our vessels' field has maintained integrity, however it has altered in size, accomodating the tunnel's dimensions." he'd say, giving perhaps the most detailed explanation he could provide without being quite quoting his console. He looked up, paused, and simply added a lone "Fascinating" referring to what he observed.

[#] Amicitia Rosden would have been monitoring the screens. "Sir shield powers are at 112%, I'm shuttling some of the power to other sections of the ship to stabilize it." She didn't want the sheilds overloading, no need to add extra strain on their systems than it was already handling. "Warp core functioning normally"

[#] Rake blinked at the sudden alteration of the situation. The draeneis didn't lack strength, that was certain. Indeed, fascinating, but he only just held onto an equally strong and balanced footing should they actually be tossed about at any time. If they did, he was going to turn around in his standing and hold on to the screening behind him for dear life. He maintained a rapid pace with his department, continuing to examine the progress and keying as an odd happenstance appeared over his monitor.

[#] Etana Sol Consol went crazy with alrms and beeps abnd such. Some she just turned off. Otheres she just ignored. She knew she this would happen but it coulnd't be avioded. She just sighs and turns down the alarms satying "Everything seems fine Sir. Just a few poroximity and other alert saying we are not in a normal enviornmet."

[#] Now, they would begin to see things outside the tunnel. Strange things that might have been seperate universes tht all flew by in a flash. And then it was dark again for a few moments before they saw streaks of light, entire galaxies whizzing past them almost too fast to be identified, but it was clear that's what they were seing. Before anything else could happen, the rocking became quicker and a little less smoothely like a choppy sea

[#] Narris Trelak nodded as everyone reported. "Stay at full alert." he said. As their ride got bumpier, he frowned and looked to Tarek. "Ops, report. Is something going wrong? Cadet Wright, do we have communications with the draenei ship?"

[#] Tarek would look quickly to his console as an alert tone drew his attention once more. "I cannot say for certain sir, however sensor indicate that the quantun field surrounding our vessel is fluctuating, and appears to be collapsing. The energy readings from the tunnel have also become slightly erratic" he'd say, still attempting to look at the screen. What the viewscreen displayed was a sight no one had ever seen before. Well, no one from their universe, that is. He now pondered what Federation Scientists would make of the recorded visual telemetry upon their return. Certainly that would illicit an interesting reaction.

[#] Amicitia Rosden wouldn't be looking much at the screen sadly since she was focused on the consoles, the readings were fluctuating and she was working on sending commands to keep them under control. After a while she'd pause, looking up for a moment to admire the sight then turn to Narris. "Sir the IDFs have been affected and behaving irratically to say the least. Any modifications done seem to result in a random setting and we've settled for a decent one at least..." Ami grinned a little. "Buckle up cause it's not going to be a smooth ride."

[#] Taya'Dalai couldnt even imagine how many universes, galaxies and worlds passed. Some barely different from one another, some polar opposites. Some didnt even make sence let alone alone be sensible to the mind of those present. And even were her devices able to record it, Taya was to fixed on things elsewhere." Ummm...not sure I got this phrase right having learned it on the holodeck, but...I dont think we're in Kansas anymore." At Ami's warning doing well to secure herself against the increasing turbulance.

[#] Rake skimmed a critical eye over the ship readings. It exhibited an adverse to the captain's words. "Negative, sir. Communications with the draenei are down," he reported in his usual clear voice, remaining static with the same state of mind at present. Though he was forced to move somewhat in his position, he attempted to still and not press any false keys, which wasn't at the moment yet difficult to do.

[#] Etana Sol console would continue to beep and make noises. She softly growls to herself trying her best to stop the noises saying "We are holding Capatin. Sheilds are holding. We seem to be haveing a rough ride at the moment." She was great at staeing the obvious. Good job Etana!

[#] A familiar four-armed spiral galaxy came into view. But the tunnel itself seemed to be fluctuating as the ship's jostling intensified.

Narris Trelak frowned as he watched the command console. "We're going to loose the Sha'tar. The quantum field's perimeter is nearing the ship. Brace for impact. Ami, I want to be able to jump to maximum warp in an instant. We might need to push ourselves all teh way through

[#] Tarek would look up at the screen and then down to his console, simultaneously reporting what everyone else already knew...probably. "Sir, I believe we are nearing our destination. Sensors indicate the field surrounding the ship is further destabilizing, and the tunnel has become less predictable in it's own structural integrity. Although I cannot provide an approximated time allotment, suffice it to say we will not be able to maintain this form of travel for very long without assistance from the Draenei vessel.. I am not certain if we will maintain the quantum field long enough to return to the confines of our galaxy, sir." he'd report in his 'quick explanation' voice.

[#] Amicitia Rosden frowned as she listened to Tarek's report and she'd nod at Narris' command, relaying the information to Engineering to be ready. She was rather quiet the whole while as she continued watching the the screens. "Sir more of the systems are malfunctioning. The input is fluctuating like crazy but the output isn't reacting corresponding but maintaining at least. Engineering's trying all they can to get it under control."

[#] Taya'Dalai slowly saw things deteriorate around her. More and more things seemed to go wrong judging by the equally hurried crew about the ship. And while certain things might be out of her reach, it didnt stop her from trying. Now was a good time to put some of her recently learned things to a test. Hopefully. " Would it be possible to channel the power outwards before we become roast chicken?"

[#] Rake comprehended the circumstances the Ops bot provided an explanation for. He'd stated that they'd be close to their location with which their mission was named a success, yet at the same time declared failure. He said nothing for the moment, allowing the others to report the activities that appeared on his viewing screen and not needing to narrate them himself, seeing as the ones in charge of the other stations already explained the majority. He was seeing it all for himself and things just appeared poor. Eyes narrowed in attentive concentration, he focused both on not being flung and to work the panels.

[#] Etana Sol console was still beeping and such. SHe was geting annoyed but holds her temper saying "Sir shields are starting to fluctuate. Droping down to 95% and droping. Transfering phaser power to compensate. " The shakeing and such didn't help her much. She says "Can someone please try to stabelize the ship?" She was calm but spoke loud enoughto be herd over the noise.

[#] The quantum harmonics field was definately collapsing around them. And as its edge hit the shipt itself, there would be a violent jolt as if the entire ship was only a toy flung about. They were outside the quantim field and the draenie ship dissapred ahead of them in a matter of moments.

[#] Narris Trelak was sent flying out of his chair and narrowly missed getting a concusion and probably a nice gash on the side of his head from the holotable. As it was, he landed hard on the floor. "Engage warp, now!" he ordered, "Push her too the limits. Ami, all power to warp propulsion, we have to outrun the tunnel's collapse. If we're not at warp 10 then we're not going fast enough!" He glanced over his shoulder at Taya as he moved for his chair and nodded at the suggestion she had given before they were hit. "Wright, see if you can figure out a way to keep the photons from hitting the ship. Lieutenant Sol, we're trying."

[#] Tarek would provide a simple report from his console once more. "The tunnel is collapsing sir. We're breaking out, the Draenei vessel is presumably far ahead of us." he'd say, quieting down while he went back to work on the console, attempting to determine at what location they were dropping out at. Nothing yet.

[#] Amicitia Rosden would have been jolted in her seat harsh enough for her head to make an audiable thud against the console. The sides of her vision started going dark but she heard the captain's command loud and clear. Fighting the darkness for a bit she'd punch in the commands to take them to warp 10. It was either that or they'd fail miserably and they were so close. Once the command was in, she'd slump over the console unconcious.

Taya'Dalai similarly jolted forward. Much unlike Ami though, she had a helmet on her head. However, it did leave a crack upon the glass of the visor. Which wasnt so good. Obviously not so good a thing with sh#@#@ immune systems like a quarians. Didnt sound like there was any rushes of air. But it didnt take much either. Jarred, she recovered quickly. Much more fortunate then the lass not too far from her." IS there any lingering energy from our transdimensional shift that could be used to sustain a field or something?"

[#] Etana Sol console kept beeping and such. She holds on to the console so she wouldn't go flying over hthe rail andf into Narris lap. Her knees however hit the console causeing a Silverian curse. SHe says "Sir the shileds are at 83% and droping." She saw Ami slump over but could do nothing about it right now.

[#] Rake was knocked back slightly into the screening behind him, but as it held, he shot swiftly back up and his hands began a flurry of motions across the wall's centre, which was below the viewing of the ship and somewhat downward. He searched about to follow the order as the captain commanded, fingers flying this way and that. His mind, while not going into overdrive, was awhirl with possibilies that weren't very certain. Uncertain ideas were not ideal. Fail. "I shall attempt it, sir, but doubtful I will succeed," he said as part of his acknowledgement of the order. "And, girl to whom I do not know the name of, there is no residual energy left."

[#] They would see the tunnel closing around them. Even so, the warp drive kept their momentum up as the Milky Way loomed over them and finally dissapeared, for they had entere it. But it would only be a few more moments before the tunnel collapsed on them.

[#] Narris Trelak tightened his grip on his seat. "Divert emergency power to shields, take non-essential systems offline. Brace for another impact." he frowned as Ami slumped against the engineering station. "Crewman Wright, take engineering. Lieuteant Sol, I think it's high time for red alert."

[#] Tarek would look at his console, unsure of what to report at this point. It appeared to be all more of the same. He stayed quiet, resuming his work at monitoring changes. At this point, it was all just more of the same. So he waited patiently for more orders.

Taya'Dalai frowned. There had went her initial idea. Would have made things abit easier. But it wasnt to be. Much like Tarek, it was more of the same. Which wouldnt be a bad thing if it were not a bad thing. Which it was.

Rake quit from the task at hand; it had been all shut to hell anyway from the first. His hands stilling over the console, he simply turned away and strolled for the unconsciously occupied seat of the engineering station. Lieutenant Rosden had fallen asleep, eh? He wished he could have done so, he could really use some shut eye right about now. Now, as he reached her, he contemplated easing her as gently away from the seat as possible. Instead, so as not to be forced to touch or come into contact with her longer than necessary or desired, he shoved the female off onto the floor and replaced her on the chair. Swiftly, he began a quick process of diverting emergency power to shields as ordered by higher-up. He brought all non-essential systems offline, and decided he might as well brace himself as the commands progressed. Bringing his hands to the sides of the solid console before him, he held on firmly.

[#] Etana Sol looks ather read out and says "Captain shields are down to 73%. At this rate we will loose shields comepleatly in a few moments." She sounded a bit alarmed but she was keeping her cool and compsure. She didn't like looseing shields but when your in a collapseing wormhole things happened. As Rake tried to stabelize the shields she says a small prayer to the Silverian gods to guide them all safely through this.

[#] The tunnel was collapsing rapidly now. A few moments later, it hit the ship. Immediately, all accross the ship, explosions would appear. Consoles overloaded, hulls breached, plasma conduits ruptured. By a miracle, the warp core did not breach, but it did give a considerable surge of power. On the bridge, everything went black, sparks flew, debris flew, and the room became clouded with gas from the ship's systems. Everything would become still soon enough, and amidst the sounds of klaxxons, the emergency power lit the room (very dimly, and not even all the emergency systems were coming online).

[#] Narris Trelak would go flying once more, sounded by a shower of sparks. He saw stars as something struck him in the back of the head and he landed on the floor. The captain blacked out, but regained conciousness quickly enough to be aware of what was goingon and force himself up, speaking painfully through clenched teeth. "Report." he called out.

Tarek would look about at the mess, and glance down much to his dismay to notice a familiar feature. Once more, he had sharded bits of console jutting out of him. In a horrible warbling electronic voice, Tarek would respond. "Situation unknown sir. It would appear that most of our systems are offline. Is everyone alright?" he'd call out, abandoning the remains of his exploded console to go salvage the others. "I believe precautions should be made to ensure that the helm and ops consoles cease exploding towards their operators, as I can see how it could become annoying." he'd say, his voice partially restored to normal. He staggered over to the Captain, and might attempt to help him back to his seat if he were conscious enough to make it.

Taya'Dalai console went out. Which was fortunate compared to being caught by the overload of a console. Remembering Tarek when they had first met along with Narris, she didnt entertain the thought of being a pin-cushion. When satisfied there wouldnt be much more jostling, Taya removed herself from the seat . And ironicly again seeing Tarek in all his pincushiony glory." That didnt sound too good." And being unable to ascertain certain things, was the only conclusion she could make of things " Are containment fields in place?"

Rake fell to the floor atop the sleeping Lieutenant Rosden at the collision of the tunnel upon the ship. He also kept his eyes shut tightly for a moment as his bearings returned almost quickly. To others who carried a mind of perverted, sexual fantasies, the position would have been convenient and enjoyable, given the advantage of opening their eyes to the sight of a shapely female body in full view from the dim light of the emergency lighting and sparks, but as for Rake when he did open his eyes, he died a little inside. He hastily jumped to his feet, which caused his head to nauseate and his eyes to darken even more than was his usual eye vision. Eventually, as his hands held onto his head in a secured grip, he stumbled forward a bit toward the direction of the voices. "Crewman Wright present and well," he reported in response to the captain, his voice trembling slightly. As to the girl who asked the question, he had not a clue.

[#] Etana Sol might have been the thing that hit Narris in the back on the head. As her copnsole exploded she fiinaly fliped over tatical and landed somewhere. Her console was fried anyway but she would go back to it. Or die trying. She had burns on her chest and a few pieces of console in her chest shoulders and hands. Also a good concussion since she certainly didn't have a soft landing. All she needed now was for a bulk head to kand on her....oh gods please no.

Narris Trelak accepting Tarek's assistance and stood up. "We need to get everyone on the bridge to sickbay, that is our primary goal. Then we must get vital systems online and have full damage reports. Once we've-" he stopped suddenly, wincing, and swayed where he was. Then, he passed out antirely, collapsing either onto teh floor or into the arms of whoever was good enough to catch him. The back of his head was bleeding profusely, and he had energy burns accross his left side, including spots on his arm and face.

Tarek would look to the Captain as he passed out, then looking to Lieutenant Sol. "It would appear the Captain is no longer medically fit for command, as it would appear he is now unconscious." he'd say, while getting a good grasp of the Captain and hoisting him up. He looked over to Rake and would ask. "Crewman, I do not suppose that your console has any readouts on available systems?" he'd ask in an attempt to bring more clarity to the situation. Turning back to the lieutenant. "I believe the Captain's condition puts you in charge of the situation lieutenant." he'd remind her, making sure the Captain's limp body was being held in a way that did not cause him to lose more blood than he already had.

Rake brushed his uniform clothing down, dismissing the captain's abrupt collapse and scanned the bridge area as he straightened. His eyes strained to keep open and remain awake, and in a narrowed scrutiny, he took in the scene. It was just... He sighed a sigh that explained it all. At Tarek the bot's question, he shook his head, which was very obviously a mistake. He rested an arm against the commander's chair as he answered, his voice clearing the slightest bit, "No, the engineering station is completely shot down." He'd been able to make that out with his adjusting eyes, at least.

Etana Sol grabs her console and realizes how stupid that was. It was hot and she had shrapenal in her hands. She groans and taps her comm badge saying "Meical emergecny on the bridge. Any medics able please get up here now." She was bleeding from various places on her body and says "For goddess sake get the Captin out of here." She didn't seem to realize Tarek was already doing just that.

Tarek would walk over to Ami and grab her as well, hoisting her up in a similar fashion. "I believe that nonessential systems were taken offline before the damage, therefore I believe we will need to move the Captain and Lieutenant Rosden to Sickbay using the jeffries tube entrance in the cargo bay." he'd suggest, waiting for Etana to give an order of some form, still awkwardly propping his two fallen comrades over his arms and shoulders.

Etana Sol was a bit dazed as she says "Anyone not injured can stay. Everyone else to sickbay now. Thats an order." She looks at her own hands and chest as her eyes grow wide. Apparently she didn't realize her own condition untill just now. She smells burned flesh and plastic and says "Oh crap. I've been shot." She slowly but surely makes her way to the jefferies tube saying "I'm leaking all over the place. Sorry Captain." She still didn't fully realize he was inconscience. Head injuries were a bad thing.

[everyone got sleepy and went to bed, but the bridge crew did make their way to sickbay to receive treatment and start organizing repairs]
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Episode 6 - Sha'tar
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