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 Sub-plot 6B - The Test

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PostSubject: Sub-plot 6B - The Test   Sub-plot 6B - The Test I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 17, 2010 4:03 pm

Seth Baxter smiles brightly from his position. Looking down at the controls, he readys himself for anything that may come up. "Captain, awaiting orders or further instruction." He chuckled a bit, as Eminem's sing for the moment got stuck in his head, making him hum.

Justin Crevan tapped his toes and hummed a tune as usual. He popped his knuckles and positioned them over keys. Ready to work at a moments notice.

Narris Trelak looked up at Seth and shook his head. "Don't worry, helmsman, I am not about to forget you're there." He turned to look at Tarek, "Any news from the draenei ship?"

Tarek would swivel to face the Captain. "At the moment sir, status reports appear normal. Repairs are still being carried out. Time to completion, still unknown." he'd state in a statistical tone, as though he were reading something. He'd give a slight nod and turn back to face his console. He turned back to face his console, continuing his routine monitoring of the ship.

Seth Baxter smiles, nodding at the captain as he continues to hum, ready for any orders to come about. He looked over his controls once more, making sure everything was properly in order. "So, wonder what happened..."

Narris Trelak said to Tarek. "Ensign Tarek, I wan't a diagnostic of all bridge controls please."

Tarek nodded at this, and began attacking his console with a furious flurry of fingerstrokes. "All bridge stations prepare to report status. Operations and Main Computer are both functioning at designated efficiency levels. Mr. Baxter, Mr. Crevan, please report the status of your respective consoles, and systems. Captain, I am beginning a level 5 diagnostic of shipwide systems elsewhere to confirm proper operation of all systems linked to the bridge. I will require someone to check the Tactical station as well." he'd say, in the usual systematic tone that he usually adopted when things became official. He now sat with the report log open on his console, prepared to enter in the responses of the others.

Desaede Sivel would have been in the chair, watching as everyone did what they were doing...When someone said something about tactical he'd have turned and looked, seeing nobody, and did a slight backflip from the chair over to stand next to the console, doing some diagnostics...

Seth Baxter nods a bit to the music in his head as he ran a diagnostic scan of the flight controls. He chuckled a bit as he got the results calculated. He turned, looking at the captain. "All systems are fully operational, and ready for anything, Sir." He smiled. "Did you expect any less?"

Justin Crevan nodded and began to type. He checked everything in great detail as he always did. "Everything seems to be in order on my end sir." He continued diagnosing systems and a fast pace, but double checking them all just to be sure.

Narris Trelak himself stood up and slipped into the science console. "I will run diagnostics on the science station." he said, fingers running over the LCARS as he spoke. "All sensors and sensor controls appear operational." he announced. He glanced up at Seth and smiled, "Always expect the best and prepare for the worst." he warned.

Tarek nodded. He still awaited the report from Tactical, which he assumed were going to be provided by the Commander. He pulled up the readouts from the other consoles on the far end of the Bridge. "Sir, to note, Master Systems Display and Engineering readouts are also operative at this time... Auxilliary reports operational and functioning and proper efficiency level. Computer consoles all appear to be functioning properly." he'd add, simultaneously jotting this information down in his report, which he controlled from the panel to his right.

Tarek would then add to his report. "Sir, there appears to be an issue with the bridge information pathways. I can think of no proper way to describe it. Suffice it to say they are not operating as usual." he'd add. He supposed it wasn't really a 'problem' yet, but the bridge should always function as it is supposed to function, and nothing less.

Seth Baxter frowns a bit, shaking his head. "Um, sir, theres a disturbance with the helms controls, some form of subspace disturbance. It isnt like anything I have experienced before. I am used to Tachyon disturbances, but this seems to be different some how."

Narris Trelak looked up at Tarek and raised an eyebrow. "It might just be a programming glitch. It doesn't seem to be effecting the bridge's functions, right? Cadet Creven, inform engineering of the problem so that Rake can look at it." At Seth's report, he looked up. "On screen." he said, waiting for the thing to appear before running scans from the science station. "It appears to be creating level-6 spatial distortions and is emitting magneton pulses. High gravimetric shear in the area, which is widening. Tarek?"

Tarek would frown at this, concerned with the implications of the situation. "Sir, the conditions that you have just described are similar to those reported from..." a short hesitant pause, double checking his source so there was no unnecessary concern. Deciding this was proper information, he would continue. "A Borg transwarp conduit. These have been recorded as methods of extremely fast method of trans-quadrant travel used by Borg vessels. The central hub in our universe is thought to have been destroyed." he'd add, attempting to provide a good connotation. He was well aware of general dislike for the Borg amongst organic life forms, for obvious reasons.

Desaede Sivel would have stood there, finishing the tactical diagnostics and then glanced up. "Everything on ze tactical station is good to go, sir" he'd have stated, leaning against the console a bit boredly. He had not much else to say at the moment, although he was curious at what was going on, wishing he was able to dissect the tech on the station...

Rake entered the bridge through the left side door, heading for the engineering station. He was here relieving Cadet Crevan, who he had heard from. Reporting to the captain, he said, "Crewman Wright here," before taking the vacant seat in the engineering area.

[#] The distortion on the screen was now visibly growing bigger.

Narris Trelak frowned slightly. "I know what a transwarp conduit it." he assured Tarek. Standing up, he hurried to the command chair and began to tap away at the controls. He initiated red alert.

[#] Red Alert: All hands to battle stations.

Tarek would proceed with engaging his 'alert' mode, and became more rapid in his already-speedy work. He systematically scanned the opening before them, attempting to determine more about it. "Sir, I am not able to determine the endpoint origin on the other side of the conduit, nor am I able to determine if it is currently in use by another vessel." he'd report, still working on getting more information. Simultaneously, he went about diverting power from nonessential systems such as replicators and the holodeck so that any and all excess energy could be diverted to another system at the Captain's order. "Emergency power prepared to be diverted at your word, Captain." he'd add.

Desaede Sivel wouldn't have reacted much, just keeping his hands hovering on the weapons just waiting to fire if the command was so given. He more or less was remaining silent at this point, concentrating....

Rake remained sitting, his gaze down and level with the console before him. He had been ignoring the situation and the others, and continued to do so; he did glance at the front view screen every now and then, however. Cadet Crevan's words played in the deep part of his mind as he worked the engineering keys, and he wasn't aware of the fact that he was mentally checking this 'programming glitch'.

Taya'Dalai turbolift was sliding its way to deck 1 when the alarm began to blare. And then everything was bathed in red. Red alert....She also happened to be perusing the recent additions to her device. Which had previously required her constant attention. Which she also closed just as the turbolift arrived at its destination, and dared not descend the way she came. So instead she passed into the halls, pass closed doors and dimmed halls, the doors to the bridge opening with her passing, and her eyes fixed upon the viewscreen." Captain?"

Narris Trelak gave a nod. "Thank you, Tarek." he said. "Commander, shields at full power, arm torpedos and charge phasers. Mr. Wright, I want full power ready to go. When Taya called he looked over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow at her. "Bad place to be right now, Taya." he said, attention going back to the screen.

[#] The ring of distortion seemed to be fully open and its size stopped increasing.

Tarek would not bother to turn in his chair, instead keeping all of his mechanical mind focused on his duty. "Sir, it would appear that the distortion has ceased expansion. If a vessel were indeed travelling through the conduit, it will appear shortly." he'd say, attempting to provide some form of warning as to the time frame they had to work with in preparation of what could be a Borg cube. He certainly hoped the ship would fare against if were it indeed the Borg...

Desaede Sivel would have typed on the tactical, having the shields up in mere seconds, having already had them charged along with the phaser banks. Torpedos were being loaded as they spoke least till the little light came on. "Right.....armed to the teeth, sir" he'd have stated, just waiting again....

Rake maintained his steady--if constantly rapid tapping is to be called steady--pace with the panal buttons, now following the commands for power preparation by the captain's order. Checking with the screen, he saw that all non-essential powers were already in the process of diverting. He proceeded to find other sources of power and allowed it to quickly progress. At a screening movement, Rake looked at his monitor and reported the development through a clear voice, "This indicates that the warp field is collapsing."

Taya'Dalai cringed. Neither did the women think travelling down the turbolift wise or safe. Especially now. Maybe Taya was kidding herself, but she didnt entertain a one way ticket on the turbolift. Glued to the unfolding events in space projected onto the viewscreen, attention only briefly flickered over to the captain." You aint kidding." She hadnt quite planned coming here at a bad time either.

Narris Trelak looked at Tarek. "Our warp field?" he asked, "Have we lost propulsion? Tarek, analysis. Des, monitor that thing and make sure nothign gets through. Taya.... um, sit down somewhere..." he motioned briefly to Des's command chair, seeing as it was empty.

Rake noted the next report and read it aloud, "Full power ready.

Tarek would tilt his head in a snap motion, looking down at his console and rapidly keying in the appropriate combination to view the status of the warp field. "Confirmed, sir. Our warp field is collapsing. Sensors have detected an energy surge coming from the transwarp conduit. Unknown source or description." he'd say, doublechecking the field. "I am unable to identify the cause of the warp field's collapse, however I would assume it has something to do with the distortion." he'd add, still rapidly working away at his console in a desperate attempt to learn more about the conduit.

Rake noted the next report and read it aloud, "Full power ready." He continued to work at the panals, shifting to the other console next to him frequently, then back. All the while, he persisted in paying no heed to the other presences.

Taya'Dalai directed herself to Des seat as directed by Narris and sat herself down in the comfy arms of Des seat. Almost stumbling over her own feet paying most of her attention upon the viewscreen. Afterwards however she was more careful and proceeded to the offered seat and sat in it before she looked back at the opening transwarp conduit that spread its fear to those present on the bridge. Like staring down the beasts maw....

[#] From the distortion emerged a ball of glowing white light. It moved slowly towards the ship, pulsing sporadically.

Narris Trelak glanced towards Taya. "Don't touch anything." he warned calmly before his attention was taken by the display. "Lock phasers on that thing. Tarek, can you determine what it is?"

Etana Sol makes an entrance and hopes she didn't walk in on something horrible. Thats my epic post.

Tarek shook his head slightly. "At this time it is unable to tell what the object is, although sensors have detected the emission of several varying forms of radiation and subspace emissions... The pattern is too complex to identify, but it matches no vessel registered in the computer's database." he'd say, musing over his console's readout, attempting to further analyze what it could be. He glances up at the viewscreen to get a better look.

Desaede Sivel would have glanced at Etana, tilting his head. "Ah, coming into the fun" he'd have stated before looking at the screen again? "Can I try to blow it up?" he'd have asked with a rather...enthusiastic...tone..[blehz]

Rake stared for a moment at that thing with which the captain referred to, then returned his rather glazed sight to the buttons he was so accustomed to. He was surprised his hands still remembered the keying after all that bridge station moving he'd had.

Taya'Dalai attention lingered upon the glowing ball of light as it emerged from the distortion in space. Obviously no hulking borg cube, scourge of the stars and delta quadrant. But neither could she identify it, and seemingly anyone else. Leaning forward a wee bit, Taya avoided touching anything, like buttons. Which was fine for her, she would have used her interface in lieu of that had she cared any. It wasnt remotely on her mind however.

[#] Without warning, the light flared up and shot straight for the ship itself. The shields did not seem to slow it down for even a moment. Then it actually appeared through the ceiling bulkhead on the bridge, pulsing but remaining floating at eye level just in front of the command chairs.

Narris Trelak frowned at Des. "No, commander, not yet. Not until-" but then it started to move. "Fire." He knew it was too late. he stood very still as the orb appeared, blue eyes fixed on it.

Etana Sol nods to Des and waits quietly for orders before she does anything. All she herd was lock phasers on the light ball. She lets Des do whatever since he was the Commander and out ranked her. So untill Des turned tatical over to her she was just there to make sure no one got phasered unless she said so. Speaking of wich the ball suddely appeared and she draws her phaser but hoolds fire saying "Orders Captain?" She stares down the ball with all her focus ready for anything.

Jorune - That high-heel sounding noise of Jorune's well-kept hooves was most likely the first thing that gave away her enterance. But they stopped just a few feet after she came into the bridge! Jorune's nose wrinkled when she spotted something on the bridge. Needless to say, she did not look too happy today. "Do I even want to be here?" She muttered - in her Russian-like accent - just loud enough to be heard. Her tone was more of 'I feel I'm in the wrong place and the wrong time' more then 'I don't want to be here', to be honest. Her luminescent eyes would glance from the ceiling and then down towards the Captain's chair. She didn't need to ask for orders since so many had already questioned him; she figured he'd of heard her.

Tarek watched the screen intently, wondering what the object was, let alone why it appeared hostile. Hopefully the ships weapons array would handle it. Of course, the majority of his curiousity was now based on what was on the other side of the transwarp conduit. It was a bad habit of his. Having received no other orders, he continued the monotonous task of monitoring the ship's status and the status of the unidentified craft.

Desaede Sivel would have pressed the button, but of course it was too late. Of course once it appeared on the bridge, he'd have whipped out his phaser (pointing it at the 'enemy) as well as a 'combat knife' hidden in his right sleeve and threw said knife at the light...thing... just a reflexive reaction to unauthorized boarding of course (plus the fact the captain said to fire and he was...well..trying to attack in some way, and just watched if anything happened, growling lowly.....

Rake wasn't at all affected, though he felt the sudden pulsating appearance and glanced up to blink at a gray orb-shaped patch. Not comprehending, he refocused his concentration on his consoles and tap, tap, tapped.

Taya'Dalai watched the ball of light that hovered in close proximity to the command chair with interest. A healthy interest which did not extend to poking and prodding the ball of light to see what it did, tempting as it might perhaps be. Nonono, anyways, Desaede was doing fine enough in that catagory, throwing phasering it and even throwing a knife at it. A capability that she didnt have to her chagrin.

[#] Just as suddenly as it had 'attacked' the ship, the light (ignoring Des's knife entirely as it passed through) zipped down and dissapeared into Tarek's head! Tarek himself woulf feel nothing, the same going for everyone else as, within seconds, the thing zipped from one person to the other, everyone on the bridge. Lastly it payed Narris a visit and then shot away from him and dissapeared into the ceiling.

Narris Trelak didn't have time to forma coherent reaction. But after it left, he blinked and did not seem to know what to say. "Um... report." he said.

Etana Sol tries to shoot the ball as it came twards her head. SHe didn't like the thought of something going in her with out permission. Seeing as how it did anyway she says "" SHe looks around to see if anyone seemed ill and says "Security report is normal Sir?" SHe was a bit confused and still trying to figurre ouit what just happened.

Jorune was right! She looked very antsy about something coming for her head but since it had not hurt anyone else she would close her eyes and just wait a moment. Jorune actually blinked a few times before she realized it had already moved on and went through crew members. "Lieutenant Sol," Jorune said when the woman fired. "Stand still." But by the time Jorune spoke it was probably already gone to someone else, right? She again started stepping and she came down besides Taya and level with the Captain. "Narris... What is going on? Orders, Captain?" And she went quiet again to make sure he didn't miss any reports.

Tarek would give a curious raise of the brow. "I believe that we may have been scanned, sir. It is possible that in some way this object is a probe designed to interpret thoughts. My internal diagnostics report nothing wrong, therefore I do not believe it has caused us any harm, sir. It is only a theory." he'd say, extrapolating what had happened. "All ships systems report normal, however the distortion is beginning to intensify again." he'd add, still going over the ship's systems on his console's many readouts.

Desaede Sivel probably would have been the catch...since he started going acrabatic-dodging, but once it was gone again, he growled. "I'll destroy the Veziznet (zythel equivelent of a long line of curse words including the f word three times), I'll kill it...phase field or no! Just come back here!" he'd have yelled at the retreating light. Yeah, anything getting into his head kindof.....pissed him off....a bit, ever since the whole implant incident occured...

Rake only began a rapid succession of continuous clicking, though swifter this time. He steamed about lame gray strangers invading his head, or mind, and not being able to formulate reasonable conclusions since it seemed not to have done any visible damage to the engineering department. "Nothing to report, sir," he said, irritation underlying in his tone.

Taya'Dalai was like nuuuuuuu, screaming and flipping over the chair. Not really. She stood, or rather remained sitting. What else could she do against a ball of light that floated and zipped around with impunity. Fart in its general direction? Taya did however cringe as it passed through her, expecting some weird feeling or something. Anything other then the nothing which she didnt feel before it disappeared to continue with its current pursuits. For a second her gaze lingering upon where the luminescent ball had disappeared before directed to the viewscreen by Tareks observation despite the profanity and outburst that came from Des.

[#] The energy entity could be seen on the viewscreen again, heading towards the disturbance it had emerged from and stopped just in front of it, pulsing rythmically.

Narris Trelak stood up and moved to helm when he realized the distortion was flaring up. "Helm controls are non-respnsive." he said with a scowl. "Rake, try to repair them. Lieutenant Sol, does tactical still work? Fire on the entity."

Etana Sol checks her tatical controls and tries to fire at said entity with a grin. She didn't like it because she felt like it violated her. She hoped it wouldn't leave some telepathic imprint on her. Silverians were sensative to that kind of stuff. She only says "Right. Aye Sir." SHe was still a bit confused but was trying to recover so she can do her job.

[#] The phasers hit with no effect.

Jorune was absolutely ignored. She reached over with one blue-skinned hand and smacked Narris upside the head to demand some answers! You heard me! No, I was just kidding. Instead, she shifted her weight to her right hip in a cocky manner; she really was just getting comfortable though. She didn't do anything sarcastic or cocky. Yet. Jorune really didn't have anything else to do. She was apparently useless.

Tarek would continue to monitor the readouts. "Sir, I believe the disturbance's event horizon has begun to expand more rapidly. At the current rate of growth we will be overtaken in two minutes and forty seven seconds." he'd say in his casual tone. It was time to get the ship away from the disturbance, or so it seemed.

Rake looked over to the helm station, blinking at it. There shouldn't be anything amiss with its department or controls should the other departments had nothing mistaken with them. He stood and walked toward the area, peering over the table edge as close as possible so as not to leave his head all up in the way. At first glance, nothing appeared wrong. Heading for the chair, he began to familiarize himself with the helm controls, but again, nothing had gone awry. "Er, sir, there appears to be nothing to repair," he reported to the captain. Then, finished, he returned to the engineering station and read a visible report, "Thrusters appear to still be working."

Taya'Dalai didnt particularly like the sound of Helm controls being unresponsive. There were worse things obviously, like being chased by a armada of ships all intent on blowing you up or tribbles on a klingon ship. And yet was utterly baffled to hear that there was infact nothing wrong, nothing to be repaired and intrigued by the problem."Anything I can do to help sir?"

[#] The Distortion was visibly increasing in size with the entity at the center of the singularity.

Narris Trelak looked down at his arm console and ran through a series of readouts. "The draenei ship is much closer." he said thoughtfully. "If this rift keeps expanding without being stopped who knows what damage it could do. An explosion of large enough magnitude on the edge of the event horizon would destabalize the singularity...." he turned in his chair to look at Etana. "Lieutenant, lock phasers on the draenei vessel and prepare to fire on my mark."

[#] Insert dramatic music and commertial break here.

Narris Trelak does a commertial for tires just like Picard. [ok, i'm done]
Tarek: []

Etana Sol did as shes told at first. Then her head cocks at the orders to fire on the Draeni ship. She thought they were friends. She takes a breath looks to Jorune with an appologetic look and says "Phasers locked. Holding fire." She didn't know why they would blow up a friendly ship but then again she just got here.

Jorune almost didn't hear Narris. But she wrinkled her nose in a 'Say what?' expression and turned her face down to him. She wasn't going to question him; he was the Captain. But she looked so, so tempted to question his thoughts. Her eyes glanced over to Etana as Etana shot her a look and then she looked back down to Narris. Jorune looked, to say in the least, very confused and almost hurt at the thought of firing on the civilian ship.

Tarek would shout a quick, "Wait" before anyone did anything they might regret. "Sir, if you would allow me to interject, I believe there is a possible alternative to destroying our newfound allies. It is possible that a photon torpedo detonated precisely at the edge of the distortion would cause it to destabilize, and either shrink or simply dissipate. I believe under the circumstances we should attempt this first." he'd say. He was programmed for mercy, Starfleet protocol, and assistance of allies. The afore mentioned idea conflicted with all three of these. The photon idea was a bit of a gamble, but it would be better than destroying another vessel.

Rake picked up the captain's order and silently hailed the command, his cheering in sudden mental optimism cut off when his supposed android friend, Tarek the bot, spoke up its mind. He sighed. These aliens weren't going to ruins after all.

Taya'Dalai hadnt been answered. Understandable under the present circumstances. Though had to doubletake following the recent order to fire upon the draenae ship. Almost raising her voice in protest, but cut off by Tareks suggestion, sating her. Though also reminding her of her place, humbling her.

Narris Trelak frowned at Tarek. "No." he said sternly "that's not an acceptable option, the draenei ship must be destroyed. Lieutenant, fire all phasers!" Despite his previous reasoning, the draenei ship was not yet near the edge of the singularity.

Etana Sol would pause and say "Um Captain? You are aware that is a Draenei ship and from what I can tell its a civilian vessel. I strongly protest this Sir. I..." She obviously was haveing an inner struggel to destroy a civilian ship. She didn't fire yet and was debateing on weather or not to obey an order or do what she thought was right. For the first time in her life she didn't immediately carry out an order.

Jorune finally said something. She turned her hip away from Narris only to face him. Jorune lifted up her hands, open and palm up, to motion to nothing. She was using them to talk. Bad habit? "Captain Trelak you are about to commit a war crime on a defenseless, civilian ship when you have alternative options. Are you ready to be charged with these?" She knew good and well Hot-Spots was very proud of his Captain rank. And he was challenging it!

Tarek would press once again. "Sir, if we use maneuvering thrusters to keep ourselves moving away from the singularity and use a tractor beam to rescue the draenei as well, we will be able to escape using the photon torpedo. I cannot allow you to give an order that would endanger the lives of innocent civilians with whom we are now friendly." he'd state, attempting to provide logical backup for this protest... Surely he would accept the truth in this. However, perhaps more food for thought would aid him. "And the blast from the Draenei ship would not affect the singularity at this time. Therefore it would be a needless waste of life." he'd add. Now he waited, and hoped the Captain made a well-informed decision.

Desaede Sivel would have been off to the side, having frozen from his irritated mutterings when the whole 'kill the civilians' concept came up. At the moment he was seriously trying not to react to it, off to the side but merely glancing over at Narris with a half growl. "I must also express my sentiments on the....disgusting concept...of blowing up a civilian vessel with them still on it"....

Rake praised the captain's intelligence, willingly acknowledging what he'd unconsciously always known yet not been keen to be aware of, and criticized all the protesters. However, he did not glance up, look to the captain and press to not listen to the others, nor shouted "Just do it!" at Lieutenant Sol--all of which were tempting. He had nothing against the draenei, just that their existence for bringing with them an illogical article--or articles-- to the world were a hindrance to the space life. Rake merely sat back, calm, and played at his work, all the while his attention and hearing tuned into the interaction on the bridge at hand.

Narris Trelak stood up, frown still evident on his face. "That was an order, Lieutenant." he snapped, clearly irritated, "Now fire!" His hand dropped to his phaser ever so slightly but then his eyes flicked to Jorune. "Let me deal with that." he said, "Besides, who's going to court martial me out here?" Just a touch off for him? He turned to Tarek now. "You cannot?" he demanded, "I am captain of this ship and you will do as ordered. Commander," he glanced only briefly at Des before locking eyes on Etana, "sentiment does not run a ship." Assuming Etana had not yet, he repeated his order. "Lieutenant, fire phasers now! That's an order!"

Etana Sol eyes teared up and says "S-Sir please. These are civilians and our friends! We can't just kill innocent people. Starfleet regulations *SPOUTS OFF RULES*. I c-can't see this as ethical or moral." As his hand goes to his phaser she jumps a bt and says "Captain for the love of the gods listen to reason. Theres a better way." She was locked on to the ship but still she didn't fire. She was on the verge of tears and loyalty to duty. DAMN IT!

Jorune looked absolutely taken aback when he spoke to her like that. Jorune dropped her hands but held one out to Etana. "Lieutenant, wait..." It was a soft sentence that seemed like more a plea. She could not tell someone not to listen to their Captain's orders. "Commander," Jorune said as she looked to him. "Listen to him. To Narris. 'There's no one out here to court marshal me?' Commander, something is wrong. He's not fit to give orders. You know this doesn't sound like our Captain... When there's away around killing innocents, he won't think twice about it? I don't even think he's thought once about it!" Again, she sounded very hurt. Pleading, if anything.

Tarek thought on this for a moment... Perhaps Narris would never talk like that... Jorune was right. Narris would not do that... The entitiy, perhaps? "Commander, I believe that the Captain is no longer fit for duty, as his mind may have been compromised by the entity. You are the only one here entitled to remove him from command." he'd say, perhaps onto a hunch. Of course, were he wrong, he would be facing trouble for false action... It was a gamble worth the lives of the crew of the draenei ship.

Desaede Sivel would have turned to look at Narris, ears flat and growling again. "Very well....'captain'" he'd have stated, the normal formality loaded with an extreme amount of venom. "I will not stand by with this" he'd have stated before turning for the door and pausing before turning back to the captain and setting back into a stance, while leveling his phaser and taking a second knife out and poising for the throw. "I won't let you kill them... If nobody complains on it (even if they do), I'm temporarily relieving you of your command due to mental compromization for the suggesting of killing innocents. Now, Etana, call security to watch him...Better be good, cappy massacre, or I'll beat you within an inch of your life and throw you out, to hell with the consequences, I'll tear down half of security if I have to" he'd have stated with a rather dangerous tone, fully intending to go along with it.

Rake would have simply laughed at the sudden turmoil the once objective crew were experiencing. How incompetent. He stood, weary of the situation. Glancing at the captain, he quickly spoke up to offer, "Sir, might I suggest that if these people are unfit to answer a captain's order, I could fire it for her?" in a deliberately supressed tone of voice before said security team could come over and remove his favorite--and only--captain of all time.

Taya'Dalai was appalled at such disregard for the life of another ship. A allied ship nonetheless. Others did the job for her. Des relieved him of command. What else could anyone do. Disturbingly, Rake also showed the similar trigger finger that Narris displayed and made her wonder.

Narris Trelak pulled out his phaser and aimed it at Etana. "Step away from that console, Lieutenant, you are relieved from duty. I'll do it myself." He moved swiftly, phaser in hand, towards the tactical station, ignoring Des's protests. But at Rake's proposal, he said, "Do it." at the same time he did not stop what he was doing. But... Rake was closer to his controls than Narris was.

Etana Sol hears everyone and Des seemed to be on board with it. Tears roll down her cheek as she pulls her phaser out again and says "Captain.....I'm sorry." She taps her com and says "Security to the bridge immediately." She steps away from her station and says "Sir if you move I will stun you." She double checks her phaser to make sure it was on heavy stun only. She wasn't about to kill Narris. At Rakes words she says in a very dangerous tone "Do anything crewman and I will shoot you too." She was hurting inside but she knew her duty. She says "Captain halt now." Yes she gave him an order.

Jorune was getting antsy! She stepped to the side to stand between Narris and his way out from infront of his chair and yet did nothing to physically touch him. For as tempting as that way. She only put her hands, open, infront of her incase he decided to shove her. "Captain Trelak, you are no longer in command... You cannot tell Lieutenant Sol to get off of her station nor can you tell Wright to fire on an ally ship. Please, sit down. And trust your Commander." She would look to Tarek and say, a bit louder, "Are you monitoring the situation outside? Are they getting closer still? That ship is much larger then the Horizon. Hitting it, running into it... Could all be harmful." But she looked to the Commander a second later to see if he approved of what she said. "Maybe the Captain should be removed from the bridge."

Tarek nodded at Jorune's question. He sounded cold for not having genuine remorse for the situation, in fact he'd been maintaining his position and duties the entire time. He hadn't even looked to see what was going on behind him. "Yes, Jorune. The singularity will make impact with the ship in a matter of minutes if we do not move further from the rift. I suggest my original exit plan. I suppose that since our command personnel have been compromised, I will assume I have the permission to move us away." he'd say, tapping at the keys. Were he succesful in performing these actions un-perturbed, he would tractor the Draenei vessel and engage thrusters, however there would be enough time for someone to react before he did so...

Rake raised both arms up in a sign of mocking surrender, his eyes moving from her to the area and button with which would initiate the satisfying ease of his mind. He, if he could just get close enough, would practically salivate if only his throat wasn't so drought from lack of abundant water. Rake's feet were shuffling closer every time, his hands behind him now, as he looked back at the ever burdensome Lieutenant Sol--he hadn't thought so before. He should attempt strategy with which he could move her away from the station--never mind that. His hands appearing from behind him and just going for it, he slapped his arms over the consoles, his hand reaching for the firing button.

Narris Trelak looked at each of them in turn, then glanced towards the ceiling, a distinct action he always seemed to make before talking to the computer. "Computer." he said sharply, "End simulation." Suddenly, the ship's alert status went down and the LCARS panals blcked out and returned in cruise mode. The display screen flickered and all signs of the entity and the singularity vanished. "I hope," Narris said, face having softened, "that you will all perform just as admirably if my mind ever really is taken over by an alien."

Etana Sol looks to Narris and says "Simulation?" SHe stops crying for a moment and then she seems to get aggitated. "A simulation!?" She was angry but still her voice never got above a whisper as usual. She says "You know I could have shot you? I was about to shoot Rake for goddess sake!" HEr chest heaves as she was relived but still. Damn it.

Jorune probably had one of the worse reactions to that. She reached out and smacked him right upside the head! For reals this time! It was gentle and playful, though. "You...," she scowled. "Are a horrible person." Even her tone was playful to Narris. She wasn't angry. " And you," she said to Rake. "Are an even worse one." That... Was not so playful. Either way, her hands dropped back down to her sides.

Tarek nodded, making a mental note of what to do in such a situation, and began to key into his console, checking ship's systems and beginning his report for the distribution of power to be used by each department the next day. He scanned through the information provided by his console and made mental notes of his decisions as well. Then he turned in his chair to face the Captain. "An interesting idea for a test Captain. I am not entirely sure the test should have been unannounced, however I am glad that myself and the others acted to your liking. Random exams. It seemed as though he'd been sent back to the Academy. What was next?

Rake rolled his eyes spaceward again, then they found the main view screen and stared for a moment at the no longer visible distortion. He ignored the others, utterly unashamed and disappointed. Sighing, he thought the experience had just taught him one of the sides of him he'd never known existed, a flaw, and how much different the rest of the crew were from him. He didn't fit in here, after all! Rake returned to his seat at the engineering station, sitting back and desiring an eternal nap with which he would never awaken again.

Taya'Dalai was just about to step up to the plate. She already had taken a step forward. And got to be kidding me. Narris however wasnt. Attested to the fact that there was nothing upon the view screen. Bubcus. Taya didnt know whether she should laugh or bury Narris in holographic tribbles for the cruel joke. She didnt. She was curious if Rake had been in on it. Nor did she think to ask either. " Bosh'tet." Muttered under her breath, confidant noone would understand its particularly profane meeting.

Narris Trelak turned to look at Etana kindly, but he did not sound the least apologetic. "Lieutenant, you did exactly what you should have done, shooting me." he told her. And then Jorune smacked him and he blinked, "A horrible person," he agreed, "but a good commander. At least I hope. Tarek, if I told you it was a test, you would not have been worried about my action and would simply have relieved me of duty halfway through my first order to fire." Then he offered Rake a smile. "Thank you for your loyalty, crewman, but be wary of putting me on a pedestal." It was not a reprimand, sounded more like friendly advice.

Etana Sol says "Anyway Sir I'm glad this situation isn't real. I would hate to think you would be mind controlled." To Rake she says "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" She would slap him upside the head and say "In a real situation I would have shot you. I should shoot you now." She also learned something about Rake today. She would have to watch him in the future. She calms and says "Well anyway. At least no one got hurt."

Tarek would continue with his discussion, as it seemed to be what the others were doing. Although, to him, discussion seemed irrelevant. The test was over and the others seemed to be treating it as though it were an actual happening. "To be honest sir, I was less worried with hostility on the bridge as I was with determining a method to return you to normal. I believe that if the scenario had stayed the course, I would not have succeeded in that respect." he'd say, going on about the situation, either not noticing or not bothering to mind the intent of testing their reactions.

Rake dismissed the captain's voiced suggestion and the security lady, though he rubbed the back of his head somewhat in reflexive reaction. He blatantly disliked her. He would have to watch her in the future. Looking back at the consoles, he began tapping at them to experiment any mishaps with the engineering department.

Taya'Dalai was relieved Narris hadnt a clue what she had just said. So why linger on it. It did begin to become clear though that Rake hadnt been playing along. Either that or he wasnt saying anything to the fact or not. Just that Etana wasnt particularly happy with him." Sorry sir for interrupting as I might have..."

Narris Trelak shook his head at Etana. "Leave the reprimanding on this matter to me, please, Lieutenant. But she is right, Rake, what I was proposing was the senseless death of hundreds of innocent civilians. Do not value life so cheaply." Lastly he turned to Taya. "You are just fine, Taya. Of course normally the bridge is off limits to civilians, but that's all right."

Etana Sol shakes her head and says "Ensign you would have failed since there wasn't anything wrong in the first place. It was a test of reactions to a situation. Not really needing a conclusion. The test was as it was and the Captain got what he needed." She was obviously much calmer now and not angry. Now she was returning to calm and stoic again.She says to Narris "Very well Sir. If I am no longer needed I will retire for the night if I may?" She was waiting to be dismissed.

Narris Trelak added to Tarek. "I'm sure the crew would have found a way. Of course the important thing was keeping me out of trouble, as it were. "Dismissed, Etana."

Etana Sol would go to her quarters to piss her pants and cry for three hours before going to sleep.

Tarek pondered that a long while... He would have failed? He had imagined the response was the kind that would be desired at the end of a test. He was greatly confused. Certainly the situation needed a conclusion in his mind, but if the Captain felt he'd gotten the point across before completing the scenario... then that was acceptable. He continued his work, since it would have been his time to be on duty for his second shift of the day. He was entirely too confused.

Rake blinked at the captain's admonishment. He was confused, as well, though not as much as his now former bot friend Tarek. "Yes, sir. I see, sir," he said, just to let the man know he'd heard him, although he didn't see at all. He shrugged it aside and worked at the buttons and monitor, making a note-to-self about the whole experience and a reminder to 'fix' that part of himself.

Taya'Dalai attentively listened. She too felt the pull of sleep, but was less likely to notice it at the current moment. Especially with the surprising twist that had knocked her socks off figuratively speaking. But she gelt tired all the same, ayawn breaking the womens silence once again." Thankyou Captain."

Narris Trelak blinked in turn at Rake, wondering if he really understood. Then he moved over and offered Taya his arm. "I'll escort you to his quarters." he offered, ever the gentleman and diplomat. Once she had accepted, he turned towards the exit. "Um, Tarek, have someone from ops remove the holoemitter from the ceiling, will you?" Now we know how he got the flashy lights inside.

Tarek nodded at the Captain's request. "Aye sir. I will attend to that personally. It will be done within the hour." he'd say, politely. Still he was confused, but work was more important as evidently he had passed the Captain's test. He was confused also with Rake's reaction, as it was not as he had envisioned. He payed it no mind, and gathered up a kit from beneath his console to set about extracting the holoemitter.

Rake proceeded to stand, and a sudden thought hit him. Suppose... He headed for the helm station, checking it for himself. Everything appeared in working order. Silly. He blinked heavy eyes, always ready to droop at this time of date after bridge duty. He nodded his good-bye to Tarek the bot, intending to set up for some food and a very large amount of water supply to drink.
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Sub-plot 6B - The Test
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