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PostSubject: Episode 3 -   Episode 3 - I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 2:03 am

Many thanks to Jorune for editing out the OOC for me <3

[ROLEPLAY CONTAINED: Etana Sol, Tarek, Aiticima Rosden, Amiticia Rosden, Narris Trelak, Jorune, Solon, Rake and Aira Harper.]

Etana Sol was at her tatical station going over a few read outs and such. SHe was trying still to stabalize the minor power drain she was geting on the shields. Thatnks to the Avalon crew the power drain in the weapons stoped. She frows and runs a few more test and says to herself "Got you now I think."

Tarek would have been at his usual station since the night before, never having ceased his monotonous actions which yielded rather monotonous results. He would key into the console a few times and then stop. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, which was not out of the norm for him, because since he'd been aboard few problems of any nature had occured. He would acknowledge the mumble coming from behind him, but chose not to deliver any sort of response. For now, it seemed he was fully content with doing nothing but monitoring his work station.

Aiticima Rosden really did not have much bussiness there compared to the others who ran one station or another. For the time being, she was standing to the side and keeping quiet. Arms crossed over her chest with her 'I am a serious counselor' face on as usual. It would be good to see what was going on first hand for once now that she was actually up and about.

[#] The Avalon and Horizon have dropped out of warp when Avalon reported a controls malfunction. After an hour of work, they found a pet tribble's fur caught in some consoles and cleaned it out [i swear, that's what they told me XD] and we are now waiting on word from the Avalon before departing.

Narris Trelak was sitting in the command chair, waiting for Avalon's commander to contact him. Pressing the intercom, he spoke up. "Horizon to Avalon, we are ready to jump to warp on your mark." He turned to Solon. "Cadet Solon, please take the helm and prepare to jump to warp on my signal, set nav coords from Avalon. Cadet Tarek, make sure the structural integrity field is working before we jump.

Etana Sol found the problem for the power drin in the shields. A isolieniar chip needed replaceing and power rerouted back to shields. She could fix that in a few minets. She hears the report from the Avalon and shakes her head. Damn tribbles. SHe peels off a panel and finds the broken chip and geting a spare she replaces it and says to herself "Okay rerouting power.....then place that there....and that should do her."

Tarek would nod his head at the Captain's order, pressing a few buttons to pull up a small window which displayed the readouts on the structural integrity field. There was no reason to suspect something would be wrong with it, for it had been working for the last 4 weeks straight. He swiveled in his seat to face the Captain, "Sir, the structural integrity field is operating within acceptable levels," he'd state blatantly, resuming his usual mundane tasks. His neural net wrestled with itself as it tried to decide what actions to perform next, however nothing seemed necessary at the moment.

Jorune was pretty much doing the same thing the counselor was. Jorune was standing to the side, behind the captain, while simply watching the comings and goings at each station. She'd pause only to reach behind her and clasp her hands behind her back. Yeah.

Aiticima Rosden watched whoever as they were speaking. Not really having much to say or do right now. If she were eventually asked, she would do more than standing otherwise stiff as she was. But given her possition, at the time she had no use but to observe.

[#] "Horizon, this is Avalon. We are ready to get underway. Resume course."
Narris Trelak pressed his intercom again. "Understood. We will enter warp in 15 seconds." he looked to Tarek. "Cadet, ahead on course, warp 8, engage when ready."

Etana Sol hears the Avalons report and nods to herself. Good things were fine again. She rechecks her consol;e and still finds a small drain in the shields. She sighs and says something in Silverian. She closes her panel and does yet another series of test. She was going to find that power drain if it killed her.

Tarek would nod affirmingly at the Captain's order, punching in a new sequence of buttons to pull up helm controls and entered in the warp factor. "Vessel is engaging warp factor 8 at this time Sir, we are resuming on our original heading." he'd state, with nearly no tone to his voice, he then flipped Helm controls off with the touch of a button and continued to monitor each and every ship's system he could fit on the console's screen at one time. He took a moment to even look up some old Earth poems, not aware of anything else he should, or could, be doing at the moment.

Jorune had, instead of just fiddling with her hands, now turned her attention to those who were speaking. Learning through observation, you could say. She'd watch Narris give his orders and then watch Tarek skillfully carry out the order with precision in a very timely manner. The draenei would then unclasp her hands only to reach up and run it over her horns and down her hair, idly smoothing them out as if they were out of place.

Aiticima Rosden dropped her arms from her chest, placing a hand on her hip and shifting. She continued to listen, her eyes quit following the speakers and fixed on a spot in front of her.

Rake twisted in his seat to the side of his chair, turning his head in a continual scrutiny of one panel to the other. He remained in this strange sitting position where there was nothing to hold his back and maintained his focus on what was in front of him, continuing to turn his head once and a while.

[#] The Horizon entered warp. Almost immediately, Tarek would realize that something was wrong. They were not headed on their predicted course. For a brief moment, the computer's automated alerts would flare, a warning beep indicating that they were on a collision course with something ahead. But before anyone would have a chance to react, it was too late and, and a violent jar was felt across the ship as if the ship had just broken through a glass wall and was now hurtling through space in a haphazard way. The lights went out and a number of consoles exploded.

Narris Trelak turned to Jorune and was about to ask something when he heard a beep. "Cadet, wha-" but no time for anything else, he was flung out of his seat without warning as the collission came. Fortunately he managed not to crack his head open, but he did end up facedown on the floor, and that hurt enough to knock the wind out of him as the ship went flying, constantly shaking the poor crew around.

[#] The Horizon is now moving erratically and outside nothing can be seen but blackness streaked with shades of blue and orange.

[#] Erratically meaning you all get knocked over XP

Etana Sol had enough time to hear the alert and get a face full of sparks as her console exploded. She yells a brief yelp and goes flying backwards. Unlike el Capitan she did manage to crack her head on the thing behind her and a nice concussion. SHe stareas up blankly as she gets tossed around some more. Well this was unexpected.

Tarek would have flicked his head in at least 3 completely random directions at the sound of the alarm before being shot out of his station by the violent crash. He would grab the edge of his console and pull himself up from the ground to attempt to re-seat himself despite the unpredictable movement for him. He could calculate his setting at unmeasurable speed, and still he was slightly disoriented. He wondered how the others must have been effected by this strange occurance. He would attempt to press buttons on his console, accidently hitting and missing due to the violent shaking of everything around him, finally he got his readouts organised. "Sir! We seem to be travelling at an extremely fast level of impulse speed, however we are not currently at warp! External sensors are not able to display anything besides high-variance energy surges!" he'd shout above the calamity, looking to the Captain to see if he was alright.

Jorune, since she had simply been looking around, glanced down when the Captain turned her way. But she too looked up quickly at the alarm and rose a brow. But that was also about as much as the draenei got out of her mouth. Since she has been trying to stand out of the way of everyone, there was nothing around her to land on! Jorune quickly went to her rump and gasped as... momentum? (Objects in movement stay in movement unless acted upon? xD) Anyway, slid her back to the door where her horns created a nice impact noise against the door. Unable to sit up through that whole process though, she ended up pretty much on her back save for her head to the door. The Draenei would have simply closed her eyes for a moment after that one. Ow.

Aiticima Rosden didn't have a seat to fall out of, but luckily her arms weren't crossed anymore so she didn't hit the floor face first. Hands hitting the ground instead before it. As the crew continued to get tossed around she did not even bother trying to regain footing. For now she placed her hands on the floor to try and brace herself. Panic running through her as she wondered how Ami was fairing. If she were in the engine room, and what kind of state she was in.

Rake glanced up instinctively as he heard quite suddenly an alarm sounding. The sound of a collision followed and both the consoles to his right and in front of him also burst into a shower of sparks. Surprised by the crash and explosion, he ended up first with his rear on the floor before the rest of his body followed because of the sitting position he had maintained where there was nothing at his back. His head jarred as it hit against the ground beneath him. He made a low sound in his throat for what would pass as a growl, anger building. This little incident better end quickly, as he hated so very much to be tossed about without his volition. He kicked out both his feet to lay his legs flat on the floor and rolled closer to his chair, where he lifted his hands to hold tightly onto it and use it as support to stand for just a moment.

Rake: He went to use the chair's back support as a brace for his body as he looked around the ship at the crew. They looked damaged already.

Solon being a cadet he was alone in his own world as he often was used to as he was when he was in the academy. He never really paid much attention but as the ship seemed to collide with something he was unable to pull himself from la-la land in time to keep his face from colliding with the console in front of him. His face collided with it, causing his nose to erupt in pain and blood began to drain from his nose. He then realized that a console on his left was flashing eratically and somehow able to keep his head to try to stop it, but instead it overloaded and was now receiving electrical interference. He ripped his goggles back in attempts to interact with it to get it back under control and it obviously wasn't working. Then seemingly without warning it exploded, sending shards of glass over his face and sending him flying back into the wall, and somewhat conscious though questionable as to how much.

[#] The rocking and excelleration stops, outside the windows the sky looks normal again as the ship 'glides' to a rapid stop.

[#] The horizon would come out into what appeared to be a warzone, a very bad place for a damaged ship to be. Slim sleek ships of many designs hammered eachother with various laser weapons, a small segment of the group pulling back while a large ship loomed to the side (as for how it looks, think the scimitar from ST: Nemesis with wings unfolded). The eight wings of the monstrosity seemed to lance out on long chains, thruster propelled, impaling several smaller ships while dragging them towards the ship itself, before being ripped apart by blasts. None of the ships seemed to take notice of Horizon, or.....maybe they didn't care about a half dead ship, so intent they were to 'slit eachother's throats'.

Narris Trelak pulled himself up at the first opportunity and swung back into his chair. "Everyone all right?" he asked quickly. "Bridge crew report. Counselor, attend to the helmsman." Looking at the viewscreen now, he blinked. Tapping the control (fortunately, it still worked) he punched the red alert button and started to spit put orders. "Red alert, all crew to battle stations. Cadet Tarek, take helm, evasive actions. Lieutenant Sol?" he turned to look for her, standing up now. "Shields full power and ready all weapons." If she was still knocked out, he headed for the tactical controls himself to do it.

Narris Trelak: [spit out*]

Etana Sol tried to get to her feet and grabs on to the tatical console. SHe tried as hard as she could to focus enough to see if she could get a reading from her console. She puts a hand to her throbing head and sees a palm full of blood. Great. She got a reading indicateing they were surrounded by enemy ships and the weapons were off line right now. She sighs and says "Captain....sensors pick up several ships in our area. Shields are up and holding at 90% capacity. Phasers are at 100% torpedoes are off line. Damage reports are coming in from all decks. Multipul casualties are being reported. So far no fatalities yet." SHe gaives a detailed report as usual.

Tarek acknowledged the order with a calm "Yes sir" and engaged his emergency reaction subroutine. He would place one hand firmly on the centerpiece of the two forward stations and swung himself over, kicking off the rim of the table behind him to land at the helm. He immediately went about pressing buttons to swing the ship hard about and engaged in evasive maneuvers as was necessary to avoid being caught in any crossfire. His eyes did not budge, fixed perfectly at the console making sure that he would not miss a thing. He was, for the first time in his 10 year existance, focused entirely on only 1 objective, keeping the ship intact and safe. He continued his manic flying while awaiting more orders.

Etana Sol adds she waits for orders before fireing or anything.}

Jorune waited a moment, just keeping her eyes closed while she focused on a rather horrible headache. The draenei quote, 'Yes, they're real and they do cut glass'? Yeah. Those horns. So she wouldn't have taken too much damage, being able to finally pull herself up after listening to a few orders being shouted back and forth. She pulled her upper body up, bending at the waist, only to bend forward and moe to her hands and knees before raising to a stand. Instead of simply rolling over and getting up, rising this way would have allowed her to see if anything was sore. "Khronakai khristor, aKhara!" She more of less cursed at herself, obviously.

Aiticima Rosden pushed herself up once she could. She did not give herself a moment to take in the sight. Moving right towards the helmsman as she was instructed. Kneeling beside him she quickly went about checking the damage, making sure none of the glass had managed to get in his eyes, speaking to him as he seemed nearly unconcious so she thought to try and see if he had any about him still. "Cadet, can you respond?"

Rake glanced back down at his own consoles, seeing immediately the explosion did slight and minor damage. Because the shaking was somewhat calming, save for the now dangerous situation of a battle taking place, he resumed his seat on the chair and went back to monitoring the conditions of the engine. "Power rate and levels are dropping. The power is gone on deck 6," he stated, clear and loud. He went about checking what on the console didn't work and what did.

Aira Harper: After being knocked around in Sickbay, Aira eventually tumbled her way to the bridge. "Captain! Communications are down in Sickbay!" she reported before she even stepped through the door. The bridge was in disarray and on the front screen were some rather awful pictures of the outside - huge ships, designs she'd never seen before.

Solon took a deep breath after landing as hard as he did, he blinked a couple times to let his vision readjust. He then grumbled and tried to stand and wasn't sure what was wrong with one of his legs. He shook his head as he noticed another person was beside him. "Oh... It's you. Don't worry about me, just let me do my job." He then struggled to get up and some how managed to get over near his chair. "What are you doing in my spot?" His tone was almost dangerous. It was obvious that he was not thinking clearly, and he wanted to be back in control, of the ship like he had been trained. It was where he was meant to be. He then looked briefly over the captain. "May I please have control once more? I'm fine, really." His eyes were focussed and it was somewhat obvious that he was struggling with standing up but he was sure he could handle it.

[#] The fight seemed to rage, several large blasts lancing from the large ship and narrowly missing Horizon in the process. White flashes signaled the abrupt arrival of a second massive ship and a small fleet. Reinforcements for one side it seemed. The wings unfolding and seeming to reconfigure and form a type of circle. Lights flared up as a massive controlled wormhole flared into existance, vaporizing some of the smaller ships that had veered to attack. The first ship started to veer just before a massive laser lanced from the wormhole, obviously a form of weapon that stayed based on a planet and fired through the wormhole when formed. If horizon didn't move out of the way, it would get damaged something terrible. As soon as the ship had arrived the opposing side had begun to flee it seemed, and soon there'd be no ships in the area left, leaving the horizon by itself in the wreckage and drifting towards several lumpy shapes in a nebula....

Narris Trelak took Etana's arm and moved her gently back. "Lie down, Lieutenant." he ordered before turning to the tactical console himself and starting to tap away. He targetted anything nearby teh seemed a threat, ready to fire should anything attack them. "Cadet Tarek, I don't suppose you have any of those new missiles ready? We could do with a test run." He turned to Aira and pointed to Etana. "Tend to the crew, please." he ordered before turning back to the task at hand, eyes darting to Solon. "Better wait, cadet." he said quickly. Eyes widened as he saw the whole wormhole thing go down. "Cadet!" he said sharply, hoping Tarek would be able to avoid this thing, not likely. His hands flew over the tactical station and flared the shields as the wormhole attack approached. The lights would dim and other ship systems flicker off as this happened.

Tarek would have immediately responded at the first sign, attempting to evade the massive blast, not bothering to turn to the Captain to respond, simply saying, "Yes Sir, I have 4 prototypes, fully tested, armed, ready to be loaded. You should be able to do so from your current position, sir." he'd state, still matter-of-factly. He did not seem concerned about the inherant danger of the situation, simply continuing with his blank, toneless, detached voice. He continued to attack his console.

Jorune was not exactly useful when it came down to this. She was not a medic and she did not have training to man a station. So she returned to where she had been standing, one hand still on her head, as she watched what was unfolding. She watched what she believed to be the biggest threat, only to widen her eyes when it was replaced with an even bigger threat. Narris shout only confirmed that she was right again. Moving around next to the Captain's chair she did the only thing she could think to do; brace herself and stay out of the way! Her knuckles were white as she balled her hands into fists, her breathing rising as the helpless thing started to get worked up.

Aiticima Rosden would stand up from her kneeling possition and just watch Solon as he moved back. She frowned, but he seemed intent on moving back to his possition. Remembering from before that he was stubborn with this sort of thing. Her eyes turned to the captain, not having much more dirrection now. Not looking ahead, her sign of more trouble suddenly calling out to the cadet.

Rake scrutinized the monitor and controls, finding only several working. The error reports abruptly stopped coming in after the power faulty. Malfunction or no more technical difficulties? That couldn't be right, so perhaps it was a breakdown; there was crack across the middle anyway. He glanced briefly around the bridge area, then up at the main front screen, where he saw the now more immediate danger. He resumed yet again fixating his attention back on the other side of his console, the only ones that worked. There was nothing he could do about the wormhole and the situation, but there didn't seem to be anything else he could do here either.

Aira Harper attempted to stablize herself and made her way from one crewman to the next. She reached Etana and asked, "How are you doing?" she had a tricorder out and was scanning unrestricted. Her eyes kept darting to the screen and eyeing the captain and lt commander for signs of injury.

Solon eyelids widened as he then kicked over the off the table slipping his goggles over his eyes and his leg gave out when he tried to land forgetting that the other was injured and he fell into the chair that was Tarek's and pulled out a cord that linked his wrist comm with the actual controls and was able to manipulate the programming so that he could copilot it. He ran a hand over his arms and a click happened and suddenly his hands were flying across his comm and found the program, immediately initiating it and becoming co pilot and found that he now had partial control, and was setting the thrusters in full reverse and once able to set the left thrusters forward, and slowly began manipulating controls, so that they would turn them away, just as he was getting ready to fire the main thrusters, hoping that his program had worked, as it was on his goggles. Though it was obvious by his slouch that he was feeling fatigue and pain.

[#] The Horizon continued to move independently before being seized by an array of tractor beams, being brought to the 'station' for reasons unknown. Nothing likely could be done to stop the docking sequence, and after ten minutes the ship was fully docked and hidden inside the massive shipyard. Small thin mechanical arms moved out and scanners lit up, scanning over the hull of the ship, the 'dead' station doing some sort of repair job......
[#] [and its doing that because it runs by computer, and refits stolen ships]

Narris Trelak looked down at his console and found the experimental missiles. He reached out a hand and armed them. "Helm, evasive pattern alpha-2, take us into the nebula. Engineer," he turned to Rake now, "I want all non-essential power diverted to the shields, switch life support to reserve." Suddenly a security readout beeped and he looked at it with a frown, then back up at Solon. And once more distracted as a tractor beam pulled them back, he tried to find out where it was coming from with little success.

[#] [in case of confusion, we have time for response to this, Des posted to make sure we get finished tonight before he had to lof off, if he does i will continue the rp. we are currently being pulled in by a tractor beam - Nar]

Tarek would look over his console in a flash, searching for options, also noticing that his movements had been altered. Confused, he looked for an explanation. He then noted the actions of Solon and dismissed it, realising that he probably had a reason. Unfortunately, after attempting to comply with the Captain's next order, he found the ship caught in a tractor beam. "Sir, forward propulsion is not having any effect at this time, we're being pulled backwards." he'd state, rather objectively, again not bothering to sound as though he were concerned.

[#] That wormhole beam, btw, was escaped as the tractors pulled us out of its path.

Jorune continued to simply stand still and out of the way. Her breathing stopped escalating once it reached a light pant, an obvious sign of simply distress. But that was minor compared to what those around her had taken! Once hearing the ship was being pulled in another direction she turned around abruptly only to turn her grab to holding onto the console behind her. Hard lesson learned; she really needed to make herself more useful on the bridge.

Aiticima Rosden felt a bit like a rubber ball in all this commotion. Bouncing around and entirely useless. She could do nothing more than wait, watch, and listen now. Her thoughts were being tossed around from what was going on in front of her to what was going on with her sister. Her face was straight as ever though, not showing her panic in anything save for showing a paler shade of green.

Rake didn't glance up as his order was called. "Yes, sir," he said as he followed the command. While he was rapidly moving to do so, he suddenly sighted a new movement on the working console's display. He read, clearly and fluently, aloud another error report, "This is indicating that there is a large warp core breach and the emergency containment field is weakening." All of this was indisputably bad timing, he thought. He continued to read more reports: "The starboard port nacelle is damaged beyond repair. Both warp and impulse power is gone." Was their luck running out on them? The next few words confirmed his thought: "Anti-matter containment is lost, explosion is imminent." Now their luck was running out.

Aira Harper decided Etana was definitely out and dragged her to the wall, out of the way. she knew taking her to Sickbay now was probably only riskier than staying here at the moment and Sickbay was likely flooded. She picked her way now to Solon, noticing his leg. "Solon, I tihnk you know your leg is injured. I can't do muc now but please finish what you're doing. You need immediate attention."

Solon looked up and noticed the captian looking at him. "Drat. Cappy knows its me..." He then shifted his attention back to the screen and realized slowly that there was a tractor beam. He then shifted to his comm and began to set a scan in all directions, for a gravitational pull. He began to see where it was coming from and transferred the files onto the screen into a subcategory of navigation. Then shifted back to trying to shift the ship out of the tractor beam by rotating the ship around and activating small thrusters in attempts to get the tractor beam to let loose of the ship, trying to juke out of it, making slight feigning maneuvers, as the academy had taught him. Or maybe he was imagining that because his peripherals were starting to blur. Or maybe it was turn black.... who knew?

[#] All attempts to disengage from the tractor beam was unsuccessful. The Horizon is now in the nebula and a gigantic shape looms up in the swirling gases, still unclear what it was.

Narris Trelak nodded at Tarek. "Cadet Solon, go back to your station. Tarek, back to ops, try to find a way to disrupt the beam." He looked at tactical again and made a few grim pronouncements. "Hull breaches on all decks, heavy casualties, most systems down. Bridge running on emergency power." He glanced at Aiti then and pointed to the command chair. "Counselor, try to establish communications with the source of the beams." then to Jorune. "Yoeman, find out if communications are online, assist the counselor." Pausing everything else now though, he stared at Rake for a single indecisive moment. And then calmly tapped his commbadge. "Captain to engineering, eject the warp core immediately." if that wasn't enough to make everyone go pale, nothing would.

Tarek would turn to face the Captain, "Sir, it is possible to send a large amount of energy feedback through their tractor beam, which may cause the beam to overload. However, it will require much of the power that we have left." he'd state with a speculative tone. He was fairly sure that overloading the tractor beam with high energy feedback would be enough to free them, but it would come only with sacrifice. It wouldn't have made such an impact if the core had remained intact, but at this point, Tarek had concluded the warp core was beyond hope. The Captain's final command to eject the core reassured him.

Jorune didn't react immediatly to her name. Odd. But after a second her brain registered it and she glanced up as he was already half-way through his command to her. Communications? She paused only one more second before nodding and turning abruptly from beside the Captain's chair to in it. Yeah, that wasn't wierd or anything; taking the Captain's chair. But she didn't even get to sit completely before she was already checking his console. Untrained fingers were not nearly as fast as those at most stations were, but she'd come back with, "Captain, communications is currently not online. They're down." Then she stood back up out of his chair, closing an eye once more, as one peered for green. Green? The counselor.

Aiticima Rosden: stiffined at Rake's words.. if she was not freaking out before through all of this, it finally sunk in. She took in a breath after realising she had been holding it. Her words got caught in her throat before finally choking out, ".. Ami.." Considering she had a task to handed to her she tried to go about it. Her hands didn't seem to want to work, shaking and barely able to move correctly. She was glad that Jorune took control over what was given to them and joined her. She was also happy that the other spoke because her mouth didn't seem to want to work right now. After a few moments her mind began to come back to her, and she looked to the captain and gave a nod in affirmation at what the other had said.

Amicitia Rosden The communicator would beep as a message from engineering came through. It sounded like a mess in there as one could hear Ami's voice. "Captain Warp Core ejection system has been activated. Just hoping the automated mechanism doesn't fail. Cadet Rosden out" With that there would be silence from engineering once more. Ami sounded oddly calm though

[#] Computer: "Beginning Warp Core Ejection sequence. Ejection in five, four, three, two, one.... warp core ejection complete."

Rake shifted his sitting position to sit the same way he had long moments earlier, with his back to nothing. He glanced at the other console next to him that was now useless and continued checking the monitor for anything more to be reported. Nothing else was appearing for the moment and all the while as he observed the monitor, he completed the process of converting all non-essential power to the shields. The task finished, he stilled his hands briefly over the buttons and straightened his unconsciously slightly hunched form. He heard the voice then and sensed the danger of an explosion was dissipating. He only glanced briefly at the others and then continued to focus his attention on the console before him, however.

Aira Harper continued her scanning, but ultimately found minor wounds. Not that any major wounds woul really deter anyone from doing their jobs. Everyone was busy or possibly stubborn, so she moved back over to Etana and stayed out of the way, watching and waiting. Her eyes were wide but held restraint, as if she was holding something back.

[#] The warp core ejected safely, but there was still an explosion to come and Horizon had no way of avoiding it. A few moments would go by before they felt it, a jarring push from beneath the ship even stronger than the tractor beams, enough to knock people to the floor again. But the tractor beams were on them again quickly and they were now actually entering the large metal station.

Narris Trelak conisdered what Take said and shook his head. "Let them pull us in, I am diverting all power to shields if we are to survive the core's explosion. Escape can come later." And then, of course, came the explosion. Narris went flying again, this time his head smacked against the tactical console and the captain was down.

Tarek would be shaken again by a new blast, although he'd chosen to transfer all his weight to keep his seated and stable. "Sir, it appears that we've lost the lower decks, they are all but completely desitigrated. I am currently sealing what bulkheads we have left. Also, I believe our turbolifts have....fallen out of the ship, sir." he'd state, calmly as ever. He turned to see if everyone was okay and noticed the Captain in his damaged state. "Aira, please assist the Captain." he'd state, equally as calm. He did not want the Captain to be out of commission, decisions needed to be made at this time.

Jorune - Of course! The whole time she was standing somewhere she was supported nothing happened! But now that the woman was in the middle of getting out of a chair and moving to the counselor, she was thrown right back down on her rump! She'd of landed infront of the Captain's chair then, hooves making a noise as they collided with the equiptment infront of her (I'm too tired to even try and make out what this huge grid-table is, but it's got hoof prints in it now.) as her head once again found the floor. The drop itself just knocked the wind right out of her and she lay still for a few moments.

Aiticima Rosden's body automatically loosened at hearing her sister's voice. Color coming back to her in relief. She knew they were not out of the woods yet, but she was back in working order. As soon as she was calmed though, that other jolt happened pushing her off feet and knocking the captain out. While she was now back to herself, it did hit her that she was next up in the chain. What a time to show she had no idea what the hell she was doing in this room. Keeping her cool she closed her eyes and thought, "Tarek, you know better what is going on than I do. If there is anything can be done.. do it. Aira, any hopes of getting the captain?"

Rake landed first with his rear on the floor and instantly with the rest of his body hitting the ground yet again. This time, he did not have time to stretch out his legs like last time and he was soon rolling in the direction that the ship was lowering. Once again anger built and he thought sarcastically that perhaps next time he shouldn't sit in that position where nothing was supporting his back, so then his ass wouldn't need surgery. Before he could be moved any further, he swiftly lifted an arm and grabbed hold onto a solid part of the bridge and attempted to stand. He found himself by Tarek. How did he get over here? He moved from the console he was gripping to another console, all the way until he was once more near his own station. Once there, he immediately slipped and slid right back to where Tarek was. What the hell?

Aira Harper continud to keep out of the way, but at hearing a voice through the darkness of the bridge she moved towards the captain, thoroughly confused. Everything was happening fast, the lights flickering and dull and reportseverywhere and the ship jarring. Her eyes squeezed shut as a massive headache hit her, but a moment later it was gone. "Captain?" she asked, bewildered. What was she doing again?

[#] The ship was definately being pulled into the larger structure by the tractor beams, all the while floating in the nebula. They were held in place now, and beams of many-colred light flashed over the ship. Then a number of robotic arms extended and started attaching themselves to the ship. Many consoles started to power down.

Narris Trelak was... unconcious. Hooray epic post.

Tarek would turn to face the ensign who had just become the highest ranking officer on the bridge, gesturing towards the Command Chair, where whoever was in charge was, naturally, to sit. "Sir, several of the ship's systems are being restored to full power. Sensors detect that we're currently being scanned. I believe... the station is attempting to repair our ship, sir." he'd state in a public fashion, while directed at the counselor. He would key rapidly into his console and watch the new readouts pouring onto his screen. At that time, the lights might've been restored to their normal intensity. He then set about re-starting all of the systems which he could from his station. It seemed that what he had at first considered a threat to the ship was now an unusual ally. He pondered over why a foreign station which had commited hostile actions was now assisting them. Intriguing, to say the least.

Jorune was only down for a few moments before she caught up with her breath. It was then that she realized the commotion behind her was over... the Captain? The draenei frowned when she noticed it was the medical personel that was standing there blank-faced and questioning. Grabbing ahold of the base of the console in her way, she pulled and brought herself around it to Narris' feet. On her hands and knees she'd run her hands up over the trill's shoulders and then around in the back. She was feeling for blood along his neck, shoulders and head, even through his hair while her other hand pressed it's palm to his forehead and the Naaru's soft ensignia would appear above the back of her hand, stationed on Narris' forehead.

Aiticima Rosden went near the chair but did not sit, simply placed a hand on it. She closed her eyes again, thinking. That did not sound so bad, being repaired. "I can not guess at why they are trying to repair us. But it seems like a good oppertunity to try to attend to those injured. Unless anyone has any other suggestions." She turned to see who all was up, who was down, and who was struggling. If someone would say otherwise, then that could change. But for the time being there was no getting away nor any reason they should try to resist at this moment. She would move over to a body other than the captain's considering he had two there and begin to help as she could.

Rake successfully stood and headed for his station again, sitting back in the chair comfortably. He looked toward the others to check if they were fine as well, his anger of before slightly dispelling, and only then did he realize his vision was quite darker than his usual eyesight. He had almost always never noticed when it was becoming dark due to his colorblindness. He was accustomed to it and was surprised every time he noticed a nightly darkness. Shrugging the thought aside, he took note that the captain was the only concerning one at this point and promptly wished to have a smoke. His wistfulness turned to speculation when he heard Tarek's report. Why would they attempt to restore our ship?

[#] The lights did not return as tarek hoped, however the emergency lights did return to full intensity(still pretty dim). The android would also have to stop playing with his controls, because they shut down on him and the LCARs display went black. SHields had also dropped. In a moment, what must have been a repair droid beamed onto the bridge and started running around and scannign things, entirely ignoring the lifeforms on board.

Narris Trelak was not bleeding, fortunately, but he had suffered from a nice concussion and probably had a bruise appearing on his forehead until Jorune did her whole Naaru thing. However, the captain's concussion may be repaired, but he did not wake up right away.

Tarek would watch the strange repair droid move about, uninvited. He already was on his feet with his hand phaser in hand. He decided that the droid was not attempting to hurt anyone, so he decided to help with what he could while his console was down. Still his eyes followed the repair droid back and forth across the bridge. "Counselor, it is probably that this droid is not the only one onboard, however I also do not believe that they pose any form of threat to us at the time." Although the entire time he said this, his phaser was aimed directly at the droid. Trust for intruders was not a part of his subroutine dealing in manners. He uselessly tapped at his console, yielding no results.

Jorune - The ensignia that had appeared on Narris' forehead, the one of the Naaru, seemed to give Jorune just enough light so that way she could see her hands were not bloody, his face was not bloody... but that the Captain was out cold. Her head turned for a moment to realize the medic was out and she muttered something to herself. It was only then that she heard the commotion and noticed the repair-man running around. "What in the hell...?" She rose one brow, listening to Tarek, and simply reached down for Narris protectively. No, not like some lost-lover protectively but more like no-medics-and-by-god-I-need-this-man-awake protectively. One hand slid around the back of his head and the other around his shoulders as she tugged him to her chest and out of the way of the robot thing! D< Grrr...

Aiticima Rosden would see the droid but be more concerned with getting some of the others up and going. "I wouldn't do anything with it. Let it be. Right now we don't need to be shooting anything. We need to get as many up as we can. There might be more, but now at least we can communicate and maybe find out what is going on. If they wanted us dead, we would be. So tend to the crew as best you can." Since no one had their suggestions it was to the plan she had given. She hoped like crazy the captain would be up again soon, but until then there weren't many options.

Rake looked from the new individual on board to Tarek, understanding as well as sensing without needing to hear what he just said that the droid was, indeed, not a threat. He dismissed the new being, displaying instantly the arrogant side of him that thought he knew he was right. He propped his legs on top of the useless console before him and yawned lazily, feeling the exhaustion that always took him over at night from a full day of working take a toll now that he didn't have to really do anything. He had noticed right away that the working console had been slightly damaged from the second explosive impact. The other screen with the error reports was now out of order as well, though there was no crack. So what else could he do? He attempted to remain awake for no other reason than to observe his surroundings. Instead, he fell asleep the next instant.

[#] [here's the end post, you guys and keep rping if you want] The droid was not the only one. There were hundreds all over the ship. Not only were they repairing the ship, but they were refitting it, removing damaged metal hulls and the like, replacing it with newer alloys of stronger configuration. All the while, there was no sign of life from the station and the droids would entirely ignore the humanoids. With nothing else to do, nothing stopped the crew from continuing on as normal, except they might run into the droids.

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PostSubject: Re: Episode 3 -   Episode 3 - I_icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2010 12:17 am

[Roleplay Included: Narris Trelak, Jorune, Karlos Ashton, Amicitis Rosden, Tarek, Desaede Sivel, Solon, Solon's Random Medic Guy]

[#] With most of the repair droids having beamed back to the space station, the crew is ready to fire up the ship and see what she can do! At the moment, everything was down, but not for long. At the appointed time, the engineers would start the warp core and the ship's computer back up, hopefully.

Narris Trelak entered the bridge and went to the tactical console.With Etana still off-duty due to her injuries, he would take that position.

Jorune was nervous about seeing what the ship would be able to do or what would happen but she was far too curious! When she came onto the bridge, hooves making a noise that almost sounded like heels on the floor, she moved to stand beside the panel just incase. The woman still had small bruises here and there and that annoying 'cast mold' around her left horn.

Karlos Ashton had made his way to the bridge to check on things, since they were rather short on crew he enjoyed taking over some shifts. Leaving the turbo-lift and making his way down the corridor to the bridge, his head looks around at the few crew present. Tarek and Narris he knew well though Jorune he hadn't quite met her properly yet. He walks toward Narris "What's our current status, Captain? Do you need an extra hand to man a station?" He asks helpfully.

Tarek walked briskly onto the ship after he would've been told the ship was ready to attempt to get underway. He headed swiftly to his duty station and stiffly sat in his seat. He'd been there so often he could detect a slight indentation which matched his dimensions. He began to work at getting his console back to the level of activity. He, of course, would not settle for sub-par efficiency. He attacked his console with his usual furiously flickering fingers, waiting for the computer to actually catch with him. "Greetings Captain." he'd state blankly as the Captain entered the bridge, still working at his work.

Narris Trelak smiled at Karlos as the admiral entered. "Admiral Ashton, engineering will be brining all systems online shortly. Would you man the helm?" A nod would be given to Tarek as he entered the room and sat down, though him tapping at the controls when they were not there made him blink. Force of habit, who knew an android could have them? "Yoeman, you can watch the engineering panals, can't you? We'll only need some readouts." Then he addressed everyone. "As soon as the engineers start things up, we are going to see what's become of our ship."

Jorune nodded to the Admiral when he entered, her face turning back down to Narris as he spoke to her. "Yes, Captain." She only nodded again and turned, heading for the station designated and taking a seat. Jorune would then turn her attention over to the controls for a moment, making sure they were clear for the time being. Then she sat and waited patiently.

Karlos Ashton gave a brief nod as he made his way to sit on the station next to Tarek, as he took a seat he would watch the speed of his working, trying to pick his own speed up to keep up with the android, a few warning noises are heard from his panel as he slips and hits things that he shouldn't, perhaps trying to keep up with an android wasn't such a great idea, he would simple pout and customise the options of the panel to how he liked it. >

Karlos Ashton: > Once done he would spin his seat to look at the rest of the crew then to Narris, even though he out ranked the captain, he was still ready to take orders in a situation like this. Since he hadn't been briefed on exactly what was to happen here he wouldn't be fit to take charge anyway.

[#] [Of course, everything you see now is exactly as it looks, the patch is now online ICly]

Tarek had a rather frustrated look on his face, continuously attacking his console, attempting to resusitate it at the time. Alas, no progress was to be made. He turned to the Captain and waited for the order to do...anything. He was also waiting to see whether or not power has been restored. He seemed like he was stressing, although not possible. Androids did not enjoy downtime in any way whatsoever. He'd sit, staring crossly at his console which was as lifeless as he. Not what he had expected to be reporting for duty for...

Amicitia Rosden would walk in through the doors, looking rather cheery as usual. It felt good to be back on duty. "Cadet Rosden reporting for duty," she said with a grin. "The engines and warp core are running and in perfect condition, couldn't have them any better and the computers are running a self-diagnostic check. If all clears they should be up and running in a few seconds from now. If not I'll go down with the coil spanner and hit it till it behaves."

[#] Out of the blue (or black, in a starship's case) the ship came to life once more. The normal lights flickered to life, and the emergency lights faded a moment later. All over the ship, LCARS panals that had lain dark and dormant for days flared to life with many beeps and flashes.

Narris Trelak smiled to himself when the ship's power returned. He looked up at Ami and said, "Cadet Rosden, how's the warp core and power looking? Cadet Tarek, run a full diagnostic scan on all systems. Yoeman, will you check communications again? see if there's any signals coming from outside the ship. Admiral, we don't need to go anywhere, but let's see what we are dealing with as far as repairs are concerned." As soon as he had said all this, he look down at the security console to figure out how they were doing with shielding and weapons.

Jorune could not help but let a grin come over her face when she watched all the lights and systems come online once again. Instead of craning her head back in Narris' direction like so many had, she simply sat and listened, running her hands over the chair's controls once more. "There you go," she murmured softly to herself. Her mumbles were even harder to hear when covered in that thick Russian-like accent. But after orders were given to her and she dove into the controls, a minute or two later the Russian-accent spoke loud enough her Captain could have heard it. "Captain Trelak, Communications is up once more. In fact... It all looks great on my end, to be honest."

Karlos Ashton watched as, what looked like an Orion girl walked to the bridge, his head followed her as she took her station 'Oh man, why did no one tell me there was an Orion on bored?' He'd thing to himself. Seconds later his eyes lit up as the bridge came to life. "Oh... Now this is what I'm talking about!" He'd say to himself before spinning back around on his chair and waiting for the options to load in the correct places before playing around with the panel. >

Karlos Ashton: >He came up with a short status report of his own station "thrusters seem to be responsive and the warp core seems stable with the navigational controls. I can't see there being any problems my good man."

Tarek would spin about to face the Captain, after keying away at his console furiously as ever. "Sir, all ships systems are operating at efficiency levels that exceeded the norm before our last encounter. Also, it appears that my console's chronology meter is flashing, and is frozen at 00:00 hours, and it is not resetting as I am attempting to have it do." he'd say statistically, still rapidly keying into his console. "Ah, it appears that I have fixed the problem, sir." he'd add. He was rather pleased to have his console back. He'd not been able to do much more than play the cello since the power had gone offline, but now he was in heaven at his station.

Amicitia Rosden grinned. "Warp core and power are never looking better sir. They're ready to start kicking when you give the order." Ami would turn around and head towards the console, sliding her body into the chair in one smooth movement and crossed her legs. Cracking her fingers she'd begin entering the security commands to access the console. "Captain, engines online and at peak performance sir!"

Narris Trelak frowned as he looked down at the comsole before him. "Our weapons have been upgraded I think." he said, "We have also been outfitted with some form of ablative hull plating. Cadet Tarek, twenty-four of your warp missiles are stored in torpedo bays and ready to arm." He grinned and looked up at the admiral. "I can't wait to take this girl out for a test run." The captain sounded excited for a minute and then turned back to Tarek. "Cadet, check the ship computer logs, can you determine our location in relation to where we were with Avalon? Cadet Rosden, what is our power output?"

Desaede Sivel would wander onto the bridge, noticing some things are powering up all over the ship. Of course that got the fox curious. He'd enter the ship, slipping his indifferent mask immediately when he saw Narris, striding over and examining one of the panels to see it working. He was rather curious as to what was happening, and not hearing anything he came up to the bridge. Of course the quarters hall seemed to be 'missing' his room, but eh, he didn't really care all that much. He could sleep in a corner or something....[fail post]

Tarek would turn to the Captain, "Understood sir," he'd say, referring to the statement about the torpedoes, which he'd taken a pretty grand about of pride in, were that possible. "Also sir, although all systems are functioning perfectly, I am current not able to determine our position. The gases in this nebula seem to be blocking external sensors from gathering any readings outside a very small radius." he'd state, attempting to deliver a more scientific tone with this addition. He continued working on getting his console back to the specifications that he preferred, however it had since been restored to an earlier version and all of Tarek's hundreds of thousands of tiny variations had been reverted. Now, he would have to repeat his actions, which he expected to take him around 6 hours. No matter though.

Amicitia Rosden's fingers flew across the consoles as she drew up the correct screen showing the power outputs of the warp core. "Sir, power out put is..." Ami went silent as her eyes widened when she saw the number. "Just a moment sir," she said, running a few checks to see that it wasn't lying to her. "6000 tetadynes sir... whatever they did to the ship, its like an engineer's dream project sir... this surpasses the maximum output back home by two thousand... what I wouldnt give to see what made that," she said with a wistful sigh.

Narris Trelak would give Des a smile as he entered the bridge. "Come see what we've got here, commander." he said excitedly, waving Des over to his side at the tactical controls. A nod sent Tarek's way. "Very well, cadet. Commander, would you like to take the helm from Admiral Ashton? We'll take a quick run to teh edge of the nebula. Until we know what the situation is outside, we'll stay in the nebula." Eyes would then dart to Ami and he grinned. "Before we leave, we should try to thank our hosts for their generosity. Yoeman, open an external channel please."

Jorune had continued to listen to reports come back and watching everyone's faces light up as they saw what was at their stations. This, coupled with the Draenei's own rather good mood, just kept that bright grin on her face as she scrolled through options and whatnot on the chair's control panel. "The Naaru have definitely smiled on us." Though she said no more, attention turning to Narris as he spoke. "Yes, Captain." Ten more seconds of fiddling around on the controls and she'd then say, "Opening an external channel." And it was opened!

Desaede Sivel would blink, nodding slightly as he strode over towards the helm. "Very well, captain Trelak" he'd state as he tilted his head for a moment, striding to the helm and taking place once 'Admiral Ashton' had moved, offering a short salute to the admiral as he did. Of course now he was working on the helm...

Amicitia Rosden glanced at the foxy when he went past and grinned, saying nothing though, as much as she wanted to dash over and cling onto the fuzzy one. Her comminicator would beep as she was called down to engineering to help out with something. "If you could pardon me boys, and Jor, I'd have to head down back to engineering, if anything happens just send word," she said as she got up and strode out the door.

Narris Trelak nodded to Ami as she left, and then when he heard Jorune's announcement he would speak up. "Nebula station," he said in his best captain voice, "I am Captain Narris Trelak of the starship Horizon. We would like to thank you for repairing and upgrading our ship, please reply."

[#] 'Reply: Message has been forwarded'

Jorune had gone quiet when she opened the channel and she stayed quiet through the message. What else was she going to do? Her eyes cast back donw to the controls though, moving her hands to them but waiting to be told when the connecton should be terminated. She shifted in the chair, crossing her legs at the knees. Jorune was anxious today! There was just so much to be happy about!

Narris Trelak frowned at the message he recieved back. "Yoeman, close channel." He would look over those on the bridge. "Commander, take us out of the nebula please."

Jorune had gone quiet when she opened the channel and she stayed quiet through the message. What else was she going to do? Her eyes cast back donw to the controls though, moving her hands to them but waiting to be told when the connecton should be terminated. She shifted in the chair, crossing her legs at the knees. Jorune was anxious today! There was just so much to be happy about!

Narris Trelak frowned at the message he recieved back. "Yoeman, close channel." He would look over those on the bridge. "Commander, take us out of the nebula please."

Jorune would close the channel as soon as the order was given. "The channel is closed, Captain." Her face then turned to Desaede, and then up to the main screen. She uncrossed her legs and go to stand, but then decided not to just incase. She was so not prepared to be injured anymore this week!

Desaede Sivel did as ordered, and started the propution system. Everything was more or less the same on the he didn't have any difficulty. He was purely focused on what he was supposed to do at this time, not really listening to the others...[*epic fail...x-X]

Tarek would sit at his console. He'd replaced approximately 21% of his old settings to the console. He would glance over from time to time to watch as the Commander did his job, wondering how a creature so similar to a fox was able to operate a control panel as though he had the fingers of a human. Curious, but also unimportant. He remained at his station, working at his previous goal but also attempting to figure out what kind of gas was blocking sensors in an attempt to compensate for their failure before they'd exit the nebula. He was unaware if the Captain knew whether or not more hostile vessels lay in wait outside the nebula. However, he trusted his judgement and possible better knowledge of the situation and shrugged off his doubts with a slight twitch of his head.

Narris Trelak would stand at the tactical console and wait for them to exit the nebula. "Cadet, were there any lifesigns coming from the space station?" he asked.

Jorune couldn't help herself. She finally went to stand but would not move from infront of the chair that the insecure woman felt was going to catch her if something went wrong. Afterall, you had to trust your ship, no? Her hands would run down her hips, smoothing out her dress just to make sure. Her tail then swept to her side and Jorune fixed the golden bangle that was apparently bugging her today. But while she did, her eyes never left the main screen, excited to see the ship running again.

Desaede Sivel just piloted the ship out of the nebula finally, right ear flicking for a moment. He really wasn't talking or looking at anyone or anything, save for the controls...

Tarek would ponder this question. 'Hm... Lifesigns' he'd think to himself. Before acting on a rather queer and intrusive thought, he began to run a sensor sweep of the station. "Sir, at this time either the interference between ourselves and the space station, or the answer is no. It is impossible to say for certain at this time." he'd respond, in his usual declarative manner. He'd continued to focus on what was present outside the nebula, although he himself had not noticed anything since they'd finally escaped it.

[#] As the ship finally left the nebula, they entered the massive ship-graveyeard that the battle had created. Ship parts and plasma floated in the vaccuum, the horizon having to creep past the floating metal. Several weapons on the destroyed ships had detonated and created voids among the debree, some wide enough for the horizon to fit through and some not. Plasma arcs jolted from the power conduits of ships which had been torn apart, leaving the core in tact, lancing through the was a flight which would be highly perilous.....least the horizon had shields now...Both sensors and comm now started to flash, now that the nebula had been escaped...

Narris Trelak raised an eyebrow as he saw all this. "Commander," he said quickly, "hold us here. Cadet, see if you can find our position. Once that is done, commander, take us back inside the nebula, we aren't ready to leave yet."

Jorune frowned when she saw what she did. She turned her head back, her height making it very easy for her to see Narris and she opened her mouth. But then she just paused and looked back to the screen. No, her comment would wait. What was important was getting away from this mess. But she couldn't help but 'admire' the wreckage before them.

Desaede Sivel did as commanded, though wrenching the ship to the side to narrowly miss one of the discharges, which was attracted by another piece of debre, luckily, so that it didn't zap horizon to kindom come. [aaah, my post is failing because I'm transferring brainpower to emits, XD]

Tarek would continue to monitor the surrounding area, happy that he had his sensors back now. He continued to make sweep after sweep, still not at all able to help with navigations at this time. He continued to look over and watch as Des did his job, rather well astoundingly. Strange how such a creature could operate those controls as well as he did. This thought never failed to entertain Tarek's mind for long. He continuously performed routine checks on how the rest of the ship was doing as well. He had, however, found nothing to report throughout his monotonous searches and therefore remained silent, seated, and working at the time.

Solon walked in after quite a long nap in the in the infirmary after being knocked out in the wreck. He walked in somewhat groggy. "Hey guys. What happened?" A member of medical personnel walked in after him. "Sir you're still not quite well yet." He shook his head and continued to walk up to his helm's position and noticed the foxy. "Emm... sir?" He looked around wonder what exactly the deal was, and why his spot was occupied. The doctor chased after him. "I said you aren't-" "I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID! Now go away!" He shook his head and waved him away. He sighed and his gaze shifted back to the fox.

Narris Trelak raised an eyebrow at Solon's sudden entry, but he would nod as the cadet came in. He frowned slightly at the non-responsive android. "Cadet Tarek!" he said, not in an impatient way, just getting his atention. "Are you able to locate our position?"

Jorune's head snapped around at the scene unfolding on the bridge. She raised one brow curiously before she tried to peel them away. She looked right back when they started to shout though. Jorune frowned, almost a scowl coming across her face as if it was going to make them just shush. Jorune was to tempted to say 'Lost' in responce to Narris but she withheld her smartass comments from the bridge. It was not a place to play! The Yoeman would then sit back down in her chair and begin to play with the controls the Commander would have usually had at his fingertips. Wonder if she can find anything interesting? She sure seemed like she thought she would with the way she was going through them all. But, really, she was becoming more familiar with them.

Desaede Sivel would have stood up when Solon entered, grinning at the whole incident with the medic....since although he wouldn't be that harsh to one, he could compare to that. Anyways, he'd stand up, shifting to his fox shape before wandering over and plopping on a remaining chair, nothing else really needed at the moment, so he just decided he'd stay around, and curled up out of the way.

Tarek would return to look at the Captain, which he had just now realised was standing at the Tactical station.. He then acknowledged the request and whirled about in his chair. He worked quickly and found the location of the ship. "Sir, it appears that we are currently 3 days away from our original position, when we last saw the Avalon, at a speed of warp factor 8." he'd state. Something was wrong, he'd never been this off before. He would have to run internal diagnostics. He was absolutely certain that something on his insides was not quite functioning as it should. To an organic life form, this would seem like any illness. To an android, it could be anything from a calculating error to a precursor of fatal meltdowns in his neural net. He was now all but completely preoccupied with attempting to correct this error.

Solon looks at the fox as it moves into a different position and sits in his regular spot. He slides his goggles over his eyes and clicks something under his sleeves and his hands begin to fly over the screen and begins to set a course and finds everything much more comprehensive. He smiles and looks around. "What exactly is our course and heading?" He looked back at the Captain then over to Tarek, who looked like he was almost ill. "Tarek?" Something seemed wrong. He then shrugged, not concerned. Tarek could handle himself. "Captain?"

Narris Trelak would nod to Solon. "Take us back into the nebula, please, Mr. Tasil." he said. Eyes had gone to tarek now, but he didn't know enough about androids to realize there was anyhting wrong with him.

Jorune is just going to keep pushing buttons and hope she doesn't so anything stupid! Carry on, crew, carry on.

Solon pilots us to the nebula as he's asked.

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[Roleplay Started At 8PM FST On May 1st]
[Those Involved Were: Narris Trelak, Jorune, Rake, Tarek, Etana Sol, Aiticima Rosden, ]

] The Horizon floats just within the protective gasses of the nebula as it prepares to depart. The voice of the captain is heard on shipwide: "Attention crew of the Horizon, we are about to enter the battlefield outside the nebula and may encounter enemies, stanby on battle stations. All decks to yellow alert." A moment later, the yellow alert lights activated all over the ship.

Narris Trelak got up and moved to the tactical station. "Cadet Tarek, take helm please. When you are ready, take us out at quarter impulse but keep an eye out for danger."

Jorune had been standing in the back, the place she preferred, until a yellow alert was said. The draenei's hooves made that same thudding noise as they always did when she walked across the Horizon's floor, coming to stand beside the Captain's chair and with her back against the station behind her. And guess what?! Her horns were all fixed and pretty again! Infact, she no longer sported occasional bruises. Her hand reached for her side, resting on the head of the chair, her face on the main screen.

Tarek would seem phased by this for a moment (not phaser phased, dizzied phased) and would turn to face the captain a moment later, "Aye, sir." he'd say, getting up to take the helm. He walked over slowly, calmly winding the corner at the console and seating himself at the helm. He sluggishly tapped at the console, getting ready to exit. Finally, he set the ship to forward, one quarter impulse speed. He'd calmly watch a readout which he'd diverted from his console, watching long range sensor readouts, attempting to determine whether or not any hostile naval forces were still present in the area. His results were inconclusive, and it would seem that the effect of the nebula was still wearing off at that time.

Aiticima Rosden would move in without much of a fuss or noise as she had the last time she joined. Keeping quiet and keeping to the back. Opposite side as last time. Supersticious and not liking to repeat standing in places where unpleasant events happened. [yey being a counselor! epic entrance!]

Narris Trelak frowned at tarek. "Hold position. Cadet, if you are not feeling well enough to operate in a possibly dangerous situation, I would like to know about it now, please."

Jorune is just going to continue standing where she was, eyes on the main screen. She did briefly look down to the android, raising a brow, before she looked back up. It had looked like he was doing a good job... Then again, they hadn't gone far, had they?

Tarek would turn to the Captain in his seat, his eyes pure white. The color of his irises had faded out. He would pause, then inhaling sharply as his usual precursor to normal speech. "Sir, I am not sure if I am currently not operating at the proper efficiency, although all internal self-diagnostics have reported back displaying that all of my systems are currently functioning within established parameters. I am...uncertain as to why I feel so strange. However, I believe I will be able to continue performing my duties at this time." he'd say, calmly. He then turned back, and continued to monitor the flight read-outs and commands, while still watching the scanners for further information about any space vessels that might have remained in the system.

Aiticima Rosden looked at the captain, and from there her eyes imediately went to Jorune even though he had adressed Tarek. After a moment she looked over toward Tarek. Her lips pressed together and she folded her hands behind her back.

Narris Trelak nodded his head. "Very well, cadet."he said, "But if I ask, I want you to be ready to to transfer control to my station. All right, ahead quarter impulse."

Jorune's attention dropped when Tarek turned around and her eyes widened. If you ever wanted to see her mentally crap her pants, you just did. Her attention then looked back to the Captain very quickly, eyes shifting when she realized the counselor was looking at her. Then they went back to Tarek as he dismissed it?! Jorune shifted uncomfortably, trying to just watch the main screen... But, man, if Tarek moved her eyes were on him like a hawk.

Tarek would nod, not bothering to return his gaze to the Captain. "Of course sir." he would say, and following a brief pause, he would press a few buttons on the panel directly left to him, prepared to divert all flight command at the push of a button should he be required to. He did not believe that was necessary, but he also complied with all orders that made any sort of sense to him. Still, he watched space move around him and the rest of the ship. His eyes constantly darted between the flight control panel and the sensor reports, which no one could see, being that his eyes were now completely solid...

Aiticima Rosden shifted on her feet comfortably, not sure what was going on with Tarek but the android seemed to have a strong sense of himself so if he said he was all right.. even if he looked a bit off.. he didn't really have reason to lie. Right? She wasn't sure androids did, because if they did not have emotion why would they find in necissary. So, she kept as she was.

[#] The horizon emerged to the same scene of wreckage as before, plasma arcing through the scraps of metal and torn up ships. The electric debree field made it impossible to go to warp from inside and was quite large because the parts continued to drift and be pushed by smaller explosions. No bodies could be seen floating in the debree still...strange as that was....perhaps the combatants destroyed the bodies? Or something of the likes? Several points in space seemed to be disrupted by the ruptured ship cores. Everything seemed quiet...

Narris Trelak glanced towards Aiti. "Counselor, would you take over scanners at science please?" He looked at the viewscreen now. "Cadet, take us out of this place, slow as you need, keep us safe. Set coordinates for Avalon's last known location so we are ready to jump to warp." he looked down and tapped his panals. "Shields to full power."

Tarek would tilt his head slightly to the right, pressing buttons at the Ops controls to double-check what he'd just seen. He turned to face the Captain, the same stolid, bored look on his face remained prevalent. However, the expression did not fit the news he would then deliver. "Captain, some 16 ships have been detected at a distance of two minutes from our position by our long range sensors." He'd say, then swivelling to see what the Captain had to say about any course of action. Suddenly, his eyes would flicker gold, then white, then gold again. It seems as though he were back to normal in that respect. However, the situation might have directly affected his system's performances. He was still unsure of what was causing these fluctuations.

Narris Trelak glanced towards Aiti. "Counselor, would you take over scanners at science please?" He looked at the viewscreen now. "Cadet, take us out of this place, slow as you need, keep us safe. Set coordinates for Avalon's last known location so we are ready to jump to warp." he looked down and tapped his panals. "Shields to full power." [re]

Aiticima Rosden looked to the captain and gave a nod of her head and moved over to where she was told. Moving a bit in her chair to settle as she looked about the station. Her eyes were distracted by Tarek though when he spoke, pressing her lips together a little tighter.

Narris Trelak looked down at his own console and pulled up the information. He tapped at his panal once more. "Yoeman, open a hailing frequency."he requested, assuming by now she was getting good at that. He turned the ship's shields up to full and armed the phasers.

Jorune didn't even have to take the chair. Upon hearing her name and the command she glanced down at the controls, taking her hand off of the back of the chair. A few moments and she'd say, "Opening hailing frequency, Captain." And another movement of her fingers against the sleek display, and it was open. She would then press a few more, taking her hand off of the panel and placing it on the back of the chair once more.

Tarek would take the vessel through the debris field with ease, not having to slow down much after having transferred piloting controls to manual. He would attempt to work his way out of the field, and he would seem to be making progress. He intended to take the ship to warp the second he'd cleared the last piece of debris. He had already discovered where the ship would need to return were it to regroup with the Avalon. He continuously had his fingers bolting of the console, keeping the ship out of harms way. He seemed to be doing rather well. However, he would at one time decrease his fingers pace to those that would seem more like those of a human, then increasing speed a brief moment later.

Aiticima Rosden tried to keep her eyes on her panels and keep there until she was given any commands, but now Tarek was definately catching much of her attention. He'd always been so quick. She tried not to watch too intently to avoid being rude but she couldn't help growing concerned.

Etana Sol enters the bridge after makeing her way out of sickbay. SHe had to bribe the medics to let her return to duty but after a few moments of bargening and whining they let her go. She comes on the bridge saying "Lt. Etana Sol reporting for duty Captain."

[#] Flashes began to appear on the view-screen. All sixteen having arrived. First there were thirteen smaller flashes, several sleek grey shapes appearing on the screen, followed by two larger flashes, accompanying two slightly ships, and one final flash. The final flash, being the largest, heralded the appearance of one of the eight-winged monstrocities from a week prior, the markings being the ship that had fled. Of course if it was the one that had nearly fried horizon with the beam, then there would have been problems, not that there weren't any at this time. Anyone monitoring the comm channel would be met with demands for an 'XaSiv' identification code....which horizon didn't have...and they ignored all hailing. All the while weapons systems seemed to be charging among every ship....

Narris Trelak frowned gently at Etana. "Very well." he said, frowning as things started to beep and the hail was ignored. "Arm warp missiles."he announced, handing the controls off to Etana even as he made the appropriate adjustments. "Lieutenant, target each ship, two missile on the big one, one for the rest. Let's hpe tarek knows what he's doing. Red alert!"he sat down and started peaking into the ship-to-ship. "This is the Horizon, we are a neutral party, please hold fire and respond."

[#] Red Alert, all crew to battle stations.

Jorune's attention had been caught when beeping and whatnot started to occur. Then she frowned. She had glanced down at the chair's panel beside her and ran her fingers over it a few times. But she could not help but glance to the main screen every few seconds. But then she took her hand from it, once again placing it on the head of the chair. As the emit rang out the Draenei leaned just a little to place her shoulders on the station behind her. Was this going to be as fun getting out as it was fun getting in? She thought to herself, sighing.

Tarek would turn to face the Captain at overhearing his statement, "Sir, I believe you will find that the torpedoes function as they should be expected to. I foresee no error with their operation." he'd say matter-of-factly, as though he were defending his children from a crime they'd not commited. He was nearing the end of the large area of space occupied only by the remains of innumerable lost vessels, and he was preparing to return flight control to console based, not manual. Although he had no problem with operating it in either way.

Aiticima Rosden kept still. Listening to the captain and silently hoping things went more calmly. It was not sounding like it was going to be a pleasant exit. And here things were starting to look a bit up for the horizon. She tried not to be pessimistic and let the captain do his thing.

Etana Sol nods to Narris and immediately takes over the tatical. She arms missiles as told with above than human spped. But not near as fast as Tarek XD. She works quietly reading off reports as she says "All ships targeted with one missile. The larger ship has two on it and phasers are one stand by. We will fire on your orders Capatin." She made sure shields were up and functioning tio her standards.

[#] The thirteen freighters soon veered off and shot into the debree field, smashing through anything in their way using their armor and plasma-cutter wings, going to surround horizon. Gravimetric readings began to fluctuate and warp around the two support cruisers, both of which flanked the largest ship. Some of the debree then seemed to be drawn to the space around the massive ship, making a sort of defensive barrier of swirling debree and plasma. All of the plasma attacking the larger ships seemed to be absorbed into large black 'spots' in space that appeared, swallowing the electricity. It seemed the larger ships were just watching at the moment.....

Narris Trelak gave a sigh and leaned one elbow on the arm of his command chair, resting his cheek on it. Why did the aliens always ignore him? Trill-hating racist, probably, the human captain's never got ignored! "Tarek, Evasive action, get us out of here and into warp as soon as possible. Lieutenant, phasers on maximum, I want those small ships destroed before they can ram into us. As soon as we get a clear shot of any ship, fire the missile at it."

Jorune shifted uncomfortably once more 'pon seeing those small ships do their thing. Man, for as cool as that was it wasn't too cool to be the surrounded one, no? Her hand came off of the back of the Captain's chair out of respect now that he was in it, simply standing beside him and continuing to us the wall for support. It looked like she was going to need it, to be honest.

Tarek would nod, and then nodded at his screen. He would have then noticed that he had successfully navigated outside of the wreckage field. Then, he would put the ship into warp as ordered, heading away from the pursuing vessels. He waited, perhaps hoping that his 'toys' would get the opportunity to be used in a live fire excersize, although he was programmed not to want to kill. He would be more pleased with the success of his project than he'd be with the death of the ship's apparent adversaries. He then went back to watching and waiting. "Sir, we are currently travelling at Warp 8" he'd add, a bit late at that.

Aiticima Rosden tilted her head, keeping her eyes on the station but listening to what was going on. Her focus on this one thing, to avoid putting emotions to another possibly bad situation. She numbed herself to negativity and braced herself for what might be coming. This time there was a panel in front of it and she would really like to not meet it too closely with her face as others had that last time.. rooting for the captain and for this thing to end without another mess.

Etana Sol nods and says "Phasers charged and ready Sir. Missles armed and ready. Multiple targets aquired." She wouldn't fire unless ordered because that was her training. She did however lock onto the smaller ships with phasers saying "Phasers on full spread targeting the leading ships. We will fire on your mark Sir."

[#] The ship hadn't been intercepted by the interdictor field in time, so well, the horizon escaped. Pity they hadn't destroyed any would just make it more 'fun' the next time the task force...or maybe later a full sized fleet hunted the ship down. However, going through the building field all positioning equipment would have been fried as they attempted to work around the constant fluctuations. The ship had tried not to be knocked out of warp and succeeded, but at a cost..... It appeared the horizon now had no way to chart where they were, for now.....hopefully the droids had left some spare parts....

Narris Trelak seemed only mildly pleased. "Cadet Tarek, are we on course?" he looked at Aiti, "Ensign, did the debris field have any effects on us? Shielding still holding?"

Tarek would turn to the Captain, "Negative sir. I am not...entirely sure what has happened. All of the ship's navigation systems seem to be offline at this time, and there is no way of determining our location. It would seem we're in a similar position as we'd been before. Waiting for orders, sir." he'd state, dazed by the situation. He'd made strange little pauses in his speech, and again his eye color was fading. Finally, as he inhaled to add something more to the Captain, he opened his mouth and a strange warbling noise would come out. Curious, certainly not normal. The warbling screech wasn't unbearable, but was definately annoying. Tarek's face looked like a fish, mouth agape, emitting his strange new sound. He looked to the Captain with a tilt of the head, confused.

Aiticima Rosden finally looked away from her station and to the captain. "Yes sir, shielding is.." and then she looked to Tarek. The noise wasn't so troublesome, it was just incredibly freaky that it was coming out like that. When it came to androids were you supposed to get a medic or someone who was more towards engineering. She looked to the captain again.

Etana Sol was monitoring her board when the odd noise came for Tarek. She sighs and says "Cadet? Cadet report." It was an order. If he was abble Tarek was expected to report. If not she would tap her com badge and say "Engeniering to the bridge. We need someone for Cadet Tarek." She goes back to her controlls and says Captain "Enemy ships are persueing. Orders Sir?"

Narris Trelak shook his head at Tarek. "Drop out of warp immediately, cadet." he said. "Lieutenant, keep weapons and shields online." But then tarek was making wierd noises at him, and he stood up. "Cadet, report to sickb- er, engineering immediately for a tune up."he would reach accross the androd and take them out of warp if tarek had not already done so. Hearing Etana's announcement that they were being followed, he said "Lieutenant, fire those missiles as soon as the ships exit warp, and have phasers ready."

Tarek would turn to comply, and rose from his seat. As he made his way towards the door, he went stiff and fell like an oversized domino, bouncing back slightly as he hit the floor. He had, at this time, shut completely off without intending to. His body lay still, lifeless, his eyes pointed directly towards Captain's feet, unmoving, yet still completely whitened. This was an issue that would require an engineer's attention. He was also incapable of thinking further. He was, at this time, a shell. Dead weight.

Jorune had simply stayed quiet and still in her spot without orders until Tarek had turned back around. Already knowing he was acting strange, her eyes immediatly dropped down to him. If her antsy. uncomfortable behavior had gone unnoticed it was more then apparent now. She totally had a complex with Androids. "Woah. Hold on..." Head turning to the Captain as she began to back away from his chair and.. head up the stair and to the door? "Am I needed on the bridge at all, I, uh..." Am going to go lock myself in my quarters? Probably. But she was well aware things were suddenly turning into a bad day as it was.

Aiticima Rosden would cringe a bit as Tarek hit the ground. She would have called for someone had the Lieutenant not already. Her instinct was to get up and go over to see if he was okay, but as he was an android she really didn't know what to look for.

Etana Sol nods and says "Aye Sir.. Phasers on stand by. Missiles armed and ready." She watches her screen uintently. As soon as the pursueing ships dorped out of warp she was going to give them a Horizon howdy they wouldn't forget. As Tarek falls over she says "Cadet!" She couldn't leave her station at this time so just repeats "Engeniering to bridge now." She had to stay focused on her board so she lets the others handle Tarek for now.

Narris Trelak sat in Tarek's seat. He was not unduely worried about the cadet, after all he was an adroid, couldn't be that hard to fix, right? Probably not, but even captain's have faults in their thinking. But at the moment the ship was his main concern. "Lieutenant, ready? We're gonna be on the move."

Jorune mumbled something to herself but when she was ignored she took that as a silent scolding for such rash actions. And she knew she was rash when it came to her and mechanical beings doing.. anything out of the ordinary. She stomped her foot gently before simply moving back to the Captain's chair and then to the other side of the bridge, near the Commander's chair. If she was going to be asked to do something she knew how... She could do it from there. Caddy-corner from the android she swore was going to malfunction or something.

Tarek would have had a completely fried positronic network. In essence, his brain was fried. He continued to lay still, not offering any hint as to his problem besides the fact that this behavior was only conducive of this particular issue. He was going to need to either feed energy back into the ship through some form of uplink or wait for the charge buildup to dissipate to normal levels over the course of several hours during which he would be required to remain dormant. He could be reactivated at this time but...that would be inadvisable at best. The shell remained stationary, a blank look that only seemed longing due to the situation.

Etana Sol at Narris voice she snaps back to full tatical mode. She was glad Aiti was there something with Tarek right now. First things first. She had to see to the ships safety so that they don't get blow to oblivion. Then later she would check on Tarek.

[#] The sixteen ships left warp not far from Horizon and began to advance on it. The three larger ships began firing pulses of energy from afar, causing the Horizon to shake. The thirteen small ones were coming on fast.

Narris Trelak tapped the controls, he wasn't as fast as the android, but he maneuvered teh ship smoothly out of the direct line of fire and brough them up above the enemy and turned the Horizon 'upside down'. He was enjoying the ship's new maneuverability a little too much? "Etana, fire at will, one missile for each ship and phasers concentrated on the closest ship first."

Jorune bent her knees to stablize herself when the ship began to shake. She'd then take a few steps to slide herself into the Commander's chair, finally pushing aside the thoughts of the android since, well, he was going ape-crazy of the closest station or crew member. Her hand softly brushed over the controls to the chair, making sure to use her whole palm as not to confuse or select any specific controls. But then her hand wrapped around the side, gripping slightly. Her other hand would have done the same to the other arm of the chair.

Aiticima Rosden would be completely useless of course with Tarek seeing as she was not an engineer or anything. She felt bad, but she moved back to the station and slipped carefully back into her chair. Tarek would have to wait for someone who knew what they were doing. For now she kept her place.

Etana Sol was all professional now. She abhored violence but now it was called for. She "Say missiles locked on. Fireing missiles. Phasers locked on multiple targets. Phaser pattern full spread. Fireing all phaser banks. Lead ships targeted." HEr slender fingers played across the console like an instrument. She never took her eyes off her board fireing phasers at the ships and missiles. SHe loads a few torpedos but doesn't fire them yet. She would wait for orders before useing them.

[#] The ships would ignore the missile fire and continue barraling towards Horizon, jioning in the acrobatic cisplays which fortunately kept the three ships below them able to do less damage while Horizon dealt with the little kamakaze ships. Three of them burst into flames and eplosive material as they approached the Horizon, that still left ten that wre taking damage but without being incapacitated.

Narris Trelak would remain silent, trusting Etana's judgement for the time being. He made the ship do a flip and weave in and out of the oncoming ships. One of them didn't miss, however, and would grave against the Horizon's hull, bouncing off as it sent shockwaves across the bridge, and if Narris had not been sitting down he would have been flung around pretty bad.

Jorune's hands would grip the chair that much more as her eyes closed and she concentrated on keeping herself as still as she could. She was only glad that she had been anticipating this time! That, or she really just was on edge from the beating everyone recieved on the way into this mess. The woman lightly grunted, opening her eyes after a few moments.

Aiticima Rosden was glad to have made it back to her seat before anything had really gone on. She narrowed her eyes continuing to look at her panel. Just as last time, she was nearly an entirely silent audience to the action. At least this time those that knew what they were doing.. well except Tarek.. were concious.

Etana Sol grabs the console as the ship was rocked. She swears in Silverian and focuses on the nearest small ships. She grits her teeth and gets creative. She causes the phasers to criss cross each other in a scissors cut to to double damage to the other ships. She says "Captain I'm rerounting some power from non essintial systems to phasers for incereased damage." She focuses on the ships weapons systems for the most part as she tries to destroy them. They can't hurt them with out weapons right?

Rake rubbed his left arm as he entered the bridge, having bumped against a wall due to the sudden jostle of the ship. Yawning, he studied the bridge crew's situation. "Someone called? Something happen to Tarek?" he asked of no one in particular, looking around for signs of the other cadet. His unfocused eyes found the android on the floor and his eyes became suddenly clear. "What happened?" he said, again of no one in general. These people looked absolutely disheveled.

[#] The small ships continued to attack, and now one of the battle cruisers was in position and firing once more on Horizon, ignoring the smaller ships. Even with the captain's decent piloting skills, the Horizon was taking hits, though they did not knock everyone to the floor neccassarily.

Narris Trelak was too busy to direct Rake. He gritted his teeth and ignored the attacks, avoiding the small ships as best he could. "Lieutenant, do whatever you need to." he told the woman

Aiticima Rosden was shaken up a bit but kept a tight hold of the side of her chair as she kept her station. "Sir, there is a warp field being emitted from the largest ship." Her feet planted on the ground solidly in front of her, "we are unable to go to warp at the moment." Her eyes flicked over to him and then back to her panel.

Etana Sol hears a few beeps and alarms telling her things were going wrong. She looks down to her read outs and says "Shields are down to eighty percent. Ablative armor is degrading slightly. Theres damage reports coming in from the lower decks." She continued to fire phasers at the smaller ships. She sees a cruiser takjing up position and locks on a few missiles saying "Missiles locked onto the nearest cruiser Captain. Focusing missiles on it. Fireing missiles." She would launch all missiles at the cruiser. The smaller ships were being pumeled by the phasers.

[#] About half of the smaller ships were still persuing them, Horizon was doing pretty good conisdering the damage it should be taking. Weren't upgrades nice? The two cruisers were both after Horizon with linited success, but since they had teh big guns, they were still hitting.

Narris Trelak was doing a lot of twisting and such with his fingers. "Ensign," he said over the sound of beeping panals, "Locate the field emitter on that ship and send it to the targetting computer. We're gonna blow that thing out." he veered suddenly downward, coming at the larger ship from behind.

Tarek would remain lifeless, his pleading yet blank experience still staring toward the Captain's feet. He seemed like he was practically withering at this point. The energy in his positronic net had become too overbearing and he wouldn't be able to reactivate himself safely if he couldn't siphon some of that off

Rake headed in the direction of Tarek, hastily raking a hand through his hair. He involuntarily bumped into the captain's chair as he passed it. This was his first time working on an android and it was a good thing he'd been semiconsciously observing and studying Tarek as the other cadet had taught him to be familiar with some of the means. This was the real deal, however, and he hoped to locate the error in order to restore the android. Finally reaching him, he crouched to study the cadet. He continued rubbing his head after remembering the slight training he received and finding the faulty. Hopefully he had this going correctly. He placed his hand to what he knew was Tarek's access panel, pressing a button beneath the android's hair in order to open it. It released, opening all the way from his hairline to his neck and left area.

Aiticima Rosden went to work, a small smirk twitching the corner of her mouth up at having something usefull to do. "Yes.. sir." Her speaking a bit distracted, getting right on locating it as asked (on the forward dorsal array of the ship). Lips straighted, pressing them together as she sent it.

Etana Sol reciived the information on her dispay. She nods to herself and says "Targeting field emitter Captain. Fioreing missile and phasers." She took away some phaser fire from the smaller ships and focused on the big cruiser. She was going to make a brilliant light show yet. She still keeps fireing on the smaller ships. She was actually enjoying herself now. Spur of the moment thing but exciteing non the les.

[#] The cruisers, firing down on Horizon, it it a few times, but the shots that missed hot the larger ship instead. A blue eruption like a bubble appeared over the battleship's forward dorsal array as the shielding 'popped'.

Narris Trelak pressed forward at full speed. "Lieutenant, torpedos and phaser fire concentrated on the array now." He would fly over the ship and then swerve down and to the starboard side.

Etana Sol fingers flyover her controlls. She was obviously 'in the zone' now. SHe spouts out her report saying "Concentrateing all fire on the array." The small ships got a break for now as she moves all phasers to the array. She fires missiles AND torpedos at the cruiser. Her expression was neutral but inside she was screaming DIE DIE DIE!

Rake scrutinized the interior of the access panel. It revealed a variety of wire circuits, lights, and metal. He attempted to remember which of the cords to remove. Seeing an energy uplink cord, he took it from within and scanned the bridge area for the nearest outlet. Discovering it underneath Aiticima's station, he proceeded to plug the cord into the outlet as he muttered an apology to her. He rerouted the power manually, which commenced the draining. This should bring Tarek up and about in five minutes. However, during that time, he was struck with a rare anxiety feeling. He never experienced other emotions other than anger before joining up with the crew of Horizon. It appears he would be feeling more of it in the future. Sitting back on his haunches, he continued studying the android. You better wake up or I'll have to dig around in your body.

[#] As Horizone zoomed around the larger ship, a series of explosions wracked it's surface. However, other than that it seemed undamaged. As Horizon turned around to start firing on the two crusiers, the smaller ships jumped to warp and the larger ones seemed ready to do the same.

Narris Trelak was headed straight for one of the cruisers now. "Lieutenant, two missiles right down the fonr of the ship, please." he said. Really, he was extremely pleased with Horizon's perforrmance, the upgrades had served it well and he knew they would not have survived without them probably.

Aiticima Rosden was again back to quiet, save for a, "don't worry about it.." to Rake's apology.

Etana Sol:grins to herself and says "Two missiles aye Sir." She fires both missiles right down the cruisers throat. She fire phasers to make sure it was going to explode. SHe then says "Sir the smaller ships have gone to warp. The otther ships seem like they are about to. Shall we perrsure?" Adrineline was pumping through the Siulverian.

[#] The crusier hit by the missiles erupted into a fantastic display of flames, but by now the larger ship and the other cruiser had jumped to warp.

Narris Trelak brought the Horizon to a stop and sat back with a sigh. "Drop persuit." he said to Etana. "Keeps shields up and weapons armed. Yellow alert. Damage report, Lieutenant?"

[#] Yellow Alert

Rake stared at the still unmoving android on the ground. "Come on, damn it," he mouthed to himself, hating every jarring and jostling of the ship, hating the seconds that ticked by with the android cadet's frozen silence. He understood that with an android, there was no sign of life when recovering, a flicker or a twitch to indicate consciousness returning. He even like that part of them, was interested in it. Scrubbing a hand down his face, he continued waiting in anxiety.

Tarek would awaken with a start, suddenly jolting up to sitting straight upright. "Greetings Rake... How did you get in front of me?" he'd ask, confused. He'd then turn to see that the Captain was at his station and that they'd evidently been in combat. "Curious, I do not recall the events which seem to have led to the present, what has happened?" he asked in a would-be-addressing-all sort of voice.

Aiticima Rosden looked down at Tarek and gave a relieved smile that he was back up and going, and then one to Rake as well. "Ah.. a lot happened." If no one else took the rise to explain she would later. But for now she thought it would likely be best to keep silent still and let the Lieutenant report without her talking in the background to Tarek.

Etana Sol reads over her dispaly and says "Shields are holding at 80% mild damage to the hull palteing on our starboard side. Minium damage to all decks. No fatalites reported Sir." She quickly reads off the report and says "Yellow alert aye. Shields are up and weapons still online." Ever the perfect soldier.

Narris Trelak smiled and stood up, immediately going to kneel beside tarek and take his arm. "You all right, Cadet?" he asked pleasantly, glad to see the android was fully functional once more. "You passed out... or whatever androids do."

Tarek would look to the Captain, a look of confusion present on his face. "I am not certain, although as my memory banks indicates, I am.... 'feeling' much better at present. Your concern is appreciated. Might I ask what has transpired, sir?

Jorune was silent the whole time! Only tightening the grip on one arm of the chair or the other to try and keep herself from falling out of it. But she practically jumped right out of it when Tarek "startled to life." "Oh, Naaru!" she gasped, spinning around to the other side of the chair's arm as if it was going to protect the rather tall woman. "CaptainHer eyes wide, she only seemed comforted by the fact the other crew members were aiding Tarek... For now! But he was going to turn around and beat their heads in with his super-human strength, man! Her knees bent once more, hooves trying to keep her balance.

Aiticima Rosden gave out a breath, relaxing even more at what the Lieutenant had to say. A smile was playing on her mouth where it was usually straight. Feeling rather good that the outcome was more possitive than the last. She was begining to wonder if they were toast again, but no casualties and eighty percent.. well that sounded pretty wonderful at the moment.

Rake felt a slight relief as the android before him returned to a stimulated state. "Hello," he replied to Tarek's greeting. He didn't feel like answering the cadet's question either, seeing as the others decided not to just yet. In his anger for feeling emotions, he said "I'm leaving now," as he straightened from his crouching position with ease, having been accustomed to all types of poise. "Later," he called out, yawning. Halting abruptly, he realized he'd completely forgotten his manners. Everyone was more relaxed and could register his bahvior now. "May I have leave, sir?" he asked of the captain, attempting to put in an apologetic tone.

Narris Trelak glanced quizzically at Jorune, he didn't know she had a droid phobia. "He's fine, Yoeman." he offered. But now he stood and and moved to the captain's chair, tapping the intercom panal. "Bridge to science department, run a scan on out hull and try to detect a tracking device. Brdige out." he looked up as Rake asked to be dismissed and gave a nod of his head. "Dismissed, cadet, thank you for your help."

Jorune almost looked pathetic by the time Narris looked at her. Her face then went back down to the android and, well... Tarek didn't seem to threatening, did he? She'd let go of the chair then but taking a step back and crossing her arm over her chest only to rub the other's shoulder. Maybe her second experience with the androids having issues would go much smoother. But for now, Tarek had been the first time she watched one do such a thing. And one could only imagine the damage in reports when they did go haywire. Or, well, you're all Trekkie Junkies so you can imagine the reports, huh?

[Roleplay Ended At 2:30AM FST On May 2nd]
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