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February 2019
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 I Have Come Onto Something Great

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PostSubject: I Have Come Onto Something Great   Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:17 pm

I have come onto something great. I have discovered Picard and the TNG crew of the Enterprise here on Earth. In fact, I have discovered Commander Riker and the senior staff, as well. Right now I do not have images but they will be added on. I will get pictures. And if you intend on reading my theory you will want them just as bad as I do.

"Charlie" is the alias Picard is going by. He is the owner of a manufacturing company here in town called ClickBond, Inc. He has contracts with NASA, Area 51 and even German company making naval ships. His company mainly creates sealants, adhesives and parts that, well, hold shuttles and planes together. In the last five years they have gotten awards for their fine parts, service and continuing to find ways to make their parts better. I believe this is Picard and he is slowly introducing and revolutionizing our space travel directly with NASA. Not only this, but get this, guys -- He looks like Picard. I am not joking. He looks like Picard. This is how the whole joke started. Someone mentioned he looked like Picard and my wheels just started turning. Even more, he is often seen in the shop personally bringing new parts to departments and personally giving instructions on how to produce and how to prepare the parts. He is the mastermind.

"Charlie's" wife owns the private airport here in town. This airport is right next to ClickBond, Inc. I'm talking like you can walk out the back door and onto the front of a hanger. Him and his wife do have personal jets that they own and stays in thier airport. They go on vacations all over the world very often. "Charlie's" favorite spot to go? He regularly goes to France. You heard me. Picard regularly flies to France.

Then there's "Alex." This is the co-owner of the company and works right beside "Charlie" A.K.A. Picard. Alex is a brunette who I believe is Riker in disguise. I am still investigating the emotional and physical habits that would compliment Riker but he does seem to fit the bill when it comes to how Riker thinks and reacts to Picard. I believe with some five o'clock shadow and a haircut he could very well resemble Riker.

Now, when I try to think of who Riker speaks to the most I think Data and Worf. While I have not discovered someone in this company yet to resemble or act like Data or Geordi I think I have discovered Worf. He goes by the name "Richard". "Richard" is very well known for walking out of his office, seeing something small or silly that he does not like and getting very angry over it. And I mean so angry you can't understand all the cuss words coming out of his mouth. When asked what makes him so angry - on more then one occasion - he has explained it is because he doesn't want the stupid things his employees do to reflect him as a slack-type of shift leader. Worf does not like his pride hurt. It makes Worf angry. And Worf is believed to be having an affair!

There's "Michelle". This woman is known to go into her office with "Richard", A.K.A. Worf, for hours during the night. They love to chat about things happening at home or things he's found on his iPhone that he thinks looks cool. Now, "Michelle" is a chubby woman but remember - she's in disguise. Take one look at "Michelle's" hair and you'll instantly think Counselor Troi. Who, apparently, counsels Worf often about how to work with his Human employees. When these two go into an office - with no windows and a closed door - we won't see them for hours. Worf and Troi are obviously having another affair.

It gets worse. There's one more that I have been able to make a clear connection to one of the senior staff. There's a building to itself where all of the maintainence men have their offices. There's one in particular who (My Goddess, forgive me. I'm related to this man.) is a dark skinned man and practically runs the maintainence. Remember Amicitia's post in the thread "YouTube Goodness" showing all the things that happens to poor Geordi? Well, this man is named "Ron" and while he is not blind he is good at that. The man's very good at plugging the wrong wires somewhere and getting himself minorly electrocuted while telling the other maintainence men what they're doing wrong and correcting them. This man has even been up repairing fans to keep the buildings and machines cooler and fallen off stairs. He's also had a heart attack a few years ago under the stress and work he has put over everyone breaking all the machines. I now completely understand why I am near-sighted. I am related to Geordi.

Seeing how "Michelle" is one of the only females I can think of in the senior staff of the company I am still working on things like the Doctor or Wesley. Or Data. But there are many other people I haven't thought about. I can name at least one more blonde woman - who I am watching for Crusher-like things - and another two men.

Captain's Yoeman and Head of the Horizon's Council.

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PostSubject: Re: I Have Come Onto Something Great   Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:07 pm

lol, epic XDDDDD
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I Have Come Onto Something Great
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