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November 2019
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 Crew Training

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PostSubject: Crew Training   Crew Training I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 13, 2010 9:33 pm

For now, we will post logs of training here.
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PostSubject: Re: Crew Training   Crew Training I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 13, 2010 9:42 pm

A warning, the entirety of the lesson was carried out OOC, as I did not have a full audience nor did I want to go to the trouble of writing a script for a character-specific lesson. Not sure if that's an issue for this logging, but here you go anyway.

You say, "[Hello there, heading into the briefing hall now.]"
You say, "For the time being, you may speak out of character. However, we will do a bit of RP later."
Rake: okay.
You say, "So, where should I begin? What kind of understanding do you have of the whole Trek subject?"
Rake: Star Trek? nothing at all.
You say, "Then lets start there."
You say, "This isn't like a normal, present day space ship. This ship has a nice, sleek, aerodynamic design. It is capable of travelling at speeds faster that light, referred to as "warp" speed."
You say, "Our ship, the Horizon, is one of many ships in the military of our government, called the Federation. The military is called, Starfleet."
Shouts on: You will now hear shouts even when this map is crowded. Type - to toggle them back off.
You shout, "by the way, feel free to ask questions whenever you need to]"
Shouts off: You'll only hear shouts when there aren't many people here.
You say, "Anyway, the main objective of all ships in Starfleet, rather than to engage and destroy other ships, is to explore the galaxy."
You say, "To seek out new life, and to better understand the galaxy."
You say, "However, there are times when we serve other purposes"
You say, "Diplomacy, transport, operations, surveys, and warfare."
You say, "We here on the Horizon are capable of carrying out each such mission."
You say, "So, lets continue with yourself, please give your characters name, rank, and position on board."
(You see Rake.)
> Rake: formerly a farmer, but one at its worst. His slit-narrowed silver eyes as desolate as the deserted state he lived in remains perpetually bored, yet always aware of every detail. Since his birth, he can only see black and white, no matter what bright colors appear before his sight. Between his thin, yet dried lips is a lit cigarette that blows off smoke. He has short-cropped black hair as dark as midnight. A part of his bang covers his right eye. The outfit that hung on his thin, yet strong frame consists of a black tee-shirt torn at the right shoulder and skinny dark blue jeans. [Cadet ÚÚÚÚ of SSH]
Rake: Rake, cadet, and engineer.
You say, "Alright, well then. Your job, as an engineer, is to maintain the proper function of the ship at all times."
You say, "Being a cadet, you may find yourself taking orders from superiors in any department (although the odds of you bumping into someone who isn't also a cadet are slim to none, lol)"
Rake: [lol why is that?]
You say, "Most people have chosen to start out as Cadets, despite there understanding of the continuity (Such as meself ^^)"
You say, "Anyway, to make suggestion a suggestion, you should probably RP in appropriate locations, based on what the Captain tells you your specific job will be. You /may/ find yourself on the bridge, but I'm not sure how good those odds are. Otherwise, you'll be in the lounge, in Main engineering, perhaps in Sickbay, on the Holodeck *which I'll explain in a moment, and in your quarters (which don't quite exist yet)"
Rake: [ooh]
You say, "Now, just so you know, the Holodeck is our ships Wildcard for Rping. It's a room that generates a holographic scene, with characters, objects, everything. (Not really though, its just a gridded room) In here, we can be in any situation we want"
You say, "This is often used for recreation or more likely, for training simulations."
You say, "But really anything can happen. The rules to keep in mind about holodeck RP's are that you remain in your current character, however your setting changes. Keep an open mind with that, I'm sure Narris will help you understand. The last time I was in there with Nar, he took us to a night-club on his home planet and the admiral ordered me to entertain some women, so the Captain ordered me to learn to breakdance. My character still possesses such abilities. Anything can happen."
You say, "Also, as far as the whole rank thing goes, its not too much to sweat, you just can't be as formal around higher-ups than you can with cadets. When you see someone of superior rank, you call them sir and speak respectfully. This isn't required when you speak to someone of equal or lower rank, however."
You say, "And to add before I let you ask your own questions, you are /probably/ going to be the engineer who gets credit for repairing me, myself being an android, which was damaged in the 'accident' *which I will explain after I let you ask your own questions.* So... any questions?"
Rake: [you mean informal? sorry lol just pointing that out Mad]
You say, "[?]"
Rake: [to sweat, you just can't be as formal around higher-ups than you ]
You say, "[oh yes, sorry about that]"
You say, "[lol, right, informal.]"
Rake: no questions.
You say, "Okay, so our current situation..."
You say, "Our ship used to be in the same galaxy we consider ourselves to be in IRL. HOWEVER, something (and I'm not sure what) caused us to travel to another universe, *which is bigger than galaxy by a longshot, in case you weren't aware*. So, now we're untold distances from home, severly damaged, and most of the crew is injured (AKA, hasn't been recruited yet, that's just our excuse lol) and things kinda suck."
You say, "We also managed to find ourselves with our buddies over at the Avalon dream. You know them right? We're in their universe now, and they've shown up to help."
You say, "I have yet to see another engineer, so you may be it for now. Expect a LOT of work ahead of you lol. Being that the ship is damaged, you'll be called in to repair everything and anything."
You say, "Which means you have to be fimiliar with our technology."
You say, "I'd like to recommend study material, if you can find the time to use it..."
Rake: [you mean the black hole? about the something that caused the ship to go to another universe]
Rake: [we don't know about it icly?]
You say, ""
You say, "I don't know about it ICly or OOCly"
You say, "Some sort of phenomena"
You say, "Black holes would kill us"
You say, "worm holes would transport us to a different spot, but it'd be inside our galaxy"
You say, "Starfleet has yet to get outside its own galaxy, and theres like 20 billions galaxies to a universe."
You say, "lets just say the scale we're looking at is massive"
Rake: lol
You say, "More specific questions would have to be asked to Karlos or Narris or Des, they don't tell me anything, I just work here ^^"
Rake: lol
Rake: okay.
You say, "Anywho"
You say, "Definately start reviewing the tech"
You say, "You might stick to Starfleet (or Federation) technology first"
You say, "learn the basics, engines, shields, weapons, replicators, that stuff."
Rake: eek HSE lol so much
You say, "If you have any specific questions you can't find the answers to, ask me. I am all-knowing when it comes to this stuff."
Rake: lol
You say, "But I can't go over everything, unless you've got about 120 hours of free time."
You say, "So if you have a specific question, lemme know"
You say, "Also, if that material doesn't work"
Rake: all right
You say, "you could always do it the ol' fashion way"
You say, "I reccomend TNG."
You say, ""
You say, "that series will make you love your job, lol"
Rake: lol
Rake: you showed me already and i am currently watching it
You say, "engineers= saviors in that series"
Rake: (not right now, literally)
You say, "Ah, okay, well my memory slips, sorry."
Rake: lol
You say, "Lotta new folks have shown up after the event."
Rake: i have a comment.
You say, "Go ahead"
Rake: oh lol i never heard of this dream before, so..
You say, "?"
Rake: i meant about the event thing.
Rake: that's not the comment, though.
You say, "Okay, lol"
Tarek was confused
[Advertisement] Spring cleaning on Digo Market! Update's just behind us, so out with the old to make room for the new! Take a look at the 'pile o' goodies' we've unearthed, a whole mish mash of nicknacks for a fantastic price! Digo Market's odds n' ends just became your treasure!
Rake: actually, i don't know a single thing about this space stuff.. (not counting the general things, like stars or the moon or plants lol) but i meant like all these ship information. and i don't know a thing about engineering.
Rake: will this all be taught..? HSE
You say, "Those who ask, shall receive"
You say, "I guess I'll go over what I can"
You say, "right now, If you've got time"
Rake: is the site that you linked to the technology page about studying material going to teach about engineering itself, kind of?
Rake: and yes, i have time.
You say, "tes, it will. one more about you thing.... i'm not entirely sure of how well the Digo will fit the continuity. Can't recall any giant butterflies in star trek.. Could be wrong though"
Rake: ..
Rake: oops lol!
Rake: i forgot to take it off HSE
Rake: oh i have a question about that for narris. i'll change this form if he approves.
You say, "lol"
You say, "Alright"
You say, "Anyway, engineering stuff"
You say, "Lets start with the engines.."
You say, "Would you join me please?"
You say, "[brackets outside the lecture hall]"
Rake: ??
You say, "Okay.."
You say, "So here we are"
You say, "[Main Engineering, this thing is the engine.]"
You say, "[Anyway, the way this works, is pretty complex, hang on tight for this one.]"
You say, "[The tube to your left contains normal matter of some sort of gas. The one on your right has the same gas, in antimatter. When matter and antimatter react, it creates a huge amount of energy. Ordinarily it'd be enough to blow us straight to jesus, but we've got this nice little 'warp core' in front of you, which controls the reaction using 'dilithium']"
You say, "[take it in slow, its some crazy stuff.]"
Rake: [all right. the 'warp core' would be um]
Rake: [that uhh thing moving up and down? lol or maybe the whole thing in front of me
Rake: ?]
You say, "[yeah, the whole thing]"
Rake: [o okay.]
You say, "[It is, essentially, our engine. It provides all the power for everything...]"
Rake: [oh]
You say, "[Anywho, that's the one you ABSOLUTELY have to know about. Eventually you'll have to worry about repairing more complex stuff, but I can explain that as it happens. You will, however, rue the day that Des finally adds in our shuttle bay, because you'll probably wind up repairing our tiny ships alot. ALOT.]"
You say, "[When it comes to minor things, like replicators [computer panels that make things that you ask for, usually food/drink, but anything really.]"
You say, "[you can repair them by saying "Opens it up and repairs some melted fuses" or something..]"
You say, "[Also, consider yourself a doctor for two people, me and Hatchet. both of us are Androids, which means our doctors can't help us, only engineers can help us lol. As I mentioned earlier]"
You say, "[Anyway, lets head on up to the lounge, see what's going on.]"
You say, "[unless you have any questions.]"
Rake: [shuttle bay?]
Rake: [o we're done?]
You say, "[Non-existant at this time. I plan on taking you to the bridge, if you want to see the engineer's station up there.]"
Rake: [okay]
You say, "[alrighty, to the bridge then.]"
You say, "Right here"
You say, "This screen of the ship allows the chief engineer to monitor all the systems on board the ship, from up here. The bridge is the nerve center, so you may work here to relay orders down to engineering, but you'll still have to go down to engineering or wherever to get your hands dirty when a problem arises."
You say, "[your job is to keep everything on the ship running, so as long as you do that, you're good. ^^]"
You say, "[we've got like 9 people on right now, lol]"
Rake: [o okay lol]
Rake: [9 people?]
Rake: [lol]
You say, "[Any confusion with the tech, use that link I gave you, keep watching the actual show, that'll help tremendously]"
Rake: [lol k]
You say, "[If you have a question you can't find the answer to elsewhere, ask me. Or just ask whenever actually, I do get lonely. lol]"
Rake: [lol]
Rake: [okay cool]
You say, "[anyway, thats about it for today.]"
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Crew Training
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