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 Maraad's Application

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PostSubject: Maraad's Application   Maraad's Application I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 06, 2010 3:54 pm

Character Name: Maraad

Character Age: NA

Character Race: Draenei

Rank: Civilian

Position Applying For: Other

Other: Contractor

Character Description: The Draenei stood at just over six foot seven and had a massive build compared to most humanoids. His long hair started just behind his cranial plating on his forehead and easily reached his lower back. He also possessed pointed ears, long and thick tendrils and brightly blue glowing eyes as well as a long scar in the left side of his face. He wore a loosem button-up white shirt and tight grey pants with black ankle covers, belt and wrist bands. His hooved feet were bare but the danger in them never seemed to mind the white leopard companion with him. He wore gold on his tail, tendrils, ears and fingers and the leopard did on his collar, tail and all four ankles.

Example RP Post: Maraad shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He stretched his legs out infront of him and crossed them at the ankles in a lazy manner. His back reclined into the chair, creating a small hollow for his thick, plated tail to flop out of the side. It curled with a personality of it's own, it seemed, as he rested his elbow on the table beside him and picked up a small, clear glass half-full of blue liquid. His deep, jolly voice was mumbling a tune to himself as he raised the glass to his lips and finished it off.

Strengths/Abilities: Gift of the Naaru is an ability of all Draenei. I am going to simply link Jorune's website since she explains it very well on the bottom of her Statistics page.
Maraad has the ability to calm and tame beasts that come with all trained Draenei Hunters. Companions are a necessity in their way of life and they prefer long-ranged weapons to hand-to-hand.

Weaknesses: Maraad does not accept conditions which are out of the ordinary. They frustrate him. He was raised in a military setting where there were no if's, and's or but's. This has also followed his thoughts on Draenei traditions and teachings.
Being Draenei he is ageless, yet he is easily bruised or injured. This includes bleeding. It has been said Draenei bruise easier then tomatoes.

Notes: Just a note that this is Senya. I'm not always as active as I'd like to be on other parts of the ship or with some crew so I want a civilian. I am not giving up Doctor Tavana though.
(I have a few reference images I have not worked into his desc or a site yet. Just more info for you.)
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Maraad's Application
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