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November 2019
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PostSubject: Amicitia Rosden   Amicitia Rosden I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 23, 2010 5:12 am

Full Name: Amicitia Rosden
Species: Orion/Elasian
Age: 22
Birthday: 30th October
Ship Position: Engineer
Rank Held: Ensign
Comments on your posting:

It's going to be quite an experience training on board the ship and I'm certainly glad that my sister managed to get on board as well. It's going to be a different experience compared to simulators and it'll be different, knowing that you can only rely on yourself out there and any breakdown could be a real threat. I only hope that I can shore up that when it happens... I think I will.

Previous postings/experience: NA

Previous Discipline problems:

[Starfleet Academy]

The following was written by the dean of the engineering faculty:
(Major) - Dismantled a professor's land vehicle and reassembled it in his classroom after he insulted her, commenting that women, especially Orion women weren't suited for engineering work. Vehicle was unable to get through the door and had to be dismantled and reassembled once more. It must be noted in both cases the reassembled vehicle was still worked.

(Minor) - Changed the replicators in the mess hall to serve nothing but Klingon food for a week before it could be fixed.

Medical Conditions:

Mild Amnesia from being in the transporter buffer

Previous Medical Conditions: NA
Prescribed Drugs: NA


Note from one of her Starfleet Professors:
It must be noted that Cadet Rosden, while capable and careful, has displayed an incredible lack of fear of danger. This has not only been observed as she does not hesitate to handle dangerous equipment but in her choices of actions in simulations where she does not hesitate to take the most practical but potentially dangerous course of action, even when safety protocols are off. Needless to say, she has one of the most practical minds in an emergency which may or may not be an asset in the future.

- Professor Rhonan

[If anyone tried to look through the edits and such and was proficient in programming and what not, they might notice some traces of hacking done to modify some records]
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Amicitia Rosden
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