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PostSubject: Episode 4 -   Episode 4 - I_icon_minitimeSun May 09, 2010 11:31 am

[Roleplay started on May 8th; 10:30PM FST]
[Those involved: Narris Trelak, Tarek, Jorune, Amicitia Rosden, Vagh, Hatchet Shell, Etana Sol]

Narris Trelak sat in the command chair, calmly sitting back monitoring his LCARS. "Ensign Tarek, how many warp missiles did you manage to complete?" he asked.

Tarek would turn to the Captain, the usual blank look on his face. "I have managed to replenish our usual compliment sir, that is exactly 24 at this time," he'd state calmly, then whisking himself back around to continue the monotonous tasks which he did at the beginning of every shift. Presently, he was attempting to use his console to check the status of the engines. As he waited for results to come in, he worked on a small PADD which he'd had with him for the last 2 days straight.

Jorune fumbled with the PADD in her hand, apparently growing tired of working with the object. A few taps of her fingers on the display and she shifted it to one hand, holding it at her side. Jorune then turned and walked up so she could stand near the tactical station but not close enough she would interefere with anyone on it. She simply wanted to watch and maybe learn a few tricks that would aide in her learnings of the station.

[#] The Horizon is currently dead in the water with the warp core offline.

Amicitia Rosden came up from engineering. "Captain, warp drives would be back online within an hour. That device certainly did a number on our systems but repairs have been done and those that are repaired seems to be running smoothly so far," she'd report with a salute and her right hand was still bandaged, having not taken the time to head to sickbay to tend to the cut. The woman looked tired despite having taken some rest. "The engineers have been working nonstop to fix the mess sir."

Vagh's arms are crossed before him as he sat there. A moment of thought he seemed to be lost in, perhaps an issue with something he was taking care of in medical before he reported to the bridge. He muttered to himself as he waited for further instructions. Nothing beats a good old fashion waiting game...well...other than war know...killing and such. Oops...evil grin on the doctor's face...that can't be good.

[#] many flashes signaled the approach of a large fleet of...something or another quite a ways away. It seemed to be the same type of ships that had come after horizon had left the station. Only problem would be it seemed the whole armada was here, and looming within the line of ships was the large monstrocity again, either rebuilt or repaired in any way, but here it was yet again....The new fleet seemed to be roughly one hundred ships, some of them stolen federation ships that had been redesigned to suit the order's needs....

Narris Trelak Nodded to Tarek. "Very good, ensign." he said. The young trill glanced up at Jorune when she seemed to be having trouble with her PADD. "All right, Yeoman?" he asked, looking back, "You seem restless." But then his attention was taken by Ami. "Thank you, Cadet." he told the orion girl. "Keep me up-" He stood up as soon as the tactical console flared and hurried over to it, quickly looking over the readouts. "Red alert." he announced, initiating the alert and beginning to fire off orders, "Ensign Vagh, evasive maneuvers, Jorune, hailing frequencies. Rosden, I want you to get that warp core working a little faster, please, and rerous all power to tactical grid. How long we will have full power capabilites with the core down? Cadet Tarek, shut down non-essential systems and take us to emergency life support."

[#] Red Alert initiated, all personnel to battle stations.

Tarek would immediately switch into combat mode. "Aye sir, taking non-essential systems offline now. We've got the back-up systems storing power now. Diverting life support to emergency settings." he'd state calmly, again going to work. He ditched his research PADD at the foot of his seat, attacking his console in a flurry of barely visible movements, attempting to carry out the tasks as quickly as he'd repeated them back to the Captain. His job done, he'd sit silently, waiting for further instructions, while still watching sensors for any new readings on the external side of the ship.

Jorune hadn't fed the first reaction that came to mind when the station she was standing by flared up and she left it alone. Instead, she simply watched as the Captain hopped to the station and... Initiated a red alert? Did she even want to know what those readouts were saying? "Yes, Sir." Jorune nodded to him, moving away from it only to come down and stand beside the Commander's chair. She didn't sit in it though, only opened the panel and leaned over enough she could see it.

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head thinking that they could rest soon but alast, the order for red alert was given and she'd head into the engineering chair. fingers flew furiously over the console as she entered commands, sending a message to engineering to urge them to finish the repairs quickly. "Power rerouted. Captain, the warp core can be up and running in a few minutes but it might be somewhat unstable. The engineers can do their best to manage it although it might end up being dangerous. Orders ready at your command." It was quite the risk. Most of the plasma conduicts and damaged parts had been repaired but who knows what an attack might do to it. It was better than nothing though.

Vagh's mind really only had one word to come up with for this turn of events and unfortunatly it was rather flavored. He looked at his station, shaking his head before he just continued to wait. Nothing much he could do until the ship was operational enough to move anyway. "Sir, with all due respect there's little evasion I can give you at our current engine output. I'll give it everything the ship has though." With that said he would maneuver his controlls in an attempt to lower the ship's angle and turn 30 degrees to the right as he began moving at the engine's full speed capabilities away from the opposing ships.

Hatchet Shell had rushed to the bridge the moment Red Alert had been sounded, standing out of the way as the rest of the bridge crew was at work. Simply reporting to where he was told to be should there be a situation. The need for medical personnel on the bridge was a mystery to him, but of course he didn't, and wouldn't argue the subject. He'd wait to be addressed, not wanting to interrupt anything for the sake of him having something productive to do.

[#] The ships began to fan out, larger ships slowly forming a peremiter of (warp)-interdiction fields while the rest stayed just out of weapons range, circling like vultures fixing to descend to take the kill. It seemed the order had no intention on pulling any punches if they began the assault, and thus they wanted to try to ensure Horizon's capture if it was at all possible. The larger ship seemed a little different, at least until sections of the wings began to fold out in a rather familiar way, if anyone had seen the 'sister ship' in the battle just before horizon had entered the nebula with the refitting station, hopefully whoever was at help had very good reflexes....

Narris Trelak looked Jorune's way and nodded. "Open a channel, yeoman." he directed. Looking at Ami when she gave a report he replied, "Don't start the core unless I give the order, try bypassing the damaged conduits to stabalize it." To Vagh, "What's our impulse efficiency? You'll have to make it work, ensign, do your best. Take us to a halt unless they fire, be ready to move on my order" He handed tactical off to Etana and headed for his chair. "Tarek, let me know is sensors pick anyhting up." Assuming by now Jorune had opened a channel, he tapped his panal and spoke up. "This is Captain Trelak of the starship Horizon. Explain the reason for entering an attack formation."

Tarek would look over the sensors time and time again. "As of present, the only thing that our sensors have managed to detect are several ships and a strange disruption field. I am unable to properly identify it at this time, sir." he'd say, still watching the sensors carefully for any sign of changes in the area. Nothing yet though. He listened with intent interest to the Captain. He found it curious that even after the ship had been marooned outside the grasp of the protocols of StarFleet, and although the situation seemed rather grim to him, the Captain still managed to follow through on all diplomatic and combative procedures. He would applaud him if he hadn't objectively found this entirely appropriate and absolutely necessary.

Jorune had opened the channel when she was told to do so, nodding towards Narris so he knew that they were indeed opened. So they would have been available by the time he started speaking, yes. Her attention shifted to Tarek then and his news which put a frown on her face. Oh, great! New friends! And that thought had shifted her attention up to the main screen in hopes the Captain was given some sort of responce.

Vagh looked over the station a moment before speaking, "All Stop confirmed. We appear to be at 70 percent impulse effciency, Sir. Ship ready to move on your command." With that he waited patiently as he went over the reports of crystal stress watching for them to give him the ready notice for the warp engines. Everything else seemed to be at a...workable level for the time being though.

Hatchet Shell listened in as well, standing off to the side. For now, he would just run scans on those in the room as he awaited a responce to the Captain. Everyone seemed to be doing alright or the time being. But the ships were in an attack formation, if he heard correctly? Why were they not attacking? Were they going to be boarded? Too many questions that he certainly wasn't going to ask.

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head at Narris' command, keeping her cool and staying focused on the task at hand, mentally acknowledging the presence of new comers on board the bridge but not reacting to them. "Core stabilized sir," she'd report. "Power has been compromised though and output is at 3000 teradynes per second sir." Hopefully that should be enough to get them out if need be. [D: *was jumped? T.T]

Etana Sol looks over her tatical display and sees the very familiar attack pattern and ship class. Except a few similar to federation style. SHe raises shields if thgey wern't all ready and says "Phasers at full power Captain. Missiles armed and ready. Shields are up and at full power. Ready to fire on yopur mark Sir."

[#] It would have seemed no reply to the hail would come before a text feed would be returned to Horizon The feed thus stated: . 'There is no other reason to destroy you besides the fact you are not one of us......End transmission'. The smaller ships slipped into firing range and began to pelt with laser fire, the circular construct on the large ship flashed bright blue before a wormhole flared to life, electricity arcing around the construct. A large concentrated beam shot out of the wormhole towards Horizon, some sort of ion weapon accompanied by phaser cannons. The weapon was obviously supposed to disable whichever parts of the ship it touched, scrambling circuitry and dealing draining damage to shields at the same time....

Narris Trelak didn't wait past recieving the message. "Helmsman, go." he said quickly, trusting the abaltive armor would protect them from the pelting of the smaller ships. "Take us directly through their ships, bearing 314, mark 35. Etana, blast a hole for us, concentrate weapons fore and shields aft. Tarek, see about disrupting that wormhole before they re-aim it. Or better yet, turn it against them. Can we make it collapse and detonate?"

Tarek would hear the Captain and a fraction of a millisecond later he was already blazing through his work. The millions of calculations that usually pondered everything now only focused on the situation. His fingers fired across the console in a blaze that looked like it could've melted it were it not durable. He would then say to the Captain without turning around "It is theoretically possible sir, although I am not entirely sure we would be able to accomplish that feat. We will need to figure out a definative method. And I am not entirely sure that we will be able to do that..." he'd state, calmly as ever. Even his expression had not changed. Completely focused in his work, he waited for more instructions and theories.

Jorune's face turned into that which reflected her disgust for the situation. The Draenei left her gaze fixed on the main screen though, only listening intently to the reports, theories and commands flying around the bridge. She poorly braced herself since her mind was on other things, only grasping the side of the Commander's chair and placing her back to the station behind her. Her knees bent though as she tried to anticipate any shaking or tossing.

Amicitia Rosden would be glancing at the console. "Captain warp core engines are failing, power output at 900 tetradynes and dropping rapidly sir. Engineering's trying to get them back online. Whatever's causing the failure sir, it certainly isn't our own machinery." Ami would be doing her best at her station but there wasn't much she could do up here. Everything else would be ignored as she focused on the engines themself.

Vagh's brow raised to the worm hole opening, given the 'go' though, he'd do just that, keeping his current bearings for a moment in an attempt to get out of the way with a quick jolt like space before moving directly to the ordered coordinates all done as fast as his klingon hands could make those blasted flashing buttons do what he wanted to. "Course set, Captain. Full Forward at bearing 314, mark 35."

Etana Sol blast a hole right through the middle of the enemy as told. She wanted to blow the big ass waepon out of the vastness of spac but she wasw duty bound to followe orders. SHe tries to take out as many shios as possible with in the orders. In side she wanted to blast every ship especialy the big one that she come to hate.

[#] as horizon tried to exit, large groups of the small fighter-like ships began to shoot towards the horizon, and when they got close enough, they would pull up and let loose a small number of 'pod-like' ships, almost like shuttles. The smaller ships would probably miss Horizon before veering to come at it again, seeming to aim for every potential boarding point...shuttle bay, as well as punching holes in the ship and lodging themselves to the hull...

Narris Trelak looked briefly to Tarek. "If there's a chance, do it, use your discretion, wait until we are beyong their ships though. Keep those engines up as best you can, cadet." As the smaller ships were deployed, narris watched them on his small tactical screen. "Keep shields up, Liuetenant, don't let those things through, we're almost out."

Tarek would frown, "Sir, I must admit, I have no plan for collapsing or inverting a wormhole. That would require vast amounts of energy which we cannot possibly expend at this time, nor do we possess them to begin with. I will attempt to invent an alternate solution." he'd say, quickly, still working away (sorry small, trying to work)

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head as she continued keying in commands. "Captain its not working, Engineering's trying their best. Power output now at 400 tetradynes." This was not good and there was some slight panic in her voice. She was not used to this fast a drop in power and was furiously trying to enter commands into the system, doing what she can up here.

Vagh looked at the reports again and shook his head. He continued his course though, it was all he could do right now. Man more power loses means more long hours tending to the dying mess that was sickbay right now. Someone better think of something or there's going to be a very tired and angry Klingon in sickbay tending to patients...assuming they make it out alive.

Etana Sol keeps the shields up. She tries to take [ot shots at the smaller vessels while fending off the biger ships. She wasn't about to let anyone or anything touch her ship.

[#] The boarders were breaking through most blocks save for Des's point. Most fighting from the order members was hand to hand, while each member possessed heavy high power energy shields to protect their large shapes. The only reason the group Des fought didn't advance was because he was able to fight back well enough hand to hand, having analyzed the 'order' for days now...a few of the groups seemed to press for the bridge.

Narris Trelak now stood up to stand beside Etana at tactical. "Etana," he said calmly, "arm seven warp missiles on our aft launcher to take out these targets." As he spoke, he began playing with the targetting controls. "All right, Vagh, get ready to jump to warp once we are through their disruption field. Amicitia, I want warp at least for a few seconds to get us out of here if needed." he glanced over as a console on tactical beeped indicating they had been boarded. "Lieutenant, seal all bulkheads." he trusted her to handle that while he prepared the targets he had in mind.

Tarek would continue to work at his station diligently, although at hearing of the Captain's order to have the Lt. seal the bulkheads he also took the time to set his phaser to the appropriate settings and have it set to his liking for that particular situation. He watched his screen. The number of the ships in the area made it impossible to use the ships sensors to determine anything definitive about the whole of them, and no one ship besides the rather large one would seem significant enough to bothing focusing his efforts on. So he kept an eye on the hulls reading of the shuttle ships which seemed to be acting like hypodermic needles towards the ship. How very curious, he thought.

Etana Sol fires on the targets the Captain sets up for her. She used phasers and torpedos to try to get rid of the targets quickly. She never took her eyes off the console makeing sure to destroy every target every ship. SHe was in securioty mode and she was determined to save the ship quickly so Vagh could save the crew. At the intruder alert she sighs heavily and taps her com badge saying "Security teams to deck seven." SHe would remain at tatical untill relived.

Jorune had simply tried staying out of the way and calm while the commands and orders flew. Until she heard they had been boarded, of course. "Captain?" She stood upright once more, not really expecting to be jostled if she hadn't been by now. "Permission to leave the bridge? I'm not helpful here. I could aide in Sickbay or somewhere that needs help much easier unless you have something for me to do." But even his stations were full!

Amicitia Rosden was focused on her readouts of the engines. Let the others handle tactical and what not. Her priority was to get the engines working and communicate between engineering and the bridge. "Captain warp drives stabilizing at 300 tetradynes. Maximum warp we can attain is warp 0.6 sir... Not much different than pushing the impulse drives to the max and reaching warp 0.5. Suggest switching to impulse?"

Vagh shook his head, "Captain, it seems their intent is clear. Recomend security to do their job and get whatever intruder just set off the alarms to get taken care of while we bunker down here. I can avoid the major weapon as the wormhole opens but if they're going to take us out from the inside I think we better get ready for a battle here and recomend not allowing the yeoman to leave the bridge."

Hatchet Shell ears perked when he heard someone wanting to head to sickbay. They seemed to have everything under control here, so that's where he was going! Since he never really announced his arrival, he would leave unannounced as well! Later!

Etana Sol prepares to fire on the targets the Captain sets up for her. She sets up seven missiles as orderd, phasers and torpedos also ready to try to get rid of the targets quickly. She reports "Captain shields are down to sixty percent but our hull integrety is holding." Never takeing her eyes off the console she was going to make sure she could destroy as many ships as possible. At the intruder alert she sighs heavily and taps her com badge saying "Security teams to deck seven. Expect intruders." She would remain at tatical untill relived.(repost)

[#] One of the boarding groups pressed towards the bridge, breaking through the security detail assigned to hold them off. The plan attack was simple, take one of hte command staff and then pull back. The group of four crimson order shal' continued to break through the defence, phasers bouncing off of their shields, although one cadet who had a knife did manage to injure and take one down, however he was killed by a cleave with the electric pike weapons they carried. (something for Etana to note on tactical, advance of the enemy :-D)...

Narris Trelak shook his head at Jorune. "No, yeoman." he said, "Leave that to medical." Then he turned to Etana. "Targets locked, Liuetenant. Fire!" he left tactical to sit in his chair before impact. "Brace for impact. All power revert to shields and impulse. Push it, helmsman. Cadet, once we're through, you should be able to restore warp." And then he's notified there's someone headed for the bridge? Without heistation, he tapped his command console quickly and sealed the bulkheads on the bridge and engaged the force fields. "All phasers to setting 7, fire at will if they get through."

Jorune had not expected to be told 'No'. She had already turned to head for the door but stopped when she was. "Yes, because we have a ton more medical officers then we need, don't--" She just shut herself up before she finished posing such a smartass question in the middle of a situation that really didn't need it. Jorune just turned around, taking a few steps forward so she could stand beside the tactical station but making sure she was beside it and in no way constricting to those who were at it.

Amicitia Rosden would nod her head at Narris' words, taking a deep breath and trying to keep her cool. This was something they did not prepare you for in the academy... at least not enough anyway, but heck this panic. Ami would glance at the captain, trusting him. Keying a few commands into the keyboard, she'd state. "Engines set on automatic to activate warp the minute it can captain. " Ami would reach for her phaser and set it to 7. Mentally she would be thinking.. I'm trusting you to get us out of this alive captain. That was what was helping to keep her cool.

Vagh grinned evilly again making his weapon ready, "Phasers at seven sir, all power to engines, full available impulse!" He growled a bit as he was given a 'possible overheat' warning, and ignored it, bracing as the captain had asked. Man, I don't have time for that, I understand the risks but we have to go. Perhaps if we can break away from these enemies we can capture a few of them for interigations. I'd love to do some...'testing procedures' on the species from this dimension while I'm here anyway.

Hatchet Shell seemed alarmed when the bulkhead was locked, the captain ordering everyone to ready their weapons. "Umm?" The first word the android said! But what was the rest of it? Umm, I don't have a weapon? Umm, I'm not programmed for combat? Umm, So I can't leave? He figured he should stand back... maybe attempt to help if anyone was injured... he DID have some medical equipment, including a Exoscalpel and Isotropic restraint... maybe he could do some damage with those as a means of self-defense?

Etana Sol would fire at the Captains orders trying to cause maxium damage. She gets a security report from her team wich the whole bridge would hear and say "Sir we're going to have company soon." She was calm and collected as she spoke. But Narris should be able to tell she was hurt by the report of a man down by the look in her eyes.

[#] The enemy would have arrived in the hall outside the bridge, grouping before fastening devices all over the wall separating the bridge from the rest of the ship. The shielding would haven't stood a chance, being old tech and not upgraded by the station all that much (since they don't strengthen against their own attack methods, prideful as they are). The doors were blasted open by small explosive, two entering on either side. One would have noticed Jorune, and because of her 'strange-ness' would have tagged her with something before the shield disruptors allowed her to be 'abducted'....Meanwhile they kept attacking...any killed would fall to the floor before vaporizing.

Narris Trelak grabbed his phaser and placed his hand on teh console behind him. In that way, he vaulted himself over the tactical console and hurried to stand beside the door, ready to blast the head off of the first person who managed to get in. "Cadet." he said to Rosden, "depressureize all of deck 1 except the bridge." But too late, they were through. Narris started swearing in some god-awful language and began firing off his phaser, probably vaporizing a few brains at such close range.

Jorune just kept her mouth shut instead of let her frustration get ahold of her smartass tongue and allow her to do something irriational. So she said nothing when Etana tried to give them warning about company, spinning around when they suddenly broke through. She opened her mouth to curse but probably didn't get it out since she was suddenly tagged with a transport beacon for being the closest one in range. But, without stopping to find out what it was, she simply turned away from the creatures and attempted to make it down towards Ami's station to give her crew members a much clearer shot for the beast she swore was trying to grab her.

Amicitia Rosden glanced at the explosion behind her for a moment before turning to look back at her consoles, entering commands furiously. "Captain, warp drives ready and online! Ready to go any moment sir!" she'd yell out over the mess that was going on. Hopefully no one on their side would get killed. She would be standing by to help whatever was needed in getting the ship going.

Vagh turned around, cracking the phaser to 10, he was used to disruptors anyway, and if it came down to getting repremanded he planned on getting transfered back to his own ship and out of this stinking hole if he made it out alive. A moment was all it took as he put the helm on auto and to jump to warp after a 10 second countdown when the engines came on, ducking behind the chair and machines behind him as he fired aiming directly for heads. "Khest! Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!"

Hatchet Shell took cover, keeping something handt to incapacitate someone if they got close enough. At this point, he would probably see it as restraint in his programming. He wasn't fighting, simply restraining a hostile person in self defence!

Etana Sol hears the explosion behind her. Then she saw an intruder on the bridge and at once she jumps to do something. She had her phaser out and fires instinctively. If the thing didn't die from close quarter combat she would leap at it to fight it hand to hand. She was stronger than a human and quicker than a cat. Hopefully the creatures wern't too quick.

[#] One of the aliens fell, throwing the pike it weilded at Narris before falling to the floor, the rest converging on Jorune and the rest of the brdige crew. Jorune's transport tag activated and she dematerialized in a flash of light. The rest of the crew would be engaged with fighting off the aliens, though they were no match for the phasers. But as soon as they were dead, their boddies vaporized.

Narris Trelak's arm was gashed by the pike and the captain winced angrily. He would have been knocked to the floor, but continued to fire on the intruders, getting up as quickly as he could and mostly ignoring his bloody arm.

Amicitia Rosden noticed the flash and Jor was gone. Ami would just take her phaser and start firing at the intruders, moving to narris' side which had his wounded arm to sort of cover for it. There was only grim determination on her face as she fired away, trying her best to get one hit with a single bolt at each try.

Vagh growled again, apparently his phaser fire having little effect. He would then look to the station for a moment, "3 second until warp jump Captain!" He would then fire again intending to blast that same targ once more in the head. As he did so he would have produced a small dagger from his coat, tossing it at one of them. "naDevvo' peghoS jay'" {Get the hell out}

Hatchet Shell started to move toward the Captain, his scanners picking up his wounds immediately. However, more gunfire erupted, the android taking cover. Scene unsafe, standing by... He had an isotropic restraint module in his paw, watching his corners and such just in case one should get too close. If that happened, all he'd have to do was stick then device to their flesh, and the creatures would be rendered nearly immobile! Self-defence + capture = great success!

Etana Sol probasly ended up kicking air since the aliens vaporized. That done she notices Jorune disappearing. She swears in Silverian saying "Yeoman!" She was calling to the air at this point. She looks to Narris and says to Vagh. "The Captain is hit!" She was in a bit of a panick since the situation was geting rough. A crew member gone. An injured Captain vaproizeing enemies a dead security guy AND she forgot to check her console to make sure enemy ships weren't still followin them! Her Silverian mind was going to explode in a beautifull display of fireworks and confetti.

[#] Fortunately there were only about half a dozen of the attackers, and they had all be vaporized. The armadda was dealing with the aftershocks of a collapsing wormhole and did not persue the ship after it jumped to lightspeed. But now the tactical station beeped again, the enemy ship was leaving.

Narris Trelak ignored his injuries and pushed everyone out of his way as he ran to the tactical console without waiting for everyone. "Ensign Vagh, intercept course." he called out, "engaging tractor beams. Warp offline, we need to ge them before they jump. Ami, see about getting warp up permenantly. Lieutenant, damage report."

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head at Narris' comands now that there were no one around and Ami head back to the engineering console. "Warp engines... I'm sorry captain but the warp engines are failing. We have to drop out of warp, the engines can't take the damage anymore or we'd have to do anther ejection."

Vagh took his seat in a hurry, "Honorless targs...." A few beeps from the angry warrior's station before he yelled again, "Intercept plotted. Warp Disengaged. Ready for your orders." Uhoh...klingons complaining about honor. If he got a hold on one of those things oh the headbutt he was going to give them. Wait...oh yeah...medical officer.... "Captain, you're going to need to stand down as soon as someone can take that station. We need to get you patched!" Oh yeah...he didn't come here with anything more than his tricorder...hope that android over there had brought at least some Terakine and a cauterizer....

Hatchet Shell could get him patched! Even if he wanted to continue! The scene was deemed safe by the android, so here he came, a tool at the ready and scanning. "Sir, you require immediate aid, hold still..." Of course it was up to the Captain if he was going to listen to medical personnel or not, since he still, somewhat, had a job to do.

[#] The enemy ship was fast escaping, and in moments it has jumped to warp. The armadda, having taken so much damage form the wormhole has also retreated.

Narris Trelak smacked his fist on the console. "Fek'lhr take them!" he said. He gave Hatchet and annoyed look and was about to brush the android off but then stopped and got control of himself. He would allow Hatchet to heal his injury and then looked at Vagh. "Ensign, allstop. Cadet Rosden," he said, "How long will it take to get warp back online?"

Amicitia Rosden would stare at the consoles, entering some commands, keeping silent. The expression on her face changed as she went through the information on the damage. "Captain, at least 18 hours and that's the fastest with engineers on shifts, sir. The initial conduit is damaged and we got a new one blown out."

Vagh seemed to laugh a bit, "Indeed, that would be the correct way to put it Captain. You might have some hope yet. All stop confirmed. Shall I transfer engine power to other systems while we wait for warp sir?" He then turned around and waited, perhaps he should request to ready himself for battle? could wait...he'd get to have his 'fun' later. "Can we get an injury and casualty report for medical?"

Hatchet Shell looked to the gash, thinking it too big to use a dermal regenerator... he did have a small Sterilite, however, and used that on the wound try try and clear it of any possible infection before doing any work on it. The android was concentrated, his grip with his free paw tight on the arm to ensure the Captain couldn't go anywhere.

Hatchet Shell spoke to! "It shall be done..." Androids to paperwork? Yay for technology!

Narris Trelak nodded to Ami silently. "Make it your top priority." he said, nodding at Vagh's request, he looked down at the tactical console. "Hull breach on deck 7, structural damage minimal. No casualties, nine injured. Tomorrow at 0900 hours, senior staff meeting. Ensign Vagh, isolate that ship's warp signature and plot a course to track it once warp is online. For now, take us out of this area on impulse. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to retire." Without waiting for answers, started to leave the bridge.

Amicitia Rosden nodded her head and entered a few more commands in the console before logging off to head down to engineering to help out... It was going to be another long long long night... Hopefully nothing else would go wrong... last thing they needed was exploding panels.

Vagh sat quietly then, playing through the controlls as he moved to isolate the warp signitures of those'tauric things? "jIyaj" A few more bleeps and he moved to another screen, "Estimated course set sir...." Oh...Trillian targ left the bridge before confirmations. Oh well.... He finished his work then, setting autopilot for now. "If anyone needs me, I need to get to the injured and get them to sickbay." He clicked his comm badge, "Ensign Vagh to sick bay nine incoming, send me any anti-grav lifts and stretchers we have available full damage to patients unknown. With that he hurried out.

Hatchet Shell did manage to at least disinfect the arm before noticing the Captain pulling. He let go, but not without protest. "Sir, it's my recommendation that you report to sickbay to get that arm stitched up immediately..." A cadet certainly wasn't going to order a captain to sickbay, so a recommendation always works. With the other doctor on his way there, Hatchet's chest heaves before rising to follow him. Was that a sigh?

[Roleplay Ended on May 9th; 3:30AM FST]
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Narris Trelak stepped onto the bridge and headed towards the center of the room, though he did not sit down just yet. "Ensign Tarek," he said, "Do you still have a reading on the ship's warp trail?"

Tarek would key into his console a few times at his rather quick pace, and would then say aloud, "Yes sir, I am currently tracing the signature's trail. It's location should be pinpointed shortly, sir." He would then attack his console once again, attempting to locate the ship. Chances were he could find it rather quickly, but only time would tell.

Amicitia Rosden would come up to engineering looking rather worn out. Most of the engineers of the ship were despite the shifts. It was hard to get good decent rest when they were worrying about getting the ship moving. "Captain engines ready to start. Engineering hsa gotten it up and running but I would recommend when we can, a good overall stop where we can carry out proper maintainence of the warp core."

Desaede Sivel would have been on duty, sitting and leaned back in his chair. The fox was still rather irritated because of the events of the day previous. The sadistic side of the fox was in full swing, pondering what 'cruel and evil' things he could do to the order in return for taking one of his 'family' like that. He'd remain silent, letting the captain do what he needed to do right now...

Narris Trelak moved to take his command chair and nodded to those present. "Thank you, Cadet." he said to Ami, "I appreciate everything you guys have done. All right then, start the core up and give us some warp drive. Tarek, set a course following their warp trail and prepare to jump. Keep long range scanners fully active and make sure we are not detected as we proceed." He looked to Des again and said, "Commander, how are you feeling? Were you injured last night?"

Tarek would look to his screen, and would then enter his access code to receive the helm controls in a feed to his station. "Aye sir, preparing for intercept course at this time, we will engage at warp speed on your order sir." he'd announce with an authoritative voice, still attacking his console. He seemed to be more focused on doing his job now that someone he knew was in danger. He seemed to be able to sense the absense of someone who was usually present. It was a sensation he could not understand fully. Still, he continued his work as diligently as ever, preparing to give chase to the evasive vessel.

Amicitia Rosden zips off back to engineering to get the warp engines going

Desaede Sivel shook his head slightly at the question the captain asked. "Nah, I was able to neutralize them more often than they could get close to me.....I could half predict some of their movements because of my IM-D training" he'd state, leaning back in the chair and pondering. "Although, I'm pondering what I will do when I get my claws on those order members when we go to get back Mistress Jorune....I could strike and they'd never know I was there, I'd love to cut off the leader's head and hang it from the ceiling of their base" he'd state with a rather sinister kitsune smile....

Narris Trelak seemed a little distracted and irritable today, he frowned at Des. "You'll do nothing of the sort, Commander." came his reply, "We will wait until we know what exactly we are up against and then we will recover Jorune with as little trouble as possible." He didn't exactly speak in a shrp tone, it was calm and even, which didn't match the captain's demeanor. He pointed to the position Ami had vacated. "Commander, will you go and tell me when power is back to normal levels?"

Tarek would be sitting at his console working when suddenly the intruige descended upon him. While simultaneously being concerned at the lack of proximity of a fellow crewmember, he was also concerning himself with the conversation behind him. Curious, how differently both of them seemed to be acting. The Captain sounded more frustrated that he'd ever noticed before and the Commander always seemed to put forth all available effort to suppress his violent tendencies. Curious how both had changed so very much in a short amount of time. He wished he could better understand the change in mood that had clouded the atmosphere of the bridge. He wondered if this was what he was noticing with Jorune's absense, but chose not to mind. Instead of pondering this further, he intently waited for the Captain's order.

Narris Trelak stood up and went to the engineering console to check the stats. "We have warp." he announced, sitting down. "All right, course set. Engines online." he tapped a few panals before returning to sit down in his seat. "Ahead warp factor 9. Engage."

Tarek would immediately allow the ship to slide ahead at warp 9. He watched as the forward view screen hopped to life and all the stars became thin lines which disappeared quickly from vision as the ship moved. He would then announce to the bridge crew, "The ship is now travelling at warp nine, sir." He still focused in on the conversation, which seemed to have paused itself. Curious. He had no understand of why things were as they were, having no actual understanding of human tendencies in such an odd situation.

Narris Trelak nodded and set his chin on his hand, propping it on the arm of his chair and watching the warped stars fly past. The captain had a faraway expression on his face. Little was said, and we must assume for now that the two commanders had dropped their conversations and were not going to be saying much.

Tarek would have stopped paying attention to the odd silence of the bridge and would now be totally focused on his work. He continously kept an up-to-date readout of everything the ship's external sensors could identify on his console. He monitored it unceasingly. He had an uxexplainable need to try harder at this moment than he had ever had to before. He couldn't place why. It seemed to be implyed by the others around him and their actions. So he followed suit
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