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December 2018
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 --Marine Training--

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PostSubject: --Marine Training--   Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:43 pm

Horizon is outfitting with a Marine barracks!

More information one the Hierarchy soon!

Becoming A Marine

What it takes
To become a Marine you will be required to take the Marine Training Course.
The course will be split into two parts, phase one and phase two!

Phase One Training: Basic Infantry Skills
This will consist of:
-Mental Fitness
-Physical Fitness
-Basic Infantry Skills
-Weapon Handling Skills
-Character Building
-Team Building Skills.

Phase Two Training: Marine Corps Training.
This will consist of:
-Adv. Mental Fitness
-Adv. Physical Fitness
-Adv. Infantry Skills
-Adv. Weapon Handling Skills
-Trade Skills Training.

In phase two all recruits will be separated into 'Trades'
These are the 'Roles' that the Marine will take when deploying in a mission.

Marine Trades:
These are the primary 'Attack' force of the Marine unit.
They handle heavy weapons and hone their Infantry skills.

The 'Recon' trade are the Reconnaissance (Recce) part of a unit. They can take multiple roles
-Enemy Observation
Watching an Enemy or Enemy outpost from afar

-Enemy infiltration
Watching Enemy from within their compound/disguised as one of them

Support are usually used to suppress an enemy position as the Assault team attack it.
Support units have multiple roles:
-Heavy Support Gunner These use very heavy weapons that have a high rate of fire.
-Sniper A sniper is a long range support troop. The understudy's are usually spotters
-Field Medic The field medics are a vital part of a Marine unit as they not only treat wounded but are also a well trained Infantry Soldier.
-Field Engineer Like the medics they are well trained Infantry Soldiers. They have two roles to choose from
-Systems (Computers etc)

Company Layout:
In a Marine Company there are 72 men/women.
In a Company there are 3 Platoons
In a Platoon there are 3 Sections
In a Section there are 6-8 men.

Company - 72
Platoon - 24
Section/Squad - 6-8 Men

The three platoons are split into the three Roles
Assault Platoon
Support Platoon
Reconnaissance(Recon/Recce) Platoon

The Recce Platoon is the only one with only two available sections.
(Third section is classified).
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--Marine Training--
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