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March 2019
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 Radvaa F. Brackner

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Radvaa F

PostSubject: Radvaa F. Brackner   Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:05 pm

Char Name(Full): Radvaa Faustus Brackner.
Char Race: Orion.
Char Age: 27.
Wanted Rank(Are you willing to have a lower rank than this?): Cadet / Civilian Contractor

Position Applying for: Xeno-Archaeologist/Anthropologist.

Character Description: Radvaa is a lanky Orion male of average height. He has bright green skin which contrasts readily with his dark brown fauxhawk and beard, which are well-combed but entirely civilian in nature. His eyes have seemingly been replaced by vat-grown or organ-harvested ones, with the "whites" being replaced by a pale blue. He wears a gaudy Orion uniform which hearkens back to the corsairs of earth - an ivory colored form-fitting shirt with a bright brown vest hanging over it, unbuttoned. A loose pair of baggy black pants cover his legs and end tucked into a pair of white leather boots.

(He also has a black-and-white faux-Starfleet style uniform he can wear on formal occasions or when appropriate for missions, but it isn't an official uniform since he doesn't belong to Starfleet - it's only similar in style.)

Short RP Post: Radvaa listens to the away team makes first contact with the natives, subtly rolling his eyes at the Utopian spiel. However, one aspect of the group does catch his attention - the ornate knife sitting on the table across the room. He barely shifts towards the table, hands moving to rest behind his back in order to prepare for an attempt at thievery!


Linguistics: One of Radvaa's duties as a xeno-archaeologist is to be able to interpret language written on artifacts - even dead ones. He has received details training in dozens of languages and proto-languages, and he has a knack for figuring out languages he doesn't know yet.

Science: He has very specific scientific training - he knows a little biology, but mostly the "Natural" sciences that are helpful for archaeology - geology, chemistry, how to date artefacts, that sort of thing.

Gunmanship / Daggers: Although he isn't technically allowed to carry a firearm on the ship, he has done work with Cartels and the Syndicate before. Much of this work was quite illegal and covered up, but over the course of his career he learned how to shoot with the right end of a disruptor and make stealthy motions with a knife.

Cryptography: If Radvaa had no training in cryptography, he would have been discovered by now. The Syndicate taught him how to encode translations in order to prevent the officials of worlds he works from discovering his reports to his real superiors. His beginning knowledge of encryption only covers Orion and Pirate codes.


Science: Beyond his specialty, Radvaa doesn't know jack. Tachyons? Positrons? Diseases? Better hope he isn't the person having to deal with any of those things!

Enemies: Radvaa was engage in criminal activities in the past, and there are some people that would really like to know where he is. His assignment to assist Starfleet is more than a little based on the desire to get as far away from trouble as possible.

Other: Radvaa's latest thesis, "El-Aurian artifacts and Earth: A survey of evidence regarding the influence of El-Aurian refugees in the formation of the United Federation of Planets." is quite controversial.
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PostSubject: Re: Radvaa F. Brackner   Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:13 pm

Great App - Accepted!
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Radvaa F. Brackner
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