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November 2019
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 Elizabeth James

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PostSubject: Elizabeth James   Elizabeth James I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 11:11 pm

Char Name:Elizabeth James

Char Race:Whtie

Char Age:21

Position Applying for: Cadet

Character Description: She stands at 5ft3in, which doesn't seem very tall does it? Her skin is a soft Tawney glow that bring out the minty green emerald coloring of her eyes. Elizabeth, or Lizzy as she perfers to be called, has soft medium brown hair that she lets flow freely, luckily for her it is straght and lucious all in one. When she isn't in her Starship cadet uniform her clothes of choice is black boots, camo pants and a tight black shirt that stretches over her slender but lightly defined body. She wears 1 set of dogtags, but they are not her own. Hers are always in her pocket, the ones she wears says Daniel Ryan 1049411418.

Short RP Post: The rain was cold and hard as it came down upon her 19 year-old face. Her camp uniform was drenched in rain and in mud as Lizzy made her way across the obstical course. She was the last one left and the sun had gone away already. She was made to stay by her sergent who thought she was indeed a good cadet and would grow to become on of the best. She didn't understand how he could believe so much in her when she doubted it. She was a tomboy at heart but nothing had ever prepared her for all the training she had started to go through. She finally made her way to the last obstical, the rope wall. She looked up and the wall and rope seemed to go on forever even though it wasn't at all that tall. She took a deep breath and grabbed the rope, starting to slowly pull herself to the top. She had to pull herself to the top then use the rope to get herself down on the otherside. She slowly went up the wall putting in all she could. She wasn't sure if she could do it but no matter what she always put her best 100% effort into anything she ever did. Her sergent was below, yelling at her to go go go go and she went went went went going faster and faster up the wall, the rain washing the mud off her soft skinned face. Finally she reached the top and threw a leg over, balancing herself on top of the wall. The lightening flashed and she felt victorious as she started to slowly make her way down the other side. She got about halfway before slipping and landing her butt into the mud but she didn't care, she got up with a smile knowing she accomplished a victory.

Abilitiys/Skills/Strengths: She has had martial arts training since hs ewas 6 so she is very good at fighting. She has learned all sorts of martial arts and can kick any guy's butt anyday of the week. She is a tomboy and grew up fighting and wrestling with boys and is never afraid to put one of those "guys are better than girls" into thier place, by pinning them down.

Weaknesses: She learns slowly and has a bad memory sometimes but what she lacks in those ares she makes up for with her 120 % commitment to doing whatever she has to and putting her best effort into doing that task
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth James   Elizabeth James I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 7:59 pm

Approved. - Draste liked your rp too ^^
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Elizabeth James
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