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July 2018
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 Desaede Sivel

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PostSubject: Desaede Sivel   Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:02 pm

Character Name: Desaede Sivel
Character Race: Zythel
Character Age: 18

Position: Wherever character talents would be best used *shrugs* probably Security or some tactical position.

Character Description: 'Des' stands at almost 7'9 ft, a strange creature that appeared to be a mix between a feather-winged Dragon and a Fox, identified as a Zythel in the databanks. The race always had black wings, but never could fly since they were too heavy. Centuries later, they became able to fly via gravity reducing devices. White scales cover the draconic body, while from his headfur(hair) one can see a pair of fox-like ears perked and twitching along with three white fox-like tails. He can't wear shoes of any type due to his draconic claw/talons, but he rarely trips up. He has a severe weakness to sound and awful smells, but to make up for that he can shift to a fox about half the size of the standard earth adult fox with white fur.

Desaede Sivel strode lightly down the corridors of the base, ears perked although they were still half hidden in his hair. He was rather irritated at the moment, having just come from a workout in the holodeck which took far less time than normal. It just wasn't fair that it was so damn easy fighting holographic opponents, especially simulated androids. Sure they were still dangerous opponents, but it just wasn't the same. Every step in the corridors, he'd have to be careful, his claws occasionally snagging on the carpet. But he'd managed to not wipe out after the first day, the mere fact he was able to move about without tripping was an achievement indeed. Coming to the third floor armory, he just sighed. Always fighting first, then target practice, and finally chess and racial psychology, it was never a dull day.

Abilities/skills/strengths: Ability to transform into a fox, half the size of a typical earth adult fox. Enhanced senses and strength due to animalistic properties. Winged flight with aid of gravity reducing device.

Weaknesses: Extreme weakness to harsh noises or explosions, typically wears a noise reduction device around ears. Wings bones aren't as strong as skeleton, and cause a lot of pain when broken.

Other: He is a rampant trickster, and sometimes toys with his target. Also, when extremely bored, he sometimes isn't able to control himself, sometimes committing harmless pranks on other people. Having an analytical mind makes said pranks more difficult to identify and avoid.
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PostSubject: Re: Desaede Sivel   Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:08 pm

Approved, Security.
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Desaede Sivel
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