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February 2019
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 Aerin Smith's Application

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PostSubject: Aerin Smith's Application   Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:34 am

--------------- Form Response ---------------

01 - Character Name = Aerin Smith. (Clocker)
02 - Character Age = 21
03 - Character Race = Fenrir Lupis, known mainly for their initiation of the werewolf myths.
04 - Rank = Cadet.
05 - Position Applying For = Engineering
06 - Other =
07 - Agreements = I agree to be online/active at LEAST one day a week (Unless I give notice that I can't get online for that week), I agree to follow ALL guild OOC rules., I understand that though my application may be approved that I must still pass the 'initial interview/RP'
08 - Character Description = Aerin is better known by her other name; Clocker. This name was born from her laid-back disposition and easy charisma, as well as sarcasm and a well-cocked fist for when someone decides to insult her. Despite a taste for the bar fights and brawls, she doesn't take anything personally - in her species' culture, which resembles a wolf pack structure strongly, fights are common and establish respect and friends. She transferred to Earth as a young'un, but true to their species, they stuck together. She has red hair, canid head, gray fur and dusty gray-tan over her chest and stomach down.

Because of this, she did learn Federation Standard, but her culture is far more prevalent than the 'American' one. Occasionally, a cigarette can be seen, but this is usually when she's stressed or has to do something strenuous, and tries to get herself going with a good cigarette. Her composure is cool, dotted with friendly aggression ("Kid, if you don't stop telling me about how antimatter can be left alone for five seconds on a Warp Five, I'll take you out. And not in the nice first date kind of way.")

She's fiercely attached to her friends, and tends to be self-aware of this, partially the reason why she tries to maintain distance between very close friends. Because of the wolf-pack thinking, to condense it, Clocker tends to expect everything from close friends and gives them everything in turn. However, this doesn't work out often. Obviously, her species isn't exactly like a wolf pack - she's quite fine with divorce and marrying again.

After all, she had a brief stint at a nightclub. Clocker is a mechanical nerd - she likes to find out what makes things tick. It takes some time for her to figure things out, though, and she likes to talk to other people in the meantime. She is anything but quiet, despite smooth deliveries and easygoing comebacks, and her knowledge of ship mechanics is jack-of-all-trades at best, spotty at worst.

Oh, and she likes to talk to guys. They tend not to cry as much when she punches them in the shoulder.
09 - Sample RP post = Clocker scowled - it seemed like everyone ignored the new cadets. Rite of passage? Pfft. Feeling strangely (bereft) without her friends and family backing her in everything she did, even though the reason why she'd even accepted the offer of Ensign was because she wanted to get away from the smothering pack, the expectations. Jerking her chin up, the lines of her canine mouth deepening, she sized the other cadets up. She was going to get out of this rank as soon as she could, and she was going to do it soon, but while she was here... peering with some interest at a visitor for some other cadet (her family would get over her decision but they sure as hell weren't visiting now), she moved away to investigate the bowels of her new boyfriend, the Horizon. Because calling a ship your boyfriend was healthy.
10 - Abilitiys/Skills/Strengths = -Can see in the dark sorta. Dimly. Not really, but she can see it a little (see: little) better than other people.
-Jack-of-all-trades knowledge. Knows things about ships and other things picked up from 'round her neighborhood and from fixing stuff in her house.
-Better balance. She's around average height, and evolution gave her a lower sense of gravity with the tail and weight distribution in the posture. She can drop onto all fours and lope, however clumsily and uncomfortably. Plus it sorta looks weird.
11 - Weaknesses = -She can't look directly at the sun. Bright lights startle her, but not exactly blind her.
-People tend to expect more out of her because she knows something about her ship that others don't. Clock knows this, and it backfires a lot. She's been trying harder to pick apart the workings; she knows the basics, at least. We think.
-She doesn't really know how to fall. I mean, she can avoid getting her head hit, but if she takes a nasty one, there's a good chance she'll get a concussion. (not including slipping in the cafeteria, we mean something like an explosion or falling down a hill.)
12 - Other = Uh. I don't know. She tends to be playfully aggressive around friends, is more comfortable around guys than girls (again, pack thinking - she expects girls to go against her most of the time) and has no concept of personal space.

Message ID: 51250728

--------------- End of Form ---------------
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PostSubject: Re: Aerin Smith's Application   Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:03 pm

Sounds like an interesting and fun character! I'm not sure about the werewolf thing, but we can discuss it asap and get you approved =)
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PostSubject: Re: Aerin Smith's Application   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:52 pm

Eh, if any help is needed getting things to work in RP, I can help easily....
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PostSubject: Re: Aerin Smith's Application   Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:48 pm

This application was approved with a new character, the werewolf one was an old app
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PostSubject: Re: Aerin Smith's Application   

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Aerin Smith's Application
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