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November 2018
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 Blake Mercer

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PostSubject: Blake Mercer   Fri Dec 25, 2009 8:32 pm

Full Name: Blake Eric Mercer; (Spades)
Age: 47
Ship Position: Systems Engineer
Rank Held: Lieutenant

Comments on your posting: Every ship has at least one hardass, and that man would come in the form of this somewhat intimidating Engineer. Always snarky, capable of insult, and very much lacking in personal sympathy for others, and not what any would call 'friendly'; the man was obviously a mile apart in attitude when speaking of his current ship, respect and awe almost always in his voice when speaking about the machine that he worked on and in. He makes enemies with ease, friends are few, and since his former commands demanded a harder schedual; attempts to work too much over time with little relaxation.

Previous postings/experience: Cadet (Final Year) to First Class Ables'men on the USS Ravenloft; systems engineer and core specialist, Four Years as an Ables'men on the USS Promethean, away mission componant repair and systems repair (Often Requiring Null-Gravity), Three Years as an Ables'man on the USS Strongarm, Away Mission Technician and Systems Engineering.

Previous Discipline problems:
(Minor) Combat Exercise Malfunction Repair on the Spot, citation upon removal of Helmet: Verbal.
(Minor) Injuring (Light) an Officer During a Routine Exercise; three days brig and three weeks suspension of Training.
(Minor) Fist Fight between him and another Crew Member. Brig for a Week.
(Major) Insubordination - Found to be in the Right as he prevented a Major Accident. - Dropped.

(Minor) Insubordination - Confined to Quarters.
(Minor) Paraphernalia involving pornographic Poses. Confiscated.
(Minor) Dress Code Violation. (Addendum: Required for Null Gravity Working Envrionment, was seen as intuitive thus Dropped from Major to Minor Offense) - Dropped.
(Major) Insubordination - Dropped.

(Major) Show of Affection (Kiss on the Cheek) toward a Crewman. - Dropped.
(Major) Drinking While Working - Dropped
(Minor) -.3#=-3#$%5- Error, Documentation Not Found.
[End of Discipline Report]
Note: The Drops in several Major Offenses were due to investigation on the part of Security.

Medical Conditions: Cybernetic Implants require a lengthy charge period every six to eight months, alcohol intolerance, Automatic Negative Thought Syndrome (ANTS).
Previous Medical Conditions: ADD and Childhood ADHD, Cranial Trauma, Heavy Trauma to Body and Spine; Amputation.
Prescribed Drugs: None.
Other: None.

[If anything needs to be worked out here I am all fine and dandy with what it is. :>]
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PostSubject: Re: Blake Mercer   Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:07 am

-Space Reserved!-
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Blake Mercer
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