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 Sub-plot 6A - The Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Sub-plot 6A - The Pilgrim   Sub-plot 6A - The Pilgrim I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 04, 2010 9:51 pm

Narris Trelak sat in the command chair and was looking over some notes on his PADD. Glancing up to the engineering station, he looked at Ami. "Lieutenant, how are the draenei crystal allignments comming? Do they have any power up?"

Rake prepared the station in the science area, a new one to him. Why did they keep moving him? He leaned back in his seat with his head propped atop the head rest, eyes staring upward. He replayed all the knowledge they'd been given to sort out what a draenei crystal meant.

Amicitia Rosden would have been running checks on the ship when Narris spoke, she'd turn her head to regard the captain. "They should have but we are by no means the expert in their technology. It is completely, if I may use the term, alien to us and we're just around to help their engineers where we can. We've tried our best sir and it should be all right"

Tarek gladly worked away at his console, going over system readouts and taking care of issues elsewhere on the ship simultaneously. It had been quite a long time since he had been back on official bridge duty, but not much had changed aside from the situation. He settled right back in and watched his console. Suddenly, a sensor alert. He turned in his seat to face the Captain. "Sir, there is a small vessel approaching on a bearing of 093 mark 257. It matches no known configuration, sir." he'd say normally, obviously not disturbed in any way by this sudden change of events.

Taya'Dalai was quite fine hours ago. Hours ago she had only had the thought to find something or somewhere to hunker down. Or at the very least further her pilgrimage. But now was the problem. Her ship was taking heavy fire by a geth ship. No matter which way she went, her ship rocked as it was hit repeatedly by whatever the ship chasing her slugged her way.

[#] Taya'Dalai s "Anyone out there, I need assistance. I am under....*crash..boom* attack"

Narris Trelak gave Ami a nod. "Do you have an estimate of time before repairs are-" he stopped and looked up at Tarek, "Take the helm, Tarek, and open a channel." He hurried to teh tactical station and ran his hands over the console. "low armorment, minimal weaponry." he said. Then once Tarek had the channel open he spoke up. "Come to our coordinates, we will provide cover." Hands tapped the console again. "Weapons armed, shield's at full power. Red alert."

[#] Red Alert: all hands to battle stations.

Amicitia Rosden would come to a stop as she'd hear the incoming message, she'd enter the commands to engineering to ready them for an attack. "Power has been routed to tactical. Engineering is ready and awaiting further orders captain," she'd say as she looked towards the screen. Pft so much for a quiet night. What a life. A few commands were sent to Engineering to take extreme care of the warp core and to monitor it... This ship had a lousy reputation of keeping a stable warp core for sure.

Tarek would continue to monitor his own station as well as the helm at this time. He noticed another sensor alert coming in. "Sir, another unknown vessel has come into sensor range. It is larger than the first. It is on an intercept with the first vessel as well. I believe this is the vessel which is firing on the smaller ship, sir. It is now coming into range." he'd say, providing a target for the Captain's weapons, as well as routing a visual to the main viewer. He continued to monitor the ship and kept the flight controls at the ready in case the new ship decided they were also a viable target.

[#] The two ships are now in view onscreen. A small cargo ship and an alien cruiser

Taya'Dalai ship was obviously under heavy fire. Very distressing to know that the ship could likely buckle under her in moment if not explode when the Geths weapon fire caused the engine to detonate. [c]

[#] Taya'Dalai "I might not even last that are failing. This rustbucket is barely holding it together as is."

Narris Trelak nodded to Ami. "Keep us ready to enter warp if needed. Tarek, get us between those two ships." Then he tapped his comm. "Hostile vessel, pull off your attack or we will fire." He looked down at his controls and said, "Ami, get a lock on all lifeforms aboard the cargo ship and prepare to beam them aboard." Again he tapped his comm, "Pilot, prepare for transport, we ware bringing you and your crew aboard."

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head, her mind set on the task at hand. Frankly half the attacks seemed almost surrel to her but perhapts that was only her. "Yes sir... only one lifesign on board captain." A few more seconds would pass before she'd continue as her eyes scanned the screen. "Transporter beam locked onto the pilot sir, ready to beam on your command."

Tarek immediately keyed into his console at the breakneck speed he enjoyed to operate at. He would move the ship around the cargo ship and got to a good vantage point for the Captain to fire ship's weapons from. "Sir, the Horizon is in position, we will soon be drawing fire from the vessel. Recommend power transfer from non-essential power systems to the shields at this time." he would say, still operating the console as quickly as he could. This was a less routine night than he had expected...

Narris Trelak nodded at Tarek. "Ami, energize!" Once this was done, he would add, "And divert power."

Taya'Dalai jinxed away from a shot. Likely saving her ass. But she wasn’t quite so fortunate next time. The following shot knocked out the only thing she had between the geths weapon and her ship. Her defense fields were down. "Systems failing!!!." Even though Coom was down....And despite whatever the lass did to avoid the next discharge of weapon fire, saw what she in fact thought to be her inevitable doom. Just before being transported out of there. Just before the cabin and everything else was consumed in flame. The geth ship responded to the hails. A mish mash of unintelligible clicks with a touch of static. Artificial sounds lacking to those human any meaning. The ship hanging over the gutted remains of Taya's ship like a wolf relishing its kill.

Amicitia Rosden would recoil a bit on hearing the clicks and the clacks and the smacks and the lacks. That reminded her of a spider having fun and talking about the latest movie his wife watched, maybe something involving a pig. "Transport successful sir, medical has been alerted and are on their way to the transporter room."

Tarek nodded. "Attempting sir." he'd say simply, keying rapidly into his console, attempting to give the translator a chance to convert that incoherent babble into something they could understand. "Sir the cargo ship has been destroyed." he'd say, in a normal tone. The sensor board which displayed readouts of all key systems and that of the external sensors was ablaze. Evidently there was quite a bit going on.

Justin Crevan sat ready to follow orders. A battle situation eh? This is really the first time he's been in a battle situation. Oh well, he'd been in plenty of simulations at the academy. He knew exactly what to do if he was ordered. Hopefully he wouldn't have to, but he would enjoy having to repair whatever was destroyed. He said something in his own language quietly.

[#] What had been said was electronic. By nature itself, meant for the staggering advanced processing power of the collective geth. It was "yes" to geth as the last number to pi was to humans, without proper understanding of the code and workings of it. There was no basis which the computer could actually go by. And to the computer was like telling it to compute pi.

[#] The enemy ship turned broadside and fired a series of energy beams at the ship. The ship rocked in a series of violent shudders.

Narris Trelak grabbed his panal as the ship rocked. "Tarek! Attack pattern gamma-5. Returning fire." Narris keyed commands into his console and the phasers fired a dispersal pattern followed bye two torpedoes. "Shields holding."

Amicitia Rosden would have been thrown off her feet... good thing the inertia dampeners were working otherwise they would be chunky salsa on the walls. A few colorful choice of words muttered rapidly could be heard coming from the Orion as she got up to check the status of the warp core. Thankfully nothing was going wrong.

Tarek would change his mindset. "Aye sir. Coming about, heading to the enemy vessel's bow. All weapons locks must be made from your station Captain, but we are prepared to fire. All phaser banks charged sir." he'd say, as he altered course and executed the flight pattern ordered by the Captain. Then, a new development. "Sir, the transmission seems to be overloading my console... power levels have become unstable. I believe it is about to-" he'd say as he was cut off by the console bursting into a cloud of glass and sparks. He was blown back onto the floor but no sooner did he hop up and return to Ops to continue his duty.

[#] The enemy ship turned to meet their maneuver and fired another round at the Horizon.

Justin Crevan watched another crewmember fall over. He thanked nature for his great balance and agility. He braced himslef quickly avoiding the fall. He still waited for orders but decided it would be a good idea to check for damage.

Narris Trelak fired phasers again with no visible effect. "Shields at 83%." he announced. Then he started to fire off orders. "Lieutenant, locate their power source and relay to targeting computer. Helm, once she has it, take us in close. Arming warp missiles on forward launchers."

Amicitia Rosden would have glanced up when Tarek's console exploded... well that was one more thing to add to the list of things to fix. "Justin monitor the power levels and redirect any excess energy away if they're going to overload." Ami's hands would fly furiously over the keyboard when the captain barked out the order. "Clever," she'd say when she noted that the engines of the ship were nowhere on the outside but she'd relay the information to the computer.

Tarek brought all control of helm over to his station. He would do as he was told, and moved the ship closer to the enemy. 'Sir we are within effective range, a direct warp torpedo to their power core should disable them." he'd say calmly. He supposed he was going to have to take care of the console later.

Narris Trelak nodded his head at Tarek. "We need to get through their shields first." That's what the warp missiles were for." He finished prearing his weapon arrangement and then fixed his eyes on teh targeting readouts. When they were close, he fired.

[#] The alien vessel fired on Horizon as it approached and the ship would rock violently. But the Horizon's weapons fired: a phaser pattern, followed by two warp missiles streaking forward faster than light, and a single torpedo down the whole created by the warp missiles. The alien ship's hull erupted and then, a few moments after the torpedo dissapeared, the whole vessel detonated. The explosion would send the Horizon hurtling forward as it was struck.

Justin Crevan nodded. "Roger that!" He did as he was told and kept watch on them. One began to rise slowly. He paid no attention to it and continued to watch. One rose to high and he diverted it into reserve. Then the reserve got to high and it was diverted to sheilds. This cycle continued until he was running out of places to put it. "Uh... I think we might have a problem." He then separated the power into 10 seprate places trying to balence it.

Amicitia Rosden would have been staring intently at the controls, helping Justin divert what she could, hopefully things would go back to normal. She was so focused that she didn't brace herself for the following shock and her head would meet the console with a smack when the ship rode the shockwave. Ow. She'd try to get back to work but would hesitate from touching the console before her vision was properly cleared.

Tarek still worked at keeping the ship out of the other ship's wreckage’s wake. He wheel the ship about violently and recovered the ship's original course. "Captain, we are returning to our original position. No salvageable trace of the cargo freighter has been detected." he'd say, pouring over the sensors, although knowing it had been irrevocably destroyed. He looked over to the Helm. "I believe the helm is in need of repair, sir." he'd say, looking at the shattered console.

Narris Trelak ran though the damage readouts. "Aft shields will need repairs." he said, glancing at Ami, "Lieutenant, get your engineers on locating any power shortages and making repairs, especially to the consoles. Shields are the primary concern. Tarek, get us back on course and then come with me to sickbay, we have a guest to greet. The nurse seems quite apprehensive about treating the pilot, I'm going down there to check it out. We will remain on yellow alert for twenty-four hours in case there are more of those ships in the vicinity.”

[#] Yellow Alert initiated

Etana Sol heads to the bridge at the sound of a yellow alert. She didn't know what was going on yet but she figured it best to investigate. So she goes to the bridge and stuff.

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head as her vision cleared. "Rake, Justin, to engineering..." then she'd pause for a moment as she looked at the cadet unsure if she should let the canine near any electrical source. She still remembered his fascination with them. She was tempted to just give him a job which wouldn't involve touching electrical wiring... but he was an engineer after all. "Rake run through the systems and see what we can do to work around the damaged systems while they're being repaired. Justin you help him out." Hopefully the cadet wouldn't shock himself this time.

Tarek would nod, setting the proper halting coordinates and then standing to join the Captain. If anyone were to look they might notice several black shards protruding from his chest and neck, but it didn't seem to bother him so evidently no harm had been done. "Aye sir, we are headed to those coordinates now, and we will be halting at our previous position." he'd state, on his way to the other end of the bridge. It looked like now he was a part of the welcome wagon.

[#] As Narris and party entered sickbay, the head nurse hurried up to them. "Captain, I'm... not sure how to treat this creature." she said, hurrying to the pilot's biobed. The slender form laying on the biobed was, needless to say, probably not what they expected to see.

Etana Sol was in sickbay following the Captain and Tarek and some chick she didn't know or recognize. She came along for the ride since she had no clue as to what was going on. As the nurse runs up she says "Another night at the office Captain? I was obviously doing other important security stuff to have missed this."

Taya'Dalai first of all was trying to get a idea of where the hell she was. Obviously unfamiliar with transporter technology. Or not showing it. If anything, she needed to isolate the torn part of her suit. Taya already expected to get a fever or some infection. Or a cold if she was lucky. Even after isolating the damaged part of her suit. Interestingly enough, in the times that followed, came others of the crew outside the medical bay staff." Yes?" Everyone was looking at her. What else was she supposed to say. And wonder.

Narris Trelak raised an eyebrow at Etana. "More important than red alert?" he asked with a touch of surprise. But he did not persue the matter, being more focused on their guest. He stepped forward when the alien woman spoke and offered her a smile of reassurance. "You're safe now." he said, "We took you to our ship and our medical staff will treat you as soon as they can, but your biology is unusual to us. Is there anything you need right now? How are you feeling? I am Captain Trelak, by the way." Head Nurse stood by studying Taya's bioscans and trying to figure out what to do.

Etana Sol just looks at the person and says "I trust Captain that she not an immediate threat to the ship right now?" It was her duty to ask such things after all. She didn't figure she was since she didn't seem hostile or threatening. She did double check her phaser discreatly so no one else would notice to make sure it was set to stun just in case she had to use it.

Taya'Dalai felt a twinge of doubt. And was also a little nervous amongst unfamiliar faces and races unfamiliar to her part of space. Obviously the bipedal, one head, 2 eyes, feet, arms, humanoid body arrangement was familiar. Seldom knew a race otherwise. Cept a few oddball races. "I am feeling a little sick..." Along the lines of perhaps a upset stomach, and slight woozyness which could be attributed to her close call with death. " Do you have antibiotics?"

Narris Trelak nodded his head. "We have a large array of medical supplies, but we don't understand your biology. Does your... um, suit, have a databank? We can replicate any molecular structure provided to give you what you need." He turned to Nurse. "Nurse, tricorder please." he accepted the medical tricorder from the woman and scanned Taya himself. he frowned at the readings. "Don't worry, Etana," he muttered as he examined the tricorder, giving a smile, "that's what you're here for."

Etana Sol nods her head and says "Here we are faced with yet another oddity here." She was thinking out loud but she did sound more compassionate for the lady. She didn't know what she was or who she was but she at least felt compassion for her. She stands by Narris side on guard just in case.

Taya'Dalai lifted her arm up and tapped the gadget encircling her arm, Holographic interface springing up. " This would hold some information. I need..." Oddity? Who are you calling odd? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Probably shared opinion though *chuckle* " Well...first thing ill tell you is me, like any other of my race has a $#%##@ immune system. " Blunt but informative and would give them something to work with hopefully

Narris Trelak shook his head at Etana. "Lieutenant," he said kindly, "please treat her with the respect Starfleet gives every guest on their ships." He pulled out his own tricorder and ran it over the holographic interface before handing it to the nurse. "See if you can find a molecular structure for antibiotics and replicate it." he instructed. Then he turned to get a medical kit. "Let's try this." he said, taking out a hypospray, "It shouldn't hurt you even if it doesn't work." he would reach over to place the hypo against her arm and activate it if allowed. Captain was playing doctor apparently.

Etana Sol blinks at the bluntness of the woman. She found it refreshing but she also had to look for any signs of a threat encoded. She would make a hell of a Klingon one day as her friends used to say. Anyway she says to the nurse quietly "If anything seems harmfull let me know okay?" This was said low enough that alien lady hopefully wouldn't catch it. To their guest she says "Oh! Forgive my bluntness miss. I'm so used to seeing odd things here that I forgot my manners. I hope I didn't offend." She spoke in her traditonal whisper voice but she was respectfull and polite to her face.

Tarek would look with a face of confusion on both of the others. "Sir I am not certain if it is wise to guess when using medication." he'd say. He knew little more than basic first aid, but he was certain that some medicines could produce undesired side effects if they were used when not needed. He stood, solemnly in the corner of sickbay. He was only there for whatever the Captain might need. He supposed he too was an oddity, since they had mentioned things which were off the norm.

Narris Trelak looked up at Tarek. "I don't guess, ensign." he said, "One of my hosts was a doctor, I am familiar with medical procedure. Based on her bioscans, I selected a substance that should be compatible with her biochemistry and only targets specific basic infections that she might be susceptible to on our ship."

Taya'Dalai relaxed and laid back. Sigh slipping from the lass and processed through the the helmet. "Its alright." The press of the hypospray against the bare skin of the arm prompting the slightest cringe. But no pain came. Just the hiss of the hypospray and the contents released into her body." What happened after here?"

Tarek would pause, mouth agape, and make a short, sudden gasp before going on. "I see, I was not aware of this. Never mind then, sir." he'd say. Interesting how the Captain was versed in medical procedure, but it was incredibly convenient. He supposed everyone had some sort of background expertise in any given field. He then listened with interest to the alien patient. He was quite interested in the scene, and was looking forward to seeing how it unfolded.

Etana Sol considered Tarek part of the norm. At least her norm. Her norm was odd from everyone else due to situations and circumstances and such. Again I digress. Anyway she says to Tarek "I agree Ensign. But I assume the Captain knows what hes doing." She tries to be reassuring to their gust and says "By the way miss I'm Lieutenant Etana. I'm the acting chief of security. I'm here to make sure you don’t get hurt." Or to make sure she doesn't try to eat everyones brains.

Narris Trelak frowned slightly at her question and put the hypospray away. "The attacking ship was destroyed." he said, "But that is something we can clear up when you are allowed out of sickbay. What name would you likes us to call you? If I may ask?" he reached out towards her, saying as he did, "We could treat you better without this armor on..."

Etana Sol says "Captain I would recomend we wait for the nurses analysis before we let her take anything off. Both for our safety and for her safety. We don't know if our enviorment will kill her yet or not." To the lady she says "Can you breath an oxygen rich atmosphere anyway miss? I mean not to act as if your not here. Again I appologize. I'm just trying to keep you and us safe. Please understand." That and she was still waiting for her to vaporize everyone.

Taya'Dalai felt a mild headache. At least briefly before fading off in the seconds following." The name is Taya'Dalai vas Neema.....Buuuut....that might be a mouthful." Formal occasions sometimes warranted it. And sometimes not even then. " Taya." When even suggesting to remove the armor, tencing up." Ummm...ehhhh...." Taya was aware of the danger. Particularly." I can breathe Oxygen. Its not a matter of Oxygen rich, or not. ITs a matter if its a completely and absolutely sterile enviroment...." Ugh." Its alright... I should be apologizing to you if I am seeming Irate any."

Narris Trelak was not about to remove a space suit without knowing whether or not she could breath oxygen. "Well, Taya," he said to her, "you had better keep it on for now until we figure something out." He looked between Etana and the alien and rolled his eyes with amusement, he just turned back to their guest. "I will ask you to stay here." he said, "Until we are able to properly care for you. By tomorrow we should be all right, I will come discuss the various matters that I'm sure we are both eager to learn about. Until then, the medical staff will provide you with whatever you want."

Etana Sol smiles a warm smile saying "Your fine Taya. In your situation I think I would be lucky to be doing as well as you." She totaly missed the Captains eye roll as she was curious about thier new guest. She seemed to be nice enough. She tries to be reassuring and such. Then at the mention of medical staff she says "Also if you need anything feel free to ask me and I will help you. As long as you behave of course." She gave a smile to let her know she was serious but also trying to keep it light.

Tarek chose to rust in the corner. He was still waiting for instructions. Rather than acting of his own accord in a strange social situation which he did not understand, nor understand the impact of a wrong word or two. Instead he tugged at one of the pieces of the Helm which was still stuck in his chest. Evidently they were wedged in rather well

Taya'Dalai seeing she wouldnt be leaving sickbay soon wondered how she could have went so long without sleep. Or how she still was awake. "Dont worry, I wont be too difficult with the doctors." Everyone knew doctors worked better under pressure. At least the holographic, somewhat bald kind with the reported bad bedside manner at least. She however just was playing with those arrayed around her. And considering that the doctor was trying to help and was possibly the barrier between a cold and a the black plague..[metaphorically speaking]...Taya would listen"Thanks. Ill be sure to think of something. " Likely padds when she found out bout them and their useful capability to store and access information. That was however the least of it.

Narris Trelak glanced up at tarek when he realized the android was 'injured'. "Tarek," he said a bit sternly, "report to engineering and have them repair you." Then back to Taya. "I will come visit you at the earliest opportunity." he promised. "Now, I must be going, a good nod to you all." he gave a nod and headed out, provided no one stopped him.

Etana Sol offers a good nod to the Captain too. Not really. She says "Miss Taya I will stay here for a moment but then I too must get too slepp. Its been a long day even for me." As Narris walks off she says "Captain at your earliest convience I would like to discuss some things with you."

Tarek would nod, recieving and complying with the orders given. "Aye sir." he'd say, simply. He gave a nod to the captain, and a reassuring grin to the newcomer. He was going to need to go to engineer

Taya'Dalai interfaced with the gauntlet, twisting and turning, sliding and tapping holographic knobs, buttons, etc. All seemed in working order, at least enough to satisfy her to check it later. And so left it alone." You neednt stay up for me if your tired." But if she was going to stay, it was also up to the women. Wasnt up to Taya."Rest well." Referring to Narris, as directed to him whilt he left.
Tarek needs more than rust-away. He got shrapnel in him when helm exploded.

Etana Sol wasn't going to argue with Tanya. She was very tired and her player was crashing. So she stands next to the rusting Tarek and such. Or she goes to her quarters to sleep.

Narris Trelak gave a nod to Etana. "Very good, Lieutenant." he said. With a final smile directed at them all in general, he was gone.
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Sub-plot 6A - The Pilgrim
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