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 Episode 5 - Distortion

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PostSubject: Episode 5 - Distortion   Episode 5 - Distortion I_icon_minitimeSat May 22, 2010 11:33 pm

[Roleplay Started May 22nd, 8:30PM FST]
[Roleplay Included Tarek, Narris Trelak, Jorune, Amicitia Rosden (On the bridge, at least.)]

Tarek would be seated at Ops, well nestled into his chair, which had an impression of the shape of his body inlaid in it now, which he had just noticed the other day. He would tap away at his console, pulling up read-outs on the progression of the objective, finding that they were nearing the destination. "Sir, it appears that we are approaching the target location, I will begin external survey scans when we get within the appropriate range of the Avalon, sir." he'd say, while still not being entirely sure of where the Avalon was supposed to be. He would wait for further instructions, although he continued to take care of all the other tasks he liked to address as usual.

Narris Trelak was seated calmly at his station, looking over a PADD. t tarek's words, he looked up and listened, giving a nod. "Very good, ensign. As soon as we drop out of warp, scan as far as you need to and search for Avalon or it's warp signature. I suspect they may have continued on without us and we will ahve to track them. Drop out 2 AUs from the target location so that we don't destroy any warp signature, if there is one after three weeks. Still, they have large engines with high output."

Jorune shifted around in the Commander's chair a bit. (He's never in it anyway.) She took her tail from one side of her to sit at the other side, laying against her thigh comfortably. She crossed her left knee over the other then to give her PADD better support on her lap. With the way she was focused on it you couldn't even tell if she was doing work or playing a game; you could only hope it was the first choice. She then looked up as Tarek spoke and she could not help but make a comment on how often he was in that chair. Well, after Narris was done speaking. "Ensign Tarek, what is that on your shoulder?" Jorune asked in a rather curious tone.

Tarek would nod, still stationary at his post. "Aye sir" he'd say, affirmingly. He then sat there a while longer, tapping at the controls, and listened to what Jorune said. Then, a frown of confusion, he had not noticed any strange objects occupying his shoulders, he would inspect them again and still would fail to notice what it was that she spoke of. "I do not know. I seem to be incapable of seeing whatever you have noticed on my shoulder." he'd say indifferently, continuing his work.

Narris Trelak looked up to see this suppoed shoulder-occupying object of interest, and saw nothing? He gave a smirk in Jorune's direction and looked back at his PADD with a smile, doing his best to ignore her. "Also, ensign, Look at the navigation logs and determine what our path and trajectory were during the accident, I want to know what it was that caused us to be slingshot through space into that battle."

Jorune again waited until Narris and Tarek gave her a break to answer the question. She was not going to be so rude as to interrupt any orders or explinations. "No, no. I'm pretty sure." She was now smirking and it was playing in her voice. "I believe you've got some dust collecting on your shoulders, Ensign. I have not seen you out of that chair in... In a long time. Do you ever recreate?" She had to look down then to hide her face since she was about to bust into little giggles. Suddenly her PADD was verrry interesting. But she was still listening!

Tarek would give a confused tilt of the head, while still not moving very much other than that. "I have noticed no such issue, and I spend my off hours in other locations on the ship performing other tasks." he'd say, plainly, not really understanding the sort of answer she expected. "Sir, we're in position and are dropping out of warp. Scans have displayed no vessel, nor any warp trail in the area.. The nav log you requested stop at the location of a pulsar in an adjacent system. Curious.." he'd announce to the Captain. A pulsar? How had they managed to fly directly into a pulsar? Certainly cadets did not belong at the helm without proper training...

Narris Trelak covered his mouth quickly and did his best to look serious. It ill became a captain to laugh on duty at a bridge officer. But now as tarek made his report, Narris frowned softly and stood up. "A pulsar?" he asked, heading for the tactical station. "Tarek, take us into the system at warp, but once we're in, bring us towards the star at impulse. All stations yellow alert." he tapped the security panal and brought their shields up, who knows what a pulsar might throw at you...

[#] Yellow Alert initiated, all crewmen to stations.

Jorune nodded when Tarek spoke. She was going to reassure him they must have just been on different schedules or something but apparently now that was not the time. Damn. She did react to listening to the two, turning to open the panel in the Commander's chair. It was about all she could do, to be honest. But after that Jorune went back to tapping away on that PADD in her lap and just keeping an ear out. She really didn't think she could be surprised while in a chair.

Tarek would nod, quickly giving an affirming "Aye Sir." he wheeled the ship back into warp. Moments later, when they would've arrived in the system, he again announced. "Halting warp sir, approaching the star at full impulse and decreasing when necessary." He then, with an embarrased look about him, slightly brushed his shoulders. Not that he could be embarrased, he simply watched to see who was observing his belated correction of a problem he did not believe existed... Humph.

Narris Trelak brought all the tactical systems online by now. "Take us to .5 AU from the pulsar if emmission levels are withinn safe limits. Begin full scientific scans. I am preparing a probe for launch. If that thing can fling us through this universe, it might be able to fling us back to our own universe." But of course he did his best to not sound too excited. "Yeoman, please monitor the science readouts, just make sure they are operational."

Jorune had simply closed the panel and gotten up once she was asked to do something. She even abandoned the PADD on the chair for now! Jor's tail whisked itself out of the way as she sat down, laying against her right hip this time. She'd graze her fingers over the system to wake it up. "Yes, Captain." Jorune wanted him to know she was now monitoring! Then back to tapping with her fingers.

Tarek would nod, "Aye sir, heading within .5 AU... Coming to a sir." he'd state, waiting for the probe to be launched. Finally something that could be potentially helpful, if not just raising the morale of the ship's crew for a few minutes. That could be valuable for all he knew. A part of him strongly desired a return home. He wasn't sure why. "I am compensating for gravitational fluctuations from the pulsar, sir. Also, we're receiving almost no readings from it aside from an unusally high energy reading due to subspace distortion." he'd report. Again he waited. He would then hope for everyone elses sake it would be their ticket home.

Narris Trelak began to make adjustments to his station, hands running smoothely across the LCARS. "Only slight drain to the shields." he announced, launching the probe. A flash would be seen as the probe headed for the pulsar. However, in a few moments it had vanished from site and they lost contact with it. "Bring us slowly closer, stop if anything unusual happens, anything. Don't get any closer than .25 AU. If we increase shielding, the distortions should not touch us."

[#] Narris Trelak "Bridge to engineering, bring warp core to full power output and prepare to divert energy to shields and SIF as needed."

Jorune didn't say anything since everyone knew what was happening apparently! Since everything was clear on her end she only continued to watch and monitor, flipping through a few different screens and occasionally making a few selections with her hands. Quiet and attentive for now. Of course, her ears constantly stayed open and listening at the same time. This seemed to interest her.

Tarek would nod, keying the commands into his console. "Aye sir, bringing the ship closer sir, we may encounter thicker distortions from this distance sir, although I cannot say for certain." he'd reply loudly. He wondered what sort of information that probe contained. The constant curiousity his mind always had wasn't helping in that respect, mind you. He remained in his seat, and again announced. "Helm is still compensating for gravitational pull, sir. We're maintaining our distance." His whole mind was now running all the 'what-if' scenarios it could think of.

[#] Anyone looking out the ship's forward window would see that they now floated in a pulsar star system, slowing approaching the flashing celestial body.

[#] Amicitia Rosden Engineering to bridge, warp at full power. Power has been diverted to shields and SIF. Anything else Captain?

[#] Narris Trelak "Standby, ensign"

[#] Amicitia Rosden Engineering standing by and awaiting further orders.

Narris Trelak was keeping his eyes fixed on the shield integrity. "We're still at 98% The probe might have somehow been transported to the far side of the star so that we can't pick it up. Maintain our distance here at .3 AU and bring us around to the other side of the star at quarter impulse."

Tarek would respond as quickly as ever, saying "Aye Sir, maintaining distance, and beginning orbit movement at one quarter impulse. It should take several minutes to get to the other side, sir." he'd say, firmly. He took the situation seriously. For some reason he found this particular study more important than any of the others that had been carried out, although he had no reason to find this more interesting... Curious.

[#] The ship began to pick up speed as it maintained its distance from the star and started to circle it. But without warning, and for no apparent reason, the ship came to an abrupt halt. In moments, everyone on the ship would begin to have their vision distorted with increasing intensity. Some more sensitive crewmen would experience headaches and even pass out.

Narris Trelak raised an eyebrow as the shield stress spiked. "Emergency power to-!" bue he didn't finish, suddenly shutting his eyes in pain and placing a hand to his forehead. "Computer." he said through clenched teeth, "Red Alert."

[#] Red Alert initiated

[#] Commbadges are no longer operational.

Jorune had continuede to go about her thing but her hands slowed when her vision went wierd on her. She closed her eyes tightly after a few moments and gasped as she dropped her hands from the station. She did brace herself by placing them on her thighs, though. Jor actually held her breath for a moment as she suddenly tried to concentrate on that pressure. Watch out! She might turn blue!

Tarek should have still been able to see, and if that were the case, he would then attempt to acertain just what had happened. Attempting to have the situation heard, he would then call out. "Captain! We've come to a halt. I am not entirely certain as to what just happened!" he'd shout, then turning in his seat to notice the evident pain that the others seemed to be experiencing. "Are the both of you alright?" He'd ask, in a half-shout. Now he was really confused...

[#] [please note, the visual distortions are still present thoughout the ship]

Narris Trelak was leaning against the panal in front of him, one hand making a fist over his forehead. Migraine! "Ensign..." he said, voice clearly pained, "Subspace- distortions- on ship... level?" He was most certainly not feeling well.

Tarek would have decided that the visual distortion had something to do with that. "It is impossible to tell sir, although naturally one must assume they're higher than tolerable levels. The ship has been immobilized sir, I can detect no motion." he'd say, partially blinded as well. Curious, where in the world did this come from? He wondered if anything in space happened gradually, it all seemed so very instantaneous...

Jorune - "This is... Horrible," she murmured. She opened her eyes once more to try and focus on the task infront of her. But when she failed she only closed them again. Jorune then did what she naturally did when faced with pain and an almost-circular like symbol appeared over the woman's forehead. It burned soft blue and cast shadows down over her brow.

Narris Trelak shook his head as if trying to clear it. "Try adjusting ship attitude, use thrusters, allign with distortions..." but that was all he could get out, the captain passed out and slumped to the floor. Hopefully Tarek's amazing brain had memorized the location of thruster controls, since finding them would be difficult.

Tarek would have, of course, memorized everything he had seen before in his life, so he would attempt everything the captain had requested. "Aye sir, attempting to compensate..." he'd say, pressing the controls as quickly as usual, having only his memory and the beeps to go by. Luckily he would not fail and wind up activating the self destruct sequence manually or something, that would be bad...

Jorune had finally taken her hands and placed them on the side of her head. Unfortunately, her little skill healed and yet there was nothing to exactly heal! She leaned over enough to take another deep breathe and try her damnedest to concentrate. But the poor Draenei only groaned.

[#] Slowly, and somewhat erratically, the ship began to rotate and turn under thruster power. At last, the distortion to everyone's vision would mostly clear, with a barely noticible distortion still present. But that did not mean things were over yet! Still, teh headaches and such would be significantly reduced.

Narris Trelak is passed out still for now.

Jorune did not immediatly do anything as the pain first lifted. She waited a few moments, opening her eyes and casting them in Tarek's general direction. "You're a savior, you know that?" Jorune used the station as she tried to slowly stand. "Is everyone else alright?" A check at Helm, to the opposite side of the bridge and to communications, etc. If they were [NPC]s or not, she would still give them a look over, no? As her head gave a dull pulse one hand came off the station supporting her to touch the side of her face.

Tarek would shake his head rapidly, like a dog trying to get dry while getting everything around him wet. He looked about, noting that indeed the Captain's suggestion had work as they had intended it to. That was good. And he hadn't caused the ship to explode... That was good too. He went back to working on getting further from the pulsar but he wasn't sure if they were going to be able to or not. It was all so very confusing to him, being inadequately explained and seemingly having no cause. "I am not sure I understand how you mean, but the sentiment is appreciated." he'd state calmly after hearing Jorune.

Narris Trelak was just having his head clear, even though it still pounded. He gave a groan and opened his eyes, getting an up-close look at the bridge floor. "Hold position, Tarek..." he said softly, perhaps too soft to be heard unless those android ears worked very well. He was stil trying to stay in command, despite his migraine.

Jorune had only noticed one down after surveying the bridge. She nodded to Tarek before she glanced to the station she'd been asked to monitor before tapping a few keys and leaving it. She walked away from it only far enough to peer over Tactical. "Are you alright, Captain? Do you... Do you need help up? Do you need to be escorted to sickbay?" There were pauses inbetween her own sentences as she worked around the deep throbs that plagued her head. She almost sounded breathless, in fact.

Tarek would appear confused, yet would confirm the order with an "Aye sir." he would keep the ship at the same distance, unsure of what good could come from that. Also, he wondered where the probe had gone, if it would return he might be able to figure out what was going on, outside the obvious. Either way, he remained at his station, doing everything in his power to keep the ship distortion-free. He was also beginning to become concerned for the others, as everyone on the bridge notably sounded pained for some reason.

Narris Trelak did not answer Jorune right away. He pushed himself into a sitting position and gripped the edge of the tactical console, forcing himself to stand. They might notice he was looking pale, but other than that he seemed outwardly fine. He tapped his commbadge, "Engineering, report." No answer, "Sickbay, casualties." He frowned, realizing communications were down. "Tarek, are the subspace distortions at the same intensity?"

Jorune did not like that she was ignored. But what was she to do? Ask her Captain to answer her? She was not medical and definitely not ranked to ask the man anything he felt the need to ignore! She sighed and only went back to the station she had been asked to monitor. This time she haphazardly flopped down and again paused with her eyes closed for a moment. She hadn't even cared to pull her tail out from under her bum. Of course, Jorune took notes that communications were down but she didn't comment.

Tarek would most likey find the readings to be the same, and if he did he would respond with, "Affirmative sir, no sign of any increase or decrease in distortion levels." he'd announce. He was still working at finding a way to decrease the amount of distortion but he wasn't coming up with much. His mind was still thinking more about the welfare of the other crewmembers as he listened in for sickbay's report.

Narris Trelak noticed Jorune turn away and return to her station. he could not help but smile at her. "I'm fine, yeoman." he assured her. A nod was given to Tarek and he moved swiftly back to his chair, flopping down with a sigh. "We'll have to head down to engineering," he announced, glancing at his arm panal, "propulsion is offline. I'll go... in a minute." he set his head back and closed his eyes.

Jorune - "Yes, Captain," she said when she was acknowledged. However, she continued to only go back to her station. Ah, damn, it had all leveled out. She sighed and leaned back, turning her chair so she could look out at the bridge once more. "That was horrid. Just horrid." Again, Jorune was rubbing her head and her eyes were closed.

Tarek would continue to make the best of his time at his station, still wondering what action needed to be made. He decide he would focus all his attention on negating the effects of the pulsar while the rest of the crew regained consciousness. How was it that nothing ever worked out for them, he wondered. He decided the ship's job was travelling from Trajedy A to Trajedy B, however each was a problem which was eventually solved, which was teaching each member of the crew rather well. So in the long run, these must be good things...

Narris Trelak slowly opened his eyes and stood up. He was still pale, and despite what he said, really was not looking to be in peak condition. "Tarek, you have the bridge, just keep her steady. Yeoman, you're with me." So saying, he started towards the starboard exit. As he approached it, he swayed and leaned against the doorframe as if he was about to lose his balance. Opening the door, he stopped and stared. Rather than see the hallway, he was looking into someone's crew quarters, and there was a crewman sleeping soundly in bed. The captain hurridly shut the door and headed towards the other one. "We may have some trouble getting to engineering..." he said.

Jorune almost didn't want to get up when he asked. She rose to her feet slowly and followed behind him, reaching a hand out to help him steady as he balanced on the door. The door to someone's room? "What in the...?" Jorune rose her own brow, stepping to the side but only to once again follow him to the other door. But she, again, didn't seem to be in such of a hurry as he was. In fact, her sing-songy smartass voice murmured to herself in a talk-show-host sort of way. "Can we see what's behind door number two, Sally?" Of course! A wonder trip to somewhere else random!

Tarek would respond with an "Aye sir". This was the first time he'd ever 'had the bridge' officially, besides all the times that he'd taken over on Gamma shift as Etana spent alot of time with Security matters. But this was an important milestone and he recorded it as such. He would've been happy with that, if he had the capacity to be happy that is. He did as he was told and held the ship in position, which seemed to be rather consistent as the visual distortions would not have changed.

Narris Trelak smirked at Jorune's words, not really able to muster a response though. Once more he seemed to grow dizzier near the door. It opened into a hallway, yay! But, it was a deck corridor, not the bridge hall. "It'll do." Narris said, quickly stepping through. But he didn't get very far, as soon as he was in the passage he gave a startled yelp and fell to the right wall. Yes, you heard that correct, he fell to the wall, not the floor. "Well this just keeps getting better." Narris said, sitting up. It would be rather comical from Jorune's perspective, to see the captain sitting comfortably (more or less) on the wall as if it was the floor.

Jorune followed Narris through the hallway but only got a few steps before he fell into the wall. "N-Narris?!" That caught her by total surprise! She took a few more steps and slowly tried to reach him hopefully without being pulled... Down? To the wall with him? Jorune had no temper and she did not like this. "What is going on?" Like Narris could answer her, right?

Narris Trelak looked at Jorune, who was standing sideways, and blinked. "Either the passageway is turned around, or the artificial gravity is malfunctioning..." He honestly had no idea. Carefully, he got up and walked to the door, doing his best to crawl through. He managed, barely, and rolled onto the brdige floor, just laying there and squeezing his eyes shut. "I'm gonna be sick." he groaned as he felt the world spin around him. "Let's not go out there just yet."

Jorune didn't seem to say anything more for the moment. She had ended up falling just like he had and grunted before having to get herself up just as he had. But she was slow to get off of the floor. Jorune frowned and continued to try and throw off the confusion so she could catch up to him. However, only finding themselves back on the bridge didn't help. She fell back to her knees and sighed. It took the Draenei a minute to get up off of the floor once more. Since the hallways led to the wrong places... Jorune hurried to the ready room's door and opened it.

Narris Trelak stayed right where he was, lest he lose his lunch on the floor. Jorune, upon opening the door to his ready room, would not find the ready room, figures. Instead, there was a bathroom, a very strange bathroom... The toilet and sonic shower were located on the cieling, and the lights where on the floor. The entire room had been flipped upside down. Or was it the bridge that was upside down? The other door in the bathroom, across from Jorune, was already open, and someone's sideways sleeping quarters. But while the bathroom was the type found in enlisted quarters, the quarters beyonf belonged to an officer, having only a single bed and more room.

[Roleplay ended May 23rd, 12:00AM FST]
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 5 - Distortion   Episode 5 - Distortion I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 12:50 am

Amicitia Rosden would come scrambling down the tubes back into engineering where everything was upside down. The woman was covered in the commander's blood and she just wanted to help medical get to her fellow unconcious engineers now that Des was under the care of the medical staff... just focus on getting folks medical attention. that's it . Don't panic.

Rake came awake to a viciously pounding headache. Groaning, he gradually opened his eyes to the most strangest scene he'd seen yet. The floor, or what he thought was the floor, was clean of any machinary always expected to be found in the engineering room. In their place were a mess of tools and devices, such as a tricorder, and the other engineers on duty he'd recalled seeing were now unconscious and lying strewn about the area. He looked up and discovered the feeling of confusion as his sight fell upon the engines and consoles upside down! Spotting Ensign Rosden, he lifted his slightly bleeding hand and attempted to speak. Unable to, he then tried standing and fell against a nearby wall. He was completely in pain. What happened?

Amicitia Rosden rushed over to Rake and since she spotted movement. The ensign didn't seem that disturbed at everything else being weird. She was past that stage right now. "Cadet Wright are you all right?" [xD] She'd ask frowning as she glanced at his hand. "Are you badly hurt? The horizon stumbled into something that messed up space and such. If you're all right we need to get these folks to medical." The woman was very matter of fact and her tone emotionless.

Rake righted himself, using the wall as support. The only pain that was keeping his attention was his left hand, but it was fortunately only bruised. "I suppose, Ensign Rosden," he finally managed to hoarsely reply. He looked mechanically at the unconscious engineers and said, his voice returning to him, "I'm thinking my hand might be somewhat broken, but it's fine to use. I'll assist you." For a moment he used the wall as a brace to reach the nearest man and hoisted him up weakly, but able. He was also capable of leaving the security of the solid wall structure and walking by himself.

Amicitia Rosden glanced at Rake and nodded. "It's all right if you can't Cadet. We're going to have to find our way to medical. Are you able to manage on your own?" she'd ask as she went around checking on the unconcious people, trying to figure who would need immediate medical attention from the looks of things. She was no expert but she'd do her best. Dried blood covered the woman's hands where she had held the injured commander. Ami hadn't had the time to wash them off yet.

Rake glanced back at the man he held, making sure he looked as bad as he had thought. He'd finally come back to himself and could still at the same time carry another's weight as well as walk. Leaving more of the man's weight on the right hand than the left, he examined first his head, then the rest of his body. Obviously his head had hit something. "This one is perhaps in immediate need of medical attention," he said to Rosden, then asked, "We can still reach sickbay, yes?"

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head. "I brought commander sivel there although I think the space has changed again so we'd be searching for medical again. Jefferies are the best bet." Ami would check an unconcious engineer and thought for a moment. She wasn't exactly the kind who could easily carry a person but there was no choice. "We'll have to help each other move the injured, especially up the vertical jefferies. Whether we like it or not, we have to try to get these people to medical. Let's go." Ami would half carry and half drag an uncconciuous crewman to the tube on her back.

Rake followed after Ensign Rosden to the Jeffries tube, managing the weight of the injured man in his arms as he walked. His pace was more of a trudge, but he wasn't too slow. He once again agreed with the woman Ensign. But to search for the medical? The space changed? he thought in confusion for a second. He understood the second he saw the sight outside of the engineering room. As he strode, he had to shift the man's body every now and then, but he forced himself to maintain his speed.

Amicitia Rosden would occasionally check the speed of Rake. She herself was having trouble moving her own injured person. Rake was injured, Ami wasn't but she wasn't used to hurling people around. That was for the men. "Are you coping cadet?" she'd ask as they moved along. Occasoinally Ami would stop and opened a panel to see what was behind. "It'll only be with luck that we find medical..." After many tries and what not, they would probably eventually end up in medical.

Rake's eyes were looking at Ensign Rosden's back, but he was not really looking at her. Attempting to keep his vision clear, he kept blinking as he said, "Yes, I'm coping fine." Glancing at the other engineer the woman was pulling along, he added, "Perhaps I can even help you carry him, too. We should be able to use our shoulders to take half his weight and bring him along." He didn't think about how they'd reach medical. It didn't matter. He would not stop until they did, as he was driven to do so.

Amicitia Rosden would accept the help Rake offered although it would be shared between them and probably lots of managing as they moved the injured up and down the tubes and about. Not a good thing to do but it was the best solution given the circumstances. Focus on the task at hand not anything else. More weird rooms would be found before they finally chanced upon medical. "We need help over here," she'd signal to the cadets on duty.

Rake relaxed slightly when they had eventually found sickbay. Handling one and a half of two people's weight with his injured hand was tiring him out, so on the next round he decided he would just carry half the weight of one wounded person with Ensign Rosden. That was what he had originally thought to offer, but he'd self-assured himself hoping he could manage. When the man in his arms's load was lifted, he massaged his hands and shoulders. "Shall we go for the next person?" he asked. "Or do we need to wait on these two?"

Amicitia Rosden shook her head, quite impressed that Rake could manage this much without a word of complaint considering his hand was injured. "No you stay here and seek medical treatment for your hand and if you're able to, scurry back through the tubes and search for engineering or any other place with injured folks and bring them back here." This round was done at least.

Rake's eyebrows met at the suggestion. It might be wise to follow up on that, but he thought that if he could control the situation like he had this time despite the non-urgent state of his hand, he'd be able to again. However, feeling that it would only slow things down, he didn't voice the idea and asked, "Can you manage to bring in any other people?" Gesturing at the man they'd half carried, he pointed out, "You couldn't carry this one."

Amicitia Rosden would just shrug. "I don't have much of a choice do I? I think I got that covered though." Why didn't she think about this earlier? Ami would play with the shapeshifting device. A form she didn't use that often for sure and infront of Rake, Ami would change into a zythel and she would look similar to Des in his biped form, save that she was pastel pink and female instead. "This form might work."

Rake, upon hearing her last statement, blinked as the woman seemed to change into a whole other shape. He rarely saw the commander, so the animal species idea was still quite new to him. Not wishing to look upon them, he gazed sidelong in another direction and muttered, "Well, all right, Ensign Rosden." Why couldn't she have done it earlier in the engineering room if she could have? he thought, then answered for himself, knowing that the female's mind was a strange one and that she'd probably just forgotten. A cadet on duty came to him and began inspecting his injured hand without his asking. He let him.

Amicitia Rosden didn't use the form and it was somethjing she wasn't used to... that and her mind wasn't on shapeshifting. "Come help me out when you can, and anyone else if they're up and able," with that she'd vanish down into the tube, scurrying as she did so, asking a medical cadet to follow her if they could spare someone now or somehting although she doubted it. Some folks were piling in on their own.

Desaede Sivel would have woke up almost suddenly, most wounds having healed and having just had to take time to wake up from what could have been determined as a natural 'healing coma' of sorts. The fox would have jumped up and promptly fell out of the bed because of the simple fact he'd had neural damage and it had to be regenerated......and as such movement first. He'd have fallen out of the bed and onto the floor...grumbling something about explosions and 'damned imps'....Abruptly he'd glance up and would see two others being Rake, and then the pink zythel? Well, there was only one person that adopted a pink zythel shape.....even still he was briefly blanked out, wondering why there was another zythel in the room, laying on his head upside down against the base of the bed....

Rake turned his eyes from the movement of following Ensign Rosden's exit and stared at his bloody hand, the medical staff's hands on them. The person began probing, and at the revulsion against any physical contact, snatched his hand back and began walking toward the directions of the bed. He noticed another creature by a bed as similar as the woman he'd just seen leaving and blinked. Recalling a second later that the commander was of the form, he settled a bit and hopped on the bed next to the creature's, now able to freely examine this stranger he'd so rarely seen as another medical staff hurried to him to study his hand once again.

Desaede Sivel would have shaken his head lightly, right ear flicking as he righted himself, wondering how long it had been since he'd come into the room. He of course wouldn't say anything at the moment...

Rake stared at the small animal, seeing the reactions it made, the twitching, the way it moved. None of the medical personnel had come for this creature, so it seemed to him that his reason here or his regaining consciousness wasn't urgent. His head and eyes snapped to his hand as he felt a painful pricking sensation, spotting white gloves moving about over his wound. He'd felt it wetting with moisture and he'd seen them cleaning it. Now they were stitching his hand! He curled it to forma fist, but strong hands forced it to remain still. Rake sighed, only just remembering that it was their job. He continued observing the commander as he attempted to ignore the medical's fixing of his hand.

Desaede Sivel would have sneakily glanced at the medics who hadn't seen his regaining conciousness miraculously. Of course then he'd try to inch towards the door, only to be seen and promptly chased by the rest of the staff who were yelling that someone who was half dead merely hours ago shouldn't be up again.....that he should be getting rest.....yeah...the foxeh getting rest...riiiiiight...

Rake found little humor in the fact that the creature was coming awake, checking to make sure it was not noticed, before trying to make its way to the door. When the medical staff began chasing it, only now just noticing him, the cadet on the bed having his hand stitched discovered better amusement. He was watching the entertainment when he finally felt his hand being freed. Glancing at it, he saw that it was bandaged with a tight band. "Keep it on and rest the hand for a while, cadet," he heard a doctor tell him, then the footsteps of him walking away. There was no time to rest, but he flexed his left hand for a bit as he tested it.

Desaede Sivel would have kept dodging the medical personnel, just getting over to the door before nearly getting a paw on it....he just wasn't able to shift for some reason....worst thing was he was stuck in this shape for the moment since the IM-D had seemed to have been taken off. He'd dodge to teh side, and one clumsy medical person would have knocked themself out on the door as the others kept trying to catch the fox, who just grumbled. "By the light just let me go see what happened! I dont' have time to lay around" he'd have growled, only causing the personnel to try to tackle him again, and the fox dodged, trying to keep out of their grip.....

Rake began to pick at his bandage, resisting the urge to unravel it. To distract himself, he had just decided to assist the medical in capturing the foxy commander when the gravity had disappeared and he felt himself being lifted without his will. His narrow eyes widening in surprise, he thought, what the hell? and began to float. Holding his bandaged hand with his right, he glowered at the ground, wondering where the gravity had gone.

Amicitia Rosden would come in with a few other injured, since gravcity was down it would be easier to move the bodies and she was back in her Orion form. Some of the engineers had woken up and they had picked up a few others. Well least they were floating around.

Rake looked toward the Jeffries tube at the entrance of Ensign Rosden and several others. "Medical, more injured are coming in," he told the medical staff in general and, grabbing the bed's solid supports, headed--or floated--in the direction of the ensign. He surveyed the scene and counted the amount of people. "My hand is better and I'll be able to assist you in looking for more," he finally said, holding up his left hand for inspection. "The commander's also awakened and they've got him restrained."

Amicitia Rosden would help medical with the injured before she sat down sighing needing a rest. When Rake told her that the commander was awake, she'd smile on hearing the good news. "That's good... If it's all right with you cadet, stay here and help medical. I think they're going to need more hands." Ami would get up and vanish down a tube again, wanting to fiddle with something.

Rake's eyes followed her exit again. Females--well, everyone, really--were strange. He had no desire to be stuck in the sickbay, helping the medical with the ill. Turning his head, he scrutinized the room, then floated closer to the Jeffries tube where a couple needed assistance moving. He helped them to an area between two beds. All the other beds were occupied. He tied the wounded one down nearer the floor, grasping and holding them tightly down, and while medical worked on him, had his other hand using the solid structure of the bed as support.

Rake looked toward the Jeffries tube at the entrance of Ensign Rosden and several others. "Medical, more injured are coming in," he told the medical staff in general and, grabbing the bed's solid supports, headed--or floated--in the direction of the ensign. He surveyed the scene and counted the amount of people. "My hand is better and I'll be able to assist you in looking for more," he finally said, holding up his left hand for inspection. "The commander's also awakened and they've got him restrained."

Amicitia Rosden would help medical with the injured before she sat down sighing needing a rest. When Rake told her that the commander was awake, she'd smile on hearing the good news. "That's good... If it's all right with you cadet, stay here and help medical. I think they're going to need more hands." Ami would get up and vanish down a tube again, wanting to fiddle with something.

Rake's eyes followed her exit again. Females--well, everyone, really--were strange. He had no desire to be stuck in the sickbay, helping the medical with the ill. Turning his head, he scrutinized the room, then floated closer to the Jeffries tube where a couple needed assistance moving. He helped them to an area between two beds. All the other beds were occupied. He tied the wounded one down nearer the floor, grasping and holding them tightly down, and while medical worked on him, had his other hand using the solid structure of the bed as support.
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[Roleplay Began May 24th; 8PM]
[Roleplay Included Narris Trelak, Jorune, Rake, Amicitia Rosden, Etana Sol, Tarek]

[#] And 4 hours later...

Narris Trelak stood up from his command chair and glanced at the other two who were on the bridge. "We can't do anything else here." he said, "We are going to find Ami and Des, then figure out how to escape this pulsar. Jorune, please take the medical kit. Tarek, set helm to autopilot, we must remain stationary until it is safe to move." he headed towards the door and opened it, he frowned. "Different hall, doesn't look like we will be able to memorize a new configuration..."

Tarek would nod to the Captain, simultaneously rapidly attacking his controls to set the autopilot to compensate for the shifting disruptions. He then stood quickly. "Aye sir, would you like to me join you then?" he'd say, looking at the medical kit, half-deciding he should grab it just in case. Should it be okay, he picked it up and waited for the Captain to deliver further orders. He was unsure about leaving the ship in the hands of the auto-pilot, but trusted that the ship's computer would be sophisticated enough to take care of the job that needed to be handled.

Jorune didn't hear Narris. Maybe he thought she was simply relaxing? She was sitting pretty oddly in the Commander's chair but the woman slept in odd ways. And after a few hours it was the only thing she could think of to try and clear her headache. She was in the chair backwards, her rump on her ankles, and her left cheek pressed to the back of the chair with her body leaned into it. Her arms were crossed over her chest to keep herself from putting her neck at an uncomfortable right angle. Jorune had apparently figured they were gunna be here for awhile.

Narris Trelak turned back around and leaned over the tactical console, he could not help laughing at Jorune when he saw her. His arm dropped down to gently shake her on the shoulder. "Jorune." he called, "Yeoman, wake up, time to go." He looked up and grinned at Tarek, but of course the ensign would not see the humor in her sleeping in teh commander's chair.

Tarek would look to Jorune. Had she fallen asleep? Curious, he had never seen anyone asleep. That was an odd thing to say for certain but it was true. Sleep was a new concept for him, although he knew all about it. "Captain, I believe it is presumable that if she is asleep she will be incapable of detecting your voice." he'd say quizzically, not entirely sure if what he was saying was counteracted by some 'human' thing... That did not concern him though, he just wondered if she was going to wake up. He watched with interest since he wasn't entirely sure where they were headed...

Jorune had heard him though. She brought her shoulders up when they were touched and squinted her eyes tightly before opening them. "M'sorry." Jorune sat upright then and rubbed her eyes, still facing the back of the chair. "Where are we going? Who else showed up?" She shifted her hips to get more bloodflow to her legs as she started to turn around. Jorune even flashed a smile at Tarek. "Are we all going?" Of course, she had not heard Narris tell her to grab the medkit moments ago.

Narris Trelak gave an amused snort in Tarek's direction. "I'm waking her up, ensign." he explained with a laugh. Then back to Jorune. "No one else has come, maybe the bridge is harded to get to. Yeoman, take the medical kit, the three of us need to find the others so we can work out a solution to this mess." he waited for her to get ready, speaking to Tarek, "Are we being pulled in closer to the pulsar, ensign?"

Tarek would nod, making a frown of sudden realization, displaying that he 'got it' now. "I see, in order to wake someone up you address them. Intruiging, perhaps you will allow me to try next time sir." he'd say, with the amused curiousity of a child. Then, getting back to his usual businesslike manner, he answered with a short "No sir, we are still stabilized for the most part at this time." then continuing to get up and head towards the door.

Jorune was sort of confused for a moment as she heard the end of Tarek's epiffany. "Address who? What're we talking about?" Then she looked back as she was given orders. Jorune stood and headed around tactical to work the medkit out from under it. "Do we know any more about the distortions yet? Or is it still a guessing game?" However, she did listen for Tarek incase he wanted to elaborate for her.

Narris Trelak shook his head at Tarek and grinned. "People don't always like being woken up, you had better be careful, it's not uncommon for a human to enter a bloodlust if you wake them up without a peace offering of coffee." He turned and opened the door leading into a new corridor on the ship. "Be careful, we don't know how the gravity might change." On a whim, he detatched his commbadge and tossed it through the entrance. It fell to the floor, but then began to slide across teh floor as if pulled by a magnet. "It seems there's a steep incline." he said cautiously."

Tarek would first answer Jorunes question of the situation. "It is unfortunately still unknown what effects the distortions will have." and then he would head for the door, still not ready to be done discussing the odd ritual of sleep. How curious that it would become dangerous to rouse someone from their sleep. He would need to learn more of waking negotiations, but that would have to wait for the time being.

Jorune hadn't said much more at all but instead just listened to the what they had to say. "I'm not hard to wake up. I won't bite." Once she had that medkit, she doublechedk everything in it just a quick glance (which could easily overlook something, she was far from being medical personell) before she closed it back up and followed Narris. She watched what he did with his badge and then rose a brow as it slid. That was definitely interesting to her. "Huh... We should do this more often! I like puzzles!" Pure sarcasm.

Narris Trelak turned and backed out of the brdige. Good thing he did too, because he almost immediately lost his footing and fell. Fortunately half of him was still on the bridge and he managed to hold on. But a look of pain crossed his face and he siad something which sounded distinctly klingon. He pushed himself off the bridge and allowed himself to slide down the hall. Fortunately he only went about 20 meters before he came to rest on the sloping side of the corridor. he lay tehre regaining his breath and then crawled out of the way. "Be careful," he called up softly.

Tarek would then pursue the Captain headed out the door. He was hoping that everyone else on the ship was alright, although the distortions had made the ship a rather unsafe place to be standing as of late. He marched out the door, curious as to why the Captain had begun falling. Then he heard the klingon... That threw him off for a moment. He walked into the hallway and easily scaled it, shifting his weight to compensate for the odd, er... angle? of the vessel.

Etana Sol slowly made her way down the hallways and such to try to get to the bridge. She was still a bit confused at all the changes but she was copeing. She mutters something in Silverian wich should never be translated. She was obviously haveing trouble walking due to some kind of injury. She ses Narris faling and says "Easy Captain. Too many crewmembers have been falling and such lately."

Jorune had stopped following poor Narris as soon as he was all out of whack and falling down the hallway. But she didn't exactly try to help him up, either. What would she have accomplished? Only sliding down with him? She had too many horns and hooves to go chasing anyone down slopes. She then watched Tarek which seemed to give her too much confidence in the slope. When Jorune entered the hallway, it was to the left, so she didn't collide with anyone. But she was smarter! She sat down! Or, at least, she thought it was smarter to ease down the slope on her rump rather then take a chance at falling. But once she got to the bottom she was up as quick as she could, pulling her skirt down and straightening it out. She was trying not to blush at her smooth move! "Etana!" Jorune chimed her name cheerfully.

Narris Trelak was holding his stomache, but other than looking pale like he had all day, he seemed unhurt. "The distortions are strongest around the doorways where the distortions take place." he told everyone, though one might wonder how on earth he knew that. He stood up carefully, trying to balance on the awkwardly tilted surface, and looked around. "There, a turbolift." he said, pointing, "It will be easy to get to." he turned to the others. "Everyone all right? Lieutenant, stay with us, we are going to find the engineers and the COmmander before we do anyhting else."

Tarek would waltz down the hallway and tilted his head, ruffling his brow with concern and confusion. "Are you all right, sir?" he'd ask, just to make sure. He turned to face the turbolift and checked behind him to see the others. "Greetings lieutenant, how are you today?" he'd ask casually, even though they were in a rush, standing on a steep slope. He didn't know how conversations changed with situations, he just wanted to seem polite. Either way, he was ready to get moving downward, again turning to stare at the door to the turbolift.

Etana Sol eyes grow wide as the Draenei comes sailing twards her. She sighs and says "Thats Leiutenant Etana Yeoman. We are on duty." She then pauses as Narris speaks and says "Aye Sir." She limps her way over to a turbolift and says "I see all decks are affected. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be on the bridge Sir. It won't happen again." She gruts softly to herself as she walks. She briefly says "Ensign Tarek." She would explain the short conversation to him later.

Jorune winced at the correction. "Right. I apologize. Just... Got up from a nap. I won't do it again, Leutenant." Once she was happy with the way her skirt was back to her knees and away from her thighs she would once again pick up the medkit and start to follow. "Leutenant... Are you alright?" Jor glanced down to the medkit, then back up as if she wanted to say 'I has medicine! I just... Don't know how to use most of it...!' But it really just looked like a pout.

Narris Trelak nodded his head at Tarek. "Yes, ensign, I'm fine." he assured the android. "You are fine, Lieutenant, it was hardly possible for you to get to us easily. Now, let's get out of here." he walked up to the turbolift and jumped into it, because they were walking on a wall now. he waited for everyone else to join him.

Tarek would hop directly toward the turbolift in his usual quick pace, only now he looked quite ridiculous being mostly bent over to compensate for the strange tilt. He would get into the turbolift and wait for the others. He felt the impulse to do something spontaneous, knowing that most of the crew members get bored on a trip in the holodeck and when others are present it creates what Jamie had referred to as an 'awkward silence' but it simply was not important enough to him to bother going out of his way to do.

Etana Sol nods and says "I think I'm fine. I seem to have sprained my knee when I fell out of bed during the...chaos. I will be fine. I haven't had time to get to sick bay yet. But it seems as if I'm headed there anyway so I'll get it looked at one day. Thank you for your concern Yeoman." She limps into the turbo lift and returns to her normal security position. Hands behind her back and at easy but ready for stuff.

Jorune just nodded when Etana ignored her. She glanced for the turbolift and even though they were standing upright to her she had to shake her head and the whole idea again. "This is... Beyond strange." She sighed and started to follow again, climbing into the turbolift. She even placed her hand on a wall as if it were going to steady her through whatever the Horizon was going to throw at them next. The other hand still held that medkit close to her.

Narris Trelak would have reached up a hand to help Etana down, followed by Jorune, if either of them wanted it. Once they were all inside, he said, "Engineering." and they were off. Almost as soon as this was done, they would realize what a bad idea it was to take the turbolift...

[#] The turbolift started racing off, but now it was traveling through a whips in which gravity changed from one part to another. In moments, they would fall in another direction, and before they had a chance to regain their breath, they were flung o the cieling of the lift, only to be dropped to the floor again. If that didn't make your stomach lurch, no roller coaster would. After a minute of being tossed around like rag dolls, the turbolift woul come to a stop, flinging them to the floor. At least they appeared to be on a deck that was rightway up... The door did not open yet.

Tarek would climb to a standing position after they'd leveled out. He stood up. A portion of the cosmetic faux skin which covered his face had been ripped off during the mayhem, exposing the circuitry below while not actually damaging him. He had failed to notice that his had happened. He looked about at the jumble of everyone else's bodies in the turbolift. "Perhaps that was not the best of ideas, sir?" he'd say politely, yet with a hint of concern because everyone else was still lying about.

Etana Sol allowed the Captain to help her down. Her knee was swollen under her pants and was probaly like jelly right now. She stands inside ridgid as ever and quiet. She was suddenly tossed to the ceiling then back to the floor. She holds her stomach and says "Reminds me on my zero gravity training at the academy eh Captain?" She coughs once and holds her stomach trying to quiet it down. She noticed Tareks face and blinks saying "Um ensign? Your face is comeing off." She didn't kno w what else to say to him.

Jorune's the fragile one. She bruises easier then a tomato! But that's what you get when you balance a race that's ageless. So by the time all the rattling was over Jorune was definitely not standing. She wasn't even speaking. She had let go of the medkit at some point and was only trusting it's durability to keep the damned thing closed. It didn't matter which wall or floor she ended up on she only pulled herself up into sitting and covered her face with one hand as she tried to regain herself. Awe.

Narris Trelak groaned, he was feeling bruised, and it would not a have surprised him if something was broken. "Ow." he said sarcastically, pausing to hear Tarek. "Thanks, Tarek..." he said, just lying there on his side and wishing he had never seen the turbolift today. Eye flitted to Jorune as the doors opened, "Are you all right, Jorune?" he asked with a touch of concern. The doors opened, but not on engineering. Rather, they had opened onto the deck whic was suppoed to house the bridge.

Tarek would acknowledge the lieutenants helpful remark. "Thank you, lieutenant... I failed to notice." he would say. He would then offer a hand to each of his fallen comrades to help them back up. Should he succeed in getting everyone back on their feet, he would then search about and salvage his face. Looks like everyone on the ship was going to need to take a trip to Sickbay, including himself. This was a rather strange event. He had never been 'physically' damaged before. Then a thought crossed his mind. No one seemed to have been comfortable with the fact he was an android when he was first introduced to the crew, but this would be a rather strange view for everyone. He attempted to conceal it so as not to frighten those who had missed the spectacle. He did not want to make the others more uncomfortable than they already were.

Etana Sol crawls over to a corner and braces herself as best she could untill the doors opened. She was less durable than a human after all. Bruises and such would be more obvious on her body. Anyway she takes a breath and says "Every one okay considering?" She holds her right side and says "Thats definately a bruise or a punctured lung." She would take a hand if Tarek offered. SHe would look at his face and still not understand why he didn't bleed.

Jorune did not take Tarek's hand when he offered it nor did she respond to Narris immediatly. But it was not to be rude at all! She just needed a moment to recollect herself. Her hand did come away from her face once her rump came up off of the ground. She had to wipe indigo blood off of one side of her face to open the eye on that side, probably smearing it. But she only crossed her arm over her chest to try and rub her left shoulder which she had failed yet to move. Jorune said not a thing. No cursing, no mumbling, not even a smartass comment which was strange itself.

Narris Trelak was more concerned with his aching body, and so missed Tarek's face lift [XD]. Slowly got up and was going to go over to check on his two injured crewmen, but suddenly he started to float. "Oh, well great." he said, "thank the four dieties for zero-g training at the acadamy." he gave himself a spin to face the turbolift exit. "This is not engineering." he said with a frown, "It's deck one. So much for that." He gave himself a gentle push off the wall with his feed and glided towards Jorune, taking her arm carefully and grabbing one of the turbolift's handbars. "Yeoman, are you hurt? How about you, Lieutenant? Tarek, can you get the medical kit before it floats away and attend Etana?" Then he was back to checking on Jorune. "Does anything feel broken?"

Tarek would nudge himself toward the kit and grabbed it lightly, simultaneously responding with an "Aye sir." Should he have reached the medkit in time, he would have taken it and shoved off in Etana's direction. He found a place to perch as he scanned over her with the tricorder, then he attempted to use the dermal regenerator to repair her wounds as well as giving her a hypospray with a light dose of anesthizine so she wouldn't feel any unnesseccary pain. "Are you feeling any more pain, Lieutenant?" he'd ask normally. He was well aware that an important part of being a medic was a bedside manner, which he feared he lacked... If only the other android were about, he seemed to be much better at that sort of thing.

Etana Sol crawls over to a corner and braces herself as best she could untill the doors opened. She was less durable than a human after all. Bruises and such would be more obvious on her body. Anyway she takes a breath and says "Every one okay considering?" She holds her right side and says "Thats definately a bruise or a punctured lung." Suddenly she seemed to be floating and she sighs saying "Of course." Her phaser floated out of its holster and her pony tail started danceing on its own. She just folds her arms and tries to orient herself. She looked defeated at this point. To Tarek she says "My knee is throbing still. My left side feels bruised and I'm pretty sure I hae a slight cocussion."

Jorune took her hand away from the injured arm only to place it on her stomach. But she had only closed her eyes again to try and tame her head. You knew it had to have been hurting her because another think streak of blood crawled back down the left side of her face and she once again wiped it away. "Just... one moment." Her voice was a little shaken but that was expected after being tossed around in such a manner. "I think I'll be alright. We need to find... Engineering, right?" But she didn't move yet and only continued to float.

Narris Trelak sighed at finding himself in such an unpleasant situation. "Come on..." he said to everyone, wrapping an arm around Jorune. "Just relax, yeoman, you are injured so I want you to move as little as possible. I am going to guide you with us until we find medical personnel. Ensign, please do the same for the Lieutenant." With this, he kept Jorune in a loose hold and pushed off with his feet, bringing both of them out of the turbolift. He looked around for the nearest door and headed towards it.

Tarek was now disappointed with himself. "I apologise, this should only take a moment longer lieutenant. I am attempting to access my database of medical procedure... Ah, I believe this procedure will prove more useful." he'd say at first with disdain for his incompetence, and then with newfound hope. He then produced an autosuture from the kit and used it to patch the blood vessels rapidly to stop further bruising. He also used a vascular regenerator to remove the blood which had already escaped her circulatory pathways. Finally, turning his attention toward the lieutenant's injured knee, he produced an osteo-regenerator and attempted to mend whatever bone damage must've occured. Should he have been more successful this time, he would be much more satisfied with himself.

Etana Sol nods and says "Thank you Ensign. Now lets follow the Captain." She would swim her way out following Narris after ashe was all healed. SHe would have to remember to properly thank Tarek later.

Jorune frowned when she found herself being tugged at. "Let me try." If he hadn't, she'd not of complained and just put up with her situation. Had he let her she'd of tried to follow. But Jorune was slow, having to stop to wipe her sleeve over her face and whatnot. And I just had a total brainfart... So that's all you get.

Tarek would pack the assortment of handheld tools back into the kit and would then propel himself out the door, flailing his legs as though to further speed his drift through the doorway, wondering where they would be headed to next.

Narris Trelak would of course have let Jorune go on her own. Damn Starfleet crewmen, they made terrible patients, never stayed put when you tried to help them. Oh well. Opening the nearest door, he was not altogether displeased to find sickbay. "Everyone inside." he said quickly, going in.

Etana Sol nods to Tarek and pushes herself ouit the door with out a word. She was ready to get things moveing and zero gravity just seemed to annoy her.

Jorune was not at all unhappy to find the next door was sickbay, either! She'd of probably not been able to make it far, afterall. However, she seemed too apprehensive about going in the darn door and let everyone else go first! Just to make sure it wasn't going to throw her on her head or something! "Captain... Can I make a request?" She put her hand on the doorframe to give herself another little shove and get moving again.

Narris Trelak spun himself around, floating upside down and smiling comically at Jorune, he almost enjoyed this... "Yes, of course you may, Yeoman." he said. He was going to say more, but waited for Jorune's request.

Etana Sol swims on in sickbay after Tarek and company. She just wanted to sit down and put ice on her knee or something. It was still sore but at least it wasn't all jelly like and as swollen. She simply hovers and waits to be told what to do. She did take the moment to do air sommersualts. It was fun and she wasn't busy right now so why not enjoy the moment?

Tarek would float through sickbay's door, looking about, noticing Cadet Wright had also found his way to sick bay. Lucky thing that everyone had made it. He hoped, at least, he was unaware of who else might still be on the ship. He ditched the medical kit in the middle of the room and would ask, "Sir, I believe we would be more successful in aiding the injured if we found a way to restore the artificial gravity in this room." he'd suggested. However, he had no clue how they would go about fixing the gravity, it was a distortion problem after all, right?

Amicitia Rosden had gone off to try and find an engineering console to modify the gravity but alast she somehow ended up being back where she started from... and there were others around. "Oh hello..." she'd say as she floated out of the panel and saw the bridge crew. "Captain, engineer's upside down and we've managed to get the more serious cases here. Comm's are down but we haven't figured out why yet." She'd report right off.

Jorune - "A pair of pants," she replied to him. Jorune had to once again drag her sleeve over her face. But at least she could see, right? She was even smiling at everyone's antics as she tried to move herself to the side and out of the way. "Khronikai Khristor," she said to Ami. Jorune just hoped the engineer would remember the greeting.

Rake turned his head, his hands still clasped onto the wounded man he was holding down, in the direction of the doorway at the entry of even more people. Upon looking at the bridge crew with a more focused scrutiny from the far away bed, he saw that they clearly were. He'd have reported the situation engineering, but heard, once again, Ensign Rosden and her quicker report. He returned to assisting the other injured engineers, this time using only his one working hand.

Narris Trelak nodded to Ami. "Thank you, ensign." he said, "Good to see the engineering team is all right." A smile was sent her way. He blinked at hearing Jorune's request, and couldn't help but notice the poor girl's skirt floating in awkward directions. "Oh, of course, Yeoman," he said, waving a hand towards the medical replicator, which of course sent him spinning. "Listen up, everyone, sickbay is going to be our base of operations. Don't go to far, and when you do not have a duty to perform, stay here. No orders for tonight, everyone take care of their injuries and get some rest. We will figure something out tomorrow. "Tarek, use a medical console to set up basic status monitors and another to patch basic controls to our location."

Tarek would float at his slowest speed yet to the console in question. He drifted slowly through the air, spinning gradually as he went. Finally, he reached his target. He began to key into the console as best he could, which wasn't too entirely difficult, but for the first few seconds it was a new experience which he'd had to get the grasp of first. Finally, he responded with a "Constrols rerouted sir, and status monitors are active." finally, he drifted into the top righthand corner of the room and waited there.

Etana Sol shrugs and figures she could take a few moments to tend the rest of her injuries and then sleep for a moment. SHe didn't figure security would be needed for the moment. She assumed if a security situation came up someone would wake her. So unless she was needed she would find a corner to rest in as her player goes to bed.

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head and looked around. "I was trying to find my way back to engineering or a console to fix the anti-gravity. Should I get back to looking for it?" The ensign looked rather worn out considering she had transversed through the tubes upteen times looking for medical and engineering or what not. A grin would be given to Jor when the woman greeted her, and a wave.

Jorune was happy to see Ami had remembered the Draenei greeting! This put a grin on the woman's face and she waved back with her right hand. The left, however, had not been moved yet. It was hurting her. She paid attention to what Narris had said but didn't exactly acknowledge it since it wasn't to just her. And she just stayed out of the way for now. But seeing everyone so busy she would cast a simple trick on herself, the Naaru's symbol bright on her forehead. As long as her skirt stayed in place she didn't even bother to go get herself something else, either. Jor just wanted to catch up with herself right now.

Rake, hearing the weariness in Ensign Rosden's voice, gave her a cursory once-over and noted that she was tired. "If you do, I will assist you this time. I am weary of this room," he told her, not taking no for an answer. Removing his clutch from the injured man, who began to float into the air without Rake's hold on him, he let go with his right hand and let himself float as he adjusted the bandage on his left hand, tightening it. He headed in Ensign Rosden's direction, hoping she'd take the task on fixing the gravity and putting them back on ground level already, damn it.

Narris Trelak nodded his head. "Very good, Tarek." he said, "Alert us if anything changes and take emergency action as you judge fitting." Then to Ami, "Don't worry about it," he said, "I think things will be much easier on everyone if the gravity remains off until this situation is resolved. We don't want to risc causing injury to the crew when gravity is reengaged. The gravity flunctuations were effecting my biochemistry anyways. Take a well-deserved rest, ensign."

Etana Sol seeing she wasn't needed stays out of the way and sleeps.

Tarek would turn to face the Captain from his peculiar spot on the ceiling. "Excuse me sir, I believe I am of no futher use to you here. If you do not require anything else, I would like to use this opportunity to test a theory of mine involving the effects of a zero-g environment on the acoustics of my cello." he'd say in a normal voice, not expecting this to sound humorous because it was in fact one of his many crazy scientific theories he had not had the opportunity to study until now, really. He'd wait for a response, and assuming he got the approval he would fly towards the hatch and disappear into the jeffries tube. If the situation was doomed to remain this way for now he was going to make use of his time.
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Desaede Sivel would be taking a nap, curled up on the bed since nobody would let him leave the med-bay even though he woke up a while back....

Narris Trelak: Narris Trelak was floating upside down (he seemed to enjoy that) with a thoughtful frown in the little seating area of medical. "Hopefully the ensign will find them soon." he said, half to himself and half to anyone else around. He had sent an security officer to find the admiral, as well as Ami and her sister.

Aiticima Rosden followed Karlos to the sickbay, not really thinking twice about the dress she was in. If they were called it was likely important, and who was she to ask questions of commands. She doubted that anything would come from what they were wearing. But what they needed the three of them for was certainly perking her curiousity.

Amicitia Rosden came in following Karlos and Aiti quietly looking about. Hmm zero-gravity was fun and such but she was getting tired of it... that and it would probably be tiring to move about when gravity came back or so xD;; Oh well maybe she should fix it to earth's moon gravity before completely bringing it back to earth gravity.

Karlos Ashton would enter sick bay looking around at everyone "I hope this is important, We have plans..." His big plan was to stop his stomach from being empty and sleep all night with a full stomach. This was getting in the way of it and now the food would be getting cold. He'd look at Narris, it was obvious he had come from dinner since he was dressed in casual clothes "Well.. What's going on?"

Narris Trelak looked at Karlos and gave an apolagetic smile. "Sorry, Admiral," he said with a nod, "but we need to get out of this pulsar's distortion field. We have patched the ship controls to medical consoles, we will do everything we can here until we are out.

Rake had only been staring blankly at the ceiling, awaiting Ensign Rosden's return to sickbay. He shut his eyes, not exactly falling asleep as his hearing were tuned to any sounds that would begin the telling of the real situation at hand in order to explain to the admiral and the Rosden twins. He continued to remain this way even as they had entered the room.

Aiticima Rosden kept her hands on her thighs to keep herself as straight as possible. She looked from Karlos to Narris and said nothing. If there was anything they wanted her to do, they would tell her. But really she did not know what would need to be done to do such matters.

Amicitia Rosden was rather amused that medical had turned into an impromtu bridge... and she still was even after a long while. Easily amused this one was. She would just stand there rather confused though until orders were issued or questions asked. Her mind was on the dinner on karlos' quaters xD;

Karlos Ashton nods, he knew he should have made a sandwich before leaving.. He'd look around at everyone and nod "Very well then, let's get to in. No use in standing around! If anyone specialises in a station then cover off at it! The remainder fill in the stations that are unmanned!" He felt he needed to present his authority before returning his gaze to Narris. "I've been unfit for duty and reports don't make their way to me. The commands yours Captain." It was true, he wasn't meant to be giving orders at all right now due to how messed up his head was due to the distortion and the recent events with the twins tears.

Narris Trelak would give a nod to the Admiral. "You needn't stay if you are unwell, Admiral." he said, then he turned to the others. "Ensign Rosden, I want your advice as an engineer. How can we escape the distortion field's effects long enough to activate warp drive? Commander, any ideas? Counselor, how has the crew been effected by the dissorientation they ahve experienced?"

Vagh sighed a bit as he went through his reports on the desk, muttering to himself as he went over the non-essential damages and requests, pushing them to the side as he came through them. Yeah yeah, get to them later kind of thing. Everything he had on his books was pretty well under controll, but stuff like minor headaches and extra emisis bags could wait anyway. Whiney people. He would turn around, looking to the admiral, "Aye Sir." Oh, least he could get out of the zero gravity room for a bit...then again, knowing what it was like to report here when all this happened it was going to be a great warrior's march to the bridge!

Rake was unconsciously rubbing his rubbing at his bandaged hand as he opened his eyes at the calling of orders from an unfamiliar voice, suddenly finding himself in front of one of the injured citizens. Blinking, he came to an upright position, only slightly nauseated but clearing, and placed the commands as coming from the admiral. He studied the higher-up stranger for a moment, then went to follow the given duty. Finally, he didn't need to work with the medical personnel anymore. He shouldn't have been anyway with this wounded hand. Still, he chose to remain in the room for a bit, staying out of the way of others as he rested the sore hand until it wasn't so tired anymore.

Aiticima Rosden looked at the captain and spoke, "well sir. If you want that information now.. it will effect them individually. It is impossible to throw everyone together in a lump and say 'expect this'." After all, look at how Ami was doing cartwheels and loving the anti-grav while others were finding it completely maddening. "No one has come to me on the matter. So nothing to report yet, Captain." Besides, the crew on this ship handled these things in stride it seemed.

Amicitia Rosden glanced at Karlos, worried for him. Over the week he had become quite the friend to her and she hoped he would be all right once they were out of here. When the captain asked for her advise, she'd think about it for a moment. "Engineering has tried everything to get the engines working although it doesn't seem to be a technical fault. The distortions are causing it which makes it trickier... However, the bays are working and we might have some sort of weird propulsion system set up if we could move the ship slowly out of the pulsar's field by releasing air out from the bays."

Narris Trelak nodded to Aiti. "Please let me know, counselor, if you notice any effect taking place on crewmen from this beyond anything normal." He turned his eyes to Ami and shook his head. "We could do that with thrusters." he reminded her, "but it would take weeks to get out of here, and we don't know what could happen before then." he paused to dig through his own knolwedge of science, "Can we generate a powerful warp field around the ship with the IDF and SIF systems, or better yet the shield, enough to counteract the effects of the spatial distortions?"

Vagh blinked a bit, oh joy, techno-jargon. He turned to look over the area once more before seperating the two reports into two seperated pads and replacing the esentials in the right drawer and the not-so in the left. "I'm not one for propulsion systems but would it be possible to use say...the shuttles and or repair systems as a sort of additional thrust or towing mechanism perhaps increase our initial speed out of here and then try to beam them back on board? If we do that remotely, we could even have less of an issue. Assuming the effects of this...thing didn't stop the transmissions? I don't know. I'm not an engineer, just a thought."

Rake heard the captain's last comment about how it would take quite a while to remove the ship from the field. His eyebrows furrowed into a frown and his tuned focus registered the question asked of Ensign Rosden. Just about verging on the decision to leave the sickbay, he waited on her answer of the possibility. He had no clue as to what to think about the medical stranger's, who had just spoken, idea. He really should have had more training on the matter.

Aiticima Rosden gave a deep nod of her head as a sort of bow. "If anything comes of it I will imediately." After that she was out of place and unnecissary, and she looked away to where they had come from and where the admiral had left with knitted brows but would stay until she was dissmissed. She knew nothing about how the engineering should work and her input would only waste time.

Amicitia Rosden thought for a moment. she had forgotten about the thrusters. A glance was given to Vagh at his suggestions and she'd stand there blankly for a while... before reaching for her PADD to enter a few things into it. "It could be possible but it might be moot. The engineers ran a few tests on some of our systems and no change was reported with the distortion when the SIF and IDF were applied.... is there anyway that we could trigger an explosion outside and ride the resulting wave?"

Etana Sol walks into sickbay with a heavy sigh. For once she wasn't really hurt aside from fatigue and a deep confusion of whats happening. She hated the ships 'new design' and mutters something to herself about twisted corridors. She brings in a security cadet and says "Medic we have another one. I think she broke her ankle." She drops her in the care of a medic and shakes her head.

Narris Trelak glanced over at Vagh and listened to him, he would take any suggestions, and considered everything carefully. "We could, maybe," he said, "But it is not the engines that are the problem, they still work, it is the warp field itself that does not work. The distortions are collapsing the warp field before it can move us, and the impulse engines are effected for a similar reason, though I am not sure why. The shuttles would also be dead in the water. What we need is to increase the warp field's intensity enough counteract the distortions, or otherwise shield the ship from the pulsar's effects." He eyes Ami now as she gave her suggestion and, if anyone was wondering, he was still floating upside down, "If we made the shield more powerful it should work." he said, though he doubted they could get enough now that she said something. "An explosion? It would have to carry us at least .5 AU, a normal explosion from photon torpedoes would be insufficient. >>

Narris Trelak >> But... ensign, can you set up a subspace concussion? Like a mine?"

Rake stared at those who spoke, following their discussion with rapt attention. Engineering seemed to have no need of him at the moment, and so he waited for the captain and Ensign Rosden to come to a solution and conclude the distorted situation. He thought that he, or the others, might be missing something. He would consider all possible solutions that he knew of as he continued to half- listen and half-think at the same time. If it appeared to be going nowhere, either the debate or his mind, then he would return to engineering to assist the others. They still had short a few hands to work it.

Aiticima Rosden listened to what was going on, but still had no input nor was she any help. She was only taking up space so she looked to the captain and asked, "permission to be dismissed, sir?" If he needed her he could say otherwise, her eyes drifted over to Ami and watched her.

Amicitia Rosden thought for a moment. "It could be possible to set one up... although the trouble would be placing the mine and detonating it. Tractor beams aren't working so it would mean we'd need someone to man a shuttle out into the field to deposit the mine. Given the distortion, it would be highly dangerous since we do not know if the distortion might trigger the detonation before we give the signal... or if our signals can even reach it." A wave was given to Etana when she entered. Ami glanced at her fellow engineer. "Got any ideas about the mine?"

Etana Sol waves to Ami as she floats around to check on the other injured security personel. Satisfied that everyone was in good condition she went back to Narris and says "Evening/morning Captain." SHe didn't bother to say anything further since he was speaking to Ami about important things.

Narris Trelak glanced Aiti's way and gave her a smile. "Very well, if you wish." he said, then he realized Etana had entered, "Lieutenant, I am glad you found your way to sickbay all right." Then he turned back to Ami. "Modify a photon torpedo and set a time on it for detonation." he instructed, "Make it plenty of time, we can wait. Also, we need to make sure the ship will not be badly damaged from the shockwave."

Rake wasn't fazed when Ensign Rosden looked toward him. He had been expecting the question, though not specifically about the mine. Ignoring the entrance of a few other people, he thought for a moment as the captain began giving orders to her. "I can think of nothing, unfortunately. It would indeed be a high risk to take bringing a mine out there. It should be set to an explosion that won't damage much of the ship, as the captain said."

Rake added, "I am sure the distortion is of a high level, as seen from the damage it caused the ship, and likely to make worse the situation to bring a larger than necessary mine.

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head. "Lets hope it'll work then. Cadet Wright and I would work on it although... sir... nevermind," Ami looked like she had something to say but thought better of speaking her mind. IT was just a possibility but even if that happened there didn't seem to be anything that they mgiht be able to do if it occured. [yey short]

Narris Trelak frowned slightly at Ami. "If you have a concern, do not withhold it, unless you want to endanger the ship uneedfully. How long will it take before you are ready to launch a mine?"

Etana Sol sommersaults through the air and says "Ensign I wish you would do something. I'm so tired of bringing my security people and others in here on a daily baises. I am also tired of breaking and twisting things due to a vmefed up ship. I know your trying but please lets try something. I would hate to be caught in this condition if thiose alientaurs decide to attack."

Rake headed by way of floating for the exit to ready the said mines. He awaited Ensign Rosden and the captain to finish speaking, his concentration still focused on the discussion. He had the patience to wait on what the green female had been about to say, all the while still attempting to think of any options to improve the mine solution.

Amicitia Rosden sighed for a bit. "I'm afraid due to distortions that even if we have an explosion, the distortion might make space close enough to the ship... or in the ship, enough to cause sufficient damage... there's nothing that I can think of that we can do to avoid such a thing." a meek grin would be given to Etana. "When order has been restored Lieutenant... I give you my word we'll have some form of gravity back... unless the captain says we should bring it back now... modification of the torpedos would take a few hours sir... hopefully not more than 5 hours."

Etana Sol shakes her head and says "The way the corridors are now its better without gravity. The problem is the condition of the ship altogether not just the lack of gravity. I mean not to blame anyone or rush anyone but things are a bit bleak right now." To Narris she hands a PADD and says "The security report is small and I can olny say personel are on alert untill things calm down."

Narris Trelak nodded to Ami. "Understood," he said, "we will have to risk the damage, set the SIF to maximum capacity and we will put shields on full. See if you can get that torpedo modified in three hours tops. Cader Wright, you are to assist Ami as needed. Lieutenant, as soon as we are out of the distortion field, the gravity will be engaged." He looked around at everyone and gave a nod, "Dismissed."

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head. "You have my promise Lieutenant," she'd say with a grin and when Narris said dismissed. Ami would nod and grab Rake's arm. "Come on we're going to make things go splody!" she'd say with more glee in her voice than should be necessary.

Rake neither agreed nor disagreed with Ensign Rosden's doubt. He followed the task given to him, planning to wait for the woman to leave first before trailing after her. She didn't seem to take interest in testing risks, when he was filled with potential risky ideals. However, before he could go with his intentions, she purposely came in contact with him and took hold of his arm. He snatched it back and floated behind, frowning at her behavior.

Etana Sol growls in annoyance. It was a growl as far as Silverians went away. It sounded like a long quiet sigh. She was annoyed at the gravity but she understood the reason why it was off too. She would just have to be patient. She pushes off and does another sommersault in the air just for fun. She smiles to herself and floats back to Narris saying "Its just irritating Sir. I'm not expecting you to endanger anyone because its inconvenient. I can be patient a while longer." She offers him a small smile. SHe was obviously tired but still in 'perfect' condition.
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(Roleplay took place June 14th)
(Roleplay included Narris Trelak, Amicitia Rosden, Seth Baxter, Lucas Lunara, Rake, Hatchet Shell)

Narris Trelak was floating upsidedown near the ceiliing, looking thoughtful, even though the upside down part made him look rather comical. He was waiting for Ami to return and tell him everything was ready.

Seth Baxter looks around a bit, floating around the room, a comical look to his face. "Sir, I was wondering if possibly reversing the giroscopic poles to the engines controls would bring the gravitational fields back online for the ship?" He sighed a bit, trying to figure something out. "Is it at least worth a shot?"

Rake entered the sickbay silently, scanning the crowd in the room first before floating toward the nearest bed. He rested his aching hand there, deciding to wait for Ensign Rosden to be the one reporting to the captain. He didn't feel like speaking, only ready for the strategy to commence.

Amicitia Rosden would come in through the tubes following Rake, keying in data into the PADD. "Reporting sir, the bombs are made and ready to be placed. Simulations ran and worked all right after some tweaking... Good news is that if it works, we'll be out of here. Bad news is if that it doesn't, we'll all go out with a bang," she'd say in a rather inapproriate cheery tone.

Hatchet Shell had returned to the Sickbay, having just dealt with another crew member. He seemed to have gotten te hang of this no-gravity thing before anyone, moving along as if nothing happened. Seeing everyone seeming to crowd into the medical bay, he just lay back in mid-float and got comfortable, listening.

Narris Trelak glanced at Seth and chuckled. "Our engineers shut the gravity down." he said, "Too many people were injured by the distortions." He listened to Ami's report and shook his head at her cheeryness. "Thank for that, Ami." he said with a wry grin. Then he started giving orders "Ensign baxter, helm, keep us steady once the subspace wave hits us, ride it. Ensign Rosden, you and Wright prepare the torpedo to launch on the aft launcher, fire on my command. Initiate red alert." he leaned over a console and made that change himself.

[#] Red Alert, all crew to emergency stations.

Seth Baxter propelled himself to the console being used for helm, shaking his head as he got ready to deal with it. "That is understandable, will there be anymore explosions on the ship, or will we just be dealing with outside disturbances?" He chuckles, looking over the console.

Rake instantly went to follow the command. He headed back over to the accurate console where he would be able to launch the torpedo, awaiting for the captain's order on when. He then checked the status of the shield, remembering to relay that part of the details. "The shields are prepared to withstand the explosion," he stated, his trained gaze on the panel before him.

Amicitia Rosden giggled and rubbed her hands gleefully. Either she was originally crazy like this, or Des was being a bad influence. "Torpedos are ready sir. The commander and I ran some simulations. To get us out of the place, we're going to need three lines of mines exploding one after another such that the wave produced harmoizes together. That would create enough power to toss us out of the field. Anything else is too little and that's the minimum we got." One hand would jab at Seth's direction. "We need to time it such that the ship is ready to ride the explosion wave when it comes otherwise it'll cause unncessary strain on the shields. Carrying out Fourier transforms, we've calculated where the position of the ship should be for maximum effect." She'd hand her PADD over to Seth before looking back at Narris. "Torpedos are ready to be launched sir." The PADD would show Seth the information of the simulation and the timings at which he would have to expect the wave. "Lets pray space outside isn't distorted."

Lucas Lunara floated around the room, watching everyone receive orders. He'd drift to the captain, and hover in front of him, saluting the best he could in suspended gravity. "Cadet Lunara, operations. Awaiting orders, sir."

Narris Trelak shook his head at Seth. "I hope not." he said, "But we should only take minimal damage." He looked at Lucas then. "Crewman, increase the SIF and IDF to full power. " He tried pointing as he gave orders, but this only sent him spinning slowly in the zero-g so he stopped after a while. "Wright, divert all non-essential engine power to those systems please. Ami, well done, you will launch the torpedos on my mark. Helmsman, let me know when you are ready."

Seth Baxter looks at the captain, nodding as he checks the PADD he is handed, typing in a few commands to help with the timing ratios in his console, looking back to Narris again. "Sir, I am ready, the schematics show that I will be able to hit it in at .7 AU and by the time the explosions reach, the engine thrust will be ready to help with the explosions. Lets rock this ship..."
Rake acknowledged the order as he heard it. He scanned the console before proceeding to type in the conversion of all non-essential engine power from the ship to the SIF and IDF systems. Absently, he found that there was quite an amount of such non-essential powers as the process went through. Finished, his eyes remained on the console as he told the captain, "Transfer is complete."

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head as she drifted over to the console to ready it for the torpedo launch. Hopefully the space distortion wouldn't be that bad outside... It would be worryin if she couldn't position the mines properly out there. Space might make it too near to the ship. While she gleed since she got to fire torpedos... the aspect of danger was very very real. "On your mark sir... I'd recommend holding onto something. You don't want to be drifting and wait for the wall to smack your face while you remain stationary and the ship moves."

Lucas Lunara kicked away from the captain and floated to the PADD that corresponded to his station. He quickly began punching in commands, focusing intently on the screen. He wanted to make no errors. He'd hate t be the reason this mission failed. He placed the IDF and SIF at fullpower, and relayed this to the captain. "Captain. IDF and SIF are at full power. Awaiting further orders."

Narris Trelak pushed himself off the cieling and drifted down to grab one of the seats in sickbay. "IDF should protect us from that." he said to Ami, "But definately a good idea to hang on." He glanced around to maek sure everyone was ready and nodded to Ami. "Punch it." he said.

Seth Baxter typed in a few more commands as he grabbed his console ready for nything as he types in commands. "I am ready over here, launch em." He shakes his head."Hold on to your asses folks and hope this works."

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head. "You got it Captain!" She would let out a sinister laugh, one that would be, if anyone else ever heard it before, similar to Des'. Might raise the goosebumps on some. "Torpedos launching." In a while she'd reply while watching the console. "In position sir." Somehow she had made a big red button appear on the screen that said FIRE. Which she wold tap. "Detonating in 10...9..." she'd start counting down.

Lucas Lunara kicked himself to the nearest bed, and cluthed to the side for dear life. This was going to be a bumpy ride, he knew. He imagined what it would've been like to ride a 20th century roller coaster, and then changed his thoughts. He couldn't be thinking about something like that right now. He had done what was asked, now all he had to do was survive.

[#] 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1........

[#] The torpedoes detonated, and in moments the subspace wave crashed into the Horizon, sending it hurtling forward, away from the pulsar.

Narris Trelak held on for dear life, sort of. "Cadet Lunara, monitor those fields, adjust them manually if needed. Take her away, helmsman. Brace yourselves everyo-" But then he stopped as teh ship jarred forward and he felt his arms wrenched as they held the chair.

Seth Baxter groans a bit, pains in his sholder where the metal arm is hiddenly attached as he holds on with it, typing in commands with his fleshy arm. as he keeps the ship steady, he hears the connectors that hold his arm and leg in place starting to rip. His leg disconnects first, flying into the wall with a loud THUNK. The limb dents the wall as the metal in his arm starts to bend, still keeping the ship steady."Aaaaaaaargh, we got it so far Captain, everythings good, if you dont count limb separation..."

Amicitia Rosden would hold on tight when the wave came, monitoring the progress of the detonation, and helping Rake with maintaining the power levels of the shields and what not... she could only pray and hope that none of the engineers were sent hurtling into the warp core... while it wasn't working, it was still turned on... it would result in lots of zapping... She'd blink when she heard a metal thunk but would ignore it while she stayed focused on the screens... or tried to.

Lucas Lunara climbed the beds and technical apparatus to his terminal, and monitored the stats on the display. He looked panicked as a leg flew past him. "" he looked back at the display, pretending he didn't see that. He quickly started (or tried to start) tapping the screen and adjusting power levels, as he watched the IDF and SIF readouts start to drop. "Siiir! The explooosion has taken massive hits on the IDF and SIF! Huge power flucations are present!"

[#] The ship came to a halt as the wave dissapated and they were at rest once again.
Narris Trelak had let go and gone drifting back into the wall with an 'oof'. "Amicitia, damage reports and warp status. Cadet, stabalize the fields if you can. Helmsman, what's our posi- by the prophets, how are you not covered in blood?" he frowned as he examined the whole situation with Seth. "Medical, over ehre on the double."

Seth Baxter chuckles a bit, clearing the pulsar. "Well, we are clear of the pulsar Sir, and as far as the lack of blood goes, old war injury from when I was on the avalon. An old Shal made these limbs for me, by the name of Esar." He sighed a bit, letting go of the console. "Someone help me get my leg back?"

Amicitia Rosden would rub her left arm, being a little sore from holding on and being flung like that. A glance was given to Seth when Narris started going on about prophets... "Need a leg up helmsman?" Tasteless joke really but she couldn't help it despite their situation. "Cadet stay calm, if there's excess energy around shuttle it elsewhere to dissapate it. It should reduce the fluctuations." Ami ran a check on the ship. "Minor damages to the structure integrity of the hull sir, but the fields are holding... barely. Warp and Communications back online."

Lucas Lunara tapped on the screen, distracted as he didn't hear what anyone else had said. He was stabilizing the power from the IFD and SIF, and reported. "Captain. Power levels have been stabilized. Spatial distortions are at minimal." He drummed his fingers on the PADD, awaiting orders and studying the scene. A man had lost his leg. Quite disturbing. Metal or not, limbs shouldn't come off.

Narris Trelak looked at Seth and gave him a slow nod. "Very well... um, Hatchet, assist the helmsman in reattaching the... appendage." He tapped his commbadge and spoke up then, "Attention all crew, this is the captain, we appear to be out of the distortion field, standby to have gravity reengaged." he tapped his badge off and nodded to Ami, "Increase it slowly so we have no inujuries."

Seth Baxter shook his head a bit. "Wait, we are reengaging it already?" He looked worred. "My balance aint the best on one leg." He chuckled a bit. "That couldnt have been more embarassing, so much for keeping it hidden."

Amicitia Rosden would nod her head. "Gravity reengaing sir, maintaiing at 1/6 earth's gravity until folks can getr used to it again. going 1/3 tomorrow. 1/2 the day after. That all right sir?" She'd ask tilting her head at him.

Narris Trelak glanced at Seth and smiled. "Medical will help you with that." Then he laughed at Ami. "Oh, no, Ensign, you van get us to full gravity in ten minutes. We don't need to go that slow. After, we will try to check on the bridge."

Amicitia Rosden stared at Narris. "You do realize how long people would take to get used to gravity again. It would be like a sudden pressure turned on... but whatever you say, you're the captain. Any sudden broken bones or anything would be fine..." She'd say with a shrug and headed over to engineering. She'd comm in to inform the ship that gravity would be established in 10 minutes.

Narris Trelak rolled his eyes at her. "If the old Earthlings can do it, we can handle a less intense version. Ten minutes will be enough time to let everyone slowly fall. We need to get to the brdige as soon as gravity is high enough to walk. We'll go at .5 g."

Amicitia Rosden stuck her tongue out at the captain. "Re engaging gravity at 0.5 sir," she'd say as she activated it. Hoipefully folks would be able to drift slowly... Maybe Ami did get too paranoid about stuff at times but hey xD Narris wasnt the one who woke up on the ceiling of engineering... though he was the one who ended being shaken up in the lift.

Narris Trelak opened his eyes wide with surprise. "No!" he exclaimed. If she didn't stop, then they would be falling at half of Earth's speed and get injjuries half as bad. If she did stop, he would explain. "Start at zero-g and slowly increase the gravity to a full g over ten minutes."

Amicitia Rosden shrugged and stopped and did so, setting the gravity to automatically increase within ten minutes. "Ah communication break down," she'd say simply with a grin as she worked at the consoles. She did seem too happy though at the whole event.

Narris Trelak gave a little sigh of releif to learn he was not about to get his face smacked against the floor. "Good then, five minutes and we head towards the bridge. Any sign that the ship's been reconfigured or are we back to normal?"

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head. "Ship's gravity seems back to nromal and what not... reports are coming in that doors are where they're supposed to be... So we're back to normal..."Folks would probably feel quite heavy for the next few days though.

Narris Trelak laughed and nodded his head. "I'm sure many will welcome it." he said. After five minute, having floated to the floor, he stood up and motioned for Ami to follow. "I will check the bridge, you head down to engineering and make sure warp drive is online and functioning properly."
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Episode 5 - Distortion
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