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November 2019
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 --Order Of Dress--

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PostSubject: --Order Of Dress--   --Order Of Dress-- I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 7:53 pm

Here are the Uniforms/colors that each member/rank/position must wear.
Members will wear ONLY standard issue uniform while on duty.
This consists of: Shirt(coloured as below), Trousers, Shoes(Not boots). (Yes they will obviously be allowed to wear underwear

Cadet - Trousers + Vest: Black- Badge: Yellow - Bracers: Black - Cape: Dark Mule - Boots: Black.

Security/Ops/Engineering - Trousers + Vest: Black - Badge: Yellow - Bracers: Black - Cape: Yellow - Boots: Black

Medical/Science - Trousers + Vest: Black - Badge: Yellow - Bracers: Black - Cape: Sea Blue - Boots: Black

Command/Helm - Trousers + Vest: Black - Badge: Yellow - Bracers: Black - Cape Red - Boots: Black

Marines - Trousers + Vest: Black - Badge - Yellow - Cape: Avocado(Green) - Boots: Black - Bracers:(See below)
Marine Bracer Colors:
Assault: Avocado(Green)
Support: Sea Blue
Reconnaissance: Yellow

Civilians wear what ever color they like - No uniform.

(Mess Dress is the formal Uniform, Only to be worn when asked to do so)
Trousers + Vest: Light Mule - Badge: Yellow - Bracers: Yellow - Cape: Yellow. - Boots: White.

Digo's (such as dragon/pho/griff/Kitter) May keep these on as long as that is what their character is. If their character isn't one of these then when on duty(Anywhere but the lobby) they must have uniform.

--Special Dress--
Coming Soon!
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--Order Of Dress--
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