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February 2019
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 Karlos Ashton - Admiral's Log

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PostSubject: Karlos Ashton - Admiral's Log   Sat Dec 26, 2009 4:02 pm

Captains log - Star date 3012.09
This is my first log entry since my time on board the Horizon. I have met many of the crew and am quite interested in the ability's that they can offer to the federation. I am honoured to captain this fine vessel and hope to see it become a part of the USS commissioned fleet in due time after our 'testing' of it.
I have made a few promotions while on bored, the most recent was my medical officer Lieutenant Pur'mia, I have also assigned Lieutenant Sevens as my head of security.
Regarding the change of command coming up, I am sure that the crew will be surprised, I hear some have been looking forward to serving under my command, I wonder how they will take to the following actions to take place.
End Log.
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Posts : 189
Join date : 2009-12-18
Age : 27
Location : Warrington, England

PostSubject: Re: Karlos Ashton - Admiral's Log   Sun May 02, 2010 10:06 am

{May 2nd 2010}

Admiral Ashton's personal log star date 0205.10
Since my time on the Horizon as an admiral I have failed to keep a log.
This log entry will now act as a 'catch up' of what I have recently experienced.

Upon arriving on bored Captain Trelak, the man who took over command of the ship when I left for the Academy, had greeted me. My first impression was good though the crew seemed a little inexperienced. I didn't have much faith in their ability and upon hearing from command that the first mission was ready to get under way I was rather nervous.

The simple mission to get to a nebula and take some basic scans turned out completely wrong. A black hole formed and Horizon was pulled in. This is when the crew truly came together, they did everything possible to keep us together.

Once through the black hole we found things rather... Odd. We were no longer in our universe though taken to another! A ship very much like a federation vessel met up with us, it was called 'Avalon'

Avalon was part of the 'Empire' I have come to realise this is this universes version of our own star fleet.

We worked with the Avalon on their mission in Orion space as they sent repair crews to aid us. We had may casualties and losses. They will be truly honoured and missed by the crew and their families. They had taken the ultimate sacrifice.

We recently came under attack by enemy ships before we were taken to a space dock as the ship is refitted. Recently we 'booted' her up. Things are rocky but we are finally getting back to a good strength. The crew are truly the best I have been with even if many of them are still Cadets. Promotions are due!
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Karlos Ashton - Admiral's Log
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